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  1. come bk to dayzrp my sonical friend 

    1. SuperSonic


      I might just do that my evangelic friend 

    2. evanm23



  2. And rain.. rip! was fun! hope to run into you guys again sometime
  3. we have placed some tents in the gaps of the walls of the castle, the problem here seems to be that we are making it harder for people to initiate on our settlement with only one entrance, because how would it be any less AoGM after making another entrance by removing one more tent? Placing the tents like this was my decision and i don't agree that it's AoGM unless staff say so. Would be nice if someone from Staff could shed some light on this, cause i don't see how it's any different than what many other settlements has already done before or than what the big man @Rolle himself said about "not seeing a problem patching up already existing walls with a couple of tents"
  4. Can we please get an opinion from staff before closing?
  5. No not you, but i was told that some of the guys that attacked us was considering it But i then said i wasn't aware of that and were gonna have it checked out with staff But forgot to PM him back, as you said yourself in the OP
  6. Axel Warren POV "discussion"?: Yes i talked to one of Charlies friends in TS After his group attacked our Settlement (Wich we could have reported) They then were saying they were gonna report us if we didn't move the tents.. So one of our members took some pictures of the tents and went to talk To staff about it in TS and showed him the pics. He was then told that it should be okay as long as there was one entrance into the settlement. From what i've heard TheProxJack spoke to the OP and his friends in TS and they said that if We made one more entrance into the settlement it would be OK? I also saw somewhere that it was allowed to patch up already existing walls with tents? wich is what we've done.. It was not our intention to abuse anything, and we can take it all down if we have to! Or get banned, whatever you think is best.. Oh and btw. the tent in the entrance isn't usually there i dont know where that came from.
  7. *Axel laughs while pressing down the PTT* Ouch! tha.. that's... Cold! Bet that's what your mother did when she saw you for the first time.. C'mon, even you can do better than that, cant you? If you want to have a talk about your insecurities You should try a different approach! But not on this frequency please... because i don't fucking *Screams* care!! *The transmission ends*
  8. *A mocking High pitch voice can be heard over the radio* "Yes.. Brotherhood is such loosers oh my gawd!! If i was their leader i would definately give you guys whatever you wanted Because you are such biiig men.." *The transmission pauses for a couple of seconds before another darker voice Wich is clearly from the same person is heard * "Hello? Is this The Brotherhoods radio frequency? Just want to remind you guys, You still owe me a coffee and a cigarette! I WILL COLLECT!!" Goddammit.. now i want coffee..." *Yelling* *Hey you.. is that coffee!?" Hey! i know you can hea...* *The transmission cuts*
  9. *pushes down the PTT* I have a suggestion for ya! Why dont you get off your fat lazy ass and go spy on other groups yourself if you are so fucking curious ! Do us both a favour and stop humiliating yourself, "tough guy"! *Laughs while releasing the PTT*
  10. *presses down the PTT* Wolf? i saw some wolfs in the forests the other day, you should have a look there.. Oh, and i wouldn't expect much information from The Brotherhood! It was supposed to be a deal wasn't it? wich you messed up! I'm sure you know what i'm on about... *pauses for a second* Anyways, i'm pretty sure they have more relevant business to attend to.. So Hawk, how is it going? Congratulations on the promotion mate! *releases the PTT*
  11. well you were all dead weren't you? we were behind the barn in the treeline so you're saying you were calm when speaking to rick after the situation, and not ganging up on him and shout at him? and no i did not say that i said "why the f* do you say rick is a retard? and i left cause i was mad about how you can treat him like that thats not a lie i died behind the barn! and we were running from myshkino when you guys were running after Rick. he has already stated that he "tought" we were behind him and the last thing he said on the radio was im at the barn they are initiating on me!
  12. Would just like to add that we were 30 meters away in the treeline, so he had a good chance to survive imo. and another ting i would like to say is that he was sorry! and the way you guys were screaming at him and calling him a retard in TS afterwards was uncalled for!
  13. next patch my man! zombies spawn around you and wolves will try to eat you.. meanwhile if you have too much guns i'd gladly take them off you you also have kos servers, i'd say thats a survival challenge!
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