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  1. Sorry to double post. Just posting a highlight of the VOD (so it is not lost).
  2. Server and location: S1, NWAF. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 19.5.2019. ~15:50. Your in game name: Boris Kapylushny. Names of allies involved: None. Name of suspect/s: N/A. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/426968176?t=00h07m23s Detailed description of the events: My character has woken up (I connected to the server) and decided to check it's surroundings. As he was lurking around whilst he was on the roof he heard some shots. He quickly went to investigate it and possibly help the people involved. As he was approaching the direction of the shots he saw two males fighting with zombies and one yelling help. He aided by shooting at the zombies. Right after that the trio introduced themselves, Boris also gave a firearm attachment to one of them and also received some water and antibiotics. The trio then went up to check the airfield and right after they have came to the tents they cleared the area of zombies. Meanwhile this was happening one of the individuals tried to handcuff Boris whilst he had a rifle in his arms (I tried avoiding that as it might of been a mistake). Right after that some shots could be heard and Boris decided to go and investigate it. He was stopped by one of the guys which said that they would head to the other small base North of the tents. Boris said he'd go investigate the shots and aid if possible. The individual then attempted to handcuff Boris once again and Boris said there is not a need for that. Boris did not in any way initiate towards the men themselves. He just backed away for a little, trying to solve the situation by using conversational methods. The individual that tried to handcuff Boris ended hancuffing himself. Right after he wiggled out of his handcuffs he took his firearm out and without saying anything shot Boris to death.
  3. Boris "Nemoy" Kapylushny (born October 4th, 1985) is a 33 year old organized crime figure of Chernarussian heritage, who currently resides in Chernarus. Holding ties to the Western Obshchak, Borya has been acting as muscle for a southern country concentration of the group over the half-decade which began with a car theft operation and has more recently seen an establishment of a crew in the territory apparently led by himself. Early Life Boris was born to unknown parents in October of 1985, Chernogorsk. He was left by a female person in a basket infront of the hospital with a note saying "Boris". Since the first moments of his life he was introduced into the system and being raised by the system and not his actual parents. In his youth, Borya was counted as a calm but quiet person. Although a stereotype would often show that person being picked on that was not the case. The reason causing this was his first fight causing him to show off his physical strength along with the courage to go further even after having his nose broken for the first time in his life. Raised by the system led to being in delinquency center and community work. This is where he was introduced into martial arts. To be more precise, kickboxing. He was cleaning toilets, graffiti off the walls, dirty clothes and towels. Boris was amazed of the sport itself and decided to develop his frustrations and anger in more non-lethal and correct way of living. Appearance of "Banda" and ties to Eurasian OCG's Years after the delinquency center Kapylushny was apparently involved into extortion, money laundering and main nightclub security locations in Chernarus connected with Eurasian OCG's. This also included him being allegedly involved into car theft rings, narcotics distribution through clubbing scenes and securing illegal deals and transactions. Being sent by the elders to secure a money transaction in Elektrozavodsk led to not only the transaction itself but to maintain enough man power and the flow of business itself. Due to the nature of the business lots of men were recruited through both legal and illegal means necessary having a steady cash-flow and money being laundred properly. Not far in time after that apocalypse spread. Lots of his men turned to banditry and not knowing their limits. Most of them died and the criminal organization members have spread themselves around the territory, surviving to the fittest - including Boris.
  4. Aleksandar Loz is a born Chernarussian (from Severograd, Chernarussia) but spent most of his life in Dublin, Ireland where he was raised. Prior to the apocalypse he went for a family visit to Severograd as he didn't spend much time in his home country and that's when the sh*t hit the fan. He is currently a lone survivor but hopefully he can encounter more people. Most of his days he spends in trying to find resources to live on, be it food and drinkable water or ammunition and tools for survival. The nights he spends usually resting in order to gain strength for the upcoming days.
  5. This is okay then, but why did he fail to rp? We were making demands and he basically didnt talk to us at all and avoided the role play and NVFL when he told us to just execute him We are a group of bandits, of course we rob people for fun, but we killed him because he did not meet our demands not for no reason. We roleplayed correctly and due to his lack of compliance he was executed. That is a justified, rp reason to warrant execution. He didn't roleplay with us much at all so that is why there is a report for bad rp. Quit saying we broke rules, if you think we did make a report about it. This is a report regarding your friend and his lack of roleplay. Do you have any valid proof except for random bantering? There is clearly no point in arguing as we have different point of view on this situation. I will leave this to staff to decide.
