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  1. John 'Jack' Reed April 23rd 1985 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In a dusty underground club in the heart of Brixton, London a radical movement was rearing its head, and times were a-changing. The Communist League. In the dark club stood many workers, artists, artisans, poets and even musicians, and in the corner stood a young John Reed. At this age he was already a keen socialist, and active activist. While attending King's College London John filled his free time with anti-fascist rallies instead of parties, and parxis instead of clubbing. By this time he was tall, handsome, and kindhearted man who threw himself into all manner professions and skills from bass guitar to wood work but his true passion lied in journalism. After graduating at King's College with a 2-1 in Media Studies he applied for a writing opportunity at the Socialist Review, a monthly magazine created by the British Socialist Workers Party. While at this position John Jack Reed got a glimpse at the failings of capitalism, the horrid situations the homeless experienced, the remorselessness of state-sponsored austerity and violence, and the repercussions of terrible foreign policy. In 1999 John Jack Reed was given the opportunity by his editor to report of the Sierra Leone civil war. As soon as John landed at the military controlled airport the devastation of war was obvious, bodies littered the streets like rag dolls, still yet to be collected for burial. The war had exposed the ugly true nature of imperialism. Turning a once inspiring socialist rebellion into a horrific regime out of the necessity of survival. Everybody John interviewed seemed to have some level of PTSD, nourishment, or illness due to the lack of aid and medical supplies. It was a true failing on the behalf of the United Nations. During his time at the newly named British Socialist Workers Party he was contacted by a David Shayler, who was attempting to whistle-blow MI5 for criminal acts such as a attempted assassinations and planting false stories in the press. Working side-by-side with David, Jack culminated vast evidence and together they put together a document that would expose the criminally imperialist UK Secret Service. Before the dossier could be published to the Socialist Review in 2017 John was targeted by a smear campaign which exposed his illegal socialist vandalism schemes and illegal demonstrations which he organised under the British Socialist Workers Party. This forced him to relocate to a different county, however the threat of being extradited to UK officials constantly loomed of his head while in the European Union. This forced him to have a nomadic life-style, never settling in on country for too long before moving. He ventured through Hungry, Ukraine and Russian funding it all by doing favours for whoever he could on his journey, eventually saving enough cash for a bus ticket across the Chernarus border. After making his way across most of Europe he finally settled in Severograd. It took some time to learn Cherarussian but John managed it, allowing to get a job to pay rent. After weeks of searching John managed to get a place working on cars at the local garage in Serverograd, he quickly earned the title ‘Jack’ because the other native workers struggled to pronounce John and within a month he was signing his own name as John ‘Jack’ Reed. In his spare time he helped teach English literature and language at the Severograd High School and managed to attend labour movement protests across the country, rekindling his beliefs he suppressed when fleeing Britain. When the country of Chernaurs became divided and political conflict look inevitable John made sure to not get directly involved as it could endanger his family however he did help shelter Chedaki fighters, offering them a roof over their head, and food for a couple of days before they were made to move on. It was a fairly harmless gesture while his house lay deep in Chedaki territory but as the fascist forces grow closer by the day it became much more dangerous. When the war was officially lost by the Chedaki he risked his, and his family's lives to help smuggle innocent soldiers out of the country to avoid prosecution. John lived in relative peace for the next few years, eventually becoming a full time English teacher and even earning enough to move into the city of Severograd. None of those material things mattered anyhow because nobody was ready for the end of the world as we knew it. It's been 689 days since the outbreak and John Jack Reed is alive. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Occupation: - Mechanic: Before John’s correspondent job for the Morning Star he use to work in his father's garage before he attended University. The skills the job gave him stayed throughout his life, and even helped him get a job in Chernarus to help support his family and pay the bills. Now in the wasteland, he uses his skills for basic survival. From fixing cars to repairing guns and generators they’ll always come in handy. - Journalist: Winter was sent to Sierra Leone, initially to report on war efforts made by the peacekeeping mission however it eventually turned into an exposé piece, exposing the imperialist sickness the west had on developing countries. He was smeared out of the UK for his involvement in a MI5 exposé dossier. - Activist: After returning from Sierra Leone with the images of barbarism scared into his mind, he found new hope and vigour to create change for those less fortunate and to stop people being the tools and pawns of their own destruction for the rich. Though his willingness for change was near unstoppable he could not outrun the law, his own ambitions forced him into exile until the Chernaus civil war where he could once again help, giving shelter and food to the socialist soldiers in need, hiding them from the authorities, and even smuggling a few across the Russian border. However, it all seems pointless in the face of armageddon.
