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  1. When Cacper moved to Detroit he entered the criminal world at a young age. He started off by stealing cars he then proceeded to cooking meth and selling it. Him and a group of others decided to open up a chop shop in detorit. At age 18 he moved back to poland to attend community university. Since a young age his father showed a great dislike to Livonias saying they are not a real state. Once in Poland he joined the Ultra fan movment. There he met Wojtek Kowalski who introduced him to the ultra nationalist movement that wanted to remove Livonias independence. Months before the outbreak him and his friends went to Livonia to watch a football game. When the nuclear bombs dropped he saw this as an opportunity to completely wipe out Livonia. He now looks to meet Wojetk and other nationalists to make livonia polish again.
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    Just the good old boys!, never meaning no harm
  3. I just filed a report due to this happening to me.
  4. Server and location: S1 US, Gorka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 06/01/2019 Between 2PM and 8PM GMT Your in game name: Kevin Raymond Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: No clue Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): No Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Below Detailed description of the events: Hello everyone! Today my fortified police station in "Gorka" was broken into which is fine the base isn't for loot hording but for story which again is fine if someone wants to break into it to search the station but what i feel is wrong is to break more then one wall including the gate? and back wall you don't need this many entries besides to troll and ruin someone else's hard work, finding those supplies to build something isn't that easy, took me 3 hours to build what I did. First 3 Photos shows it built and actually the far left wall had double boards top and bottom which isn't shown but have also been broken off now as well, the gate also was boarder up and they also have been removed, bunch of lower walls have been destroyed to me this is griefing due to breaking a bunch of walls and gate that didn't need to be broken to gain entry. Last 3 photos shows the damages. If this is gonna happen more often to me and others even people who aren't hording, then there truly isn't a point of base building if this is someones idea of fun. This was done between 2PM & 9PM GMT, 06/01/2019 Thank you for your time, Kevin Raymond.
  5. Just a question, if you raid someones base and take loot and stuff that makes sense but why are people just breaking down walls for the hell of it? to me that is trolling? isn't that against the rules or is it not?
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    Looks great bud
  7. Trying to keep it unscripted makes it more tense and makes me think on the spot ? and I don't have Arma 3 but I will take a look at turning hud off and trying some sort of cinematics ?
  8. Thank you all for the input I will make sure to keep this all in mind with the up coming episodes! ?
  9. Hey everyone, the names Spencer and I recently got back into DayZ and been playing the last couple days on the RP server, I have enjoyed every bit of it, so I started recording to sorta make episodes or a small series of my journey meeting people and there stories including my own, this was my first video I'm looking for feedback to see what I should add or maybe do differently. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you for your time, Kevin Raymond
  10. I was sent to Chernarus about 7 months ago before everything went totally off the rails, I was originally sent into be a help in hand due to the recent amount of crime rate, a month went by when I got a call telling me to meet my fellow officers at the Chernogorsk Hospital only issue was that I was a little ways away but lucky enough I knew a couple back streets to get me there quicker, all I remember after was driving down a back road and a deer jumping in front of my squad car, i swerved off the road to avoid it and crashed hard into a ditch I must of woke up what I believe was several hours later to hear commotion over my radio couldn't make a lot of it out due to static, what I did make out was a lot of gunfire and what sounded like some sort of animal attacking my fellow officers, I grabbed my 12 gauge shotgun from the trunk of my squad car and headed up the road to the first house I saw, there was blood on the steps and the door was open... I slowly approached and called out "I'm Officer Kevin Raymond is anyone there" I soon heard the same noise I heard on my radio next thing I knew I had this guy on me attacking me when I finally got him off I told him to back off or I'd be forced to shoot... well lets just say I'm here and he isn't, 6 months have gone by and what i have learned about this new world is the weak get taken our old lives no longer matter I will do whatever it takes to keep myself alive.
  11. When I RP I like to be someone I wouldn't be in real life cause I feel if I was myself in the situation like DayZ I'd trust the wrong person and end up dead.
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