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  1. Thank you for all the help in this post! We'll get to work immediately and hopefully should be fully updated within the next 24-48 hours.
  2. What I mean by my prior response that we do not use or wear military grade equipment is: We have distanced ourselves from it since our first altercation, and the immediate and apparent feedback we received. If you would like a screenshot of all the current members and their current equipment such a thing can be arranged. I totally agree with you however I feel like it is hard for an enemy of our group to see us as helpful. We have been trading with multiple factions giving medical, food, and ammo to those who need it. Also we aim to take in anyone who is in need of protection or whoever wants a place to RP/stay. [see a radio thread] I feel like most of the issues you have with this group could easily be addressed if we talked out some kind of deal with Viridian and other likeminded groups. If you have read the lore then you must understand the initial reason for attack, though I apologise again for the way we went about doing so IGly. We look to improve this aspect of our group too by, like i just said, talking things out with Viridian and likeminded groups. Again If you read lore then you understand the reason why the altercation happened. How it was handled IC I must apologise, though I was barely involved in it. The man who shot Tivian was never apart of us, and will not be in the future. I can only agree with you that the reasoning IC was very tangible. I can sit here all day and apologise lmao! I really do appreciate the feedback and if you have anything else to bring up do not hesitate to PM me or hit me up on TS, you'd be doing me a huge favour! Again, thank you! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cheers man! We've tried as best we could with the limited experience we had haha! That would be amazing to have you onboard! Likewise with viridian you are doing wonders for this community both IC and OOC! loving the events and Offworld! -welp they merged-
  3. Hey, I appreciate every bit of feedback! I don't know if you have seen us ingame much but I don't believe we value gear above all else. We are making strides to get away from the supersoldier vibe and more towards the militia side of things, ie we wear very civilian clothes with the odd military bag or vest here and there, and use basic firearms. We make sure to stray away from military grade gear. The only people in the group RP wise that use military grade weapons are those that were originally in the civil war i.e kalashnikovs. Those that were not tend to use handguns, and shotguns. Heck ask the Night Stalker guys, we held them up with a makarov and an empty shotgun. I'd like to reassure you we do not horde gear. We literally only have a RP base with no tents, and what we have on our person at the time. We do however intend on gathering as much food, ammo, and medical supplies as possible to be given out at major cities [see our IC goals] I would like to point out they are goals and not already completed otherwise I would not have bothered in putting it there. As I said before I really appreciate the feedback it's all being taken on board, and we will do whatever it takes to improve. Also I apologize if we came across as GearRPs and we'll do what we can to change that in the future. Cheers!
  4. Thank you! Every bit of advice will be taken into consideration. Just before I go, we have tried twice. Once with you, and once with Dan, both ended with you guys turning down the opportunity to talk face-to-face despite us offering to end the hostilities and pay you back for your loses. We wanted nothing in return but peace. Not too unreasonable, however the second: time we find that you snaked a Black Fang to the PAU thus the tax happened, though as far as I'm told the tax should be once a week. If it didn't come from my character or @G19's character's mouths or the Black Fangs then it should be once a week. I would love to repair the damage done if we ICly meet again. Anyway no OOC salt! Your group does amazing things for this community both IC & OOC. Thank you for the feedback.
  5. We have an outpost there Maybe after the meeting tonight we will join.
  6. Cheers for the constructive criticisms, they are currently in the works hopefully! I think it was the first time @G19 ever used photoshop lmao. Cheers again for the advice.
  7. Cheers for the help man. Everything being taken onboard. Will get to work changing it about. Did not realise it was already used by will makes lengths to talk to those who used it pre-wipe!
  8. “Collectivising the wealth for the proletariat of the world.” Ever since the fall of the Eastern Bloc, 1991 and the return of capitalism on the 5th of February the people of Chernarus grow happier after the promise of better things to come. No longer were the people under the boot of the Soviet scum. Soon artists painted the sides of buildings with colourful propaganda of prosperous factories and farm land. The reformed policies of the Parliamentary Republic saw privatisation which promised more jobs, and increased goods on the shelves. Plans were set in place to reopen, and construct factories across the country. The largest industrial scheme the government set into action was the construction of 3 large factories in the town of Vybor. All in all life at least had a little more promise than it did under the Soviet regime. People celebrated the fact they finally had gotten rid of the red menace. The people were finally independent. Many people saw their country kneel to another monolithic country - the U.S who helped fund the rebuilding efforts alongside the European Union. Most people appreciated the help the west was giving them, others saw it as yet another destructive force, just like the soviets. The country struggled with many issues for instance more people did not have jobs than did. 60% of people were unemployed due to the sheer lack of opportunities throughout the country, this caused a lapse in education where children saw no point to try as they would simply grow up unable to work. The government had to do something, and do it quick. The government invested in industry building factories across all the cities, they set about privatising the oil fields, and offshore gas reserves - bringing in large oil & gas companies from the west. Though life looked promising this isn’t to say the problems within the national community were solved. Russian and Chernarussian tensions were still very high, at almost boiling point, the main reason for this was the constant attack the Russians were under from the NAPA (the nationalist party). This party would raid companies that employed ethnic Russians, sometimes beating them, sometimes burning the entire place to the ground. The ethnic communities of the Russians and Chernarussians stayed very separate because of this - The Russians tended to stay closer to their border. Closer to their homeland, somewhere they knew they would not be threatened. Attack after attack over the 14 years began to take its toll on the 