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  1. Desperate!!!!

    Michael Winalda grabs the radio from his backpack after reaching a "safe" location and starts using it *please.......if the russian girl and the american guy I just met near Novaya Petrovka can hear me please don't ignore me.............I'm Michael.............Michael Winalda........I found you there, went to a tree to take a pee and lost you.............I hope you are alive, please!!!!!!!.................I want to meet alive people again!!!!* He starts crying and enters a really sad and desperate moment of his life
  2. Michael Presses the PTT "guys, this is Michael Winalda, glad to hear your voices on the radio!!!, I've been hiding in the woods since everything became very hostile and I'm waiting to regroup with you" Stops for a while to pay attention to some noises in the woods "let me know where should I head to please!!!" Leaves the radio beside him
  3. Hello

    Hi, playing here with my daddy! And I'm the youngest member!!!!!
  4. I met you all today guys and it was really nice, had lots of fun in camp "karaoke" hope to see you tomorrow!!!!
  5. *Michael grabs the radio desperately * "Thank God!!! Hello, hello, can you hear me? My name is Michael, I think I just met a guy that is with you, he told me to get to that location but I can't find you people. There is a wooden pub east of devils castle, are you near there?" *he releases the pattern with a new hope in his heart *
  6. Kovar's Market

    Congrats Darra!!!! looks really nice!
  7. New Lore Implemented! PLEASE READ!

    Great Guys!!!!! congrats and thanks for letting us know!!!!
  8. Michael Winalda

    He was born in Argentina and since que was a little kid he loved everything related to the aviation world, he then studied and graduated as a military pilot and he fle for many years. Due to his high strategy skills he became a strategist analyst for the goverment of Argentina and later on he left the force to join a private company dedicated to strategy and became one of the most important advisors. He then travelled to Chernamus as part of his job when the outbreak started. His team was attacked in their military base located at Kamensk and he managed to survive the initial attack. Since then he is trying to find a safe place, able to make it even safer and try to survive until he can find a plane and try to get back home somehow
  9. Just thinking loud

    Thank you @Joo and @Pepe Jones for answering and feedback!
  10. Just thinking loud

    Thanks @Mistyand @Alexis for your feedback as well. Yeah probably I forgot the limitation in RP because I had in mind lots of RP within each faction, but all of you are right guys. And yes, I'll try to develop a future idea a little bit more when on my free time
  11. Just thinking loud

    Ok guys, thanks for the answers and oppinion. That's the reason I said "just thinking loud" of course I was appealing to people like you that are much more experiencied than me in the game and methods Thanks again Best regards
  12. Just thinking loud

    Did I clarify a bit?
  13. Just thinking loud

    Ok, I'll try to explain it better, first of all sorry if anything sounds stupid but bare with me since I don't know technical or other kind limitation. What I say is that we use server 2, for example for one month, as a server where only 3 factions are allowed and everybody wanting to play in that server should be part of one of these 3 factions. There will be 3 designated settlements for them (decided by staff to make it even regarding resources, proximity, spawning, etc) leadership and ranks of the factions should be assigned according to probably hours played. I'm thinking on no need to initiate on the other factions to attack them, in that sense groups could plan outposts to prevent and alert attacks to the settlement, etc. Is just an idea of what I'm thinking but before continuing working on it let me know your thoughts I believe everything should be organized and supervised by staff to make it fair for the 3 factions
  14. Just thinking loud

    Hi everybody I was just thinking of an Idea that it could probably be nice to test it, at least for one month or so. Is there any chance someone from DayzRP staff could take the leadership of making a base of 4, 5 or 6 factions where all of the active players should enroll to one of them and each of them will have their known settlement, probably it can be made ramdomly and even the roles in each faction too. I don't know, probably someone could help with ideas and seeing the chance if it would be viable or not Let me know your thoughts Thanks