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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/97033-s1-griefing-r44-r22-eden-0130-20190521/?tab=comments#comment-1783774 Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: We were running to Eden or New Eden whatever the hell it was called to rescue some people who were held up cause we were apart of a security force / pmc group. Server crashed and we approached in three different teams, I was the one who was told to initiate cause I had a megaphone and upon moving to our position we encountered one of the family or whatever the fuck they are dudes patroling the woods so we initiated on him, at which point I firmly initiated on the camp with my megaphone. Shooting happened people started dying I had no idea what the fuck was going on so I rushed through the treeline out into the open with my Skorpion, mouth foaming and legs shaky, a man peeked me in the watch tower so I pulled up my skorpion and hit him twice from 50m but, ya know, .380, so He killed me. Afterwards I was kind of bored of Dayz as a whole and really wanted to play some Escape from Tarkov so I just transitioned over there like the little fucking hermit I am and have been playing since then. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: to be uh, not banned What could you have done better?: Stayed in contact with my group and the community as a whole following the event and any forward events that may require my input.
  2. Joey apple came to Chernarus with his adviser and business partner Mr. Tyrese Biggums so sell and distribute methamphetamine and cocaine. Joey lived inside of a home for the mentally disabled in which Tyrese Biggums frequented often because his father also lived in the same facility. Joey and Tyrese eventually crossed paths and became good acquaintances, buddies. Upon Tyrese hearing Joey's background of being a meth cook and distributor, Tyrese was able to get a buisness deal together and one day on Joey's recess time, they went to the airport and flew to Chernarus where they set up a meth lab and distributed to locals who eventually got addicted and ended up trading away their paychecks to joey and tyrese for seldom amounts of meth. Joey and Tyrese were making a fortune in rubles, and the cops never noticed. None of that mattered though cause rubles and meth aren't too useful in an apocalypse.
  3. Noah started hunting with his father around the age of 14 when his dad brought him on a hunting trip with his buddies. He thought it was extremely fun, and he knew what he wanted to do from that point on. At the age of 16 for his birthday Noah's father bought him his very first rifle, a Penny Pincher Ruger American. He instantly went on a hunt with it the next weekend and killed his very first buck with first rifle. From then on Noah traveled the world, going from place to place in search for new and exotic animals to hunt. He was in russia hunting grizzly bears when he heard of the plentiful game down in chernarus. He went to see for himself and found himself trapped within the country due to the borders being shut down a month and a half after he settled down.
  4. Alexander Clark has always been hunting since he was a little kid, when he was 10 his father bought him a .22 to take out the squirrels that used to roam around the fields out back, and ever since then, he fell in love with the art of hunting. When Alexander was a little older and both his parents passed away, he traveled to Chernarus so he could live in the woods, un-bothered by the locals, and still do what he loves... hunt. Hes doesn't care much of the apocalypse, it doesnt stop him from doing what he loves. He mostly stays in his camp, and only really leaves his house in search for cans of beans and soda.
  5. FrankFurger

    To any Survivors Who Need a Home.

    *Frank picks up his radio, and stares at it for a while before pressing down on the PTT* I'm interested Mr. Western. Where should we meet? *He lets go of the PTT, hoping this isn't a set-up*
  6. FrankFurger

    S1 - Ruleplay / Combat Logging Pushtovka 20:00 11/05/2016

    In the video while I am running down it looks like you move a little, even in the video you can hear my friend say "Oo he sees us" in response to the movement so when we approached and found you unresponsive we had suspicion that you were acting afk and actually radioing your friends because they were close and had KOS rights.
  7. FrankFurger

    S1 - Ruleplay / Combat Logging Pushtovka 20:00 11/05/2016

    Frank Green POV - Our friend was harrased by a group of men that we believe we saw at the construction site west of pushtovka. We scoped out the area and after seeing a couple people we noticed one man left and went towards pushtovka so we decided we were going to try to catch up with him and initiate on him so we could interrogate him for information on why he was harassing our friend. We found him in a field under a tree so we took that chance to initiate on him. Upon initiation he was unresponsive and for fear that he was stalling and calling for back up, because his friends were in the area, we counted down from 10 and executed him. Here is video evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Giq462-nrRE
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