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  1. @RiZ Hutch better get his divorce papers ready. 😊

    1. RiZ


      I'm not sure what you mean by this.

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      Tell us more...

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      @RiZ Here ya go.


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      Oh god.

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      This could have easily been said in a dm 

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      But Luna has the cojones to actually do it in a status update. Mad!

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  2. You cant charge the way a gate opens without making it pointless. Until a mechanic to do so comes in I dont see this being Aogm as it is something that the person can not help. As the for the ladders it's a no for me as all that happened when they where in game is they got abused. People used them to glitch into bases so they got removed.
  3. Its good to see some old faces coming back 


  4. Mary says this is Marys POV: Mary was with her Papi( @YAKMOUTH) and a few others on very important business. she went into Grabin which Mary thought was Kole. Where she saw Mumma Georgia being taken hostage. Mary gets on radio with some KOG and BWB. Mary tries to get away from every so she can tell them, whats happening . ( at some point Neo and the other man had been held up) Mister Callahan follows Mary so she makes it into a conversation. She asks him stuff like "Why is Georgia in kole" "Why is Georgia held up" . Mary then tells miss Georgia bridge under water. Mary dont think Georgia got it but mister Callahan did and caught on and held me up. Mary really didn't talk to many Irish and just got told to shut up. This made Mary sad. She later got her guns back but I wish I got more conversation from Irish since they robbed me. Mary went to Sitnik with Papi and radio this to people on radio. Mary got her gun back and hung out around Sitnik for a while. Mary had plot with Papi to help BWB. but before Papi could do anything he got shot by an Irish. Mary lost Papi during gunfight so she sat in a shed with hands up only dropping them to talk on her radio. After all shots have stopped for a bit she ran away. She got lost then met up with friend. and head home.
  5. I think yes and no. No if you do it and it one taps whatever it happens. Yes if the person warns you they are low health and or it might kill them. Or if you can see they are clearly injured. Ie if you hit them uncon then punch them again. Just shot them in the leg.
  6. @Fuhqnugget had you rped with Red or cale in 10 minutes before he was initiated on and or are a part of KOG? If you are not the robber or the one being robbed or in line of sights your not involved enough for a report as far as I know.
  7. This topic has been ruled on as AOGM and as far as I know still stands , But maybe this has changed @Roland But people are mad you didn't get to go shoot people cause they wanted to continue rp there way. Hostages gave perms to continue the roleplay on the other server in this case with doctor Red and 503 I see no issues.
  8. I could be wrong but this was ruled on a while ago as being a bannable offense. If you remember there was a situation with wp where after 30 minutes they swapped servers and it was ruled for a warning for future cases as the 30 minutes should be if you you need to get off if not you should wait the 2 hours. And if you swap servers before then it can be seems as AOMG. I believe this same rule would apply here? Link to full report here I am intrested @Voodoo @Derek Steel as the two staff that signed this does this AOGM rule apply here for different maps.
  9. @AndreyQ So what if you pk your character or wanna swap characters to a new never played before one? You cant play the server for what times have been talk about.. let's use 12 hours?
  10. And what stops you from just swapping your active character to the one ya was just playing on the other server?
  11. I just see no real way to regulate this that doesnt hand out alot of bans to people who are just trying to roleplay. If someone is doing bad rp then report it and staff will ban them if they are. But if someone is swapping servers to give good rp then why would you wanna stop that? We are here to rolaplay are we not? Plus there are fresh helicopter crashes on both servers. Meaning icly there are working helicopters . Whos to say people wouldn't have got one working? I personally play separate characters but I see nothing badrp about server hopping. One again we are here to roleplay why would you stop someone from roleplaying?
  12. "I agree to surrender KOS rights to -designated- members within the 5.0.3 & I agree to surrender PK rights to the 5.0.3 if I decide to betray the 5.0.3"
  13. All of the following is the information as I have figured it out this could change as people wake up. Yellow armband/Vipers and some other where in a gunfight with Praetorian guard and we where told ICly "vipers"and friends where defending our base but no members where online to confirm this as true. I was the first 503 to enter the raided base and took the screenshots. None of us where on for the raid or griefing so it is unknown who did it.
  14. Our group members that where online at the time as far as I know are myself @chief_mello @BackInNam @Hampze
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