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  1. Derk

    Staff members Spawn in items.

    Cool! thanks for clarifying. I think that is a good reason for more community members to join events. Neet!
  2. Derk

    Staff members Spawn in items.

    I will not name any players here, because they know who they are. I am now starting to notice some players in the game that have in possession, items that are currently not naturally spawning at the moment. So far all I have seen are cosmetic items and one melee weapon. (In no way are they giving themselves an advantage over other players). In fact, I like the application of Roleplay that these spawned items bring. The only issue I find with this is the fact that there are many players who would love to have these items themselves but will never be able to find them unless they were close friends with GM's. I don't have a strong opinion, I just wanted to know how others felt about this. Cheers
  3. Derk

    Dinking a cold one while watching the firefight in Vibor Military go gown.

    I wonder if they will ever find out that I snuck in and stole one of their M4's.
  4. Derk

    October 2018 changes

    With the said tweaking of hand radios, would It be possible to add more channels in-game?
  5. Derk


    Iv saw this too at NWAF
  6. Derk

    a sad story...

    I made this because I'm thinking of playing my DayZ server again. I once created a trailer for a character of mine in the DayzMod, and I thought id make one for this character. Tell me what you think.
  7. Derk

    DayZ Standalone Experimental 0.63

    Awesome... That's good
  8. Derk

    Visited IRL Chernarus

    thanks for sharing these.
  9. Derk

    DayZ Standalone Experimental 0.63

    I hope this doesn't mean you cant look up in-game KOS's, Logins, and Chats.
  10. Derk

    Anarchy Announcement.

    *Derek goes over his to-do list before speaking into his PTT* "I think I will be able to squeeze in some time to attend your meeting. Representing the Radio Broadcasting Team over at Gorka. We'll cover your story. But I better not be caught in any crossfire." *Derek keeps his walkie-talkie close*
  11. Derk

    DayZRP Throwback Thread

    The discrimination back then was top. Anyone who wasn’t chernarusrussian was treated like 2nd class. And Amaricans were basically trash. I wish every member had a portfolio of all there characters from back in the day, with what they did durning that time.
  12. Derk

    DayZRP Throwback Thread

    Around 2013 or so.
  13. Derk

    DayZRP Throwback Thread

    I wonder if I'm the only member of the old (RSM) Ravin shield Mercenaries.
  14. Derk

    The ​​​​​​​mysterious "Help Wanted" signs.

    (These posted cardboard sheets have been popping up in almost every city and town. There does not seem to be any description or explanation with this strange call to action.) Expect Updates on this mystery.
  15. Derk

    People can use Telekinesis

    That rule was not there six months ago. Hahah. and everyone said it would never be implemented. Well, that shows the power of discussion.