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  1. This would be an amazing map as its one huge city +1
  2. Clive Cussler


    Fucking amazing, hoping to relive some of those memories, sprinting between buildings when a hostage is screaming for a tin of beans xD
  3. Clive Cussler


    Oh god please no, I can't deal with seeing CRA at Kab again ?
  4. Chris was a small town boy from south wales who decided he would like to travel eastern Europe. As a mechanical engineer he thought to do up an old range rover as his travel car, good all round choice enough space to sleep in the back, offroad capabilities and then also the luxury interior would help keep him warn during the colder nights in the eastern countries. After starting off in wales he drove to Portsmouth and got a ferry over to France where he started his trip. He then moved east through many different countries working on his collection of wind charms in the back of his rangey. Until this day if he see's a windcharm he has to have it no matter what he must trade for it, to remind him off the good old days.
  5. papi <3 your back to, what a cowinkydink
  6. Clive Jackson trained to be a mechanical engineer with the National Health Service back in Wales when he was 17 he left his sixth form after attending one year as he wanted something new, something exiting. After training for two years he got offered to take a job with MSF (Doctors without borders), this would mean he would be finishing his apprenticeship while travelling the world. He went to places like Africa with his attachment maintaining the power generators and other things such as cars and medical equipment. In the fourth year of his apprenticeship he was assigned to the land of Chernsrus with the group being told he was going to be simply maintaining the equipment much like his normal usual job. When he got overseas he found out how badly this epidemic was it was making people murder one another in cold blood, when he was sent to the Zelenogorsk clinic the outbreak wasn't just one which was effecting people physically but it was effecting people's bodies. When the clinic was over ran the local law enforcement and all doctors were extracted by the CDF to be taken to a safer location to which they would set up another clinic. During the extraction the ural that the doctors and medical staff were on in front of The UAZ that Clive was in started to shake and some screaming was heard from inside. The driver of the UAZ that Clive was in immediately sped up, looking at Clive the driver in a gruff accent said ‘here take this’ handing Clive a AK47-U. Clive looking at the man as to almost say ‘what the fuck is this?’, takes the weapon and tries to see through the flap of the truck all he can see is people moving and still screaming. All of a sudden a body lunges out of the rear end of the truck jumping onto the bonnet of the UAZ, the driver starts ragging the UAZ from side to side to try and shake this person off the bonnet. As time slowed Clive was looking at the person seeing that it wasn’t right its mouth and hands were covered in blood with a bullet hole through its shoulder. Staring into its eyes as if they were a hole into a different dimensions, Clive feels a hand on his shoulder it is his driver screaming at him “KILL THE FUCKING THING”. Clive brought the gun to bear pointed it at the person and pulled the trigger. “click” He tried again and again “Click click click” empty. At this point he had no idea what to do so he grabbed a hammer from his toolbag at his feet, stood up and beat the skull in of the person. Shocked, scared and horrified he slowly sat back down hammer and rifle on his lap, staring at the blood as it seeped into his clothes, it felt warm and sticky. The driver just said three words seeing Clive’s shock “good job kid”, he grabbed the rifle from Clive and cocked it handing it back simple stating “it’ll work now”. It wasn’t over yet Clive looked back to the Ural and saw bodies hanging out the back blood dripping from the canopy the drivers screaming for help as the air filled with the sound of dying men. The driver dropped down a gear and moved into a position to get alongside the Ural on the driver’s side door, once seeing the UAZ the driver of the Ural opened the door and tossed two duffel bags from the front seat to Clive which he promptly placed in the back in preparation for the receiving of the Ural driver. The Ural driver at the last moment of preparing to jump pulled the pin on a grenade and threw it through the little window into the back of the Ural. As soon as the pulled the pin Clive knew this was the moment of truth he had to catch this guy, when the driver jumped Clive opened his arms and grabbed onto his vest and dragged him into the back of the UAZ. As the grenade exploded the Ural careered into the side of the UAZ sending it off the road and into a patch of bushes, hidden in these bushes was a boulder that send the UAZ into a barrel roll into the air. Clive and the two drivers along with all their equipment got throw into the air rag dolling away from the UAZ which slammed into a giant fur tree, the fall out of the vehicle send all three survivors into a unconscious state. Clive woke up to see the UAZ driver staring down at him, “common kid we gotta move”. “Get up we have to fucking move” dragging Clive to his feet he throws him a duffel bag containing food and supplies. The other driver from the Ural was already up caring a duffel bag and Clive’s tool bag, looking behind him over the defilade of the hill he could see heads moving towards them. He knew whatever they were behind them he had to listen to the military men and get a shift on. Breaking off into a small jog all three men headed towards a lighthouse to seek refuge, once they got into the lighthouse they barred the doors and looked for more supplies inside. After waiting for a night to make sure that the area outside is clear of any other people, the Ural driver suggests he goes ahead of them as they head east along the coast to try and meet up with other soldiers. All in agreement the Ural driver went ahead supposedly looking for others to warn and get help from, soon after Clive and the UAZ driver started heading eastwards up the coast towards the direction the other man went when all of a sudden they are both knocked to the floor from behind. The UAZ driver shouts “NO NO were fine, WERE FINE” once the men around them heard his voice he stood up exchanged a few words with them, walked over to Clive hand outstretched “Here kid let me help you up, don’t worry your safe now” taking the hand the driver pulled Clive up looking at him he introduced himself “Hey kid, good job on getting this far I’m Ruben” as he said this on his face a devilish grin spanning cheek to cheek.
  7. But surely that is not what have been accusing him of is it not? I was just purely stating maybe you need to take more care of your RP with people in a hostile situation as when you shot me in the you said sorry about a million times while running off and leaving me with a broken leg with all your agro after me.
  8. Since I was called to this report I would just like to say he is on his radio well before you say I'm taking your radio. Talking from experience a "radio" isn't a 1 second thing you can take while you still have a object in your hands. Usually they are clipped on at least, just some food for thought on your radio stealing roleplay.
  9. My POV: I was near Kab running into a house yo try and get some food. Was a moron and didn't hear the shots, met a guy running out with 5-6 zombies. Shouted hey man I'll help you out started shooting the zombies, he turned and shot me. Hit me once and I literally just screamed "what the fuck why're you shooting me" at which point the guy said "your not in a fight?" I said "no no", he said "sorry, I'm really sorry" and we both ran off. I didn't have any morphine so I chased him to try and get some.
  10. How many of the Arma 2 mod members are back here? Looking forward to seeing you lads ingame so much!
  11. Guy who died, did you help rob the original player?
  12. Hey guys, me and Frank spent some time with you the other day, it was really fun and enjoyable!
  13. After talking to staff and fellow clan members etc i decided to drop the report this morning but i'm pretty sure that my schools network didn't let me post this it. Requesting Close by by staff.
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