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    Taken back by the harsh words, Fedorov would be confused. He raises the Radio to his mouth "Well...I suppose it is good to hear your voice at least брат. You knew I had to return to the mountain by that суки orders, though I do not try to make excuses. I will explain to you товарищ." He places his radio back in his satchel, pulls out a map and charters a path
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    Fedorov's cigarette end glows in the dark as he surveys the familiar surroundings, he takes his radio from his satchel, flicks it on, tunes it to an old frequency and holds down the PTT before speaking in a deep monotone Slavic accent "This is Fedorov, are there any Volki left on this frequency?...eh, it has been sometime comrades...I understand." He pauses to take a drag on his cigarette before flicking it to one side "If you are hearing this братья and you recognise my voice, my name, then I urge you to respond. Наша Миссия еще не выполнена, наша судьба не решена, и отдых не разрешен. Stay safe товарищи, Fedorov out." He lowers the radio from his face, looks over his surroundings once more before marching on
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    Also Castro can hang alongside Maduro. They'd be cute adorning a sturdy tree branch.


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      Who knew love could transcend so many ideologies and human rights violations?

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    It seems the Old Guard has retired from their post and have left Comrade.

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      It is a sad time for us all comrade, a sad time for us all. Viva RP boys!

  6. Comrade Sebastian Novak Born: April 23rd, 1992 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At a dusty underground socialist club in Harlem, Sebastian Novak’s life as an advocate began. As a young organiser for the IWW in New Jersey, Sebastian felt the brunt of political wrath against forming trade unions and was arrested ten times forcing him to leave the country with his family back to Russia because he was unable to obtain any job or university place. It was there, in south Russia in yet another dark cold underground socialist club, that Sebastian had found yet another injustice orchestrated by the capitalists of Chernorussia. As tension between the Russians and the nationalists of the region Sebastian abandoned his studies to move to Chernagorsk, a horrid capitalist hellscape where half lived in slums and the other in their fancy high raised apartmentsm, it was even the place of his birth. It was here where Sebastian attempt to grow a grassroots movement, only to be chased out of the city by the authorities, eventually catching up to him near Vybor and placing him under arrest for 24 hours. In those 24 hours something unthinkable transpired, civil war, talk of revolution, change! It was finally happening. A gang of fellow socialists stormed the large town and freed Sebastian and a few other detainees and took them with them back to their headquarters. It was in the middle of the Black Forest, close to midnight that the Chedaki offered him a place among their ranks as a scout. He leapt at the opportunity to fight alongside his own comrades. Though the war seemed to be going in their favour, rumours began to spread of mass graves, executions and brutality committed by the higher-ups and eventually, he began to question what exactly they were fighting for, was it just another set of evil, corrupt men trying to grab power by using false hope? It was then when he decided to abandon his post and flee the Chedaki. When Sebastian returned to civilisation when he left the cold woods he had been hiding in for so long, something had happened. Something was strange. It was far too quiet for a busy Monday. And that's when an infected leapt at him from an empty car, confused and dazed Sebastian's training kicked in and he slit the monster's throat as he fell to the ground with a thud, knocking him out. He woke with a towering, bearded Russian looking over him. Viktor Ivanov and found the young man lying in the road, somehow unbitten by the roaming infected in the area. They were together for nearly 5 months The two shared stories helped gather supplies, and Sebastian even taught Viktor some politics. They would eventually separate when Viktor left to find his close friend Eric. Sebastian, now alone must learn to survive without the aid of his brotherly figure. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Goals: 1. Find Viktor Ivanov and make sure he's safe. 2. Find Eric and tell him Viktor is looking for him. 3. Start a small militia of like-minded people to help those in dire need. 4. Start a small settlement for anyone in need of supplies or shelter. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Сухопутные войска Российской Федерации "Для Родины!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kapitan Viktor Ivanov 42nd Motorised Rifle Divison - The 58th Army Alias: Vik. Born: 23rd April 1986. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Viktor Ivanov was brought up by his young mother [Christina], and his mining father [Ivan] in the small town of Zelenograd, near Moscow. With the new arrival to the family, the parents had to make a change of career to feed the extra mouth. They ditched their family house for a small, cheap, affordable apartment in the busy centre of Moscow. His mother had got herself a cleaning job, and his father had to try his hand at accounting. His untrained father found it hard to cope with office life, as well as a job he had no skills for and soon began to resent his new family causing arguments with his wife. Family life was troublesome, to say the least. Growing up in Moscow was rough for someone who hadn’t been born there. Nobody at his primary school would talk to him, nobody would sit next to him, and he would regularly be beaten out of school for being an ‘outsider.’ The mafia would often target non-Moscow born peoples. It wouldn’t take long for Viktor to hate life in the city. "Vik's Moscow family apartment" Growing up in a place you hate can do all manner of things to your head. To Viktor, it led him down a life of resentment of his father for not being there, and a life of petty crimes. Regularly Vik would be brought back to his house by police for shoplifting from the local stores. At least twice a week. His mother would give him hell and his father would just ignore him, receiving no real repercussions he just kept doing it. For years Vik didn’t really have any ambitions, he didn’t want to go to university, he didn’t have the qualifications for a decent job. One night when he came home from work he found her. His mother unconscious on the kitchen floor. He called 103 and went along with the paramedics to the hospital. She had an unnoticed abscess on the brain that under stress must have burst rendering her brain-dead almost immediately. His father would eventually turn up to the hospital after work not really knowing the severity of what happened. Now having to look after his child alone he snapped, freaked out and within the week he had tried to burn the whole house down by filling it with gas from the stove. Botching a suicide attempt caused him to be sectioned by the social workers. At the age of 17, Vik joined the Russian Armed Forces. It was the only thing the social workers really offered him. While his time in training was tough, it was something he could actually do, something to achieve. Living on camp helped distract him from his disastrous life before the army. After 14 and a half months Viktor had passed, within a responsible standard, and before he knew it he had started his first duty with the 58th Army (III Formation), 42nd Guard MRD In the Second War of Chechen, serving multiple times in the same war between 1999 and 2009 against the Chechen rebels. It turned out he was quite the shot and a formidable force in combat quickly earning himself a promotion to Starshiy. After serving for quite a while he finally considered himself to have a family. His comrades, the people he fights alongside. In 2017 Starshiy Viktor Ivanov was sent with his regiment to Pskov where he would officially take the role of command. After 14 years in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Vik eventually landed himself the rank of Kapitan, something he definitely deserved after such long service. "The Russian Chechen War" In the Federation’s land forces Viktor saw the destruction war brought with it, not only physical but he saw multiple of his comrades left shell-shocked. War definitely toughened Viktor up. Never growing too attached to any of his men knowing full well he would be writing the letter back to their families. Viktor never for a second thought his country detonated a nuclear device on a NATO fleet. Nor did expect to be going to war with Europe but low and behold he did. Marching through Lithuania to protect themselves. When the nukes dropped, most thought that was it. Complete and under nuclear annihilation, but Russia had other plans after the beginning of the epidemic. Viktor would help those who survived, soldiers, civilians, whoever escaped back to the safe ground then he and the rest of the 58th were to hold the border until further notice. He’d seen war, but nothing could prepare you for the sight of a man being ripped apart in front of your very eyes. His commanding service to protect the civilian population of Russia from the infected along the Chernarus-Russian border would be noted by many officials for its certain effectiveness, though people way further up the command line had already made plans for him. He personally for his, ability, skills, and commendations had been hand-picked to help secure a research team passage and safety in South Zagoria - the origin of this ‘plague.’ Vik was flown to Switzerland immediately to meet with the rest of the team selected: A notable member and quick friend would be Eric. Before departure, he was taken aside and ‘politely’ told him that he was under very strict orders to not speak of the current Russian situation as any informational leaks could be damaging to the Federation. Now stuck on the wrong side of his border he must help the UN-backed VDC secure as much intelligence and research surrounding the infection as possible. Operations under the VDC were becoming slow and with lack of resupplies and funding running low morale was not at its highest. With Holt and a couple others on a reconnaissance mission, Viktor assumes command of the Security Personnel. The men would go on to face few foes and only ever engage in one firefight against a group of anarchists who were trying to steal a young girl. The group Eric and Viktor helped relocate at least twice and spent a fair amount of their time with began to grow upon them. They seemed like a beacon of hope in an otherwise lawless, unforgiving wasteland. Perhaps it was his time spent with these people that made him object to testing unknown samples on unwilling ‘kidnapped’ civilians, either way after his time spent with Eric he knew he shared his view and when the time came Eric spoke out against Westerly. Viktor did not know whether he had the support of his men or whether he should get involved as it would most likely cost him his ticket home to Russia. Westerly shot Eric, forced Vik into a shed though forgot about the sniper and when the time was right Vik would pounce. Viktor shot and killed C.Westerly on the 24th of March 2018. With a single shot, he saved a potential endangered life and in the same breath sentenced himself to life in Chernarus. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Likes: - Russia - Soviet Russia - Cuban Cigars - Peace and quiet - Humanitarianism Dislikes: - Western technology - Haters of Russia - Loud people - Cowards - Fascists -VDC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Goals: - Maintain contact with the 58th Russian Army. [Failed] - To keep those who are less able safe from any threat. - Complete the V.D.C mission, allowing Vik to return to Russia. [Failed] - Keep the doctors as safe as possible at all times. Even if it means risking his life. [Failed] - To assist in the creation of a vaccine or cure for the infected, while maintaining his humanitarian outlook.
