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  7. *After regaining his composure he picks up the radio and presses down the PTT* "I am a "cruel necessity", Oliver Cromwell once said that, Miss. Darra. Cromwell beheaded a Monarch, though I don't agree with what he did after that, I do admire the fact that he removed all authority from the land, even if it was for a brief moment. Mr. Mitchell has made his choice clear, Miss. Darra, either stand by him or get out of my way. You say you have hope, but hope is a fallacy, it's just a false sense of security so you don't have to act, it's for spineless cowards like yourself. Revolutions are not won on hope, Miss. Darra, they are won with swift, calculated actions. "Not only strike while the iron is hot, but make it hot by striking" Another Cromwell quote. At-least when I am held accountable, Miss. Darra, I can proudly stand up and say I fought for something I believe in and not have stood idle. *He chuckles* I'll leave you to think about that, Miss. Darra. Farewell. *he releases the ptt*
  8. *He takes a moment to think about what Darra has said and then holds down the ptt* "Miss. Darra, you are fighting a up-hill battle. Mr. Mitchell has made his choice. Instead of making this easy for him, you are making it worse. If he is your "man" as you put it, then stand with him. I am not here to squabble, Miss. Darra, put up or shut up, it's that simple." *Dexter slams his radio on a table*
  9. *Dexter hesitates for a moment and then presses down the ptt* "Miss. Darra, I don't have any friends. Friends get in the way, friends hinder progress. You are becoming too comfortable with me, Miss. Darra. *his voice changes to a more bitter tone* Consider this your first and final warning; stop being a hindrance." *Dexter releases the Ptt and grits his teeth* *after a brief break, he begins to hold down the ptt again* "I don't play games Miss. Darra, this is not a schoolyard, I am not a child, this...this is business, Miss. Darra and I take it very seriously. Mr. Mitchell is a grown man, he can make his own decisions, if he choices to broker deals with the Devil, then so be it. if you don't the spine, Miss. Darra, then just walk away. I will not tolerate you being a saboteur no longer. This "outbreak" is the true death that the preachers had been singing as gospel since Jesus himself. The outbreak, the burnt, twisted metal and the death it left in its wake, has given me another chance. From darkness, spawns darkness. It is the currency that every rotten man left alive feasts on. I plan to cease every moment of it, Miss. Darra, I suggest you do the same." *he releases his ptt*
  10. *Dexter grins and then pushes the ptt* "I believe we have an accord, Mr. Mitchell, if I'm honest, convincing you was easier than I thought. *He chuckles* Well I can't wait for our reunion, Mr. Mitchell. I do enjoy these talks, I must admit." *Dexter releases the ptt and he begins to contemplate the possibility of a trap*
  11. *Dexter grabs his radio and holds down the PTT "Hello, Mr. Mitchell. I belive, if I'm not mistaken, you told me to give you twenty-four hours to make a decision on our arrangement, times up Mr. Mitchell, time is up." *Dexter releases the PTT, with a sinister grin on his face*
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