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  1. Don't touch me

  2. Just try the Big Mac

    1. Brayces


      I could care less about the video or McDonalds but I wanted to say Treasure Planet is a underrated movie and I love it.

    2. Zezolar


      You and me both <3

  3. I'm Clayton.
    You're Tarzarn.
    I think you know why...


    1. Zezolar


      This is why I have hard time speaking in-game cause people like you bully me :(




    2. Mademoiselle


      no GIF

  4. I'm pretty sure @Roland already said that he couldn't add it due to some reason. It would be awesome tho to have the backpacks and other items in the pack that really adds more to rp. I'm not for hoarding guns and stuff but it would be good for traders etc.
  5. Mademoiselle is a bully :(


    She makes fun of my accent all the time :(


    Big B-B-B-BULLY


    I cri all de timez.....


    She also sucks at Overwatch but you all knew that already :)

    1. Mademoiselle


      I yust cant believe you done this

    2. Zezolar


      Y u hort meh? :(

    3. Kordruga
  6. Everyone needs a Neighbor sometime...

  7. Tbh looks like caca : - )
  8. Just waiting for someone to make a group based on the Zulu Tribe..... I WANT TO SEE THAT
  9. More and more the hunger for playing games disappear. I don't know if it's because i'm getting old or just because all games are pretty shit now..... WELL ATLEAST I HAVE HALO #XboxLiveWasAIDS

  10. "Flying Bananas Cant Talk
    Flying Bananas Cant Talk
    Flying Bananas Cant Talk
    Flying Bananas Cant Talk
    Flying Bananas Cant Talk
    Flying Bananas Cant Talk
    Flying Bananas Cant Talk
    Flying Bananas Cant Talk
    Flying Bananas Cant Talk

    they just want you to believe they can..."

  11. Hello there! I got told over the comms that some mexican guys had come to our camp and being rude and something about abuse. When we get there I meet this kid who says he wants to live in our town. He starts to use spanish words like: Vato, Mano, ESE etc etc... so i then start to talk spanish with him where he replies that he doesn't speak spanish at all HOWEVER uses a Accent that implies that he does. I try to get more information to see if he really is who he says he is. I consult my Friends and boss about what to do next because I belive that he is a spy using a fake persona. I again try to talk to the child asking him where he's from and stuff like that and he replies in (again) a Mexican Accent saying that hes from New Mexico. In return I start to confront him in spanish ( Since my character is Chilean) and he replies to me in english saying that he does not understand me wich in this point i have hade enough so i call him out on it. Then a bunch of other guys come in and we start to have a friendly little scuffle. The kid gets put in the house at this time and they tell him to sitt in a corner to try again to get some info out from him. In comes beartrap. While it gets put down the kid tries to move away (Had already told him not to move away) so i smack him with my fists to shove him back in the corner. We take his guns and he then says in a non-spanish accent to someone over comms "They took my guns", At this point i am certain that he is faking who he is. We move him to the townsquare, cuff him AND takes his radio. We find armbands that belong to: 5.0.3, BridgeWater and Corp. I tell him several times not to move or i will hurt him WICH he does anyways. In the end he confesses that he is not who he says he is and tells us the reason why he came and so on and forth. At this point i am holding a bat threatening to bash his skull in if he does not comply (I have already given him several chances at this point). In the end i get told to beat him up with a Bat (i even get stopped) and that is about the rest of the IC interaction I have with the kid. NOTE: Sorry for the bad writing but since ENG is not my main tounge and becasue of dyslexia this will have to do.
  12. Gr8 group. Nice RP, fun people and never boring to talk to
  13. It's meh birthday :-)

  14. For some reason i really think that i will look like Tony in the future. I don't know why but It just feels like it


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