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  1. That rule was not there six months ago. Hahah. and everyone said it would never be implemented. Well, that shows the power of discussion.
  2. Encounter.jpg

    One artist to another, well done.
  3. Wow. So I step away from DayZ for a few months and when I get back and play with new people in game, everyone’s has adopted the “double mic” method. (Talking IC & TS at the same time) I dont know what happened but I was truly impressed. people are awesome!
  4. Nexum Co. [Open Recruitment]

    Absolutely! Looking forward to it.
  5. Nexum Co. [Open Recruitment]

    My Character is in a business that involves human trafficking. Reading this makes me excited, message me if you want to RP. looks great!
  6. Animation created by Derk

    Hey thanks @Rolle , I appreciate it.
  7. Animation created by Derk

    That would be Dayz Offline Editor, Photoshop, AfterEffects, and Premiere Pro.
  8. Animation created by Derk

    To be honest, I was looking through the Group pages and got this idea when I looked at Black Bear Garage. So here is my animation I made today from that inspiration. If anyone has any good ideas, or special request, just PM me. Cheers!
  9. Viridian

    yeah. COMMON PAPA!!
  10. Viridian

    accidentally requested membership. you may deny me now. LOL was just trying to get to the Group recruitment page.
  11. Derek Vladimir

    A Bad Start Born into a criminal family can be hard on a kid. No chance to have a real childhood, no long lasting friends. No traditional education. Only the Family. I was born in Alaska. My father, a ruthless Russian man who drank and abused his own family. My Mother, a strong American woman who spent all her energy on her children. I had one older sister who ran away from home with some excuse of a man. Then there was me, Poor little Derek. I grew up to hate my life. The only fond moments I could remember were the times my Father was sailing to Russia, and it seemed like the whole month belonged to me and my mother. But then our short dream would expire with his return. The day I was old enough to work, I was forced to be on the Boat with my father. I knew mother didn't like it, but she was never give'n the righto or luxury to decide what became of her children. I soon learned the true purpose that I was to be apart of. My father was apart of the largest Smuggling trades the the Atlantic, "Da Vlad Highway" he called it. He claimed it to be a secret trade root that has been in this family for years, and that this was a special day because I was the first american who knew about it. He always called me First Generation every chance he got. I spent years of my life on the Trade root. My father latter retired from the family business, only to sit at home drinking himself to death. I was now Captain of the rout. I even retired my fathers boat and bought my own. I named it the "Monomak". Yes she carried me true between two worlds. Beaten between to worlds Times eventually became bad for business. There were still people in Russia who my father owed a great deal of money. They began to deny me port, making the rout more dangerous in regards to the authority. Things were not looking good in America ether. The US government were cracking down on illegal trades transpiring on the west coast. They already ceased businesses in San Diego and San Francisco. It would be only a matter of time till they reached our docks in Alaska. I knew that I would have to burn down rout that my family built up. I knew that I would have to find ligament work to support myself. This I was ok with. It was never the live I wanted in the first place. But I Still had a full shipment of columbine good that needed to make there way out of the US. And my boat was among the only still afloat in the business. Because of this, I was going to be good money, and a good start for a new life. Just one more rout on the Vlad Highway! A terrible End A small crew and a Captain. A boat and the sea. Simple and free! And the Stately ships going on to their haven under the hill. But O for the touch of a vanish'd hand, and the sound of a voice that is still. A ship is safe in the harbor, but that's not what ships are for. To do the will of the father takes courage to walk out the door. Step out to sea, to see what we can do for this War! None of the usual port were going to make them self's available for us. Not only because of their wanting of a debt collection, but there was something else happening on all shores. i knew this because no one in Russia would respond on any radio frequencies. I was about to pull the trip and head for home, but one of the crew men told me of a brother of his who owned a dock in the southern outskirts of Russia. We could drop the cargo there, his brother would resupply us, and we could head home within the day. Seeing how we would most likely be stranded on the rout if we turned back now, I agreed to the crewmen's proposal. Half a day we charted our way to the Providence of Chernarus. A small independence country to Mother Russia. When we reached the coast, I insistently noticed how quite it seamed. Russia was quite too, but this was different. It was like someone had taken A picture and time was at a standstill. The Crewman guided us to a small port of a vary small town. We made way to dock. But there was no workers, no dock master. Nothing! We tied down the Monomak. I tried using my cell to figure out where we were exactly, but with our luck, I found that where was no even the faintest signal. I decided that I would check the Port house there on the beach. Walking over to it, I called out to see if there was anyone around, But nothing called back. When I found that there was nothing or no one to be found in the port house, I went to check the town. At this point the crew was with me. We walked down a road that met with the Main coastline Highway, that also acted as this town's main street. The town was just as still and quite as ever. No signs of life, no signs of anything. I could see and make out a law enforcement building near the other end of town, so I decided to head there. The short walk was eerie and non inviting. We reached the building and walked in. It was a poor excuse of a police station. But we saw that there was no one to be found. "I have a bad feel'n bout this boss!" one of me men said. I turned to respond to him before I saw what was behind him. A containment cell. And in the cell were the bodies of about half a dozen, No, TEN men, women and children lying dead on the floor. When the crew men saw the expression on my face, they looked back to see my discovery. Many of them startled, jumped back in fright. "WHAT THE HELL!" one of them screamed, as the other next to him vomited. "What kind of people would do this?" I moved closer to see something that interest me. There lying there in the mist of the bodies, was a man in a local police uniform. At lease I thought it was a uniform. in spite of the smell, I reached in to lift an arm that would be covering his patch. That's when my arm was suddenly pulled away by one of crewmen. "LOOK!" he said. I saw what he had noticed. Eyes! All of them! Looking right at me.
  12. New Stream | New Beginnings

    Here's a new Twitch series for all of you. https://www.twitch.tv/frozenbutton Hope you enjoy. plz no stream sniping
  13. I agree. I enjoy this game because it is different from other games. Adding safe zones will do more harm than good to the RP. Just my opinion.
  14. Your exactly right. People need to learn how to best do this. (Useing TS and IG voice at the same time) i do it all the time