  8. @SheepyMcSheepface & @pijkaCZ I must say it was some of my best stuff last night thank you for your kind words, it means so much to me. (sorry ?)
  9. Commandant Joseph Fedorov Born: 23rd April 1983 B.P.R "Белозерские волки" Militia 7th May 2018. A man stands next to a corpse tied to post atop a hill. The end of his cigarette glows in the dwindling sunlight, and the smoke becomes obvious in the cold climate. The man’s dark jeans and khaki jacket define him against the evening sky. He begins to search the corpse, finding only a bloodied wallet. He opens it up and pulls out a CDF ID from one of the pouches. “Ha, looks like they got one.” He throws the wallet to a similarly dressed man climbing the hill. “CDF fascist.” “Da Joseph, was this work of our boys?” The man replied as he tossed the wallet back. “Judging by the number of bullets in him and the state of the campsite, I think it’s safe to assume so.” Joseph said giving a half smirk to his comrade. “Come, Olaf, we must rest before the march back to Chernarus tomorrow.” The two men slowly descent the hill sharing Joseph's cigarette and leaving the corpse in peace. Joseph Fedorov or Kombat by his men told them all to have a good feast tonight and to rest for the long march to South Zagoria, many of the men’s motherland. “Tomorrow comrades, tomorrow we will be our test. Tomorrow we make the long march not only for our own liberation but for the future liberation of our children, and their children and so on. Comrades, I urge you to eat well this evening, rest early and be up by sunrise, understood?” A loud, proud “Da!” Was produced in unison. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— He’d grown up through the Soviet era and had seen first hand exactly what the new capitalist system had in store. His father, once an honourable soldier of his motherland now a disgraced oppressor of the Chernarussian people, occasionally beaten on the streets and eventually shot dead at an anti-nationalist protest. His mother was a hardworking factory worker building tools, guns and ammunition for the greater good of the motherland, now an unemployed stay at home mother who would eventually die at the hands of the nationalist government after the civil war. For Fedorov, there was no choice but to fight. Fedorov learnt the ins and outs of socialism through what his parents taught him as a child, from the communist manifesto to Ho Chi Minh. Some would say he was brainwashed others would say his parents were trying to preserve the proletariat victory so their child could go on and spread the ideals of the people, and ultimately Joseph ended up believing the later. By the time he graduated school he was already a keen debater, an avid protester and a believer of the ethnic Russian struggle in South Zagoria. Fedorov was now 18 and a member of the Chernarus left-wing party helping campaign against the oppression of ethnic Russians which coincidentally made him a target of hate, death threats and letter bombs. All of this on top of the socialist upbringing forced him further and further to the left. As he saw more murdered ethnic Russians, more burnt houses, and more pro-nationalist propaganda on state radio and television he’d had enough and decided to save what little money he made for a trip to China to learn from the previously oppressed Chinese people. China would be the place Fedorov would learn his most valuable lesson: there is no such thing as a peaceful revolution, and that the proletariat must strike first before there can be any kind of true change. This statement given to him by a veteran of the Long March is ultimately what pushed him to believe in armed rebellion for the greater good of the people. Though the life lesson he had just learnt was great he realised quite quickly he couldn’t afford to get home conventionally. So instead he decided he would travel from China to Vietnam where he would pick up odd jobs on farms or small stores in cities until he could afford the multiple flights home. As he travelled the Asian countryside he learnt more and more about their culture and their fight against oppression, and for freedom. Vietnam is where Fedorov managed to meet a veteran NFL general in the capital city Hanoi and after having a small discussion on what he’d learnt in China and his experiences in South Zagoria and their struggle, general Hoàng Minh Thảo offered to give him a form of guerrilla tactics training both in a command role and an infantry role. Joseph spent 3 months not only in vigorous training but also working in the Việt Quang garage to help save for his eventual trip home. After the training was complete Joseph Fedorov set a plan in motion in his own head that would free the people of Chernarus of all kinds of oppression. The day he arrived, by sheer luck, his plan had already happened by accident. With a civil war looking inevitable he got in touch with his political contacts and managed to get himself a place in a Chedaki militia for the freedom of his people and all those who support the proletariat dictatorship. Fedorov would end up