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  1. Sam is a country boy at heart. Loves his home, loves the outdoors, and will do next to anything to protect his family. Growing up in a small farming town in the Midwest. Sam spent most of his time outdoors and in the woods. Hunting, fishing, camping, you name it, he was out doing it. Adventure was constantly finding its way to him. He quickly grew bored of his stagnant life on the farm and decided traveling somewhere new would be great for him. One year later and an eventful backpacking through Europe led him to Chernogorsk, where he now spends a decent portion of time exploring.
  2. ChocoCharizard

    117.9 We have the Cure (Open)

    *Jackon cracks open another beer and continues listening to his radio next to the campfire. Tonight's stream was quite an entertaining one. He musters up some words and pushes the PTT* "From personal experience, 'the cure' is a well placed .308 from greater than 500 meters." *He releases the PTT and grins at his trusty winchester resting again the tree next to him.*
  3. ChocoCharizard

    shall we mod the server?

    Can you explain this please? I'm not familiar with our addons.
  4. ChocoCharizard

    Safe zone discussion

    I don't agree with having a SZ. If anything, you need to put in mainland, in a place where people wouldn't need a base or a decent loot area. The apartments North of Cherno would be good. My main concern of a SZ is what's to stop someone from hiding in one to avoid KOS rights or when being chased? If your response is OOC rule breaks, just forget it because the RP being tarnished by a SZ would be the real offense.
  5. ChocoCharizard

    To Mr. Funk on old Storm Front open frequency [OPEN]

    *Jackson was admiring the view from a castle tower when he heard a crappy, fake American country accent chime over the radio* "Lo...Bob is that you, ya fucking jackass?! Where the hell have you been?" *A beer can be hear cracking open over the radio* "Listen man, I got a whole sack of these shitty Rasputin beers here we can share as you tell me what the fuck happened to you. Oh right, my memories back, and all of my 'baggage' is taken care of. Hit me up when you're done threatening people over the open channels." *Jackson ends his broadcast, picks up an old mace and drops it off the tower just as an infected walks by below*
  6. (server S2) *Jackson pulls the battery out of his range finder and throws it in his radio he shuts the only working door in the military barracks, sits on the bed and tunes in it* "Hey uh I'm in the need of some help up at the military outpost north of Severograd. I got cornered by a farely large herd of infected and there's a pack of wolves circling my position too. They probably smell my recent wounds." *he fumbles through his bag to see if he has anything to spark some incentive* "I don't have much in the terms of ammo as a reward, but I do have 3 cans of beer in perfect condition I'd be willing to sh-" *Jackson's broadcast immediately stops as the radio's battery dies. He throws the thing across the room in frustration, pulls out a new mag for his Glock and creeps towards the door*
  7. ChocoCharizard

    Official DayZ .62 Discussion Thread

    Hey man so ive had this bug a few times. The only way I've fixed this is to just kill myself when I spawn. Laying prone in the ocean is typically a good way or jumping off a building if you get a Berezino spawn. After you die, DO NOT RESPAWN. Immediately leave the server and go to your character customization menu. Make yourself a dude and you should spawn as a dude.
  8. ChocoCharizard

    Official DayZ .62 Discussion Thread

    JESUS FUCKING CHRIST I MADE IT WORSE NOPE.avi ....I am a creature of the night
  9. ChocoCharizard

    Official DayZ .62 Discussion Thread

    The black face glitch seems to be fixed.... And replaced by this slightly more terrifying thing.
  10. POV of Arthur Cane As stated by the others, it looked as if we were being followed. Dean and the other 2 members of our security forces suggested we hold them up for questioning. It wasn't meant to be a robbery, but stripping them of all but their blaze was to ensure our safety. The third guy who I believe was Sgt Kyle Smith was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I lead him out of town myself, cut his restraints, and apologized to him. Following the event, I waited at our camp for any sign of revenge and logged out about 30 minutes later.
  11. I wasn't actually there, but listening via radio as she said. I was on my way to her when she reported seeing one person at the military encampment. I was still a couple of kilometers out so I just told her to handle it as she saw fit. She kept mentioning he was acting funny and dodging her questions or avoiding general hostile RP questions like responding on whether or not he had a radio. She mentioned over discord he had attempted to draw a pistol as she was tying him up combined with her receiving hostile fire lead her and I to agree killing him was proper response as she fled. That's about the extent of my knowledge of the situation
  12. Was a good fight. Hopefully more to come... with less stun batons
  13. **Jeff scrambles for his radio** "Myself and 2 others are trapped in a house in Zelonogorsk by the base. There's an entire fuckin' party of infected outside. Some help would really fuckin nice. We're low on ammo and seriously hurt" **Jeff depresses the PTT and watches the door as the lock begins to give way
  14. *Jackson hears someone call out his name over the radio. The voice is familiar but he can't place it. He decides to respond anyway* "Yea this is me. I'm assuming you're another one I just can't seem to remember where I saw you. The guy who saved my life told me about the school. I've yet to visit it, but maybe I'll make a trip over there. Maybe it'll help me remember something. I ran into a guy named Louie who really seemed to know all about me. He mentioned the school too. I want my life back. Its frustrating as hell not knowing what happened to me."
  15. *Jackson sits against a rock wall that hangs from the cliffs in the north. He lays his Winchester over his legs and kicks back, listening to the trees move in the wind and the wolves howl in the distance. He fiddles with the on/off switch of his radio contemplating on what to say.* 'Whatever, I'll just wing it,' he thought to himself. "Elliot, if you're out there listening, we need to talk. Last week I was out in Kabanino searching for clues to what might of happened to me. I honestly don't remember shit. I've ran into a few people that have seemed familiar, but more so in an insignificant way. When I ran into you, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. A felt a sudden chill all over my body and knew at that second I had found the guy I was searching for. " *He paused, took a swig of alcohol, and continued.* "The people I've recently made friends were also searching for you. Their reasons are of no concern to me. Unfortunately they happened to be around when you and I ran in to each other once more. Unlike them however, my intent is not violent. All I want to know is why you shot me. I don't really know what I'll do with that information. Closure maybe. Something I can learn from. Who knows. I was given a second chance for some reason. Maybe I just got lucky. But I'm still here and all I want to know is why." *Jackson released the PTT and took a deep, heavy sigh. He removed his beanie and changed the bandage from under it, tossing lightly bloodied old bandage into the fire.*
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