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  1. Why would people report an issue that you can't fix? But ya know what you know more then the developers of the game Here we are 2020 and still no ETA it feels like bikes all over again.
  2. This is a straight up lie. Dating back to day 1, people dayz community wide use the fps drops that tents give you to locate bases. This is not my opinoin. This is fact and how the game works. Not just this game but every game ever to be made. The more things you have to load in one area the more you FPS will Drop. Just because you don't have an fps overlay or your one of the poeole lucky enough to have a nice pc. We are here to roleplay not lag because you wanna have 20+ guns and enough food to end world hunger.
  3. For all of those people saying who are going to say these bases do not mess up the loot economy. Let me stop you here. You are wrong thats not my opnion, Its how the game works. I feel like the current mindset of a lot of people currently is that you need a base full of loot and a campfire to sit around all day to be good at RP. Hate to break the bad new..... Good RP is making new stories and well roleplaying. In other words GearRP is a banable offecnce when it comes to robberies why can't it when it come to bases. Why does a group of Farmers or Children need 3 tents full of gun... its not Good RP its GearRP A group should not be there to Horde GEAR. A group should be there to push Roleplay. If you support these loot hording bases please awnser these questions. Why are you on a Roleplay Server? What Roleplay do you gain from those 20+ guns? What Roleplay does it bring to the server? What stories do you create? Does it make sense for your character or group to loot horde? Why do you need all that gear? What do you plan to use the gear for? How to fix this issue is rather simple an I can break it down into 5 steps. 1. Staff announce new changes to limit the amount of tents, walls, barrels etc. allowed per person and per group 2. Give people a week or 2 to make the chnages needed to their bases. 3. Start enforcing the rules. 4. Staff Don't wait around for reports to enforce. 5. No more loot hording without punishments. -LunaTheOpinionated P.S. Ban all loot horders
  4. POV: Ran into a Russian guy. Trucks drove by and I ran after trucks and ended up getting in the trucks. They came across 2 people that had shot at them and a random guy. They shoot at the 2 people killing one. My character being medically trained once the shots stop go to help the hurt man. Sadly he is dead so I remove his bag and gun. I'm standing by the OP. I'm 99% sure I also had a bag in my hands and was invalidly killed as I did not shoot at them or was a threat at any point. As well as I was not in the truck for the first situation between the two parties. Also @Cas was here to but not called in.
  5. When you suggest a name to make fun of the fact we are called grapes and it sticks.......... Love being in the group
  6. But why not just change them slightly to make them make them fit more in the lore. like in changing the model or where they are fits lore better why not do it. In a lore where lore master are getting on people for having non russian or cherno russian characters you think this might be important. My suggestion why not add a few more of the yellow tents to military sites and make them spawn in hosipital gowns. Why not add in a few lore items like doctors notes and stuff that only spawn on them. Keep them there put give them a lore reason to be there.
  7. @Cas 


    1. Banshee


      kinda cringe steve.

  8. Love the group idea maybe just a bit more work and it would be perfect . Love the name. Can't wait to run into you guys. I wish you all good luck.
  9. She was born and raised in Canada, she grew up in a middle class house hold with three siblings. She grew up taking care of her two younger brothers. After finishing school she was interested in something with in the medical field. She was not one for the long hours of a doctors. She was much more interested in the action and rush of becoming a EMT then after that a Paramedic. She enjoyed the training and work a lot the day to day of being able to help people and save peoples lives. but some of the things she saw left her having doubts about the poeple around her and PTSD .Midway through her training for a Paramedic she went on a trip to Cherno.
  10. We run into people running in the middle of the woods or nowhere all the time. But the second there is a streamer in the interaction its metagaming? I think metagaming and stream sniping does happen. I think sometimes it's funny sometimes (cough roy cough) and sometimes it's annoying. I think sometimes streamers are stupid. Im not going to name who but I think some streamers tend to use metagaming as a scapegoat for getting themselves into unlucky or bad situations. They ruin it for streamers who are really metagamed because it becomes the boy who cried wolf.
  11. No I have never seeen a group that is attacked "Constantly" without an out of the attacks. You may not like the deal thats the out but that does not mean staff should babysit you cause you can't find a way to take care of yourself Icly. We are here to roleplay and roleplay doesnt always go our way but there are ways to fix that in Roleplay not on the fourms.
  12. @RiZ Hutch better get his divorce papers ready. 😊

    1. RiZ


      I'm not sure what you mean by this.

    2. Mercer


      Tell us more...

    3. Eagle


      @RiZ Here ya go.


    4. RiZ


      Oh god.

    5. Kordruga


      This could have easily been said in a dm 

    6. Mercer


      But Luna has the cojones to actually do it in a status update. Mad!

    7. edgy Vandire
    8. Wee_L_LR
  13. You cant charge the way a gate opens without making it pointless. Until a mechanic to do so comes in I dont see this being Aogm as it is something that the person can not help. As the for the ladders it's a no for me as all that happened when they where in game is they got abused. People used them to glitch into bases so they got removed.
  14. Its good to see some old faces coming back 


  15. Mary says this is Marys POV: Mary was with her Papi( @YAKMOUTH) and a few others on very important business. she went into Grabin which Mary thought was Kole. Where she saw Mumma Georgia being taken hostage. Mary gets on radio with some KOG and BWB. Mary tries to get away from every so she can tell them, whats happening . ( at some point Neo and the other man had been held up) Mister Callahan follows Mary so she makes it into a conversation. She asks him stuff like "Why is Georgia in kole" "Why is Georgia held up" . Mary then tells miss Georgia bridge under water. Mary dont think Georgia got it but mister Callahan did and caught on and held me up. Mary really didn't talk to many Irish and just got told to shut up. This made Mary sad. She later got her guns back but I wish I got more conversation from Irish since they robbed me. Mary went to Sitnik with Papi and radio this to people on radio. Mary got her gun back and hung out around Sitnik for a while. Mary had plot with Papi to help BWB. but before Papi could do anything he got shot by an Irish. Mary lost Papi during gunfight so she sat in a shed with hands up only dropping them to talk on her radio. After all shots have stopped for a bit she ran away. She got lost then met up with friend. and head home.
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