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  1. Jakob Novak April 23rd, 1984 March 23rd, 2013 - 17:58 pm A man sits, restrained to a chair. The only noise in the small grey room is the occasional drop of blood from the man's mouth on to the cold concrete floor. His nose is bleeding, his lips are split, his right eye is swollen. The large metal door opposite the man slowly opens to reveal two soldiers and a formally dressed officer. “Jakob...Novak…Chernarussian ‘journalist’ huh? Nyet, Chernarussian spy.” The officers spoke calmly as he slowly approached the restrained Jakob. “Do you think you and your government are clever huh?...SPEAK!!” The officer spits the words in Jakob's face. “I-I-I’m just a journa-journalist...plea-” Jakob’s weak attempt at speaking is cut short with an AK buttstock to the side of the head. ---------- Jakob Novak is a Chernaruissan (ethnic Russian) born man who lived for the simple things. A cold Kvass, a big dinner, and a nice wife. Some would say he lived for the former slightly too much. He moved down from Krasnostav, from the border to be able to attend one of the best universities in the country - Miroslavl in 2004, aged 20. In his first year he only occasionally got beaten and bruised for being ethnic Russian, but in his second year, he moved into a cheap apartment in the rundown area of Miroslavl where he would stay for the majority of his life until the country was swallowed whole by death and destruction. Though there was a 2 year period of unexplained absence. Here he learned a form of solidarity with the rest of the poor people. They were so impoverished that they had little time to care for ethnic this and ethnic that. All that mattered to them was how to get the next meal - and in some ways, Novak admired that. As Jakob finished his final year in 2007, ages 23 the country was on the verge of civil war which actually provided Jakob Novak with his first professional work as a war correspondent over the duration of the war. State radio and television would weekly, and sometimes daily have updates and reports from Novak as he sat inside CDF compounds and strongholds. It gave him some stories to tell his grandchildren if he ever had any. You’d think the war reporting would propel Novak into a life of fame and riches but due to the economic climate of the country he earned very little, and soon after the war he was all but forgotten. Perhaps remembered by history teachers in the West, but not by his fellow countrymen. In fact, unknown to Novak something was paying attention to him, and his writing something much bigger than himself. Jakob was a semi-professional journalist after the civil war, mainly working as a labourer while writing a few interesting pieces on the side. Often writing about the Russian struggle, and Russia itself. This was until he received an offer he couldn’t refuse which would eventually end up taking 2 years out of his home life in Miroslavl. He was given the opportunity in 2013 to come and report on the unethical operations of the FSB by the Russian government itself - which admittedly should have been the first worrying sign that something wasn’t right. ---------- March 24th, 2013 - 01:36 am A man sits, restrained to a chair. The once wet blood had dried over his face making it irritating to even blink. His mouth was full of blood, which he spat to the floor. The man spoke out in Russian, having no recollection of Chernarussian. “Who-where am I? Hello?” His voice was clearly panicked. “HELLO? Where...what…...who…” the voice falls faint as he racks his brain for memories but finds none. The large metal door slowly opens again, the same men enter this time holding a folder of details. The officer speaks. “Undo our comrades restrains.” He waits for them to do so. “Jakob Novak, you have been misidentified as a foreign spy, we apologise profusely for this mistake but you must understand we cannot reimburse you for your time - ah no compensation as such.” “But...what?” “Comrade, you were beaten until you were unconscious by a few of my agents...you are lucky we found out who you really are eh? We will have a doctor look over you before we decide what to do with you. Excuse the bag.” As he finishes a bag is thrown over Jakob’s head. ---------- Jakob underwent two years of physical and psychological evaluation discovering he had a severe concussion which the Russians took advantage of - rebuilding Jakob’s memories and personality unknowingly to him. When he finally returned to his apartment in 2015 he was a much more reclusive man. Often minding his own business. Now he was alone back where he used to live seeing faces he recognised and letters he received and wrote. Doubt began to creep in but only to the point of questioning himself. He was beginning to live a life where he didn’t actually fully understand who he was. Was he really who they said he was or was he an innocent reporter in some sick twisted Russian game. This perpetual confusion and existential crisis would stay with him the rest of his life and then it happened. The outbreak, the unforeseeable, the stuff of movies and graphic novels. Jakob was caught off guard when the infection hit Miroslavl, he didn’t really believe the reports and rumours circling the city then again who would? A few days into the ‘infection’ Novak, while bringing his shopping home, was tackled through a window on the second story of his apartment stairs by what turned out to be a rabid infected. He managed to land in a pile of trash but smacked his head on the window frame, knocking him unconscious for several hours. Fortunately, the infected died upon impacting the concrete not 2 feet to Jakob’s left. When he woke up he was inside an old mould covered apartment surrounded by people he didn’t know, with a bandage around his head. The fall left him with permanent short-term memory loss. ---------- [Likes] - Kvass. - Journalism. - Any kind of music. - Drugs, especially marijuana. [Dislikes] - Reading, due to his condition. - Smoking cigarettes. - Loud people - Pressure [Traits] - Dilated right Pupil - Speaks to himself. - Severe memory loss. - Feels like his mind is broken. - Struggles between being innocent/a Russian agent. - writes important things he needs to remember on his arms in pen. -----WIP-----
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    Goodbye for now.

