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  1. Yes there is. I dont know if the devs tweaked things. I was just wondering if people were also experiencing this.
  2. we are attempting to place a tent on a flat surface but we cant get option. Anyone know whats up?
  3. Iv been juggling with the idea using a version of the Mentor Program for all new community members. But this time it would be in-game based. the idea is to assign all new members to a seasoned veteran, and they are to play with that person and learn the ropes through real encounters. This will help new players know what good RP looks like, and it gives new players a good chance to see some real action, without wandering around for days and eventually lose interest. This idea comes from my times in Film School. The best way to learn the industry is to work with a person who is considered a professional, gain great experiences, and network.
  4. I just want to say thank you to everyone’s input and ideas of this topic. And because of you we were able to get this ball rolling. Thanks to the staff for lending an ear to the community. Cheers Y’all.
  5. We do know 100% that there were no locks cut and walls were not broken. We also know that it is possible to glitch in using ladders. If ladders are not trackable at this time then that is a shame. (I personally don't think ladders should be in-game right now. Causes too many exploits. but that's just my opinion) If you are unable to continue this investigation, then there is no reason to keep this report open. But I also want to use this report to let the Admins and Developers know what is happening in the servers, and perhaps figure solutions to improve upon our RP experience. @Roland @JimRP @Zanaan @DrMax and Devs People need a reason to RP. The base building mechanics that has been given to us is a great tool for that. But it has a hidden downside. It is taking away from our RP. The way the system is as I'm writing this post has ALL OF US in a bad way. People are choosing to abandon RP interactions and are instead choosing to focus on protecting or raiding while avoiding any RP. We found this the case for us because we were trying to get our "home" set up for our future plans. We also know that people are breaking in because they are assuming that we have the nice gear and want a peace of it. (we have confirmed this with multiple offenders.) But this is not allowing us to even have good hostile RP. It's cheap. I know some mechanics like locks are not working at the moment, but I feel like there is something we could do. I too can mod this game, so I know how the mechanics work. I personally would like to see the Walls destruction rate pretty much indestructible again. I would like the same with Combo Locks. The reason for this is because people need a reason to leave their bases so that people can actually go out and RP. And if people really want to break into a base, that would give them the incentive to capture a character who lives there and force them to open it. It leads to more RP interactions and less playing for Gear. Its called Avoiding RP. If I am wrong about all of this, you need to let me know. PM me or speak to me on discord.
  6. S1 - Alter Hill Radio Station - AOGM - Between 06-13 7:00 and 06-14 1:00 Server and location: S1, Alter Hill Radio Station Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Between 06-13 7:00 and 06-14 1:00 Your in-game name: Prof Phin Richardson Names of allies involved: @OrionKaelin (Ryan Calyn) @flipf17 (Liam Ward) Name of suspect/s: Not yet known. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): ADA 4x4 Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): A detailed description of the events: Last night we all logged off the server for the night. Before doing so we locked up our base and garage at Alter Hill Radio station. When we logged back on we noticed that some create and supplies were missing. We also noticed that a Mil Tent and a barrel was placed outside our windows. We suspect this was an attempt to crawl in through a window, but we know that it was impossible to do so. The last thing we found was that our car parked in the garage was missing. (We don't think they stole it because there was no evidence of a break-in, but they could have griefed it to despawn.) Our Base was built Ghost proof to our knowledge. And the only way in is if someone unlocked it from the inside. (wire tricking) But the odd thing is, there were no break-ins, created gates, or breakouts. The only way we found that one could get in, is with careful placement of a Craftable ladder, and glitching in. (AOGM) We do not care about the missing loot, honestly, we don't store or keep any valuable loot. Just gear to enhance RP. But we do care about people thinking they can use game exploits to make out like bandits and feel completely safe doing so. "We want people to know the consequences of breaking rules that they think are hard to enforce" If this is not enough to prove or track down the offender(s), you may close this report. we just wanted to do our part.
  7. Iv been seeing this pop up in the servers. Bases that don't have any gates to maximize security. I have seen people express their opinions about this in the forums but I have not seen an official statement from a staff member. 1. Is it ok to secure your base in this manner? 2. In the event of having your base in both servers. Is it ok to have one of them secured in this way? I really don't care if people do this. (I'm not in the business of raiding) But I want to be sure not to do or say anything that could be trouble down the line. Thanks
  8. DERK

    New Base Building

    My question is, what is the current ruling on raiding/breaking into bases when the group is offline?
  9. Now that's a really nice version of Moonlight Sonata

  10. @Roland I know what you are saying. And I agree. These two Settlements were not designed defensively to keep players out. In fact, they are quite terrible at doing so. They were built to feel safe from infected. In both cases, there are actually multiple entrances. (You never build a house with only a door) For ease of access and swift evacuation. Any real defenses would have to be performed by the actual characters. When I was apart of RSM, our leader cared so much about defensives that It actually took away from the real pleasures and aesthetics of having a base of operation. That is not what I want. I want it to Look, Sound, and Feel like a real settlement. Built by survivors.
  11. @Mademoiselle What's great about this method is that they can be very customizable. Let's say a large RP event took place in one of these locations that would change the structure, or possibly, leave it in ruins. Within just a server restart those changes would become visible. It's dynamic! This leaves the group with the need to take time and rebuild. This allows us to stretch our RP and Stories. I just love a good story. Dont you?
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