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  1. Petrov is a retired Russian sniper who now lives the rest of his days in Chernarus to live with his family while he goes on month long shrimp trips out in the sea. Now due to the apocalypse he is out locate and save his family from the undead. Due to his military background he is tactical about every move and is careful to not get himself into a perilous situation. Due to the uncertainty of the safety of his family and post war traumatics he is very alert and could be triggered by any unnatural sound in nature.
  2. Back once again...lets have some fun.
  3. Msheister

    Dog Died Today. He Was With Us 13 Years.

    Dude i feel really bad cant imagine if they were my dog, my condolences go out to you man, much love.
  4. Just to let you know friend you were not kos'd we shot you because you initiated on us and told us to put our weapons down.
  5. Henke1000 i suggest you not go formal you initiated on us then we tried to get you to lower your weapons, we gave you at least 25 seconds which is more than enough time.
  6. First of all solely based on my voice you cant tell my age and in fact when i was accept there was NOT a age limit. So heres my POV. We are roleplaying in zelengorsk with a group of 5 and all of the sudden this police officer goes hay wire he shouts LOWER YOUR WEAPON and at this point in time my sks was lower and i was asking him what are you talking about all of out weapons are lowered. So at this point he keeps shouting that then he says put your weapons on the ground, so a man from the side comes with his ak raised and they were just doing a tango until Bob came around and shot the police officer for clearly initiating on us a showing hostile threat.
  7. IGN: Charles Barkley Age: 16 Country: United States English skills: Very good. DayZ Mod Experience: 3 years DayZ Standalone Experience:1 year Roleplaying Experience: 2 years. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Rushing fighter/ Bait Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yes many over the 1 1/2 years cant remember the names of any. Additional notes: Best way to contact you: PM Backstory: I was a slave back in Arizona i worked all day all night... Blood, sweat and, tears poured out of me. It was my only income my only choice, i had to provide for my son Tyler, He meant the world to me. Then one early morning whilst on my job building guns, my "owner" told me that i had murdered his daughter. I had no idea what he was talking about i said fearfully. Then he pounded his fist on the table with anger and said screw you i know what you did, you killed my daughter and you will pay! Matter of a fact here is your son on the phone he is being held captive at school and you will hear him die. DAD! he screamed help don't let them kill me, don't worry son i wont let that happen to you i promise. BOOM!!! just a suddle crack of a gun then silence i had so many things rushing through my head i was speechless and in shock of what just happened. Then a wave of anger rushed through me like a roaring rapid river i smashed my boss on the ground and beat and kicked him till he was dead. As soon as his life went i collapsed to the ground in thought what a horrible thing i just did... I made a promise to my self that i would never let anyone threaten a human with a gun within my sights to protect the citizens of the world. The last thing i remember is after they killed my son i remember the voice of the man who pulled the trigger and i will stop at nothing to kill him.
  8. I will find you and i will kill you.
  9. Well with the direction dayzrp has been going for me i dont feel the same fun i use to have, so i will call it quits, many of my friends have been banned for slighly controversial things. So i will move on too a new RP mod which i will not say so i wont advertise, thanks everyone for the good moments this will be my last post bye.
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