fighting alongside notable figures like Alexander Petrov, Viktor Padella, and Olaf of the Red Wolves. After losing the civil war in 2009, something that truly disappointed Fedorov, Olaf and Joseph made their desperate escape and remained in hiding near the Russian border until the outbreak tore the region apart, fearing their families might be in danger the men gathered their supplies and travelled south in a desperate attempt to find their families, though after reconnecting with old Chedaki contacts they learnt of the horrible truth that had happened to their comrades and their families. The government, NAPA, and COBRA hunted and executed Chedaki forces, and/or their families sometimes publicly. Joseph's mother was among those publicly executed for crimes against the state. She, according to some Chedaki sources had been said to have died shouting “Slava Chedaki!” Now without a family, Joseph decided to stay with the Chedaki contacts he had found, not only because he only had Olaf now, but because it was safer to stay in numbers now. Chedaki sources were full of rumours, white lies, and blatant lies, though something about a safe haven for communists and socialists alike in the mountains seemed pleasant and unbelievable. Almost like their own Mount Olympus, but as time went on and the rumours developed into stories, which turned into first-hand accounts and photographs. Joseph and Olaf became infatuated with the prospect of a socialist stronghold well within distance and before they knew it they had already planned a route and scavenged supplies. They climbed mountains and crossed vast forests before they even saw another sign of human life but eventually, they did. They stumbled upon a BPR patrol and were taken into custody to take precautions, and vigorously questioned about Russia until the two confessed to being Chedaki and had come looking for the “People’s Republic,” the safe haven of socialists and communists alike. After nearly one year of training, Joseph had shown the BPR how useful he could be with smaller groups leading successful raids and ambushes on nearby CDF encampments and strongholds. Joseph Fedorov was promoted to Commander of the ‘Red Guard’ for his 'in the moment' decision to take charge as the previous commander had fallen during battle leaving the militia in disarray. His leadership began to shine and his decision to retreat from the active firefight caused confusion in the enemy ranks as they began to engage one another. Joseph most now infiltrate South Zagoria and destabilise the fascists, and oppressors of the region with his 20 man militia if they survive the march through enemy territory. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— 8th May 2017. Two columns of men, unevenly spaced behind each other marched slowly through long grass as they’re bathed in the days first sunlight. The lines would occasionally halt and alter direction. As there footsteps beat across the hillside a distinct crack of a bullet could be heard to their right in the tree line at the edge of the field they marched across. One of the men thudded as he fell. Immediately they all halt and drop below the grass level. “We’ve been ambushed comrades, do not panic keep it together and only engage when you have a clear, certain shot.” Fedorov’s voice seemed almost too calm as if it wasn’t his first ambush. “Just stick to the man in front of you and crawl.” As the unknown enemy fired, the two lines diverged from one another one continued straight as the other turned towards the enemy. Suddenly a hail of machine gun fire comes from the other side of the field in the opposite tree line. The grass was being thrown everywhere and was eventually mixed with blood and body parts as they began to spray into the grass blindly. “Joseph, I think we lost you we’re nearly and the enemy position, we’re about to eng-“ the broadcast is interrupted by wild gunfire before cutting off. Now flanked on both sides the men had nowhere to go but forward, though they had no idea if that was also harbouring the enemy. “Fuck it! Comrades we either let the revolution die here today, or we get on our feet as fucking run for that woods. ON YOUR FEET COMRADES! UUUUUUURAH!” “UUUUUURRRRAHH! UUUUUUUURRRAAAH!” It echoes as the entire militia get to there feet and run.
  10. Enjoy yourself, comrade. You're a fucking awesome dude. I'll miss you, you beautiful gypsy! ?
  11. @Whitename at the moment leadership of the BPR is split into OREL and Militia. Militia (Lead by me) being the ones who ‘agreed’ to help.
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    Anarchy's Summit.


    Well...that was unexpected.
  13. *Fedorov picks up his radio and responds* ”Da, 102.5 comrade.” *He ends his transmission, and switches frequency*
  14. *Fedorov would hear the message and reply with quiet curiosity. A deep thick Russian accent would be heard* ”Comrade, where might be this clean area you speak of?” *He would lay his radio on the desk once again and lean back in his chair waiting for a response*
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