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""Courage is not the absence of fear. It is acting in spite of it"

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  1. Derk

    Anarchy Announcement.

    *Derek goes over his to-do list before speaking into his PTT* "I think I will be able to squeeze in some time to attend your meeting. Representing the Radio Broadcasting Team over at Gorka. We'll cover your story. But I better not be caught in any crossfire." *Derek keeps his walkie-talkie close*
  2. Derk

    DayZRP Throwback Thread

    The discrimination back then was top. Anyone who wasn’t chernarusrussian was treated like 2nd class. And Amaricans were basically trash. I wish every member had a portfolio of all there characters from back in the day, with what they did durning that time.
  3. Derk

    DayZRP Throwback Thread

    Around 2013 or so.
  4. Derk

    DayZRP Throwback Thread

    I wonder if I'm the only member of the old (RSM) Ravin shield Mercenaries.
  5. Derk

    The ​​​​​​​mysterious "Help Wanted" signs.

    (These posted cardboard sheets have been popping up in almost every city and town. There does not seem to be any description or explanation with this strange call to action.) Expect Updates on this mystery.
  6. Derk

    People can use Telekinesis

    That rule was not there six months ago. Hahah. and everyone said it would never be implemented. Well, that shows the power of discussion.
  7. Derk


    One artist to another, well done.
  8. Derk

    People can use Telekinesis

    Wow. So I step away from DayZ for a few months and when I get back and play with new people in game, everyone’s has adopted the “double mic” method. (Talking IC & TS at the same time) I dont know what happened but I was truly impressed. people are awesome!
  9. Derk

    Nexum Co. [Open Recruitment]

    Absolutely! Looking forward to it.
  10. Derk

    Nexum Co. [Open Recruitment]

    My Character is in a business that involves human trafficking. Reading this makes me excited, message me if you want to RP. looks great!
  11. Derk

    Rainy day in Stary

  12. Derk

    Animation created by Derk

    Hey thanks @Rolle , I appreciate it.
  13. Derk

    Animation created by Derk

    That would be Dayz Offline Editor, Photoshop, AfterEffects, and Premiere Pro.
  14. Derk

    Animation created by Derk

    To be honest, I was looking through the Group pages and got this idea when I looked at Black Bear Garage. So here is my animation I made today from that inspiration. If anyone has any good ideas, or special request, just PM me. Cheers!
  15. Derk


    yeah. COMMON PAPA!!