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  1. Nah... Updated last night, did not think a new upddate was needed, but apparantly they updated the game... Thx a bunch for swift reply...
  2. Hi, sorry for the frustration... I played earlier today, and no hickup... Then tonight... Bad version, rejected... Nothing in announcments on the forum, but I guess something has been updated... Anyone?
  3. Thx for quick reply folks! Much abliged!
  4. I can only find a mod called DayZ RP testing... Is this the new DayZ Mod with the 1-04 update?
  5. After loading the game, I search out the server and click it to play, but I don't get the promt asking for my password, but nothing happens. I had this last night also, but then it was ok just to press on play, because the game last played was a game on the DayZRP server. After playing on another server, I wanted to return to the RP server, but now I can't join... I find both servers in the list, but selecting them does nothing... Anyone?
  6. Maximillian was born in Warrington, England but his parents moved to Norway when he still was a young boy. Raised on a farm in the region called Sogn & Fjordane in Norway, he learned how to live of the land by hunting and gathering from a very young age. He also learned to be a farmer, and ended up studying to become an agricultural engineer. Max took over his parents farm after they passed, but after many years running the farm, he felt the need to do something new. After finishing his Masters Degree in agricutural engineering, specializing in re-vitalizing crops, he landed a prestigious job working for Icaros, an organisation employed by the UN, rendering aid to farmers in war-torn countries, assisting them in getting their farming industry back on it's feet. In the spring of 2016, he arrived in Chernarus working with the UN to help the Chernarussian government to get it's nation farms back on line, producing much needed goods for society. The "Reaper program" as it was called, had the goal of making Chernarus as self sufficient as possible when it came to agricultural production. A certain dependancy on inported goods was to be expected of course, but it was beleleived that a well developed argicultural society would be a more stable society in the long run. When the outbreak started, Max was working on one of the farms shelled and bombed by Russian artillery and aircraft. He and his group, a long with the local farmer running the farm, was in the cow barn when a bomb or artillery shell hit the building, killing everyone inside exept Maximillian himself. Max was thrown out an open window by the shockwave, and thus managed to stumble away from the carnage, with a few scratches and bruises. In the chaos that ensued, Max decided to retreat to nature, and he has lived of the land, and avoided human contact if all possible...
  7. Thx Lyca, post may now be closed... Asked and answered!
  8. I am currently also hard at work building a base... Will this dissapear to? If so, I'll just stop building now...
  9. Ok, so you are saying a server wipe is coming? Will this erase the progress of our characters and wipe our bases as well?
  10. Anyone know what's up with the server? It keeps crashing every ten to fifteen minutes...
  11. The new lore with underwater nuclear blasts and a war between NATO and Russia... Has this been implemented?
  12. Hi... Four real quick questions: I have experienced falling down when trying to get off on the different floors in high towers (like the huge radio towers). 1. Is this still a risk, or was this an earlier issue prior to the recent updates? 2. What do I do when the message get off is on screen? Do I press F like when grabbing items and opening doors? 3. And how do I do the cool sliding down ladders move? I am fearful of falling to my death by using this function... 4. Are there ladders too high to do this from?
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