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  1. Deagle

    Gate stacking

    Honestly I think 3 should be the limit, I used to build bases quite a lot and gate stacking was the last thing I wanted to do. It was lazy and too difficult for people to get inside, additionally people could take off the metal wire from the side if they did it sloppily (don't know it still works on this server) People should instead place multiple airlocks in front of their gear in a realistic fashion. However I don't believe that there should be a limit to it because that limits player creativity in building bases, creating a list of rules to follow in building stuff will make it way too unfun than it already is having to gather 2x the materials and much more time to build than on other servers. But after a trip to Red Zone for a while where each lock took an hour to destroy, that shit just caused me to come back here.
  2. When I started playing on this community I thought that there needed just one punishment to lead a player to being better as a whole Looking back at that? It still stands true, don't bash the player but give them a taste and they will ultimately become better.
  • New Beginnings Born in Moscow to a family he has already forgotten, Pytr Krov was a brash and abrasive at times during youth but slowly grew out of it seeing it pushed people away. He always loved friends, a key trait that was admired by his peers and family, but this lead to unforeseen situations with other people. He came home one day with a bloodied nose and roughed up face after some kids asked him to beat up another kid for being foreign, a younger American kid. Pytr tried to defend him but failed. His mother grew weary of his schooling and pulled him out to home school him, driving his social interaction down. His want to help others extended into his older years where he attempted to try and enter the local police academy but his mother had denied him, so to spite her he joined the Russian Army at age 19. He found his calling in the army, helping new recruits and eventually his own squad but this saw its own issues as infighting eventually happened he would yet again be thrown in the middle, but this time he wouldn't leave bloodied. After 5 years he eventually found a young woman named Senna whilst off-duty they dated for a while before eventually getting married. Pytr would have someone to share his empathy with for the rest of his life and he loved it. They decided to move to Chernarus and settled in, the people were nice and the ones who weren't eventually fell for his niceness. Now married at age 26 they decided to have their first child, it would take a long while but before too long his first daughter Luna would be born named after the moon that Pytr would watch with Senna on long nights. Before the life of a stay at home father became his normal he was called back into duty not soon after his child's birth and would remain so for some of Luna's infancy and youth. Letters from her would land on his office desk saying how much she missed him and wished for him to be back home which was able to. Hugs were exchanged and the young girl already was sharing some of his likeness being the tallest in her class, he was happy to see her again. Many years passed and news of a new issue grasped Pytr's life. The infection had started in his home town and now there was nothing he could do, until the Russian Army was ordered back into the province partially to protect but mostly to take over the region. Arriving in his home town he found it nearly abandoned and his home in near shambles, but he always had a plan as he unlocked the padlock to the basement and found a small handgun pointed to his head, his daughter. They embraced before gunfire erupted in the town, his squad of soldiers ambushed by locals. Him and a few others raced out of the city, looking for his wife. News spread across the area and after nearly a month of searching and 2 lost squadmates, there was no sign of Senna. Keeping his head up for Luna he decided the best thing to do was to leave Chernarus and to his place he had bought with his military bonuses in Livonia. An escape in the wilderness. He arrived months later with his daughter exhausted and the infection not too far behind them. Here in his small cabin he taught his daughter how to hunt the Livonian wildlife, she had a knack for it. He knew that eventually the infection would arrive but not this way, a small group of survivors approached his cabin. They were disguised as wounded people but after treating their "wounds" he found a gun to his and his daughter's head. These people wouldn't leave his cabin after a round of gunfire and 3 dead bodies fell on their home's floors. These invaders would be gone now but not before the consequences of killing them. These people belonged to a small survivor group in Bielawa and after they disappeared in the woods to the sounds of gunfire there was someone inside those woods who had killed their people. One night when Pytr couldn't sleep he found a large group of the same survivors outside his cabin once again, then screams of his daughter. As they stormed the building he tried killing his way through these people seeking revenge but it was in vain as his daughter was kidnapped away from his home. The rest of the survivors would be dead, by a gunshot or by his knife. Eventually word spread about the Butcher of Bielawa, a man who killed any who came into his forest seeking aid when in reality he was a man protecting his daughter. Years passed and many of the old survivor group died by either him or to the infected, but at a cost to himself. Pytr found himself at a small compound and broke in after hearing word about his daughter, but after seeing it was only another family he left but not before long as a man on the road saw him and attacked. The two exchanged gunfire and Pytr had gotten shot in the throat. The other man approached and pitied him, leaving him to choke on his own blood but after quick thinking he held a piece of his uniform to his throat and limped back to the cabin. He grabbed his standard issue gas mask and modified it to suit his throat wound and now his speaking was limited. The sounds of coughing and gagging filled that mask, but still a man who retained his empathy through the broken world was behind it. He set out again to find his daughter and some new friends.
  • Deagle

