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  1. I should/want really go back in game and play on but I've been so lazyyyy and bussy ; -; Sowwi @Taryn

    1. Taryn


      Its Okay, I still love you. 

  2. Sam's journal updated again. Was unable to put the colours in on my phone so it has to be like that till I have acces on my pc. Might actually write then all down on paper to take a photo off it later in the woods to make it more "realistic" or something 

    1. Saints


      That would look good , will read it later when i can.

  3. Sam had just patched up her bandages, sitting down on her sleeping bag next to Taryn. She reaches for her radio and presses down the button. She had a slight Scandinavian accent, sounding very tired. “Umm, hello… My name is, actually my name isn't important. What I have to say is more important…” she gives a short silence before continuing speaking “Today I got captured by those cultists, the ones who have been murdering people in Zelenogorsk… a woman and a man. They found me in Novo- Novodemitri? They took me to a huge warehouse similar to the one Kovar’s market had. She asked me questions, like if I believed in god and about my sexuality. No, I don't believe in god, and I like both men and women. It's a common thing right? Almost instantly she started to blame me for the infection, She says that people like me started it all with coming to this country and bringing our sins. She then gave me their radio to say goodbye to my friends, but instead I chose a random frequency that luckily had people talking. I said what they wanted me to say, but at the end i quickly said my location. .” She sighs loudly into the radio “They jammed a knife into the sides, near my liver, then proceeded to my thighs, she just shoved it right it like she does it on a daily basis. She left the knife in my leg, letting me bleed on the floor. She carved a symbol into my back… I can’t see what it is, but it felt like a cross. Shortly after the people on the radio came to rescue me. Why? I don't know, but thanks to them i'm here now. So, thank you, those who saved me. The male cultist ran off. Probably scared for his life when the female one was shot dead.” She lets go of the button, letting the silence settle she presses it again with a slight happier voice “For those who want to know, Taryn is back, she's fine and protected again. So don't go out there and die to these cultists trying to save her. This is all I wanted to say and if you ever meet these fucks, end their lives. They are corrupted right into the core of their souls” She lets go of the button again, setting down the radio on the tent’s floor
  4. WulfeGirl

    Text RP Events

    Character Name: Samila Mallek. Character Age: 27. Does your character have any physical shortcomings? No. Does your character have a mental disability? Paranoid schizophrenic delusion. Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) No. Does your character have any phobia? Claustrophobia. Nyctophobia. Does your character have a love interest? Yes, Stephen Brackett. Does your character have any addictions? No. Does your character do any drugs? No. Is your character overweight? No. Would you like your messages to be strictly serious or would you like a comic relief comment from time to time? Any. Anything else that we might have missed that you'd like to experience in game? Her friend Taryn found a kitty in game, and we keep like taking care of it. Her name was Pizza. She saw her friend getting executed by her groups leader that later on died by VDV. Likes: Candy. Animals. Running. Honest and good people. Dislike: Unreasonable violence. Hostile/loud people. Unable to read what people are about to do. Being alone. Dark rooms. ___________________________________________________________________________ Character Name: Natasha Wilkova. Character Age: 24. Does your character have any physical shortcomings? No. Does your character have a mental disability? Sociopath. Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) No. Does your character have any phobia? Musophobia. Does your character have a love interest? No. Does your character have any addictions? Cocaine and vodka. Does your character do any drugs? Yes. Is your character overweight? No. Would you like your messages to be strictly serious or would you like a comic relief comment from time to time? Any. Anything else that we might have missed that you'd like to experience in game? She has a twin sister Natalya Wilkova Both of them belong to the Russian Mafia and had to do some very bad things towards good people. Likes: Vodka Animals Performing Crass/candorous people Slavs Cocaine Dislike: Lazy people Liars Weakness Indecisive behavior Westerners
  5. Parteyyy time o7image.thumb.jpg.c70aff8c8e4c30925861ef846ee1b220.jpg

