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  1. KirovMironovich

    Had been in the military but removed do to drug abuse. Got good at talking people into things by becoming furniture sails men. Further drug abuse lead to being homeless. Now he wanders the dying world in search of Sir.Williams his most treasured companion. Is prone to Visual and audibly hallucinations and is extremely paranoid that some one is hunting him, WITCH THEY ARE!! Is extremely friendly unless provoked. Easily bothered by overly inquisitive people. Keeps to himself. Normally only speaks when spoken to. One day hopes to run his own radio show with guest voice actors and create a following. Will help strainers in need with out asking for compensation. If leafed alone will seek out ways to either get high or cause mischief. Fallows strainers with out question. Has a full under standing that life is pointless and that there is no plan for each and every person and likes to make his own rules often causing delusions of what reality really is. Blends in based on others personalities to protect himself. Height
  2. *Kirov takes out his little recording device and shuffles around some bits of paper on a table before setting up his radio and begins to broadcast* *releases the ptt and chills out enjoying the song from his last broadcast the recording still saved on his tape player*
  3. Kirov's Message to De world (69.9Hz Open Frequency)

    *looks at the dead walking in a field before him, they shamble about as he closes the shed door returning to his radio hitting the PTT* "This is what surrendering looks like. My friends have nothing to do with this. Iv just been walking back and forth gathering things for them and throwing shit in tents that i like. They make this dead rock easy to live on. We are not saved that is why i said it must come from with in. Besides who is oppressing you now that is an important question that needs answers." *sets the mike down letting go of the PTT and looks about the empty shack*
  4. Kirov's Message to De world (69.9Hz Open Frequency)

    *After a say of scavenging Kirov returns to his camp doping his things of and hitting his, after thinking to himself on his walk. He walks over to the radio set picking up the mike hitting the PTT* "No no this wont become peaceful. It never douse. But for the moment i have been trying to get some of the Waring tribes to relax. Who knows... But its not that simple. Just you know give people weapons to defend themselves. Accidentally drop a back pack of things in the rite tents. Is that another way it works? " *Accidentally coughs into the mike Releasing his PTT*
  5. Kirov's Message to De world (69.9Hz Open Frequency)

    *Pulls the lever of the sedan's driver seat reclining the chair holding the mike to his face hitting the PTT* *Releases the PTT taking his drink finishing it and pouring another glass*
  6. Kirov's Message to De world (69.9Hz Open Frequency)

    *takes another drink nodding to himself hearing the response and presses his PTT* "Ya the things i have seen the people i have meat in my travels and the stories i hear over the radios say so but. I... I still have hope. maybe its the vodka... maybe its just human nature to want more to life. but i will fight to my last breath to make this world a some what safer place to live for the next generation before i die. If anything ill just keep going with the shitty radio show i do from time to time to try to raise the spirits of a few. maybe ill just give some on something to hate but in the end. Some ones life will get better." *releases his PTT taking another drink preparing for another day of hell*
  7. *Exhausted after much travel Kirov reaches his old radio set up. He starts up the vehicle powering the radio siting down next to the transmitter setting down his drink. He rubs his face and picks the mike hitting the PTT* *releases his PTT walking to the vehicle sitting in de drives seat watching his friends fuck around in de tents as they inspect there gear and weapons*
  8. Kirov's Consolidated Room

    Ya im a huge fan I love all of lapfox Trax and there music. +haylies lab going to be working on some big projects for the radio. Got a nice plan insit motion. Fingers crossed
  9. Kirov's Consolidated Room

    Another gr8 track also relaxing music LAPFoxTrax
  10. [99.1][Open Freq.] "Come one, come all."

    *Kirov listens in on the conversation. He watches the town from a hill watching as it is cleared of the dead,Then smiles watching the display.* "Hello Dis is De Kirov. Im admiring the show. Defiantly will come in with my peoples to help clear the barbarians. Err what did you call them? Never mined i was speaking of the joke we have at camp" *Clears his throat getting back on topic* "Right so we will help kill the dead creatures and give you weapons to hold your town. Do keep it safe." *Releases the PTT satisfied of another day of hard work*
  11. *relaxes atop a concrete structure Kirov ties his field antenna to the highest part of Dr roof. He takes put the radio plugging it in squatting next to it hitting the PTT* *Releases his PTT walking to the edge of the roof top with a large grin on his face he looks over the surrounding land with excitement of things to come*
  12. Open Bounty. [Closed]

    *takes out his radio after crawling out of his pile of cloths witch he uses as a bed* "AHAAA So dis is De lyca people keep capturing us over. Ok to clarify to all hunters... De Lysa that walks around with de Kirov and friends is not dis Lysa... Pleas stop trying to kill us for her..." *waves hand over de Mike* "This is not the Lysa you are looking for" *releases his PTT and begins to wake up the sleeping peoples in De camp*
  13. Kirov's Radio 69.9Hz (Open Frequency)

    *roles out of his pile of cloths standing up and stretching. Kirov sits next to Sir.Willy talking to him about the crazy dreams when he hears De question on de radio he hits his PTT* "David yes hello dis is de kirov. De Jimmy D`s place is up past the NWAF. Just past bash and over the tracks. He head on down to the industrial area if you run into any living people In that area they will be shore to direct you. But be warned some jealous people mite try to stop you from having a good time. And remember stay safe out there people's." *releases his PTT talking to himself thinking of new radio show*
  14. Rolling in the flowers [Open Comms]

    *laying down in his pile of cloths getting all warm and comfy he hears his name over de radio he listens half awake before hitting his PTT* "Long live de king and queen. Da so I had walked her up to meat the pagans. I don't think she liked her stay. But it was good times. The queen has headed north. When the king is back we will have a royal chess board and will all celibate in de fields" *Chuckles into de Mike enjoying this man's crazy fun. Kirov releases his PTT pulling a jacket over his head to block out de cold night air*
  15. Rolling in the flowers [Open Comms]

    *hits his PTT after listening to what sounds like a joyous activity* "Hello dis is de Kirov i belief we have meat. I smelled de flowers with you and we walked around with de queen let us do it again some time." *releases his PTT spacing out from de purple pagans special blend*