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  1. Sam had just patched up her bandages, sitting down on her sleeping bag next to Taryn. She reaches for her radio and presses down the button. She had a slight Scandinavian accent, sounding very tired. “Umm, hello… My name is, actually my name isn't important. What I have to say is more important…” she gives a short silence before continuing speaking “Today I got captured by those cultists, the ones who have been murdering people in Zelenogorsk… a woman and a man. They found me in Novo- Novodemitri? They took me to a huge warehouse similar to the one Kovar’s market had. She asked me questions, like if I believed in god and about my sexuality. No, I don't believe in god, and I like both men and women. It's a common thing right? Almost instantly she started to blame me for the infection, She says that people like me started it all with coming to this country and bringing our sins. She then gave me their radio to say goodbye to my friends, but instead I chose a random frequency that luckily had people talking. I said what they wanted me to say, but at the end i quickly said my location. .” She sighs loudly into the radio “They jammed a knife into the sides, near my liver, then proceeded to my thighs, she just shoved it right it like she does it on a daily basis. She left the knife in my leg, letting me bleed on the floor. She carved a symbol into my back… I can’t see what it is, but it felt like a cross. Shortly after the people on the radio came to rescue me. Why? I don't know, but thanks to them i'm here now. So, thank you, those who saved me. The male cultist ran off. Probably scared for his life when the female one was shot dead.” She lets go of the button, letting the silence settle she presses it again with a slight happier voice “For those who want to know, Taryn is back, she's fine and protected again. So don't go out there and die to these cultists trying to save her. This is all I wanted to say and if you ever meet these fucks, end their lives. They are corrupted right into the core of their souls” She lets go of the button again, setting down the radio on the tent’s floor
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    Text RP Events

    Character Name: Samila Mallek. Character Age: 27. Does your character have any physical shortcomings? No. Does your character have a mental disability? Paranoid schizophrenic delusion. Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) No. Does your character have any phobia? Claustrophobia. Nyctophobia. Does your character have a love interest? Yes, Stephen Brackett. Does your character have any addictions? No. Does your character do any drugs? No. Is your character overweight? No. Would you like your messages to be strictly serious or would you like a comic relief comment from time to time? Any. Anything else that we might have missed that you'd like to experience in game? Her friend Taryn found a kitty in game, and we keep like taking care of it. Her name was Pizza. She saw her friend getting executed by her groups leader that later on died by VDV. Likes: Candy. Animals. Running. Honest and good people. Dislike: Unreasonable violence. Hostile/loud people. Unable to read what people are about to do. Being alone. Dark rooms. ___________________________________________________________________________ Character Name: Natasha Wilkova. Character Age: 24. Does your character have any physical shortcomings? No. Does your character have a mental disability? Sociopath. Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) No. Does your character have any phobia? Musophobia. Does your character have a love interest? No. Does your character have any addictions? Cocaine and vodka. Does your character do any drugs? Yes. Is your character overweight? No. Would you like your messages to be strictly serious or would you like a comic relief comment from time to time? Any. Anything else that we might have missed that you'd like to experience in game? She has a twin sister Natalya Wilkova Both of them belong to the Russian Mafia and had to do some very bad things towards good people. Likes: Vodka Animals Performing Crass/candorous people Slavs Cocaine Dislike: Lazy people Liars Weakness Indecisive behavior Westerners
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    Ill miss you my beautiful friend <3
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    Bubblegum's MS paint portraits

  5. Undated events (will be updated with proper dates, hopefully) August September October Taped notes in the back of the journal
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    GOOD LUCK MY BEAUTIFUL MAN! I hope ill see you soon!
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    S1: Invalid Kill - Factory - 21:00-ish

