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  1. Yeah, your reply captures the whole point of my OP. I do agree with you that such a mechanic can't be implemented or trusted, if you risk losing everything through a bug or glitch. I have experienced losing a jacket full of meds, because I put it on the ground to try on another jacket... I really understand all opposed to the idea based on this. As long as glitches risk you losing the backpacs when used in this fashion, it's not a viable addition.
  2. Funny how some people can read people's minds on this forum... These kinds of "ruling techniqes" are used to belittle other people's ideas and suggestions, and frankly it's un-called for. Instead of such non productive comments, you could maybe rather say why you disagree. I never roleplay as a banditt, as such, people pulling guns out of their behind, as someone phrased it, is not an issue for me. For me it's all about max realism and imersion. Other things that breaks imersion IMO is the ability to carry a cooking pan inside your jacket, or other bulky objects in your pants... I love RP, but I suck at writing emotes whilst in RP. I just don't type fast enough. As such, a mechanic showing what I do, rather than typing "He reaches into his backpack for the medkit" would increase imersion for me. But I respect the opinion of those who disagree with me.
  3. One thing I have missed this since day one playing on this RP server... And playing DayZ in general when I think about it... What about adding a mechanic to backpack's forcing you to either place it on the ground, or holding it in your hands to be able to access any of the stuff you put in it? This would really add to the immersion of the game. It feels a bit funny beeing able to whip out my fishing rod, conveniently placed in my backpack, without so much as a time delay... Just an idea...
  4. Jim was born in Årdal, a small industrial town at the end of the longest fjord in Norway, Sognefjorden. He was the youngest of four siblings, and his upbringing and childhood was a stable one. He had many friends, and partook in all the standard activities available for kids in Årdal. In the seventh grade Jim chose to add photography as his chosen extra subject, in stead of an extra language subject or Computer Science, which was very popular in the mid eighties. Something literally "clicked" in Jim's brain when he shot and developed his first pictures in a photo-lab. He discovered he had a hidden talent, and his passion for photography was born. Rather than staying in his home town, doomed to start work in the local aluminium factory, he moved to Bergen at the age of eighteen to study art, and photograph at the University of Bergen. After finishing his Bachelor degree, Jim worked as a freelance photographer, doing work for various newspapers and publishing houses. He did quite well, and though he was not becoming a millionaire in a hurry, he had enough money to get by, and to grow his hobby and passion, wildlife photography. Jim spent all his holiday's traveling to different locations all over the globe trying to get that "once in a lifetime" shot of exotic and exiting wildlife. The summer of 2020 he had tickets and plans to fly to Livonia with the goal of taking close up photos of the elusive brown bears of Livonia. Little did he know he would become stranded in this small country during the worst epidemic in the history of the world...
  5. When I read the lore, spesifically the part where Chernarus is having a referendum about joining the Russian federation, I read between the lines that this election must have been rigged, as there is an over 80 % yes vote for joining Russia, a result I feel is more or less like the results we saw in Iraq under the despot Saddam Hussein, and other leaders like him when they held elections. As I am roleplaying as a journalist, and have built part of my story on reporting on election fraud during the referendum, and also repoorts of the "silent" ethnic clensing of Chernarus (when a lot of Chernarussians fled the country, and were replaced by Russians that were beeing invited to come). Will I have to change this in my backstory, or is it a fair interpretation of the lore?
  6. Well, Chechnya was never completely declared independent to Russia though, one half of the country did... In the ensuing first war, Russia never managed to gain superiority despite on paper beeing the most capable force. A cease fire was agreed upon, and The Chechen Republic of Ichkeria was formed. They never had a stable economy though, and beeing run by different war lords, stability would always be a problem. But I see your point, they have clearly taken part of the Chechen "story" into the Chernarus lore... It differs a bit though... Chernarus, countrary to The Chechen Republic of Ichkeria was prosperous and had an economy, tourism and such, and NATO did have a presence there up until they (very quicly and without real explanation in the lore I might add) suddenly just upped and left the country to the Russians. The Chechen Republic of Ichkeria by comparison was full of different war lords, not unlike Afghanistan i gusess... And democracy never really had a chance there. I guess I see Chernarus as a country more similar to Europe and European culture, whilst the The Chechen Republic of Ichkeria was viewed by most Europeans as beeing further away from European democratic ideals. As such, it was easier for the EU and NATO to stay out of the way, only condemming the different parties when they did horrible things to eachother there... But I get it... the lore is canon, and I will find a way to cope...
