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  1. DERK

    Potius Cras

    Hey. Thanks for the awesome exchange in Cherno. You sure scared me, but it was fun.
  2. DERK

    S1: South Chernogorsk - Bad RP...again, GearRP 21:15ish

    Server and location: S1 South Chernogorsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:15ish Your in game name: Prof Phin Richardson Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: @PonyBoy - Benjamin Keller and about 3-4 others. All seam to be Denigrata Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Town's ADA 4x4 taken Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I woke up in my apartment, in South Cherno. I walked out, starting to clear out some infected in and around the compound when I noticed that someone, whom I did not recognize, had entered into our "Base" by jumping over some mesh hex boxes. When he saw me he appeared to have dipped into the closest building he could find. I believe Coincidentally it just so happened to be our armory. HAHA. I calmly walked up and met him near the door. He very awkwardly said hi. I was going to say something but that when I had realized that my USB mic had been disconnected. (Reconnecting it would require a game, and possibly computer restart) I was typing out my greetings, and congratulations for conquering our HexBox. But before I could finish I ran off the way he came in. I was a little sad that we didn't get to have an awesome time getting to know each other... I really wanted to show him around, tell him to bring friends to our cookout this weekend. After he left I then was looking around how he got in. I started making plans to improve our builds when I noticed the same guy with at least 3 other people with him. Some of them went straight for the armory, others went to anything they could find in and around the wall. Again, I calmly approached them. A man by the name Benjamin spoke to me. Asking how I was doing and if this was my "Base". With barely any conversation he told me to put my hands up and follow him to one of our buildings. I did so, while I watched the other men just, taking whatever they wanted. (My video Starts here) Video Benjamin takes me to a storage room above our pub. I try to ask him what this whole thing was about, but he just stripped me of radios and weapons, before tieing me up. Again I tried to ask why they were doing this. But he just started asking for the names of people who currently lived there. I gave the names to the best of my ability. He then asked me why we were building here. So I told them. I continued to inquire of them their purposes for doing this, but he avoided the question. I could hear them start up the Town's Car outside the pub. That is when Benjamin attempted to knock me out and leave with the others. I broke out of my restraints and stepped out to watch them leave in our car. (I cringed watching them drive with the hood and doors open... just, WHY) This I Believe This whole time, I noticed that they moved and operated without speaking a word to each other. I am on the Anti Telepathy comity, and I was not impressed. I also was not impressed that they swept up all our Food, Ammo, Basic survival supplies. Since its monsoon season, we have struggled to feed ourselves. And the ammo was used to protect us while we scavenge for food. But, they took everything. They really didn't leave us, or even me, with a fair chance to survive. I fear that they merely came in, became hostile because their one guy happened to see our armory. They could have come in and said why they needed it, or even tried to bribe us through extortion. I would have even excepted a lie of, "we are low on ammo". But they didn't. They just came in, gave a front of information grabbing, while they left with anything they could carry. They didn't know about the small amount of food that we had, but they took that, They didn't know about the car, but they took that. It was classicly a GearRP performance. This is cuts from their group page Cut lines of support for those who oppose us through theft and intrigue [Day 630] This would be true if we had any dealings in the past. Seeing as we have never dealt with them, and they seemed to not have known about us earlier then this, according to them, is not merit to do what they did. Train informants to maximize intel extraction [indefinite] I hope they don't always use this as a front to rob people. Keep our presence on a need-to-know basis [indefinite] I hope this was not the reason why you would never give me an explanation for your actions. Build relationships through consistent RP. Hostile or otherwise Where was our relationship building? We didn't even RP. You just treated us as a cash grab. But luckily you didn't take our actual cash. Heres a cute example of them not knowing or caring who they are dealing with. - user was warned for this portion of the post -
  3. Once everything you neglected to hold dear is taken away from you, one rarely makes that mistake twice. 41 Days! That’s how long it took for all communication in the country to expire. It was the last day I was acutely aware of my family's safety. I was in the country of Chernarus, visiting families I knew from my proselytizing days as a Missionary. They were families that I grew close to in my early adult life, spending much time in their home teaching them of Faith and Christianity. I grew fond of the people and the culture. I spent two years of my young life in what I would call the bliss of Chernarus days. But that was 30 years ago. The years that I was away, the country had torn itself apart. It started by gaining independence from Russian rule, a great day in its history, but it was not a day without backlash. Nearly ten years ago a radical group of Soviet sympathizers had forged a campaign to bring Chernarus back to the ideologies that it had fought so hard to be rid of. The country broke into civil war. The great country and people were buckling to the forces them. The war ended. The sympathizers were swept off, and the Country was rebuilding. That is where I found myself. I had traveled from the United States to help with a humanitarian group to help the families get by with the harsh winters. With years of war bounding the crops and harvest to nothingness, the poor people of where in crisis. Especially the State of South Zagora, which stood upon the core of the battle zones. It was a blessing to reunite with these strong families, old friends. I kept in touch with most of them for the past 35 years, but to see them, the children, the grandchildren, still strong. I was so happy to see their bright spirts beaming in the midst of the shortcomings. I made many trips to Chernarus after that. Last year one of the children that I taught many years ago was getting married. They begged me to be there. So, I made a trip to see them. The cost of travel was especially steep that time of year. There were no holidays nearing, but things two tend to get like this during the sick seasons. All through my connected flights, more and more people wore masks over their mouth and nose. I played no mind to it. Fear of germs is a very common thing in these parts of the world. I landed in Novigrad, but we were not let off the plain immediately. We sat there not almost twenty minutes before the door to the plane opened, and in walked two Military Policemen followed by a few territory officers. We were unshed off the plain very slowly, being inspected by each uniformed man and woman. By the time it was my turn one looked about my face and hands while another checked my passport and boarding pass. In quick, and without a word, they nodded to each other and me they had others lead me off. By my understanding, no one was taken into custody. Perhaps they had a terrorist scare. I continued to the terminal which led to a large room that scoped the run and taxiways. I discredited my experience when I noticed they not just our plain was being screened. Every single plane that landed was met with a team of Police Officers. I watched for what seemed like an hour. They were all welcomed the way we had just been. This fact alone should have concerned me if it was not for the other fact that scared me. Not one plane was taking off. At the end of the day, over 60 large passenger planes were crammed onto the Novigrad International Airport.
  4. DERK

