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  1. Tacet Mors has abandoned who he once was. He was known as someone else entirely. A reserved gamer and musician. He had a loving girlfriend, Nidya, he was looking forward to spending the rest of his life with. He'd even travel with her although he doesn't care for going anywhere. Being with her is just enjoyable anywhere. But now he's stranded and alone in a foreign county. They booked a trip to Chernarus on July 5th. An odd place to want to visit but we both have a thing for roads less traveled and it looked like the nature there would be great to explore. They had stayed just too long in the country, enough to be caught in the outbreak. Tacet stayed alive long enough to discover he was immune. And that Nidya was not. He abandoned himself and tries to keep to himself. Although his good nature still shows through, he feels he can't refuse to help someone. But he will avoid anyone he can.
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