    Natasha's POV: over the radio we hear that someone is up the hill where me and Natalya was at, holding overwatch for the rest of the people (which was a lot) in the compound like 150m away from our current position. Anyhow me and Natalya approves the guy and I asked what he was doing and so on, Natalya rose her gun to initiate on the guy. Over ts we hear the initiation but never in game and the guy shot her down. I believe it was wrong button she pressed which she had done before. I did an initiation right after the first gunshot but I lost him (that's when he got killed by Ark). I found them both dead later on. Sadly i have no footage of this, usually I record when stuff happens.
  8. I stole your idea not to make it cluttered but they aint the same deary
  10. A year ago Sam got hired as half time to a rich business family named deBenedict, they seemed to like her as a bodyguard so to kept hiring her whenever there was a trip or meeting. She was fine with this since they gave a decent pay to guard just one guy named Tom. After a while being a bodyguard for this guy, she quickly realized why he needed one, he was sloping with work, running away at every chance he had. Anyhow she got offered full time job to their family to protect this party manic Tom, that meant she had to move to America to continue her job. After saying goodbye to all her family and friends she took off with an 8 hour flight to Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania was a nice flashy city, very different to the other cities she has been to. She went to the hotel they had booked for her, it was a nice five starred hotel, had their own swimming pool and so on. Few hours of getting comfortable at the hotel it was time for her to meet up with the David deBenedict who has hired me full time body guard. He was wearing a very expensive suite, almost too rich for anyone to buy but she couldn't care less about that. David sighed loudly and said “well, i'll pay you double to have my son safe. I will also pay for your hotel, car and weapons too if that's needed”. It was a very good deal, almost too good, she accepted it anyway since she practically already know how his son work with running way and were he likes to party at. At the Riptide Few months of working full time with this adult child they had to go on a business trip to Istanbul, Turkey. Nothing to be different but its there it all began sort of. After the meeting obviously did Tom want to party but instead of going to a pub or a party place he went to a party yacht that was headed of Batumi, Georgia. Sam let him party his ass off which she rarely let him do but he kinda deserved it since he had been working well lately. About three hours in of him drinking he started to wander off, she thinking he was gonna throw up at the toilet let he walk on, realized later that he ran off somewhere. Sam was looking at the common places were he would most likely run off to but he was nowhere to be found till she heard her radio go off. “Umm, we got a drunk kid here at the engine room, no idea how he got here either since the doors should have been locked” She instantly knew it was Tom and hurried down there. She thanked the engineers for calling the security and started to head towards his room. Tom passed out in her arms as she was carrying him and she just dumped him in his bed. Her room was next to his in the hallway so it was easy for her to get back and good place to have an eye on him. She locked his room and continued her work till she passed out on her desk. She woke up few hours later and realized it was time to get up already, exhaustively she laves her room and sees that Tom is still asleep. Few hours later he was up and already partying. Sam couldn't care less about his party instincts. This time he had meet someone to party with, seemed that they got along well. She waved at the bartender and ordered a glass of whisky, it was kinda fun watching how this guy was making Tom partying really hard. About two hours later Tom had passed out in a comfortable looking chair and she took him back to his room again. She had fallen asleep on her desk again when she got woken up by a scream, she hurried inside of Tom’s room making sure he's okay. He was fine, also got woken up by the scream. He looked at her with very questionable look, few moments later she opened the door to peak outside, she saw people half drenched of blood, missing arms and they all were very pale. She quickly closed the door and said loudly “what the fuck are those things?!”. Those things started banging on the door then stopped slowly as the time passed by. After calming down what she saw she fetched her radio and called in, only getting half an answer the transmission broke off with a scream and then shut silent. Sam just stared at the radio with horrified yet empty eyes. She sat herself down on the floor leaned at the door. Hours went by with people screaming and crying, it eventually calmed down only hearing growling outside. Just as she was about to look outside the radio sparked on with a clear voice “all willing and able to we need help retaking the ship. Kill only and all sick or hostile beings. I'm sorry but if you are also injured we are hunting you too. We will meet on the ship deck after we cleared the yacht”. Sam gave a long thought and decided to stay to make sure that nothing happens to Tom or herself. What the fuck is going on?! After about three hour another radio transmission came from the same guy saying that the boat is all cleared. She carefully peaks out of the door and sees blood all over the yacht, she looks back in wanting to vomit cause of the smell and all the blood. Journal ( https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/86562-sam-malleks-journal/ )
  11. Wednesday 11 am ET to Thursday 5 pm ET. Friday 9 am to Sunday 5 pm ET. Thats my weekly schedule unless I say otherwise which is sudden jobs but ill inform for now i'm free just like the times mentioned above. 20th i'm going to Denmark apparently like midday for you guys
  12. HEY I LOVE MY DARK JOKES ❤ Wait how is she so adorable? shes an old lady deary it's kinda my OCD when stuff isn't organised >.< it was fun being with you all
