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  1. Jack Staples II was born on October 10th, 1995. When Jack was about five years old his parents and himself were walking down the street in New York City, New York when they got confronted by a group of people who had the intention of robbing the family of three. Jack’s dad who had a concealed weapon permit had been reaching down slowly to grab his gun acting as if he was going for his money clip. After Jack’s dad had pulled his weapon on the group of men shooting one he then was shot two or three times before he finally dropped to the floor. They then grabbed his mom leaving Jack and his father on behind. The search for his mother went on for about a year before everyone decided that she might of passed away under her captives control. Jack would be put into an orphanage when he was five until he was adopted, whenever that would happen. Finally when he was roughly 8 years old he was adopted by an upper middle class family that moved around a lot. The couple that adopted him went by the names of Alex and Marsha Kovtun. They had a kid together who was a year younger than Jack. Her name was Sarah. The first few months were rough on him since he never lived outside an orphanage and mainly kept to himself. Jack never made a real effort to get to know the Kovtun’s till later on when Sarah started to make him feel like he belonged in their family. The Kovtun’s and Jack would move back to a town north of Sochi by the name of Izmaylovka where Alex was born and raised in late-2005. Marsha would go on to homeschool Jack and Sarah instead of having them learn an entirely new language. During his time in Izmaylovka he would develop the love of playing with fire. It was the only thing he could do in the small town. He would go out in the woods nearby and sit for hours at his makeshift shelter and learn new survival techniques on his free time. It had to have been the summer of 2007 and Jack was doing his normal routine of school work in the morning and going out to the woods after. He would start a fire up then read his book about plants and their natural remedies. Except this time something catastrophic happened. An ember from the fire had landed in some dry brush and started a small fire. Jack instead of reacting, stared at the flames in awe and watched the fire engulf multiple trees. Jack would have probably watched the entire patch of woods burn down if one of his neighbor never noticed the flames and smoke. The fire department came and put out the fire and had a very serious talk with Alex who translated everything they had said to him. Jack payed no attention to what he was saying but thinking about how large of fire he had just witnessed. Jack would go on a day hike away from his town and find a small patch of isolated trees. He would spend the day there until around dusk and put his plan into motion. He would start a fire in the middle of the trees then had small trails of flammable substances leading to the bases of the trees circling the fire. Captivated by the sight of the large fire, Jack watched the fire burn till it was just hot coals. The rush from the fire he had started made Jack hungry for more fires possibly larger than the one he just had. Jack would continue to start fires all over the countryside and ended up getting caught in 2010 when he was 15. He would amass a large amount of fines and got probation for two years. During those two years of probation he would pick up a job to pay off the fines he had received for the fires he started and saved the rest for he was ready to leave his home. When his probation was finally finished he was 17 years old about to turn 18 so he just left his home with all the money he had saved and bought a small four-wheel drive hatchback. He would travel the border of Russia and the neighbouring countries. He would start fires in the woods and in some border towns near the border. This would go on from 2012-2014. He would travel to a small country by the name of Chernarus. It had to have been around December of 2014 and he was in some small town with an isolated barn. He drove up to the barn and opened his hatchbacks back door to gather all the supplies necessary to start his fire. Jack would walk around the barn observing the best possible to start his fire. Not finding a good spot he would cut the padlock on the barn door and went inside. Noticing a small bale of hay in the corner Jack had a smile that went from ear to ear. He went outside to gather everything he needed and went back inside. He would start the flame and watch it grow and scorch the inside of the barn before he heard a siren coming down the street. Jack would leave all his supplies behind to save time and tried to drive down the road. As he was driving down the road a fire truck zoomed down the road, believing he was in the clear he slowed down and was cut off by a police car that was around the corner from the fire truck then smashed into a guardrail. He was arrested shortly after being examined by police officers. He would await trial in a local jail for a couple weeks. When the trial came around it had to have been early 2015. He was sentenced to five years of prison time. He was to be imprisoned on the island in the sea. Jack was not a big man so prison wasn’t the best of times for him. He would only make one or two acquaintances during the two years before the outbreak. Jack decided it was probably in his best interest to start lifting weights so he could better defend himself for anything to come. The first year he was in felt longer than any of the years he spent in the orphanage. He would not eat for days because of the food they had been giving him. During that time he would start being accustomed to the shitty food and relatively anything that was forced onto them. The second year went by like a breeze and started to feel like he was going to be alright for the next few years. When the third year came around he had no idea how abruptly it would come to an end. It was around July when he heard guards talk about some crazy thing up in the north part of South Zagoria. They had talked about soldiers being burned not responding to any form of communication attacking civilians. Freedom is all that Jack was thinking for the following weeks. Knowing that the guards were one day going to abandon their post and leave for the mainland to support their families. Timeline: -Born somewhere in New York: 1995 -Adopted by the Kovtun’s: 2003 -Moved to Izmaylovka: 2005 -Summer fire: 2007 -Caught For Series of fires: 2010 -Left Izmaylovka: 2012 -Series of Fires: 2012-2014 -Caught in Chernarus: December of 2014 -Prison sentence: 2015-2017 -Freedom: Mid-July, early-August
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    The Vale of Shadows || Cannibal Group || Strict Recruiting

    Thanks . Appreciate the opportunity you have bestowed upon me.