  6. So you are going to kill a random stranger just because your group member is a cannibal. That is killing without a good reason a.k.a. RDM. Also yes, he didn't mute his mic but we haven't interacted with each other anymore after you took his radio. We will have to set ourselves keyboard binds for muting as we would have to alt-tab to mute.
  7. From what I understood he is sick of people just initiating on him because of the loot rather than roleplaying with him. From what I heard while he was talking to you guys he was told to follow and had to drop his stuff, after that he was shot because he does not have a drawing for you? Like, really? Anyhow, this looks like a combination of Bad and Gear roleplay from your side, guys. He complied all the way until he got shot. Just because he didn't use his voice in a terrified way he did follow all orders and communicate. But it is up to him to post his POV. I can't talk in his name.
  8. I was the person that shot two of you. My name in-game is Maryan Markov and my in-character brother's name is Karlo Markov. Me and my IC brother (IRL friend) were supposed to meet as both of us were looking for each other. He ran into you and told me, also told me where you guys are taking him before you took his radio, after that we haven't spoken at all. Teamspeak talking is from him as he speaks at the same time IC and on Teamspeak and backround chatter from his younger RL bro and cousin. Meanwhile I ran towards the place I thought you were at and I almost passed the actual place. I heard the voices, countdown and having my brother shot. This is when I decided I wanted to revenge. Video evidence: http://plays.tv/video/57deb6e656f67fa5d4/dayzrp-evidence
  9. There has been music playing previously by some of the players, but since I received a phone call from my ex. employer regarding my paycheck that I haven't received yet I had to take it, so I went away. Meanwhile when I was talking on my phone I was walking around the house as seen in the video below. Soon after I finished my call I went to the situation to check what's going on. Soon after that I logged off. Sorry for the corrupted sound, sometimes it happens as I get Blue Screen of Death often. P.S. I usually upload to Plays.TV but it won't let me upload this clip, not sure why. So I used Youtube.
  10. Will post POV and video evidence when I get back from work. http://plays.tv/video/57d12f47e180196420/dayzrp (We used our language - Croatian but when we spoke through voice chat we spoke English) Me and Karlo Markov came to Kabanino and saw the man getting robbed. We overviewed the situation and decided to help. Karlo initiated on the unarmed person to raise his hands up. He then got shot at by the person holding the hostage. I fired as well. After that I came to check if Karlo is alive and saw a man involved as the group had white armbands. So I shot. After that I went to help the hostage but I got shot at and tried to hide and then eventually died.
  11. http://plays.tv/video/57cc3ed2abc219f35f/dayzrp Here is mine.
  12. Same. Uploading a video. http://plays.tv/video/57cc3ed2abc219f35f/dayzrp
  13. Check your SSD/HDD health status with HD Sentinel. When I had an 7200rpm 120GB HDD from 2006. until this year when I swapped to SSD and normal HDD I had random FPS drops.
  14. Yevhen Doroshenko: I was at the other side of tents with Kyle, bandaging him as he was bleeding at the time my firefighter buddy was talking to the duo. As we heard multiple voices we decided to go and check what is going on. As I was hearing in the backround the chit-chat I decided to come up first, see what's going on. "I'm the one asking What did they do to you? and Are you guys messing with my friend here or what?" and after that Kyle shot them. I had no intention of a shootout neither have fired a weapon at them. Also, regarding the so called 'OOC bantering' in the base. I arrived after Kyle and firefighter buddy were there for a while as I was experiencing game issues (anyhow doesn't matter that much - it was a few minutes difference). A week ago or so when we met along with other few people we had a meeting at the same tents not to initiate/be hostile on people and be as friendly as we can until we are threatened. That also means no full mouthing and other un-needed situations. From the video above I don't see any OOC bantering but just a random talk about the situation previously and if we had rights to shoot them or not. Believe it or not, we are not a group of friends who do hostile actions until nothing happens to us or we are under a risk. I can assure you that I haven't done any hostile activity even after I was robbed because I don't like shootouts and usually it's a random OOC clusterf*ck. That's one of the reasons why I avoid it. I rather talk with people. But if it is decided that I am guilty of RDM or anything else, I will accept the punishment and won't go against it. Please tell me if anything extra is required from me. I am not around that much as I was previously.
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