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  1. Ahh... OK, thx for quick reply... Thread may be closed...
  2. Yup, coocked two days ago... Is that causing it? Can I put it in a bag or something to stop it from heationg me up? Will it take care of it, or will I have to "wash rinse and repeat" the emote procedure over and over again as the issue re-accurs? Maybe it's just easier to move my meat back to my backpack...
  3. On the Livonia server, my character has just started to overheat for no aparent reason. I have not had any bad water or rotten food. I have no illness symbol I just overheat. I tried two Penecilin but to no avail. Is this a bug, or do I need to strip down and take a swim to avoid it to go on... It's affecting my health now.
  4. Oki doki... Thx for reply!
  5. Was just on, and had to put the kid to bed... Came back and... Offline... Is it down for the day/night, or is it as tecnical issue? Anyone know.
  6. Hmm... getting weird errors when I do that, but I did try to load with my Chernarus Character on S2, Would that mess things up? Will I need to create a New character? Hey, It just worked! Guess the mods were not all loaded... Itchy fingers I guess!!! thx... may be closed!
  7. But how do I accsess it... Do I go via the normal DayZ on Steam, or do I use the DayZ Experimental icon that was created when I bought the DLC? If the latter... All my mods seem to be gone when going in via the experimental icon, the mods I have loaded on Dayz don't show up on my list of mods, so I cant seem to load them...
  8. So, is there a place on the RP site where I can find all relevant info to join the Livonia adventure? It's probably me just beeing blind, but I cant seem to find a obvious link on the frontpage to this information... What mods you need and all that stuff... Apologize in advance for beeing stupid (It's probably obvious)
  9. Fantastic! Thx for clearing that up! Thread may be closed, asked and answered
  10. Again, that's exactly why I asked the question... I want to comply to all rules, and provide good RP at all times! Since Tisy had a poison cloudwhen the mod was active, I was a bit confused to what rules were in effect when the mod was removed. My take away from this is, based on the replies is as follows: 1. Any visit to Troitskoe will have to be done with proper full hazmat gear, and not just a gas-mask. 2. Tisy is good without this protective gear though, as lore does not state anything about this area and poison at this time Would that be a correct summary?
  11. Yeah, it was the knowledge of earlier "RP'ing" toxic zones that made me ask the question. In the past, just a gas mask was considered OK in the "ruined base" as well, but it's good to know beforehand... Don't want my character killed off by not complying with the lore. I was just wandering how to go about this now... So thx for the update... Will the zones be brought back at any point you think?
  12. Silly question... Are there still toxic zones now that the mod is no longer active? Do we just RP toxic zones now, or are they still present baked into another mod?
  13. Thx for the reply... Will also try to RP this info to my character before thinking about entering any toxic sones...
  14. So, how does toxic sones work... Will the hazmmat suit (complete) protect you completely? Will the suit be "eaten" by the fumes over time, if so, how long will it last under perfect conditions? Will I need a "cure" even if I wear the hazmat suit? Anyone know?
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