  3. Hahaha well I'm glad you didn't have your gun out and have to dig a bullet outta me
  4. Lol yup that was me nice running into y'all even if it was brief.
  5. tyblackwa

    S1 - False ID Kill | Potential Bad RP | Possible Meta-Game | - 10/16/2017 1:00 - 3:00 (Server Time)

    Trevor Stanton POV: I had been called over by a friend of mine (Hide) to come to Novaya Petrovka and check out his groups base and just to RP. I make my way over to the school where they had been staying and started chatting with Hide, Jango and Coyote (don't know his actual name) then I crashed. As I rejoined the server I joined to a couple minutes of talking then the shooting erupted. So Jango, Coyote, another random civilian, and I went into a back room for our own safety and to just stay out of the confrontation between whatever groups/people. Brandon and Hide come in with a doctor saying they have to protect her and start game planning a route out of the area. As Brandon was talking about which way we where gonna start running someone behind me opened the door and opened fire on the hallway. Then I died and know of nothing else that ensued afterwards.
  6. Hey everyone I just wanted to ask if anyone whom may see this or some of my followers could you please check out my character Trevor Stanton and message me with any kind of feedback weather it be negative or positive. Thanks and much love to y'all.

  7. Overview: Trevor Stanton was born in Astoria, Oregon to a low middle class family. He spent most of his childhood days attending the local schools, helping provide for his family, and hunting with his father. He developed an early passion for hunting because it was the only time no one questioned his intelligence or tried to belittle him. Trevor spent of his early adult life working at the nearby berry farm where he worked as a supervisor. He wasn’t the best leader due to his short temper and quickness to assume situations. So he spent most of his time quite at work guiding new people making sure things were going over smoothly. Other than that he usually spent his off days fishing in the nearby Columbia River or hunting down in central Oregon in the Willamette National Forest. Trevor was heading home from a hunting trip and got a phone call from an unknown number and learned his parents had flipped their car in Portland and had passed away in the Hospital early that morning. That was the day he started to lose his mind and let his anger control his life. Months have passed since his parents passing and Trevor still hasn’t found a way to cope with the loss of his parents. He goes outs frequently trying to drown his sorrows. Bar fight: It was a gloomy night in early June. It was relatively quiet till a group of people came in being rowdy came barraging in. Trevor found them to be quite unpleasant so he decided to confront them and tell them to basically “fuck off”. A fight then ensued outside between Trevor and one of the other men. Trevor won the close fight between the men and decided to call it a night. He got in his car, proceeded to drive home, but thought he noticed a car tailing him so he slightly stepped on it. He proceeded to turn down a dark road, pull over, and reach into his glove box for his handgun. Fearing for his life he loaded the gun and got out of his vehicle and posted up waiting for them to come around the corner. The car came around the corner, he then started shooting at the window causing the car to crash into the ditch, Trevor then snapped into a fit of rage and proceed to finish what he started. He walked up to the car with heavy breathing, hands trembling, anger in his eyes and open the front passenger's door then gunned down the group of people in cold blood. Realizing what he had just did he fled the scene, raced home, packed a bag of clothes, and left his home on the run. On the run: The next few days where the toughest of Trevor’s young life. He traveled south to just leave the area and arrived at Tillamook hours later. He scrounged up as much money as he possibly could and thought