    Raven Shield, Chapter two: Smoke and moonlight

    This brings back so many memories... RSS for life!
  5. DERK

    Rest In Peace DatTurtle

    Rest In Peace
  6. DERK

    Bring back proper Day / Night cycles

    It’s true that nights where too dark with the release of 1.0. And light sources were a joke. but they have now come a long way. It’s still dark, (as it should be) but light sources are bounds better. My friends and I often play on official and community servers because we love night time so much now.
  7. DERK

    S1: Bad RP Kozlovka-2019-01-02, 04:00

    I will do so
  8. DERK

    S1: Bad RP Kozlovka-2019-01-02, 04:00

    Because the fight its self was not the point of the report. The point was that the manner at which he acted in the situation. I will provide the rest that I have. It ends where I pushed the record button on my shadowplay. Now that I see the animation he was making, It could be him resuscitating me. I just saw the rope in his hand and only thought he was restraining me. I'll rescind my claim of no CPR.
  9. DERK

    Bring back proper Day / Night cycles

    I second that
  10. DERK

    S1: Bad RP Kozlovka-2019-01-02, 04:00

    Just a couple more seconds. Of black screan. But I didn’t include it because this report was about badrp if you want it I can upload it.
  11. DERK

    S1: Bad RP Kozlovka-2019-01-02, 04:00

    I know you are new. And I understand the learning curve to RP. But with someone who has 60+ into DayzRP, I would expect a better Etiquette. I do not wish for you to have a bad time in this community. And I don’t want to see you be forced to leave. Just remember to treat every situation like you would in real life. Then it’s fun for everyone. On top of that. Plz do not leave out, or stretch truths in these reports. you said you gave me cpr, but I have video evidence of you punching my unconscious character. And you forgot to mention that you were attempting to restrain my character. There was no CPR involved. Even if it what a minor detail. Plz be conscience of the truth You can have my forgiveness. but ultimately, I’m leaving the verdict to the staff.
  12. DERK

    S1: Bad RP Kozlovka-2019-01-02, 04:00

    Server and location: Kozlovka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-01-02, 04:00 Your in game name: Dirk Daniels Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Bennie.... I think (Please check Logs) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I met this man on the south side of town. Right off the bat, he was reacting poorly to the RP. He asked me where we were, I told him the town of Kozlavka. He then said he was going to check the map to find out where that was. (even though he didn't have one) He asked me how to spell it. So I just asked him if he wanted how it was spelled, or how it sounded. After he didn't answer me I assumed he tabbed out to look at an online map. He then went to look at a street sign. When he returned to me, he asked me for my ax, then pulled a stone knife on me. So I pulled out my empty pistol. He then coward for it before giving up and told me to kill him. I didn't understand why. (Zero value for life) Before long he stood up and attempted to punch me. I then went at him with my ax. This whole time he seemed to be way too giddy while being chased. he was also hot micing to someone over TS, Discord, or at PC this whole time. He then tryed to avoid me by killing himself on the stairs. But Failed. I chased him around a bit before we fought it out. That's when I died. The video shows that he killed me, but I am only reporting for his Bad RP habits.
  13. DERK

    Game breaking mod [fixed]

    I just thought they were using mods when the logs were currently not working correctly. But I do remember something about persistence crashes. What do you mean?
  14. DERK

    Game breaking mod [fixed]

    Just saw this on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/a5qtkn/public_apology_i_may_have_been_the_cause_of_some/?st=JPMU4RUI&sh=5c20dfce @Roland @JimRP
  15. DERK

    Campfire Collection Version 1.

    ?very nice
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