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  1. Will it be possible to customize the areas you "pollute" with the radiation? And more importantly, is it possible to travel to these areas using the chemical protection suits? If so, then I'd consider any radiation contaminated area an exciting addition to the DayZRP atmosphere. You could even add events where the radiation clouds move around once in a while, making it a non-static danger and presenting an interesting atmospheric challenge to overcome. Just dont make them linear along the edges of the map, make their perimeter a bit more IC sensible. If its all about cutting down on map surface to make the area more dense, it doesnt have to be along the edges. This of course assumes the radiation mod would allow such a thing. Oh the possibilities if that mod is a bit flexible... *coughs* Bloodsuckers, Roland. You know you want it. What, you thought I'd forget? Told you I'd never let it go.
  2. Ooh, shiny. Map looks nice. Will definetly give this a go. Maybe a ferry connection of sorts has been established between the two provi-*slaps self* no....no lore thinking Tomeran, control yourself!
  3. Thank you! As for TOR, I actually dont know. I'll probably try just roaming around, getting used to the game again and getting into the RP before I do anything like that. ? But im not ruling it out either.?
  4. Ahoy thar! Its been a good four or five years (I honestly cant remember), but here I am, back at DayZRP. Nice to see the place still standing! A combination of a more stable and better DayZ as well as friends joining the community has me desciding I'd try it out again, see how it goes. Hopefully I wont get robbed off mah beanz right away. Looking forward to all them quality interactions! Oh and on a final sidenote, disregard the "The Loremaster" title under my name until I've had that edited away, it sounds cocky but I couldnt find out how to change it myself. ?
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