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  1. Wish I did... Nothing more annoying than sitting in queue for 2 hours, get in, play for 5 minutes with extreme lag, get disconneted and put back in a 2 hour queue...... tfw > :---))))
  2. I am 97½, but haven't been able to play the last few hours.
  3. Yes, this will be introduced later in the expansion.
  4. amazing eco cobra, never seen anything remotely close to that in my life!
  5. $40 bet on Mouz is quite a big dick bet. I think your safest bet would be on fnatic if you are afraid of losing those skins. Fnatic seems unstoppable right now, but Mouz most definitely have a bigger chance than 21% to win. It's a tough game to bet on, that's for sure!
  6. this man will go far in his dayzrp career, he's already an epic memer so i presume he knows how to go about some epic gaming sessions!!!!!! trololololo :troll: ha-ha-ha-ha!! 8o)
  7. I believe that is the Double Naked Mermaid 2 Stars pattern.
  8. It actually doesn't hurt more than a pinch when they insert a needle
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