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  1. Thank you very much @Elk!!!!! I finally could Thanks!
  2. Hi everybody!!!! I need please you help with something. I've installed dayz 0.63 last week and I played offline for 2 days. Today I tried to connnect to the server I used to play in 0.62 online and it seems the menu and everything is 0.63 version, so when I tried to connect to the dayzrp server I used to play it says connection problem and I can't connect, I've uninstalled dayz and install it again and have the same problem. Any clue how can I get back to 0.62?
  3. casavillam

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    Congrats! I like the idea of large groups, which I think would be the real scenario, people tend to live in a community and not on their own
  4. casavillam

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    @Sophie Nice meeting you today and thanks for the RP!

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      You are very welcome :)

  5. Thanks guys!!!!! I hope beta hits soon and the community returns to the times of large groups and lots of RP
  6. Hi guys, how is everybody? it's been some time since the last time I played dayz the reason is that I'm thinking on coming back when beta arrives, but for what I read is not really close, right? what is going on with the community? is people playing or not that much?
  7. Thanks guys!!!! a pleasure being here!
  8. I'm John Guzman, (Juan) originally. I was born in Argentina and I grew up in a family where I received a very strict education. After finishing secondary school, when I was 18 years old, and completely against my family I decided to travel across Latin America with a friend of mine. we started moving up from Argentina to Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela and so on. During our trip we've been in contact with many kind of people, we've made a lot of friends along the way, and I found my other half in Colombia, she is an American girl, her name is Cindy and she started travelling with us. We fell immediately in love. She was also travelling with a friend of her, his name was Edward, and he was a wonderful guy that had only one "huge" problem, he was a drug addict and Cindy took him on a trip to take him away from his friends in the US that caaried him into drugs. The four of us continued our way for a total of 2 years until we finally made it to Cancun in Mexico. Edward fell again into his addiction and he started seeing some drug dealers there, we tried to convince him and implored him to stick with us and not to pay attention to them, but he couldn't so one day finally he got killed by some dealers that he owed money to. Cindy and me where really shocked, angry and after getting married and moving to the US we decided to fight against drugs by all means possible. Cindy started learning un medical school to fight against addictions and helping other to recover. I went into military school because I felt it was the way someday I could do something. After graduating and years of military service where I served with an impecable record I was offered by an officer I knew to join the CIA, and to join a group in Chernamus called the station E98, I didn't know exactly what they where doing there but I decided I could someday fight drug dealers if I was inside CIA. So I joined as a probationary agent and I never thought I was going to find myself in this situation right now......................
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    hmu when your playing 

  10. Dimitri stops running after hiding inside a building and grabs the radio "Rusty..... Rusty I hope you can hear me, I met you few days ago in Stary Sobor.....you were with a friend and a small girl! I'm the Russian guy that you told to come to this town....... Berenzano, is it correct?............. I'm desperate!!!! There is no people here, no community, nothing!!!!! Just more of this fucking dead!!!!!!!! Please help!!!!!!!
  11. Dimitri was born in Siberia, he belongs to a family of hard workers with a really strong moral and a very strict and tough education. When he was a child, around 12, his father left his home for good because que cheated on his mother and fell in love with another women from Moscow. Because of that his mother started having more troubles than she alreay had with alcohol consumption and all the order and strict education he was used to fell apart finding himself as the head of the family, now made of 3, his mother, his little brother and him. Maybe because of this strict education he had as a kid and the lack of it further on he became part of the russian army and he liked to spend there most of his time when some of his colleagues hated that life for Nikolai it was everything. That's why some years into the army he tried to commit suicide when he was wrongly found guilty of the death of another soldier during some training excercises in the middle east. The military court considered he was not going to jail because he had no intention in the act but decided to immediately cease him from the force and his whole world fell apart once more when he returned home to Siberia with his mom and brother who seemed to be frozen during those years. He obtained a salary as former military soldier but was good for nothing so he decided to take his mother and brother with him to Chernamus where he heard that the truck transportation was becoming a good businness. He sold everything they had and bought a truck from a friend of him . He started sharing his frustation with the road every single hour he could going up and down Chernamus and other countries making money and giving it all to his family. Inside his truck and in the road he found a new kind of life that he started to get used to until one day everything collapsed again and he has been searching for his mom and brother since then, becoming more of a soldier again instead of a truck driver
  12. Hi, I can´t get any of my characters active, I get a message saying *character could not be activated, cool down* anybody knows what´s going on? Thanks