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  1. Thanks for the answer and sorry for my ignorance, how can I use the launcher? T
  2. Juan was born in Argentina un 1982. he had a dream life, his family was rich and he had the chance to study in the best schools and universities. One day while he was studying marketing and he was already working for a company and growing really fast he discovered he want to become a pilot. He then left everything he was doing and entered the pilot academy in Argentina. He finished it and he started flying for the national airline. One of his flights was with a layover in Chernamus, where he found a life very far from what he expected as a pilot
  3. Hy everybody, I keep being kicked from the server due to not being my active character!!!! I randomize the character and input the correct name but I never get the option of using my correct character before getting into the server. I only have the options such as survivor, Character 2 or another Character I used for the stress test. Anyone with the same problem? any ideas?
  4. casavillam

    DayZ Standalone Experimental 0.63

    I'm hopping to jump in during the weekend!! hope to see you all around and enjoy!!!!
  5. casavillam

    New rules draft

    Good work guys!!! look forward to RP with all of you!!!! Thanks
  6. Great Jacob, I'll try Thanks!
  7. Hey everybody!!! how are you? Is still the gamma adjustment in settings working? I tried to make the screen brighter for the night but it was not responding, anybody with the same problem?
  8. casavillam

    • casavillam
    • Mia

    Darra!!! I just read you are leaving!!!!!!!!!!!! can't beleive it!!!!! you where one of the first persons in dayzrp I interacted with in those 101 old days!!!!!! I will miss you and you are one of the best persons I've met in this game. Come back one day

    1. Sleepyhead


      Darra says.. 
      Thank you! I always enjoyed meeting you in game at Stary Yar and later other places across South Zagoria.  You are also one of the nicest people I met ingame!

  9. Thank you very much @Elk!!!!! I finally could Thanks!
  10. Hi everybody!!!! I need please you help with something. I've installed dayz 0.63 last week and I played offline for 2 days. Today I tried to connnect to the server I used to play in 0.62 online and it seems the menu and everything is 0.63 version, so when I tried to connect to the dayzrp server I used to play it says connection problem and I can't connect, I've uninstalled dayz and install it again and have the same problem. Any clue how can I get back to 0.62?
  11. casavillam

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    Congrats! I like the idea of large groups, which I think would be the real scenario, people tend to live in a community and not on their own
  12. @Sophie Nice meeting you today and thanks for the RP!

    1. Sophie


      You are very welcome :)