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  1. Deagle

    Barb wire

    Seems to be mostly issues with desync that kills people but since it's DayZ and we can't do much about it remove it. Or remove the damage. Either or. +1
  2. Deagle

    Impulses of the Adolescent (Collin Rose)

    Thanks! I plan on doing more once I get the time. Chapter 2 starts the killing part of the story so it's gonna be long and extremely vivid.
  3. Deagle

    Impulses of the Adolescent (Collin Rose)

    Impulses of the Adolescent A story carved in the flesh of the ones closest to him, to rot the core of his humanity away, forever an echo. "I'm so sorry Mother... the blood on my hands can't end." -Prologue- -Chapter 1-
  4. Deagle

    Descendants' Bases

    Alright that seems fair actually
  5. Deagle

    Descendants' Bases

    So you're telling me if I used this and made a base and sent it to Rolle, my group could have a created camp?
  6. Deagle

    Interview With A Community Member: Saunders

    My man Saunders I swear when I saw that you were top 100 in OSRS I nearly shat myself
  7. Deagle

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    Looks good! Gives a very professional vibe about everything and I love it.
  8. Deagle

    Carry and drag injured people.

    Don't think it's possible but I can't wait until knock out timers are increased and this is added. Intense kidnappingRP here we come
  9. Deagle

    Knights Templar (Recruitment: Active)

    How much I love this group idea guys, looks amazing!
  10. "Now I'm all alone..." ~ - Personal Relations - ~"The Masked Family"~ "A collection of insane brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers who see the apocalypse as an excuse to induce insanity and kill any they come across." Members: 6-8, ranging in insane tendencies. Objective: Avoid at all costs, get revenge. "I'm so sorry Mother."
  11. Deagle

    The Loud Minority/2.3

    I find this absolutely wrong because I've been in dozens of instances of unwanted PvP in my time here. The biggest disconnect you have between reality and this fantasy world in your flow chart is that hardly does a hostile group want a peaceful outcome. I know some of these people on here want peaceful outcomes, but to do this you would walk in and talk to the group in question instead of holding up the compound to have a chat. The greatest thing about this is that most of the time a demand is made, it is made so far beyond the realms of reality. For example, when I was in the UN the demand from Pamyati was that we disarm. I'm not kidding. No Assault Rifles, no Sniper Rifles, no Sub-machine guns. If you think that we are at fault in anyway for this then I can't help you. The other thing that irks me is that you feel that PvP is the choice of the victim. If I walked out into Kabanino, and then got initiated on, do you think that is my fault? I roleplay as a doctor and apart of a doctor group. The main thing that worries us is constantly getting initiated on and getting taken hostage. Why? Uhhhhh... because we want to use you for our wounded. That's the normal excuse, but in reality it's nothing more than wanting gear and not wanting to talk. I've had so many instances of downright horrible RP from hostile groups because they want to PVP. TL;DR Don't blame the victim when they can not control the situation happening by a hostile group
  12. Deagle

    The Loud Minority/2.3

    There was going to be a lot of RP, that was certain. It didn't happen because the leader of Pamyati got perm banned and had been on amnesty 3 times before then. The situation never happened that we could RP, what did was the groups that forced us on a deal constantly coming to a camp of UN soldiers handing out free food and medical supplies getting robbed for no reason. There was an instance where one of my men got stabbed to death out of a character backstory, he could not control it and there was nothing to say it wasn't an invalid kill. Did we throw our hands up and be all victims on the forums? No. Because we aren't going to stir up drama. That's the one thing that I hate about these 2.3 reports, is that it's drama with little substance. I agree the rule is poorly put and needs to be changed, but in no way is it to be removed because we all know damn well you and every other PvP oriented group would big dick every single hour of every day till climax.
  13. Deagle

    The Loud Minority/2.3

    This is not just an apocalyptic survival roleplay game that you can bully people in game and OOC and not get stopped in your tracks. Pamyati did all of this and yet they are being defended. People like me play this game for fun, we roleplay for fun. Immersion comes second in that, yes I do want a hardcore survival game where I can get killed at any moment, but I would like a splash of roleplay before things go through the shitter, that's why there is rules against it here. If you want a true apocalyptic survival game, then just play the normal base servers man, this game is much better for that stuff than it was 2 years ago.
  14. Deagle

    The Loud Minority/2.3

    That wasn't the deal, IC there would have been a massive takeover of the group but a certain someone decided to flame the entire group and get his group removed because of it. My point is that I know first hand where 2.3 is a necessary rule. You shouldn't be allowed to do that, from a choice or anything you should never attack a group constantly, ridding them of RP for days.
  15. Deagle

    The Loud Minority/2.3

    So with the thread banging and my ties to one of the worst instances of 2.3 in my entire life, I'm gonna speak my mind and then go play some Minecraft cause that shit is popping. 2.3 is in a state where it can be argued at any turn in a report, that I can agree with, but what I can't agree with is thinking 2.3 is just a pussy's way out of hostilities. 2.3 exists for a reason and I've been it first-hand. Back in winter of this year, I was with the United Nations Second Response. Before the group archived, our checkpoint was attacked 3 times in 4 days by groups that I recognize a lot of names from, now I know this was half a year ago but still it serves as a point. There were 0 things said to these groups, there was little OOC chatter and most importantly it was with the group that just so happened to get a no-go on a second pass. Listen right, I know this rule sucks for the people who enjoy PvP, but this rule is not a banner to fly under because people want to. What I suggest is to talk like civil adults with the groups that are accusing you of this, think of the reasons for robbing, attacking and raiding places and then come to a conclusion. It's a simple way instead of doing the same thing you say not to do, complain on the forums. Actions speak way louder than words, thus the 106 point verdict that I agree with. It sucks, but do what you can and if not then own up.
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