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  1. I was born and raised in Elektro Chernarus I grew up with many brothers in Koslov family. Winters were harsh and food was scarce but we made it by with what we had. Father was a local cobbler for the town he drove classic vaz-2108 to work every day. I loved that car was very fast sometimes father would let me ride to work with him and he would tell me son you are going to grow up to be a Koslov you will be strong or die in this world. little did I know little did I know years later in the outbreak it would be true. I miss him its a shame the dead ones got him but luckily me and my brothers made it out and are still roaming around to this day.
  2. Okay well disabling my firewall didn't work and it will not let me join public servers either.
  3. No I've been trying to disable everything to get it to work but I've had no luck
  4. Even after uninstalling Norton it still manages to say error when attempting to join.
  5. It still says error I am attempting to uninstall Norton as we speak but its being very slow.
  6. I receive an error still and I have Norton but its been out of date for months.
  7. Its not working on any TS server and flushing my DNS didn't work either.
  8. I've tried that already as well and it still gives me an error message.
  9. https://gyazo.com/b97d2f74363fd1e39f746ee32ac7db12 Its still refusing to work even after uninstalling and using the link
  10. Every time I attempt to join the teamspeak server it says there is an error.
  11. MOJO1775

    S2 KoS, Metagame, Kabanino Approx: 8:40AM

    So as he stated we were indeed held up at Vybor industrial and he himself decided to drop initiation. Then after about an hour of torture RP with him as the torcherer they decided to let us go. After I was released I called my friend in skype and told him to meet me at Kab. Shortly after we met up and agreed to hunt down the assailants while I still had KOS rights. Once we got to Stary I noticed a man standing in the street then we confronted him and I immediately knew it was him because he had the same silenced mp5 and all the exact same clothing along with the fact he said he was held up at Vybor industrial which gave me further confirmation it was him. Then once he knew what was about to go down he suspiciously ran behind the house at this point my friend in skype ran into the house and unexpectedly crashed and did not return until after the kill. After I saw him run behind the house I followed him and saw he was stopped and being questioned by a man wearing a red armband. The man in the red armband told me this was personal business and then i quickly explained how I was robbed by this man and that I needed to talk to him. The red armband man then gave me permission and informed me that the man attempted to rob him as well. I began to walk closer to the robber/torcherer when he awkwardly began walking back I continued to interrogate him and even tried to further the RP if he admitted to it I was going to rough him up but he decided to continuously lie and deny what he did so I killed him. Then immediatly after i shot more red armband people showed up and i explained and they said once again that the man and his buddies tried to rob them and they fought back and killed his buddies. That leaves only him (Maxwell) left alive.
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