  13. Natalya and Natasha are the twin daughters of Nikolai Wilkova; a very talented manager for a model agency in Moscow, Russia. Once the sisters reached the age of 11, their father Nikolai was brutally torchered by the Spetsnaz, which ultimately lead to his death. The reasonings behind his death where quite unsure, but from speculation and belief, it is theorized that it may have been because of a bad deal that took place. Their grandpa took them in after their dad’s death. He tries to make them behave, work, and go to public school. They rebelled because their dad spoiled them and this change in lifestyle was not going to be an easy one. Everyday they were pressured to do as their Grandfather wanted them to do. In retaliation they began to skip school, never show up to work, and hang out with the wrong crowd. They began to drink at the age of 12 with neighborhood boys who would coerce them into sexual acts. As the years passed with more pressure on their back they started to get piercings and tattoos to “ruin” their already sullied bodies. Due to the amount of pressure that was endured, they'd even resorted to getting involved with the Solntsevskaya Bratva once they reached the age of 16. This then lead them to be trained by these gang members to use guns. They were taught self defense and how to down a man twice their size in mere moments. At this point they had no reason to go back, these people, the “Bratva” (Or Brotherhood) where considered their family. Not too long into their new lifestyle, they started to get into different drugs, like cocaine and heroin. As they earned trust and reliability amongst them and their ranks, their recognition was quickly gaining. As they grew older they started doing jobs for them, dealing drugs, assassinate dealers who owed them money and so on. When they turned 24 they were finally allowed to follow to a huge deal in Zelenogorsk in Chernarus. The other gang was very few when they commenced an attack but they quickly called for backup when the fight began and the Wilkova sisters and the Bratva were quickly overwhelmed. At the end of it, the sisters were all by themselves due to their friends and family all being shot down or having to flee to save their own lives. They too had to flee the drug war for their own safety. They went to their designated safe house and attempted to make contact with the rest of their crew only to find no answers. As they hid from the aggressing side, they were confronted by a few infected who had locked themselves inside of the hostel where they had been hiding. Natalya and Natasha did their best to fight back but this was a new threat. Instead they fled out and into the streets and far from Zelenogorsk. They found a small cabin there, and waited for things to slow down. Until the bombing started, they were keen to hide there, but that soon changed. I, Natasha and my sestra Natalya we hid in the cabin for a long time, I don't know how long but possibly a few weeks, maybe even a month. I went to the fridge to get some food but there was none. We had eaten it all up. I turned around looking at my sestra “Natalya, we have no food. We have to go out and get more” but she just replied aggressively with a insult as usual and demanded me to get out and get some more. I cursed back at her when she called me a fat cow and that I ate it all up. I had one can per day most of the time. I was mad and smashed the door between us. The outside was all blooded and dead, corpses was laying everywhere and people were walking weirdly, like they had shit their pants. One of the, looked at me, his face was all fucked up, blood down his face, when he suddenly ran towards me. I quickly ran inside to the cabin “Blyat! What the fuck are they! Natalya, shit is going down outside!”. Natalia rushed towards me, holding over my mouth, shushing me from speaking more, she peeked outside and her face quickly change when she realized that they weren't human or whatever they are, asking if they were dead. “How the fuck should I know? One of them came rushing towards me when it saw me”. The question form her sestra “Did it touch you?” got me thinking and I quickly shook my head. I stared at her as she shot of the weird people that was closing in. I gently whisper to my sestra “We have to get out of here. Got any ideas where we could go and what we need to do?”
  14. Server and location: S2 Cherno Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 23:23 Your in game name: Samia Mallek Names of allies involved: I had Winston West and Casey Halls (dynamic grup) but they were not in the area. Ashwin Santhosh. Sergei Jackson. Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I was in cherno RPing with the Chernorussian police, I asked them "If i am Swedish police officer dose that make me a Chernorussian police as well?" which led us to their police station. Everything was fine and dandy till some time after when one of the "recruits" pointed a gun at someone and he later on got KO:ed and the gunner logged. We solved the situation by talking to an admin but there isn't a report of it yet. After that another guy got RDMed so since Chernorussian police sort of instantly ask me for advice so i kinda tried to defuse the situation, middle of our conversation I suddenly got killed, just headshotted two three, times. That's all I know.
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    S2: Cherno - ARDM (Invalid KoS) - 08/19/17 ~ 02:00

    Sam POV: I was on the other side of the town with Taryn (@Taryn), Winston (@Saintz) and John (@Jman14102) as we suddenly heard on the radio that Oliver (@CorbSlayer) was getting shot at. Winston went head on down there as me and John waited for Taryn to get back on her PC. When she got back we all went down there and see this half naked guy dead by the door way. That's all we know and continued to RP it out of what happen and so on.
  16. I don't know the name of the people who died but all those I named before are in this entire situation. The first victim got shot about 15 min before my death and the RDM was about 7 min before my death.
  17. We have sorted out about my death, it was apparently an accident, his target was next to me but I will keep the report of the guy who got shot first time and the other guy who got RDMed.
  18. The saddest part was that I was actually drunk the start of it but already sobered up when everyone got "drunk" it was fun
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    The Riptide Collective Media Thread

    Ughhh, spent two three hours drawing this for @Majoo
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    The Riptide Collective Media Thread

    Finally done, could have made it better but I couldn't be asked to spend much time with it >.>