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  1. But... part two of my question still stands unanswered... What type of optics fit with the M1 SOCOM?
  2. Thx for the tips guys! Will take a look...
  3. He he! Problem is, my character is a man with high moral standards, so robbing people just isn't in my nature. Harming people without a very good reason is not my style either... Stumbeling over your body by accident sounds highly unlikely... Soooo, I guess I will have to venture into the dangers zone, in search for the much coveted ammo in question...
  4. What about the optics? What optics match the optics rail?
  5. Where in the sweet be-Jesus can I find ammo for this weapon? I got extremely lucky, and stumbled upon a chopper wreck, where I found the elusive M1 SOCOM rifle. I read in a post that the .308 ammo this rifle uses, could be found in houses around Chernarus. I have now been to allmost all houses in Chernarus and I have yet to find any ammo of this type... Is this ammo extremely rare? Can it be found in military bades, or is it only available through hei-crash spawns? Also, I found the optics holder, but what optics does this rifle use? Is this also one of those rare hei-crash irems? I would really like to get some hunting done with this rifle now that I have it, but some extra ammo would be great... Anyone?
  6. Yup! That worked... THX a bunch!
  7. Just checked... both ammo and clip are pristine... So that's not the issue... The eweird thing is the clip and ammo was in the rifle. Its a ten round clip. The glitch appeared when i removed the rounds from the clip, and then tried to re-load them. loading one and one round in to the rifle does not work either...
  8. Good question, I never thought to check... silly me! I assumed, as I found the rifle pristine, with the clip inserted the ammo was ok! I'll check to be sure.
  9. I managed to find a Socom M1, with a 10 round clip containing 3 rounds. I removed the clip, and unloaded the three rounds, and when I tried to load the clip again, the ammo showed up as red, and I could not get the ammo back in the clip. Is this a known bug with the M1?
  10. Anybody know of trouble with the server? The website said the server was offline, then I updated the page and it was online, but with no players and 120 slots... Any login attempt is answered by Connection with host has been lost... Anybody know anything... Don't want to nag about this, but as a family man I get very limited times to play, so...
  11. Well that's not what I have experienced so far... I have had several headshots with no kill, some even up pretty close. Due to my "panic" upon realizing my headshots was a bust, I have to admit, aiming for the legs was not a priority, so I haven't tried that yet, but I can say for sure It is random, also when it comes to headshots... I really enjoy the infected becoming a real factor... I have always felt they were a bit easy to kill, especially with silenced weapons. As I have some real life experience with silenced weapons, I can tell you, the one thing they are not, is silent... they are a bit surpressed, but they still make noise. So using a weapon with supressor would be heard by near by infected IRL. What I don't like is the totally random number of hits needed to off them. I have had to use as many as 14 hits with the axe on one and then just two on another... It really feels like there is something off on the hit registry on the Infected. Some variation sure, but 14 chops to the head? I hope further tweaking is in the works...
  12. I see... Well, this is actually not to illogical, exept with regards to head shots that is. It actually makes sense that hits to the torso or legs has more of a shock dammage to it, than kill dammange, both on players and infected. (Infected maybe more so as they would be more likely to ignore the pain of a bullet hit). But it still feels random as Onyx also has noted. I don't mind this beeing adjusted, but it should be consistant... It sure don't feel consistant right now...
  13. I understand... but how does that explain having to hit an infected 15 times with my axe in one situation, and then only needing two hits in the next encounter... I like the fact that the Infected are tougher oponents, don't get me wrong. I also like the detail of silencers making more noise, and that using silencers dont protect you from attracting near by walkers when using the gun, but it feels random right now... Then again, I might be imagening things...
  14. I have had a few encounters with infected lately, needing an awful lot of bullets to put down. Has there been a change in their ability to with stand bullits? Is there a known issue with the "hit box" of the infected? I have had a few needing an excess of hits with the ax also...
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