24.6% of Russians that made up the population, they did not wish to pay for the crimes of a Soviet Union they never wanted either. Left wing Chernarussians began to protest outside parliament buildings, and public racists in solidarity and support along side their Russian brothers and sisters. Soon these protests began to turn violent and malicious with the arrival of people wearing balaclavas, and donning red stars and Russian flags. Something appeared to be going on in the background behind closed doors and this was just the first sign. After the Chedaki became public, and released its ambitions of ethnic equality and fair wages rumors and whispers began float among the villages and small towns. Tales of jealousy, and corruption of the rich. The rich began to get richer while the poor got poorer, the country side began to feel out of place, almost forgotten about by their own government. With little money being spent on small towns and villages, and almost all of it on the cities the people began to grow even more jealous. The Chedaki promised work, food, and money for all. All people had to do was strike, to organise, and to join them in their struggle. The people who thought the government was truly going to bring the country out of the dump knew now it was a lie. The government only wanted to benefit those who could afford it, those that could contribute the most money to society and not the most hard work and labour. It soon came to the attention of the government that the Chedaki had been behind the riots and violent protests. What could they do with such a malicious group? Outlaw them. Make the illegal. The Chedaki used this as propaganda with slogans like “The government bans you from a better life” and “The government is your enemy.” The successful propaganda campaign paid off massively and not too much later they Chedaki had enough manpower to cause a countrywide workers strike, hell even a civil war if the need be. It was finally the time of the people! It was the time for revolution! The Krasnye Volki or Red Wolves formed just shy of 2 months before the civil war. They were comprised of fed up working people, Russians and foreign defectors to the socialist cause. The people of the group varied in political beliefs, but the few things they did shared was hate towards the greedy government and those that support the hatred towards the Russian populace. The systemic uses caused by the Independent Parliamentary Republic had drive the people to breaking point, it was time for the Krasnyy Volki to show these capitalist governs what they thought. It took 2 months a couple of weeks before the entire militia squad were combat ready. The Krasnye Volki were one of the most successful guerrilla groups during the civil war. Lead by Alexander Petrov, he and his 7 men, alongside multiple other militia groups, managed to capture a major supply route between Vybor and Zelenogorsk drastically changing the start of the war, but that isn’t what made them so commended by the Chedaki, it was their ability to hold off larger, less mobile military forces. The members soon went into hiding after suffering losses, and seeing what the Chedaki had truly become. They saw them attempt to rape young women, they knew the Chedaki bombed Moscow in an attempt to involve them. Nobody knows how the members of this group escaped the sight of the COBR and NAPA some say they hid in cabins in the woods, farming the land. Some say they ran to other countries - to be honest no one knows and none of the men are willing to share their story, maybe one day they will. The People’s Collective of Chernarus or P.C.C were created to liberate the downtrodden of the Chernarus after the outbreak, and complete fall of the government. The main body of the Collective is composed of what remains of the Krasnye Volki and aims at: freeing the people of tyrannical factions, collectivising the wealth, and redistribute it to the people. The group didn't see anywhere more suiting than the people’s city of Chernogorsk, inside the old statebuilding they would from the ashes form a collective commune the people of chernarus could trust. However after the radical Finlay Snowden’s regime inside the group, they were split down the middle. Those that believed the revolution should be for Chernarussians only, and those that believed it was for the international workers of the world. These Chernarussian separatists lead by Finlay’s closest friend Richard Kovac striked out at a group of foreign doctors by the name of Viridian. They shot 2 men and stole almost all that belonged to them, and so began the war between the 2 factions. Immediately the true leaders of the PCC attempted peace, however it was declined by the ignorant, who were yet to understand what had happened. Eventually after several altercations an uneasy pact was made and both groups could finally return to their prior goals. The peace was soon broken when it came to the attention the doctors had practically handed over an ally of the PCC to the People’s Army of Ukraine. The PCC hand no choice but to join the war with their allies. The hostilities have and will continue. The group is nearing breaking point due to horrendous bureaucracy. Peace can’t be ensure for much longer. [People’s Alliance] Mars Corp U.P.S Black Fangs Offworld [Neutral] The Last Light [Enemies of the People] Vale of Shadows P.A.U Governmental Positions: [Commissars of the Collective] Alexander Petrov - Cosmo Viktor “V.I.P” Padella - G19 [Ministry of Diplomacy] Alexander Petrov - Cosmo [Ministry of War] Viktor “V.I.P” Padella - G19 [Second in command of War] Brandon Donati - Leucifer Sven Stone - BrickWall [Ministry of Defence] David Banks - Banks [Ministry of Health] Artyom Denkov (M.I.A) - Hazard [Ministry of Agriculture] Dimitri Michael - Toxiin [Comrades of the Collective] Axel Kubinski - SheepyMcSheepface Declan Swanson - DeclanAC Jackson Solomon - jackhammer40k Nikolai Kirochev - Play3rFTW I.C Goals: - To redistribute the wealth via handouts in major cities - Create and maintain collectivised farms, and scavengers - To find and fix near by radio towers to broadcast propaganda - To hunt down and trail CDF soldiers, and politicians for their crimes - To maintain strong alliances with groups that directly benefit the people - Set up a stronghold in the city of Chernogorsk, to create a safe haven for the people. O.O.C Goals: - Ensure we provide in depth and meaningful RP for example: by taking part in community events. - To add an I.C democratic voting system to decide our short-term objectives - Enforce leadership meetings once a week, or whenever required - Keep activity high Recruitment is going to strict as we want to keep this group professional. We are looking for experienced RPers and decent PvPers. If you do wish to join PM either @G19 or @Cosmo with a filled out application form below: - TIMEZONE: - PREFERRED RP STYLE: - CHARACTER NAME & PAGE: - IC REASON FOR APPLYING: - WHAT YOU CAN BRING TO THE GROUP: - GROUP HISTORY/PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I'd like to thank @Duster for helping us with the graphics!
  9. Safe Haven, Mogilevka