    Enjoy yourself, comrade. You're a fucking awesome dude. I'll miss you, you beautiful gypsy!
  3. @Whitename at the moment leadership of the BPR is split into OREL and Militia. Militia (Lead by me) being the ones who ‘agreed’ to help.
  4. Cosmo

    Anarchy's Summit.


    Well...that was unexpected.
  5. *Fedorov picks up his radio and responds* ”Da, 102.5 comrade.” *He ends his transmission, and switches frequency*
  6. Cosmo

    The Seekers Open Broadcast (Open 75.80MHz)

    *Fedorov would hear the message and reply with quiet curiosity. A deep thick Russian accent would be heard* ”Comrade, where might be this clean area you speak of?” *He would lay his radio on the desk once again and lean back in his chair waiting for a response*
  7. *As Fedorov listens to chatter, he decides to respond* “This is commandant Fedorov of the BPR Volki Militia. Perhaps I was not clear in my first transmission.” ”Comrade, we have a set of trained men at the Republics disposal. If you truly believe what you say seek us out, perhaps we can have a discussion.” *He lays his radio on the desk awaiting a response*
  8. *Joseph Fedorov would take his notebook of transcripts, he flicks through the pages before finding the correct one. He lights a menthol cigarette, grabs his radio, sits at a desk and transmits the following* "Comrades, if it is salvation you look for, you will not find it here. Not alone." "Strength lies in numbers, but freedom lies in unity. Together we fellow Russians need to stay. "I advice you to stay away from the southern areas, head north and perhaps the BPR can help you: Ask for commandant Fedorov." "For too long have we had to cower in fear from these Chernarussian Суки. Stay safe brat'ya." *Fedorov would take one more look of his notes before closing the book and letting go of the PTT. He stands up and stretches before leaving the room.*
  9. Cosmo

    Anarchy Announcement.

    *The deep Russian voice of Joseph Fedorov would come over the frequency* “Da, the Belozersky Volki are at your disposal comrades. As a vessel of the Republic we will attend this meeting for the betterment of our peoples.” *He releases the PTT leaving only static*
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    OhJesus, are you okay? You ever find your cat? How's your mouth? What about all the damn dishes you smashed? 

    1. Cosmo


      Well that explains a lot. Mr Leo is well and healthy, the same cannot be said about my kitchen. I never found the bread knife though, he’s lost in the dark depths of my house.

    2. Brayces


      OhMyGosh. Well, I'm glad you and the cat are okay!

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    bring it back

    1. Taryn


      I like Cosmo more than GrainSack imho. It suits him better. 

    2. BorisRP


      nah his old name is better 

    3. Cosmo


      GrainSack just reminds me of the Bounty Hunters and those were...interesting times.

    4. BorisRP


      Bounty hunters was the best group

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    [GAME] Name Mixup

  13. If anyone is selling a PC for £00.01 or less hit me up.

    1. RogueSolace


      omg ikr

    2. Cosmo


      If it runs XP/Vista i’ll throw in an extra 5p.

    3. RogueSolace


      take it no luck on computer ;_;

    4. Taryn


      Buy a new windows 7 disc. 

      Problem solved.

    5. Cosmo


      But...but windows 10?

    6. Empress Nino

      Empress Nino

      I heard @Storm is selling bus tickets for 20p so maybe he could find a way to accommodate.

    7. Mexi


      If you've already updated to windows 10 previously you can use a windows 7 disc to get the base version of windows, then you need to google 'Windows 10 free update' your PC will already be registered and you can choose to update from 7 to 10. I had to do it from 8.1 to 10 recently after Windows was failing to boot, try that.

    8. Taryn


      @Cosmo that works

    9. Cosmo


      I’ll give it ago in a bit, just downloading windows 10 to usb from Microsoft. Danke danke!

  14. Cosmo

    A Call...

    *Vik takes his radio out and holds the PTT* ”Eh Doc, I’ll try be there...I have long way to walk but I might just make it in time.” *He releases the PTT and continues on his hike*
  15. Cosmo

    A Call...

    *Vik would pick up his radio while he sits in the wilderness* ”ahh, shut up and let me die in peace, cyka.” *you would hear the smash of a bottle before the frequency would return to static*