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  1. Tomeran

    Continuation: Iceland

    Huh. Not bad. Nice to see the lorework still going.
  2. Tomeran

    New whitelist system coming Soon™

    What if, say, the person in question joined the community before there was any whitelist app at all? But who am I to complain, dont mind doing this at all.
  3. For those that have missed it, the entire admin team recently left the DayZRP staff. This thread does not exist to speculate why or spur rumours or the potential consequenses of that, but has rather something different as a purpose: A big thank you to these individuals. Practicly all these people have served DayZRP for several years. Wether everyone agrees with every descicion they've made is irrelevant: Its impossible to be a DayZRP admin without pissing someone off eventually. The fact is they have invested a -significant- portion of their time to do unpaid work to a community that can at times be rather ungrateful to the sheer effort and dedication these people have showed. Thus: Dax, Caesar, Rampage, Conor, Terra and Staggs. I tip my hat at thee, you're all wonderful people that I've had the pleasure of working with and I am quite confident there is a vast amount of people that feel the same here. Thank you for everything you have done for this community, and I truly hope that you'll stay in touch one way or another. Lastly, I ask that community members adhere to the nature of this thread and that they do not derail it with various wild conspiracy theories, accussations or backtalk. Stay civil, please. If you wish to say your thanks however, then this is the place to do it.
  4. Tssk, the ship is harmless! Ol' TOR kept it as a roleplaying base for months, not a single fatality! ...a few people went missing on occassion and we heard strange noises and saw odd shadows, and I swear the furniture was moving around at night! But no casualties!....not that I know of!
  5. Tomeran

    Loremaster Position

    Actually, another question I have is would a loremaster just work on the current timeline and try to cut off loose ends and confusions while advancing the storyline down their own path ? Or would they have a totally different interpretation of the lore making a change itself? What I mean by this would be would someone be replacing Tomeran's previous work of the events that happened across the world or just adding it on and cutting the loose ends or confusions? Up to either the top staff or the loremaster I can imagine. I'd suggest stay the course but..that makes sense for me to suggest I guess. Starting over on something entirely different, although it has its merits, may be a tad challenging. Not to mention that when me and SumoS built the lore, we put...quite a lot of time into it. Anyone that seeks to replace it(and it can surely be done better, I dont doubt that for a second), has their work cut out for them, as building a lore from top to bottom involves...a lot of effort. And restarting the background setting either chronologicly or detail-wise to something brand new also comes with its own host of IC complications for the people in the community. That's worth to take into consideration.
  6. Tomeran

    Loremaster Position

    I'd take the job but then I'd have to continue with the god damned mess the previous ones left behind. No thanks. On a srs note: Best of luck to whoever wants to continue with the occupation, and if you want to talk about things or whatnot then im still around. Once in a while.
  7. Tomeran

    New Mass Effect Announced!

    Not likely. Mass effect cant be mass effect without some substantial galactic enemy though. The reapers were possibly the biggest baddest villains you could imagine in a galaxy(they're rather hard to top unless you have to dip into the warhammer universe or something), the options there were a tad limited. ...so Bioware up'n'moved the whole story to a different galaxy! Its an interesting approach because it opens up a lot of possibilities, both for new enemies and concepts. So I doubt the reapers will be back. But we'll see I guess.
  8. Tomeran

    New Mass Effect Announced!

    I dont care that its over a year away (is it xmas or summer 2016? What's the normal definition of "holiday" anyway?), I'll sit on the hypetrain and mouthfroth all the way! Heard a rumour that it was set in the Andromeda galaxy, the layout of the game was one of few that made sense in combination with the events of ME3. Guess its true, cant wait for more detail.
  9. So they've been methodicly, one way or another, destroying every character I care about in GoT except for maybe Khalisi and the short guy. After tonights episode I was like "You have got to be fucking kidding me!" and almost left me wondering "What's the point now?" ...if it wasnt for this: Leaves a flicker of hope. Kit Harrington himself said though that he isnt coming back next season, but who knows?
  10. Tomeran

    Bugs YOU spotted in 0.57

    Funny what passes for "stable" these days. Heard that zombies apparantly clip through walls again? After all this time, and that ancient problem returns? Can anyone confirm that?
  11. Tomeran

    Ask Rifleman about Standalone RP Lore and Stuff

    Just a brief headsup: For those wondering about the mentioned "lore event", that aint happening. It was a "backup" to help explain the absence of zombies. But apparantly the zombies still exist in 0.57, so problem solved. ...or well, solved might be pushing it. I've been told the 0.57 zombies are buggy as hell.
  12. Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Albert Einstein I wonder what sort of excuses will emerge a month or two from now when noone's playing on the mod servers then. Assuming they survive for that long.
  13. Tomeran

    Kung Fury

    Saw it, excellent thing! Best thing the swedish movie industry has churned out in a loooong time, that's for sure.
  14. Tomeran

    Ask Rifleman about Standalone RP Lore and Stuff

    So I understand that this is an old thread, and I don't know if it is still used, but I have a very quick question about Chernarus. It's a slightly odd question, but what is the climate of Chernarus? I assumed it would primarily be quite hot (as it is on the Mediterranean coast), but as our breath is condensing throughout the game I assume it's pretty cold. Right now there aren't really seasons, so roughly what is the temperature all the time? I just wanted to know, as I thought it would be unrealistic for someone to wear a T-shirt if it was sub 5 degrees or something. Cheers In the DayZRP lore, Chernarus is located on a peninsula sticking out into the Black Sea, just north of Georgia. Due to the fortune of water currents and weather systems, the country is relativly temperate while its neighbouring countries to the west(also on the same peninsula) are arid and void of any notable rainfall. Chernarus's true climate can be compared to the caucasus, because it is part of that region. So while snowfall is rare(it can happen among the mountains), its generally not freezing nor scorching hot. "Average temperature" obviously depends on the seasons, but since its summer now I'd say 15-20 celsius at least. Nighttime maybe half, or just below half, of that. Obviously this can vary greatly depending on the weather.
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