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"When the people have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich"

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    I misses u

    1. Cosmo


      Me too comrade it has been too long!

  2. Comrade Alexander Petrov Born: Severograd, 23rd of April 1983. “They say the Green symbolises hope, the black is determination, while a red represents sacrifices made. The totalitarian regime’s of Chernarus have blood on their hands. It is time to finally free ourselves from such regimes, and find a way of peace and prosperity under anarcho-socialism.” - Alexander Petrov ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— 1987-2000 The Petrov lineage has spent most of their time in Northern Chernarus. By the 1980s there were only a hand full of Petrovian family members, in particular, was Josef Petrov who along with his wife Natasha Petrov lived in small soviet style apartments in Severograd along with their newborn Alexander. They were a decent working-class family with respectable jobs. Josef worked at the local fire precinct before the fall of the Union, afterwards in the rural north work was much more scarce, leaving him with little choice except working at the local quarry. Natasha, however, managed to keep her teaching job at the Severograd school as teachers were fairly scared before the mass migration. As the DRC took over in the absence of Russian control they began to sell off state-owned asset and privatising entire sectors of the economy. This brash and hash ‘reform’ did little but damage the few protections and rights the workers of the country had. Viktor’s father was unfortunate enough to have been killed during a mining accident due to poor working conditions in the late 1990s. 2000-2010 It was the death of his father that pushed Alex towards politics and facing injustice head-on. If he had been old enough at the time he would have joined Lopotev’s Working Man’s Defence Alliance, instead, he settled for other labour movements in its absence helping in the organising process of marches, protesters and unions throughout the country. It was not until he was 18 when he formally joined a union in an elected position. While in his political position he began to hear rumours of Lopotev’s WMDA returning as the so-called “Movement of the Red Star” which seemed to promote and promise socialism instead of a soviet-esque repressive totalitarian state. When tensions between the working class and the metropolitan elite exploded Alexander Knew which side he was on and so he pledged his rifle to the Red Star. During which he proved himself a formidable combatant on the field and a keen strategist off the field - taking much inspiration from Che Guevara’s Guerrilla Warfare. Though by the end of the Liberation War the Red Star stood for something else, perhaps it was the war or Russian involvement but it once again seemed repressive and violent much like the Union. Many war crimes were committed and many were covered up. 2010-2020 It only seemed fair that the fascists be locked away for their crimes against minorities and their reactionary views, however, it did not seem fair to Alex that news stories were altered and events not disclosed. 2013’s Hrůzy was a particularly brutal era as anyone suspected of being a family member of, or a sympathiser of NAPA was hunted down, imprisoned, or eradicated. He began to see this government much like the others was corrupt - The hypocrisy of totalitarianism had become abundantly apparent. The state had not become a working utopia but a Stalin-esque militarist authoritarian nightmare. The assassination of Lopotev truly exposed the hurt he had done to his citizens even if his intentions were good. The crimes of the USSR, the DCR, the CSR, and NAPA led Alex to a more guerrilla anarcho-communist belief - believing that authority left unchecked, or in the hands of an untouchable government would never operate in the benefit of its people, but instead for the benefit of themselves. He believes that in this new world that communes with equal majority voting and referendums are a far simpler, fairer, and natural way of life. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Goals: - Establish communications and relations with like-minded survivors - Educate those on the advantages of a safe commune, and anarcho-socialism - Covertly fight against imperialists, capitalists, totalitarians, and fascists with guerrilla warfare —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
  3. Cosmo


    Taken back by the harsh words, Fedorov would be confused. He raises the Radio to his mouth "Well...I suppose it is good to hear your voice at least брат. You knew I had to return to the mountain by that суки orders, though I do not try to make excuses. I will explain to you товарищ." He places his radio back in his satchel, pulls out a map and charters a path
  4. Cosmo


    Fedorov's cigarette end glows in the dark as he surveys the familiar surroundings, he takes his radio from his satchel, flicks it on, tunes it to an old frequency and holds down the PTT before speaking in a deep monotone Slavic accent "This is Fedorov, are there any Volki left on this frequency?...eh, it has been sometime comrades...I understand." He pauses to take a drag on his cigarette before flicking it to one side "If you are hearing this братья and you recognise my voice, my name, then I urge you to respond. Наша Миссия еще не выполнена, наша судьба не решена, и отдых не разрешен. Stay safe товарищи, Fedorov out." He lowers the radio from his face, looks over his surroundings once more before marching on
  5. I fucking miss you ❤️

    Also Castro can hang alongside Maduro. They'd be cute adorning a sturdy tree branch.


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      Who knew love could transcend so many ideologies and human rights violations?

  6. Zero

    It seems the Old Guard has retired from their post and have left Comrade.

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      It is a sad time for us all comrade, a sad time for us all. Viva RP boys!

  7. @SheepyMcSheepface & @pijkaCZ I must say it was some of my best stuff last night thank you for your kind words, it means so much to me. (sorry ?)
  8. Enjoy yourself, comrade. You're a fucking awesome dude. I'll miss you, you beautiful gypsy! ?
  9. @Whitename at the moment leadership of the BPR is split into OREL and Militia. Militia (Lead by me) being the ones who ‘agreed’ to help.
  10. Cosmo

    Anarchy's Summit.


    Well...that was unexpected.
  11. *Fedorov picks up his radio and responds* ”Da, 102.5 comrade.” *He ends his transmission, and switches frequency*
  12. *Fedorov would hear the message and reply with quiet curiosity. A deep thick Russian accent would be heard* ”Comrade, where might be this clean area you speak of?” *He would lay his radio on the desk once again and lean back in his chair waiting for a response*
  13. *As Fedorov listens to chatter, he decides to respond* “This is commandant Fedorov of the BPR Volki Militia. Perhaps I was not clear in my first transmission.” ”Comrade, we have a set of trained men at the Republics disposal. If you truly believe what you say seek us out, perhaps we can have a discussion.” *He lays his radio on the desk awaiting a response*
  14. *Joseph Fedorov would take his notebook of transcripts, he flicks through the pages before finding the correct one. He lights a menthol cigarette, grabs his radio, sits at a desk and transmits the following* "Comrades, if it is salvation you look for, you will not find it here. Not alone." "Strength lies in numbers, but freedom lies in unity. Together we fellow Russians need to stay. "I advice you to stay away from the southern areas, head north and perhaps the BPR can help you: Ask for commandant Fedorov." "For too long have we had to cower in fear from these Chernarussian Суки. Stay safe brat'ya." *Fedorov would take one more look of his notes before closing the book and letting go of the PTT. He stands up and stretches before leaving the room.*
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