of a country no one would begin to search for. He saw a tiny country on outskirts of the Green Sea named Chernarus. He started researching about the country for a few minutes checking the background of the country and saw that it was in turmoil only 8 years prior. He thought that was the best place to start over and no one would begin to search that county. Trevor pondered on the thought of living outside the United States and going to prison or moving to a foreign country he knew absolutely nothing about. He decided prison wasn’t the place for him and he bought an one way ticket to Chernarus. He left Tillamook almost as soon as he arrived and went to Portland to catch a flight to a city named Novigrad. The flight was long and awful. Trevor barely had enough money for any food in the States so he decided to wait till he got to the country and exchange his money for a fair amount. When he arrived he frantically searched for a bank, exchanged his money, and searched for the closest restaurant he could find. He started to think about what he did and thought about where he should head in the country. He bought a map, decided to head along the coast, and tried his best to communicate with drivers along the way. It took Trevor till about July 10th when he arrived in South Zagoria at a town named Sosnovka. Sosnovka: It was the 10th of July and he had no home so he did what he did best and thought of his skills outdoors. So Trevor went to the outskirts of town and proceeded to building a small hut out of pine trees and assessed his situation. A about a week's time has passed and he started noticing the locals in the area begin to get uneasy then started to leave town(~07-17-2017). He began to feel nervous and so he started to head further back into the woods. He waited a couple days before he went south. As he was walking into what he believed to be Zelenogorsk he saw what he thought were normal people start attacking people. He was scared for his well being so fled town and headed off to the hills and slept in a hunting stand for the next couple days hoping for it to blow over. Trevor then headed into Zelenogorsk once again and then once again saw the carnage that had happened over the last few days he was gone. He then understood what was happening then began to search the outskirts of the city hoping for supplies to survive. Zelenogorsk: It had been three days since Trevors last real meal. He hadn’t found any deer, cow, he’d been snacking on tiny berries he found in the middle of the woods, but those weren’t cutting it. While he was searching the outskirts of Zelenogorsk a man, maybe in his mid 30’s came up behind Trevor, acting wildly aggressive. He threatened, mocked, and even tried to hit Trevor. A slight smirk came across his face, and Trevor let out a deep, dark, devilish laugh, you could see the fear in the man’s eyes. He tried to run, but in a split second Trevor hit him on the back of the head with his back, cracking his skull as the man fell to the ground. His body was dragged slowly back into the woods, where Trevor started a fire and decided his next actions. It’d been 4 days with no real food, no protein of any sort. He was slowly losing his mind, he didn’t think about what he was doing, he just did it. As the hunting knife slid through the flesh of the man, Trevor's eyes were wide open, he didn’t plan on doing this. He needed to do this. As he cut off a portion of the mans thigh, he continued his slight grin, placing the meat on a stick and holding it over the fire. He held it there until it was charred on the outside, before taking a bite without realizing. Unsure if it was because of how hungry he was, he realized just how good this meat tasted. He continued to eat until he was no longer hungry, and even then he continued until almost an entire leg was gone. He then left the body there and continued on his journey. Mentality as of late: Quite in nature Slowly losing his mind due to recent events in South Zagoria Hot head Acts irrationally when angry Previous Groups: Vale of Shadows
