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  1. *leans in close to Dr Mike so the man can hear him properly* "Hey you sir. They will still kill you. It is there way. Fight back." *releases his PTT munching on some Apple's*
  2. *Hits his PTT* *Releases his PTT Gingering at de glory dat is de town exited to hear de new news of Victorys*
  3. *Sits by his radio after walking about the streets looking at where the dead Terrorists once laid. He scoots his chair in and notices a small tick crawling on the desk infront of him and he burns it with a match before hitting his PTT* *Releases his PTT and walks over to de window looking out at the town with a worried look on his face*
  4. GODLY MASH UP OF SOME SEXY ASS SONGS!!! So fucking H O T ! ! ! Now playing: LAPFOX TRAX ▬▬◙▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬        ◂◂  ►  ▐ ▌   ▸▸
  5. *Hits his PTT after listening with a reminder to one of the Jihadists* "Yeah hey Jaden Renoldes if you are listening to this remember when you said you where coming back to get me. Well i'm with the town and every one there looks our for on another. we like locals. we like the populates of chenarus land. but foreign scum trying to come into our land. the land of the free peoples of Chernos of Severograd. will stand against your tirrony driving you back into the inferno of a sand pit you clawed out of" *Releases his PTT girring at the amount of people that dislike the Terrorists as he starts dancing about in his house*
  6. I only recorded that amount it was barely edeted it originally it was just for youtbe. i would have had the part where the original video files are removed. i only have enough storage space for about 3 hrs do to the amount of memes and... furry related images... (GETTING OFF SUBJECT) ok umm right so the space in between ill best try to quench your curiosities. The jump was me running up into that house. going up to my bed and driving off to get some one from work. I then got back and walked down stairs and it had become the next day. Walking out of my ally way watching some men walk in. 7:52 was just a cut of me running to my house and then back to my masked acquaintance the man i was trying to impress. The next skip was me walking to the roof. The next part that i wish i had recorded was the raspy voice sounding man gathering up a bunch of men me included to try to get the man in white to pay for his crimes. I was feeling quite invigorated and ballzy after getting away with my prior shenanigan that i figured i could strong arm some guy into giving my newer antiquates things back that or i and the rest of the gaggle of men where probably going to have fun with the lonely bandit/terrorist.
  7. *picks up his radio exited after witnessing the heroic deeds he his his PTT* "Thank you for you efforts the peoples of Severograd and myself commend you for your noble deeds keeping this great nation safe from the terrorist scum bleeding into our lands from Tekastan." *releases his PTT finally getting a good night rest not being on edge knowing good men are watching de streets below*
  8. so what grupe are u in mudood


    1. evanm23



    2. Kirov Mironovich

      Kirov Mironovich

      awwww u biiiitchhh lol i still love u xD


    3. evanm23


      i love u too kirov :D 

    4. Kirov Mironovich

      Kirov Mironovich


  9. love your groupe 

    1. Darion


      Thanks my dude


  10. *hits his PTT* *releases his PTT clenching his weapon*
  11.  i put out a similar brodcast xD

  12. The current state of DayZRP in Severograd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKE4fV4ZKKY
  13. https://go.twitch.tv/videos/182000890 2:00:00 kirov plays PUBG w @Loscham relivance we talk about dayz 2:15:00 2:55:00 brutal exacution
  14. yeah how did u know what was going through my head OwO
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