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  1. *suddenly hears a voice and smiles, speaking in the radio* Hey! Hello? I've been wandering looking for a UN unit! I had a brief experience in the UN right when all this mess started! Is there any unit around? Over. *holds the radio awaiting a reply* *Takes the Radio from his pocket* Urm, I'm not too informed on the groups outside the center of the country, from what I've heard, there probably isn't a full UN group, but there's plenty of groups around that are peaceful and accepting members. My advice is to search around and try to get as much information as possible. *Places radio back in pocket*
  2. *Chris picks up his radio and responds* Hey; I used to be a UN medic back before the outbreak although I wouldn't say I'm UN anymore, what do you need? *Chris places the radio back in his coat pocket*
  3. Forgot to post when I got Whitelisted, But hey everyone! From the 40-ish hours I've played so far, I've had a blast! Kudos to all the guys that keep this together!
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