  7. I don't read the lore that way... You don't win a referendum like that with over 80 % of the votes unless something is fishy... That is an annexation or coup de etat in my book. Reading between the lines (and not even that in between, I feel it's pretty clear) the country has been forced into the Russian federation. Local Chernarussians has been forced out, yeah they might have physically moved on their own accord, but not really willingly - I read it like they felt they had no choice in the matter as they were becoming aliens in their own country. Russian citizens where moved in, in a kind of "silent" ethnic clensing move. All this happened before the world got embroiled in the infection thing, and as such I find it hard to beleive the EU, the UN and NATO would sit still through all of this going on in Europe. But I get it... They don't want any foreign organized forces in Chernarus... Yet... I'll live... I see I am in a minority anyway...
  8. I don't disagree that having ton's of US supersoldiers running around is annoying,... But what about the Red Cross, Doctors Without borders? The new lore also prohibit such characters...
  9. Hope ignited... But the light in the tunel could be an incoming freight train
  10. The new lore is out, and in my opinion it has made the Chernarus server a "Russian fetish" only community. Livonia lore, the only one open for players partial to characters with UN, NATO, Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders affiliation, is practically dead. In my opinion this is due to Livonia lore beeing devoid of a real story line, there is no conflict or exitement there. Playing there just does not seem interesting right now. Now, you could argue the sheer number of players on the Chernarus server prove me wrong, but I play every day, that does not mean I like all of the new lore. I suspect I am not alone, but I could be wrong of course. I also find the lore unrealistic in some areas... I don't think The Red cross and Doctors without borders would be absent in a country with the issues the country is facing. If you look at the Corona epidemic, groups of both Norwegian and German doctors was sent to Italy to assist the Italians in batteling the epidemic. Also I think the UN, the EU and NATO would want to have a say about the Russian take-over in Chernarus. For those about to say "What about Ukraine"? I would say that both NATO, the EU and the USA is very much involved there still, and Russia has not anexed all of Ukraine... Not yet anyway. Am I alone in feeling this way about the new lore? Right now I play on "old indtinct", hoping the lore will open up for other characters than Russian or Chernorussian... Yeah-yeah-yeah! I know you can have foreign characters now as well, but you know what I mean... They can't be organised or linked to any of the organisations I mentioned above. As it stands now, players with foreign characters will always be at the mercy of the huge Russian and Chernorussian factions, suffering the "Foreigners go home" rant from the Chernorussian side, and the "Give us all your weapons" rant from the Russian side. But seriously... Is this how it will be? UN, Red Cross and NATO in a dead Livonia server only? And am I the only one a bit dissapointed?
  11. Ron is a news correspondent, working for the Norwegian newspaper "Bergens Tidende" also known as "BT". He has been covering the developments in Chernarus since the summer of 2015, when he replaced the former "BT" foreign correspondent upon his retirement. wRon has been close to the action over the years, covering the different political developments in Chernarus. He was around to vitness the chaos that ensued after the assasination of Gregori Lopotev. His pieces covering the ensuing "rebellion" and the Russian intervention, gained public acclaim in Norway. His brutally honest repports, openly criticizing Putin and the way Russian soldiers behaved during the Russian annexation of the country has landed him in trouble plenty of times, but somehow he has avoided arrest and deportation up until now. The last months however, Ron has been covering the flu epedemic ravaging the country. Ron was recently ordered to return home to Norway, as things took a turn for the worse, but found himself unable to travel, as no foreigners were allowed to leave the country. Armed with his pen, he continues to cover the developing situation in Chernarus...
  12. Cool! Appreciate that! And yes, I got the balanced part... But for me, for something to be balanced, one would take some realism into account... That would also apply to what objects could be fixed with a whetstone or duct tape. I don't know if whetstones can fix the hacksaw (never tried it), but it should not. A hacksaw has a type of blade that would be ruined by a whetstone IRL. Also, the duct tape should not work on guns... (It used to, but that might have changed). In stead, weapon cleaning kits should be given a longer life span... That's my idea of balancing something out. Balanced does not have to mean that all repair items last as long as the others. Long rant this, but what I am trying to say is that I feel the different repair items should be looked on, and they should all have different "lasting times" based on real life usage. I think RP would be fit from this...
  13. Can't say I agree... You can sharpen knives and axes until the blade is gone with a whetstone... Giving it four uses is nothing less than stupid. I hope they can balance this out somewhat...
  14. Is it just me, or is it just silly that whetstones are used up so fast in game? Is it possible to consider making them non-degradable? IRL a whetstone would probably outlast the person using it. I can see that a roll of duct-tape and a sewing kit would be used up at some point... But whetstones!!? Make them rare, but everlasting I say!
  15. Great group... Glad to be a part of this adventure!
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