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  1. Simon was born in Naples, Italy, in 1993. He was a graphic designer before the outbreak, after he got his degree at the University of Venice. He moved to Eastern Europe because he found a job opportunity. Many game development studios were there, with lots of opportunities, especially for someone new in the sector. He didn't family, everybody stayed in Italy. He wasn't married. Once the outbreak occured, he had lived in a camp for months before it got overrun by the infected. He barely managed to escape, and since then he's been on the road, trying to find a new place to call home, a group to stay with and increase the chances of survival.
  2. *Simon hears the transmission while sitting on the ground next to the fire, then holds the PTT to reply back* I heard about you Fireflies. We are looking to establish connections with other settlements and groups willing to help one another. I'll make sure to pass by Zelenogorsk asap so that we can talk about different topics and, why not, have some kind of good relationship. *he releases the PTT and leaves the radio on the ground, laying down to sleep for some time and have some rest*
  3. *You could hear a message repeating in loop once every hour* For those who are looking for safety and supplies, we are willing to help you. Join us, help our small community to grow and prosper and we all may have a chance. Join the Commonwealth. Respond on this frequency and we might make contact with you. Don't be afraid, we are here to help.
  4. Thank you man! I'll keep it up for sure and I'm glad you enjoyed watching the video more coming soon, I hope!
  5. *Simon hears the transmission and holds down the PTT* Hello? I might have something for you but I need more general info about yourself and maybe we can meet face to face.. *releases PTT and waits*
  6. *Simon hears the radio message and holds the PTT down* Hey there, are you still looking for a home? *releases the PTT, awaiting an answer*
  7. Idk why but now it works, but still Idk where I am supposed to create a new thread for a new group I wanna start? Since apparently I'm not allowed to post in Dayz Groups
  8. Hey there. I cannot post any new threads. When I click on "Create" on the top right of the website page it tells me to select a forum but everything is blank, like I cannot click on them.
  9. Raio Boss

    Camp Indigo is Closed [Open]

    *Simon hears the people speaking in the radio and sighs deeply, then holds the PTT* Sad to hear this bad news.. I myself came there a couple of times to have food and other supplies.. Stay safe out there. *releases PTT and pockets the radio*
  10. *Simon hears the message and holds the ptt down* hello? Are you US Army? Hello? *Simon releases the ptt, awaiting an answer*
  11. *Simon takes the radio and speaks into it* This is Sergeant Malone, I was part of a UN unit stationed in Elektro whatever it is called, too hard for me.. Is there any UN member out there? If you are on your own, respond. *pockets the radio, keeping it turned on*
  12. *Simon holds the radio and starts transmitting while sit on the ground* Frank? Frank? Are you there? What's your status? I hope you are still alive, Over.
  13. Mister Fish, I do copy you. Where are you now? Are you still on your own? For security reasons I cannot give my name away easily, but be sure you can trust me. How copy? Over.
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