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  1. Pffft, no need to change server, found you and some funny russian fellas Thanks a bunch for the RP! Hail James Town!
  2. Well, I fixed a Hatchback Offroad, drove it up and down the NWAF hoping I would find someone that would take this suicide machine off me. Originally intended to give it to the MC to impress them, but seriously, that thing is a death trap. Still driving around there, don't see a soul
  3. Just bumped into you fellas earlier, you truly seem like an awesome group! Tried calling you yah on the walkie, but I guess I'm out of range. Hope to see you again! "Sandy"
  4. Figured I would share how my first three days went. DAY 1: Horrible start, couldn't find any loot, got hit by walkers, ran inland, began to starve and dehydrate... barely made it to next town where I stumbled across and friendly by a waterpump who gave me food. Screen totally grey, decided to kill a chicken and poorly made a campfire, couldn't see if the chicken was properly cooked, passed out GG. DAY 2: EPIC start, first thing I found was a Big Military Tent, set up camp, kitted myself fairly up and met two looters who gave me a lesson in proper looting. To have one backpack in the hands and the other on the back. Brilliant! Stocked up on food and water. DAY 3: Decided to venture out and explore, searching for more ammo, got hit by zombies used last ammo to kill them off and found a friendly fellah who just so happened to carry a bunch of the exact same type of ammo that I needed. Went north, found the NWAF and met more people right as nighttime fell upon us. Together, we got a bunch of goodies. Had to kill a Walker, we named him "Jimmy" and unfortunately had to put the rest of his family down, then all of a sudden we stumbled across 3 cows and decided to throw a campfire steak party just north of the NWAF! Great experiences! Going to go try find some of the groups that people are apart of tomorrow and see what they are all about. What were your first 3 days like?
  5. What about scaring people? Like what if you do like he does here from 27:20 to 28:20? So like, shoot in the air to scare people. Not to threaten or anything, but initiate with voice and then fire into the sky?
  6. Mianera

    Let's talk about my friend, and suicide

    My condolences. I had a friend commit suicide too, a couple of years back, so I know what you are going through. We keep asking ourselves "Why" and I mean, "Why - everything" as we attempt to process it. We keep the general idea in our own minds that everyone can get saved or get better but reality is a bit different. Which is why, from the depressed individual they do not see it that way. They hide their suffering, but the truth is that they are tormented mentally to the point where they no longer believe in their own future. My friend knew, that her future would be in psychiatric institutions and that the images and voices would never go away. She knew she was defect but she still fought for 17 years with it all. These people go through hell (literally), suicide is not easily committed. You my friend, are probably the reason why your buddy didn't kill himself earlier. You likely gave him an extra year of life on this planet alone. Which in itself is a beautiful thing to do and that is what you should hold on to and remember. Given the facts, you couldn't have done more but you gave him exactly what he needed. So don't torment yourself. Don't play the blame game either. Cherish his memory, for in the end, you got a friend as well. He found peace and you will too. Get better soon, mate.
  7. Mianera

    DayZRP 2016 rules draft

    I agree. I think extremism, nazism etc. should be allowed as long as it is done maturely. A lot of people would say "how is it mature to play a nazi, or an extremist in general?" but, I mean, how mature is it not being able to handle it without losing your mind? It's a dark world in DayZRP, it would only be fitting. People going around yelling random racist remarks (for no reason, or in a BadRP manner) and similar things should just fall into the category of immature RP. The rule seems to suggest that all racist or extreme RP is considered immature and unnecessary, which is not true. (according to me) Just throwing in my two cents: The problem here is that although this game is considered sci-fi (fiction) it doesn't fall into the category of "fantasy". Meaning, the only race around is "Humans". Racism in fantasy games well, here's an example: (Don't laugh) In world of warcraft, I role played a very fascist and racist human character. I would throw verbal and physical insults towards Night-Elves or Draenei, act general cruel and even kill some of them off. But no one can really relate or give a damn, as these are fantasy creatures. Humans in DayZ, are not fantasy creatures. Uptil the start of the DayzRP lore, the game world is a realistic picture of our own real life history. -Our- history. World of Warcraft didn't have Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Franco, Mussolini, Himmler, Kim Jong Il, Nixon, Churchill, Osama Bin Laden, G.W. Bush or any other to shape our history for good or bad. But DayZ did/does. Meaning, if someone roleplays a National Socialist and comes across someone a Polish, Russian, Romanian, Jewish (any kind of european, maybe even American) or Black... this can be seem as extremely offensive. So offensive in fact, that keeping the fine line between OOC and IC will be next to impossible not to cross. But at the same time, someone roleplaying a communist, may come out just as bad or even worse. We often think of Hitler and National Socialism as the absolute extreme part of our own history. When fact is that Stalin during the Soviet Union alone, doubled Hitlers kill-count of innocent people. Communism alone still exists today and over the century, it makes National Socialism look like the 1% since that barely lasted a decade. But topping all that is religion. Christianity taking the number one on the podium of innocent people killed. But given in the past 2 decades Islam doesn't come out too popular due to actions of extremists. Either way, extremists and fanatics are considered -BAD- guys, something we can probably all agree on. So the question is, where do we draw the line? In my humble opinion, perhaps in the world of DayZ, political agendas and religion should -not- define our characters. Because all that should'ave gone out the window after the outbreak. There's a new world now that the community needs to come together and shape as they see fit. Now don't explode on me, but yes, granted, extremist and fanatic RP can be creative, interesting and even downright awesome. But perhaps keep it as a "EVENT"! Gather 10-15 volunteers, have them switch their names to alt-characters temporarily, and have them roleplay a Neo Nazi skinhead camp for a week. The goal is for the other factions of Chernarus to eliminate them. After that, they can resume their normal gameplay. ^ Mind you, that's just a suggestion. If ever to be executed, be sure to plan and plot every detail as well as the outcome so that all parties involved know what lines to follow. But certainly, do not allow it as random casual RP under any circumstances or it will turn into a mess extremely quickly.
  8. I don't fully understand this. So you can be executed (AKA shot in the back of the head and have your brain splattered all over) then respawn and continue playing the same character? What if you run into whoever executed you like 30min later, how are you supposed to RP that? "Oh, hi again. Luckily I had this duct tape on me and managed to McGyver my brain back together" Eeeeeehr... o_O No offense intended to anyone, but I think you see my point?
  9. Mianera

    U.N. Iceland Expedition Media

    Oh wow, amazing screenshots O_O! Love the matching uniforms
  10. Oh cool! Good to know, thanks mate!
  11. Greetings! I'm Alex, just submitted my whitelist thingy yesterday and after scouting the forums a bit decided to introduce myself. Hope you're all doing well and that I get to play with you soon! Best Regards
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