    1. Mellstrom



  6. WulfeGirl


    Ill miss you my beautiful friend <3
  7. WulfeGirl

    Bubblegum's MS paint portraits

  8. There is a new entry in Sam's journal. The meaning with Sam's "disseareance" is cause I could have some time to play on the Russian character named Natasha. Now when Sam's is heading back home Ill bench the Russian for now :3

    1. Falk



    2. Saints


      Enjoyed the read 

  9. WulfeGirl


    GOOD LUCK MY BEAUTIFUL MAN! I hope ill see you soon!
  10. Oh yeah. Today is my 1 year anniversary on dayzrp \o/ woohoo

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    2. -Chow-


      Oh boy. Going up in the world.

    3. WulfeGirl


      Yee boy. Getting old here

  11. @Honeybee is my little sub. If anyone touches him, ill shank your throat.



    1. Honeybee


      exCUSE M E

    2. WulfeGirl


      Shush, its okay. I'm better then @Bubblegum. Ill treat you good.

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    4. WulfeGirl


      Deal with is Hope.

    5. Jasper


      Image result for sassy gay gif

      He's already been claimed. Stay in your lane.

    6. WulfeGirl


      I claimed him ever since we all played The Forest, so back off. >:C

    7. Jasper


      I claimed him when I sent him booty pics weeks before that. 

    8. WulfeGirl


      Oh, then we fight about it.

    9. Jasper


      Let him decide. Air Buddies this shit.

    10. Darion


      Lets be honest i treat him the best

      Dont forget what i did for you with coco I

      I am the best choice

    11. WulfeGirl


      Deal. defo will kill you if I don't get chosen.

    12. Honeybee


      I need aN ADULT

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    14. Gaylaxy


      Ill just take you all tbh

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    16. Meme


      *touches him*

  12. Aaand Sam's journal has two more entires! Enjoy the sadness mah dudes!

    1. WulfeGirl


      Y'all should check it out ;) Journal link


  13. WulfeGirl

    S1: Invalid Kill - Factory - 21:00-ish

    Natasha's POV: over the radio we hear that someone is up the hill where me and Natalya was at, holding overwatch for the rest of the people (which was a lot) in the compound like 150m away from our current position. Anyhow me and Natalya approves the guy and I asked what he was doing and so on, Natalya rose her gun to initiate on the guy. Over ts we hear the initiation but never in game and the guy shot her down. I believe it was wrong button she pressed which she had done before. I did an initiation right after the first gunshot but I lost him (that's when he got killed by Ark). I found them both dead later on. Sadly i have no footage of this, usually I record when stuff happens.
  14. I stole your idea not to make it cluttered but they aint the same deary
  15. Undated events (will be updated with proper dates, hopefully) August September October Taped notes in the back of the journal
  18. Wednesday 11 am ET to Thursday 5 pm ET. Friday 9 am to Sunday 5 pm ET. Thats my weekly schedule unless I say otherwise which is sudden jobs but ill inform for now i'm free just like the times mentioned above. 20th i'm going to Denmark apparently like midday for you guys
  19. I'm strongly thinking of moving to America so I can have my beautiful rp that is literally middle of the night for me #EuroperianProblem 

    1. Voodoo


      We need the EU timezone to improve.

    2. Ceps
    3. WulfeGirl


      Riot to make the Americans play earlier!

  20. HEY I LOVE MY DARK JOKES ❤ Wait how is she so adorable? shes an old lady deary it's kinda my OCD when stuff isn't organised >.< it was fun being with you all
  21. I hope all my fellow Americans stays safe from the storm! Have a safe week everyone 

  22. WulfeGirl

    • WulfeGirl
    • Popet

    LOL. Literally went here cuz of your character and as your song starts playing I relize the same song is playing in the background from my playlist. *Thumbs up* Good song taste mah dude 

    1. Ender


      I fucking love EDEN. he needs to write more music. i need more.

    2. Popet


      I love you both loving Eden. :P

    3. Ender


      Rock + roll is my Ringtone. plus my all time favorite song ever.

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