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  1. Hello there! I got told over the comms that some mexican guys had come to our camp and being rude and something about abuse. When we get there I meet this kid who says he wants to live in our town. He starts to use spanish words like: Vato, Mano, ESE etc etc... so i then start to talk spanish with him where he replies that he doesn't speak spanish at all HOWEVER uses a Accent that implies that he does. I try to get more information to see if he really is who he says he is. I consult my Friends and boss about what to do next because I belive that he is a spy using a fake persona. I again try to talk to the child asking him where he's from and stuff like that and he replies in (again) a Mexican Accent saying that hes from New Mexico. In return I start to confront him in spanish ( Since my character is Chilean) and he replies to me in english saying that he does not understand me wich in this point i have hade enough so i call him out on it. Then a bunch of other guys come in and we start to have a friendly little scuffle. The kid gets put in the house at this time and they tell him to sitt in a corner to try again to get some info out from him. In comes beartrap. While it gets put down the kid tries to move away (Had already told him not to move away) so i smack him with my fists to shove him back in the corner. We take his guns and he then says in a non-spanish accent to someone over comms "They took my guns", At this point i am certain that he is faking who he is. We move him to the townsquare, cuff him AND takes his radio. We find armbands that belong to: 5.0.3, BridgeWater and Corp. I tell him several times not to move or i will hurt him WICH he does anyways. In the end he confesses that he is not who he says he is and tells us the reason why he came and so on and forth. At this point i am holding a bat threatening to bash his skull in if he does not comply (I have already given him several chances at this point). In the end i get told to beat him up with a Bat (i even get stopped) and that is about the rest of the IC interaction I have with the kid. NOTE: Sorry for the bad writing but since ENG is not my main tounge and becasue of dyslexia this will have to do.
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    An Pobal [The Community][Livonia]

    Gr8 group. Nice RP, fun people and never boring to talk to
  3. It's meh birthday :-)

  4. For some reason i really think that i will look like Tony in the future. I don't know why but It just feels like it


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    (Another) discussion about Offline raiding. *collective dissapointment*

