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    This is the profile I live for. You very nice place.


    1. BorisRP


      Yep yep

    2. BorisRP


      I hope everyone have watched Borat

  1. You’re damn right, YOU CANT!
    • G19RP



    1. BorisRP



  2. I stepped up my game boys ☭ @G19RP @BorisRP

    1. BorisRP



    2. BorisRP


      ahh I went a little bit od but its ok

  3. Take Care My Friends

    Sad to see you go comrade.
  4. HOIV Game -Saturday Edition

    I won’t be able to make it till 22:30 sever time. Apologies, I hand over the U$A.
    • Taryn

    You've betrayed us. 


    1. Cosmo

      Can't get caught if your group isn't online ;)
      Image result for can't x if you don't y meme

    2. Taryn


      We've been online. Moving FOB. *Ahem*

    3. Cosmo


      Tomorrow, tomorrow!

    4. Taryn


    5. Cosmo

      POV: Was lured into an alley and force-feed communist propaganda. No video evidence.

    6. ThatOneEngie


      He said the fuckword and then broke all the server rules at once, the ddosed me and sent a male stripper to my house


      banne when

    7. mark3390

      POV: Shortly after everybody logged I was cornered at the FOB  by the accused. He attempted to brainwash me with communist propaganda. When that failed he attempted to bad touch me. No perm was given but he proceeded to go ahead and Rp it out. 10/10 would get bad touched again.

      No video evidence.

    8. mrfrostycandle


      POV: I logged in and russian mig fighters started swarming FOB the accused was piloting the lead fighter 


      No video evidenvce

    9. BorisRP


      Pov: once a commie always a commie

      Oh watch out his hell of a team killer:trolle:




  5. I couldn’t have said it better myself!
  6. HOIV Game -Saturday Edition

    fock it, the US. Wait may have to cancel me, busy till 22:20
  7. HOIV Game -Saturday Edition

    If we're doing the duo thang, sign me up for USSR with comrade @G19 plz. Might be a bit late will there be hot joining?
  8. HOIV Game -Saturday Edition

    Wanna duo USSR?
  9. Slow character

    I don’t really have an answer but my friends and I use to notice those with higher FPS would tend to run faster than those with sub ~40 FPS. Hope this helps in anyway!
  10. *Vik switches his radio on and tunes it to the Southern Military District’s frequency. Immediately he is greeted by the familiar sound of the repeating pip noise.* “Hmm right, let us see what we can do here tavarish.” *He picks up the microphone, before relaying his message to his command in a quick, professional manner.* “Южное Военное командование, Буденновский проспект 43. Это товарищ капитан Виктор Иванов из 42-й мотострелковой дивизии 2-8-3-2-0, запрашивающий ситуационный отчет по двум вопросам, как копировать?” “Повторите, Буденновский проспект 43. Это капитан Виктор Иванов из 42-й мотострелковой дивизии 2-8-3-2-0, запросив ситуационный отчет по двум вопросам. Готовый релейный исходный анализ нашей текущей ситуации.” *He puts the microphone down before reaching across the table for his zippo lighter, and cigars. He lights one up while waiting for a response*
  11. Where are all the groups going

    Not condoning it, just stating it as a factor. Personally I have no issue with SMART goals, but I can understand people’s frustration.
  12. Where are all the groups going

    3. People have IRL shit to do.