    *He quickly attempts to reply* No no sir we have arrived now sir. If you hear this we believe we are outside your home. *He releases PTT*
  10. Safe Haven, Mogilevka

    *He responds on the radio* "Hello Tovarisch we are making our way now. A little issue has slowed us down do not worry we will be there soon." *He releases the PTT*
  11. Safe Haven, Mogilevka

    *Alexander pushes the PTT down* "Da tovarisch we will be heading to you shortly be on the look out for a bus. Perhaps then we can discuss terms of you moving to our safe haven?" *He lets go of the PTT hopefully*
  12. Safe Haven, Mogilevka

    *Alexander upon hearing this transmission gets slightly excited* I can head to you now mr. man. Mogilevka you wish to meet? perhaps we can settle some kind of cooperation? there will be no need to lay your arms down. Give us a time and we will head to you." *He lights up a cigar, and turns the bus on, releasing the PTT*
  13. Safe Haven, Mogilevka

    *He sits down and lights a cigar before pushing down the PTT. A man with a eastern European accent can be heard* "Hello Tovarisch this Alexander of the People's Collective. *he tokes on the cigar* We can offer you solitude inside the city of Chernogorsk. We can offer security as long as you promise the betterment of the peoples of Chernarus. If you accept this offer my sir, you have gained may a ally, if you wish to turn it down so be it. *he breathes out a puff of smoke* We wish you the best and we hope you contact us shortly. *He releases the PTT and finishes his cigar*
  14. Supply Banks (Open Freq.)

    *Upon hearing their response, Alexander slightly chuckles, finishes the whiskey, and holds down the PTT* "huh, it appears they were right about you. Okay Tovarisch *sits down at his chair* You started these hostilities by calling us "Filthy communists" and "disgusting locals" when all we wanted was medical attention. You hoard away any and all medical equipment for miles. You claim you are for the peoples yet you single handedly have continued these hostilities. When your peoples come to you asking why, let it be known it was you who turned peace down. Let the record show you are too ignorant, and "proud" to end this. *He pauses to fill his glass with whiskey* My men are not afraid to die. Can the same be said about yours? Only time will tell. *He downs the whiskey, and releases the PTT, he leaves the frequence for the last time. He then goes to ready his men*