    The Russo Syndicate [Selective Recruitment]

    I know we were both tired as fuck but you guys gave it your all. I hope Edgar meets y'all again on better terms Good shit.
  • Deagle

    Barb wire

    Seems to be mostly issues with desync that kills people but since it's DayZ and we can't do much about it remove it. Or remove the damage. Either or. +1
  • Deagle

    Impulses of the Adolescent (Collin Rose)

    Thanks! I plan on doing more once I get the time. Chapter 2 starts the killing part of the story so it's gonna be long and extremely vivid.
  • Deagle

    Impulses of the Adolescent (Collin Rose)

    Impulses of the Adolescent A story carved in the flesh of the ones closest to him, to rot the core of his humanity away, forever an echo. "I'm so sorry Mother... the blood on my hands can't end." -Prologue- -Chapter 1-
  • Deagle

    Descendants' Bases

    Alright that seems fair actually
  • Deagle

    Descendants' Bases

    So you're telling me if I used this and made a base and sent it to Rolle, my group could have a created camp?
  • Deagle

    Interview With A Community Member: Saunders

    My man Saunders I swear when I saw that you were top 100 in OSRS I nearly shat myself
  • Deagle

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    Looks good! Gives a very professional vibe about everything and I love it.
  • Deagle

    Carry and drag injured people.

    Don't think it's possible but I can't wait until knock out timers are increased and this is added. Intense kidnappingRP here we come
  • Deagle

    Knights Templar (Recruitment: Active)

    How much I love this group idea guys, looks amazing!
  • "Now I'm all alone..." ~ - Personal Relations - ~"The Masked Family"~ "A collection of insane brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers who see the apocalypse as an excuse to induce insanity and kill any they come across." Members: 6-8, ranging in insane tendencies. Objective: Avoid at all costs, get revenge. "I'm so sorry Mother."
  • Deagle

    The Loud Minority/2.3

    I find this absolutely wrong because I've been in dozens of instances of unwanted PvP in my time here. The biggest disconnect you have between reality and this fantasy world in your flow chart is that hardly does a hostile group want a peaceful outcome. I know some of these people on here want peaceful outcomes, but to do this you would walk in and talk to the group in question instead of holding up the compound to have a chat. The greatest thing about this is that most of the time a demand is made, it is made so far beyond the realms of reality. For example, when I was in the UN the demand from Pamyati was that we disarm. I'm not kidding. No Assault Rifles, no Sniper Rifles, no Sub-machine guns. If you think that we are at fault in anyway for this then I can't help you. The other thing that irks me is that you feel that PvP is the choice of the victim. If I walked out into Kabanino, and then got initiated on, do you think that is my fault? I roleplay as a doctor and apart of a doctor group. The main thing that worries us is constantly getting initiated on and getting taken hostage. Why? Uhhhhh... because we want to use you for our wounded. That's the normal excuse, but in reality it's nothing more than wanting gear and not wanting to talk. I've had so many instances of downright horrible RP from hostile groups because they want to PVP. TL;DR Don't blame the victim when they can not control the situation happening by a hostile group
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