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    How many of you roleplay as yourself?

    I play as myself aswell and i really think it is the best way to get into the whole roleplay thingy because you can just act like normal. I once was playing as a doctor of biology on an other server it was kind of hard because i had to get myself some deep information about biology, especially viruses and parasites and all that stuff wich was pretty tough in my opinion. And now as i'm playing as "me" i dont have to learn new things because i know what i know if you know what i mean But thats just my opinion. Greets!
  2. Thank you dude. I definitly will if i find my self in trouble
  3. Hello fellow survivors. I just recieved my acception and am looking forward playing with you Also i just wanted to greet you all and give you a small introduction of myself. So my name is Marc-Oliver, i'm 23 years old, from Germany. I'm playing DayZ SA since the very beginning but am a absolute noob when it comes to pvp, so no worries I like roleplaying because it raises the immersion of a postapocalyptic game to the max. So that's it for now. Hope i meet many of you ingame and that we have a great time surviving.