  8. For sure man always love engaging in conversation with Gas Mask guy of Vybro
  9. Definitely was fun and was probably the most positive contact I've had since the lore wipe.
  10. It was my pleasure man. Still can't believe I came across you even after the lore wipe.
  11. About Ty Black: Ty Black was born on May 7, 1997 and grew up in the sticks of Santa Rosa, California all his life. Ty spent most of his days helping his parents on their small farm, a elder neighbor couple with a couple animals, attending a local community college, and loved shooting his shotgun. Ty wasn’t the most skilled kid when it came to fixing cars so he spent most of his time focusing on agriculture at school. In his second year of college he played for the football team but wasn’t really fitting in because of his leadership skills because he’d hold back for fear of rejection and his average play at best. Ty isn’t much of leader or a speaker but if he felt his opinion needs to be heard he will say it amongst a group of friends or his family when it came to important matters. Other than that Ty would stay quiet listening to everyone all the time no matter the scene. On a rare occasion Ty and all his friends would gather up and attempt to learn formations so they could form a militia.The coming months leading up to the apocalypse would be rough since he had a stroke on April 20, 2017 and have a heart procedure on May 15, 2017, only eight days after his 20th birthday. Ty Black’s Arrival: Ty had just finished his degree, got his college diploma on June 22, 2017, and his parents had been planning a secret trip to visit our family in South Africa in July. In the coming month before his trip to South Africa he would be receiving all of his shots so he wouldn’t get deadly sick while exploring the county. They would be leaving for South Africa in the afternoon of July 23, 2017 and would touch down in Novigrad, Chernarus to refill the plane before taking off to Cape Town, South Africa the next day presumably. They would arrive in Chernarus in the early hours of the 24th only for our plane was to be denied takeoff. Ty and his family would be then guided to the main entrance of the airport and told to leave. Ty and his family would spend the next few days struggling to get any sleep or eat due to language barrier. They would then find an abandoned house that had a car that was untouched. Ty would spend the next couple hours gathering all the gas he could find, load as much gas containers as possible, then load the car. They left the same day and headed east. On their journey they would make few stops and gather supplies only when necessary. Ty and his parents would see many terrible things that brought their morale down throughout the journey. Throughout the night of the 24th Ty and his parents would switch driving so they could be continuously moving so they won’t risking getting overwhelmed by the seemingly endless infected. They would arrive a road block before the town of what Ty believed to Kamenka and be forced to walk the rest of the way with what they could carry. Ty and his family arrived in the town, would then settle in a house on the outskirts of town for the night, and continue onward the next day. Town of Kamenka: It was a foggy morning at what felt like 6 o’clock in the morning just up the hill from a town that they believed Kamenka. Ty felt very parched from his night of sleep so he reached for his canteen but noticed it was empty upon picking it up. Ty arose from his bed in the corner, silently passed his parents, grabbed his axe, and headed towards the small town. Upon arriving at the town he noticed a couple infected that his family didn’t notice the day before they settled down but paid no attention them. Ty proceeded to walk to the well and filled up his canteen. Ty felt like his parents could use the extra sleep so he decided to walk to the small dock and sat down looking towards the water for a great while. Ty then realized he should probably go back and let his parents know he was okay. As Ty was walking towards the house they stayed at he didn’t see the infected he saw previously. Ty became anxious and started lightly jogging to the house on the hill. When Ty arrived at the house he saw that the front door was open and so he sprinted in to hear the sounds of the infected feeding on his parents. Ty was instantly filled with a rage that he never felt before and proceeded to mutilate the infected that feed on his parents. With tears streaming down his eyes Ty moved the lifeless infected bodies off his parents corpses and stared at them as he began to think this was all his fault for not killing the infected when he first saw them. With an abundance of mix emotions flowing through him he dug two unmarked graves and set his parents in them and left the town to head what he believed north never returning to the place he lost it all.
  12. So an ample amount of time is two seconds to put my hands up after you shoot my buddy when I have a Glock 19 in my hands and takes time to do the animation to put your hands up. I pushed the button to put my hands up and as I'm putting my gun away you just shoot me anyways.
  13. Arthur POV: Dillion and myself ran up to Tisy Military base from a dirt path near the three pads. After we arrived at the military base we went to the tents to gather some ammunition because we both where low. We arrive at the tents and we search the first couple tents in the first row. We left the second or third tent only to hear "Put your fucking hands up" and in instinctively turn around to see Dillion's body drop. I had no time to even put my gun away to put my hands up to further the RP.