    I still don't see a reason to raid a place that is still under construction and is at its most weakest state. Sure it would be easy loot and so but it will also put a halt to allot of peoples RP since tools such as Nails and saws are hard to come by. And when you have already been raided before you kinda loose a little hope when you hear a bunch of people coming for you to raid you and i understand why you would rather logg off than confront the people raiding you. RP should be more about bonding and working with each other instead of Raiding and Torture. ALSO we should not put other RP:ers in a corner in a game of "He did that" cause thats just a douche move i gotta say.
  7. Born in Chile Alexander lived a tough life, His father was a coalminer and his mother was always taking care of his younger siblings. Alexander was born into a tribe of Mapuche natives and was raised in a small community in Temuco. For half his life he worked with his father and saved all the money he could save so that one day he could pay for school. When he was 15 he joined the Communist Party and became an active member up until he was 18. When he became 18 he was forced to join the military where he served one year then returned home where he rejoined the Party and started to work as a carpenter. When he was 25 he got the offer from a Party Member to go to Chernarus and meet with other parties and help build a community. But the plan never got finished. The outbreak happened and all hell went loose. There was no way back home and Alex was in the start not alone, but one after one got sick and Alex made a choice and left the "Community" they were building and tried to survive on his own using the knowledge from the Army and from his people to survive. He now wanders around the streets in Chernarus, Looking for a reason to continue and people to help. After all: "The people united will never be defeated"
  8. Abraham was born in Kentucky to a family of war veterans and farmers, his grandfather served in WWI and his Father in WWII. In his home Patriotism was everything, "America is the best" his father would always say, Abraham did not care about wars nor did he think America was the greatest. Abraham lived a quiet life on his fathers farm, tending the crops with his 3 brothers and helping his mother and sisters. When the war broke out in Vietnam his 2 older brothers were the all pumped up to enlist and fight the commies. Abraham was not, he did not care about the war but all around him there were talk about enlisting, friends and family enlisted or got drafted into the war. It was not until 1971 when he had finally turned 18 that he was sent a notice, a draft notice. He got sent to Vietnam to fight a war he did not believe in and for a cause he did not care for. He shared his thoughts with his family which resulted in him being alienated by his family. Abraham was now stuck in a jungle, covered in mosquito bites and dirt. His new friends in his company did not care either for the war and they would protect eachother as good as one could in the claws of the jungle. After 3 months of fighting Abe was finally wounded aswell as his friend Theodore. Shrapnel and 2 bullets to his back. Abe was tired and sick of it all. The war, the deaths of his friends. After laying in a hospital bed for 2 weeks Abe and Theodore hatched a plan to leave the army and the war. They got a 2 day paroll to get their equipment and other stuff in check. But instead they went AWOL. They traveled around a bit to find a suitable place where there was no Jungle and where the Army would not look. After getting to Turkey they heard of a country called Chernarus and joined some local fisherman to sail near the coast of chernarus where a smuggler was waiting for them. Before departing Theodore threw away his gear from the war with the reason "I hate this outfit and it feels and looks dirty". Abraham kept his gear. When they finally landed on the bays of Chernarus they both seperated to start anew. Theodore went for a quiet life in the woods. Abraham went to look for work on one of the farms where he got work and aswell met his wife. He lived on that farm for several years until the outbreak began and he ran to the woods to seek shelter. His wife got sick and died, she did not turn however but it still took a toll on Abraham's mind and body. Hiding in the woods and living of what the forrest would give him he survived. After all went quiet he finally left the woods to search for survivors. Death and destruction was all that was found. It reminded him of the war he hated so much and the deaths of his friends. He began to scavenge for supplies, going from town to town looking for survivors and things to salvage. He met a small group of people after some months and traded with them. This was his new goal in life, to help the people in need. Abraham continued doing this. This is Abraham's Story...
  9. Born 1953 in Texas. He was raised in a house where patriotism and god was everything. Every day the parents would preach about how much of a good country they lived in and how much communism was the work of the devil. Every day for 18 years this was the truth until Theodore was sent to Vietnam to fight for his Uncle Sam. For almost a year he fought the VC and saw all his friends die, one after the other. In the end it was too much for Theodore and he decided to desert army after being shot in the back while out on patrol. He was tired of war and tierd of the same old bullshit that they were told. "Commies did this" or "We did this". But the question that always stayed on his mind was "Why are we doing this". He did not hate his enemy anymore than the enemy hated him. When he finally got out from the hospital and was to be sent back he decided to throw away his uniform and run. For two years he looked for a quiet place where only the sound of the woods where heard. He got a tip from some fishermen in Turkey about a place called Chernarus. He did not care anymore about god or politics, he just wanted to be alone. He went to Chernarus with a fake passport and a small amount of money to start over. He had it good the first years. He got married, had a son, had a little cabin in the woods. It was all perfect until his son joined the military when he finally became of age. His wife passed away two years later to cancer and he was all alone again. He stayed in his cabin, used what the forrest would give him and only travelled to the towns when he needed to stock up on ammo for his rifle or when he just wanted to trade things. When the outbreak began he stayed put and waited, old and not as fast as he once were. There was not much he could do but to sit and wait. Nothing really came far into the woods where he lived nor did anyone bother him. Hunting for food and looking for water, That was all that mattered. This is only the start Theodore's tale.
  10. Born on the "Bloody Sunday" He was raised in a catholic household in near poverty. He never met his father since he fell fighting against the british soldiers just some days after the "Bloody sunday". He was raised by his uncle since his mother could not take care of him. His uncle who had also fought against the so called "Black and Tans" told him stories everyday about the combat and the thrill to do what was right for Ireland. When he was 15 he kept ending up in fights with the other kids on the street (Most of them supported the British) until he was arrested for a armed robbery. He was relased from the Irish Youth Justice Service 5 years later and began to work as a fisherman. And since there were still tensions between the Irish and the British his uncle taught him how to shoot with several rifles and pistols used during the battles for the IRA. His uncle who had been his "father" and mentor for the last 28 years passed away in 2000 he decided to head out for the seas. He sailed for some years before moving to Turkey to fish for a big company. In 2017 he and his Boat crew were caught up in a storm out on the Green Sea and were beached on the outskirts of Novigrad. He was the only survivor from the boat. He has now adapted to the "End of the world" pandemic and with the knowledge that his uncle gave him he is now ready for yet another adventure. But this time it's not the streets of Derry. This Is Williams story
  11. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 14:58, 5/6 2017 Your in game name: Blake Jacksson Names of allies involved: John Houston Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): no Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no Detailed description of the events: Me and Houston were running from Vavilovo twoards Mishkino tents when we saw 2 guys go twoards the other direction. As we tried to make our way from the are twoards our destination houston says to me that someone is behind us. We stop to say hi to this man in a ghillie hat and he askes us where we are heading. Since we are nice we tell him where we are going. about 5 seconds after i said that he takes up his AK (wich was resting in his hands this whole time) and goes full auto on me and houston. we didint even know what happend since it happend so fast. From my POV we did nothing wrong and Houston is still new to the server so he just followed me.
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