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  1. yes I did, that picture was before. Thanks Mate!!!
  2. No, not working, if I right click over dayz in Steam and click on play I get to the game menu but in that case I will get the bad version message and if I right click and start the launcher it after I press play on the launcher I never get to the game menu, the little wheel on the top right turns for a while and then it gets frozen , probably I'll have to uninstall and install everything again
  3. Thanks for your help guys, saddly none of them worked, I'll paste a few images of my launcher screen so you can tell me if everything seems to be ok.
  4. Thank you very much!!!! I'll try it when I get home!
  5. No, what is that? I have no idea hahaha
  6. Hi everybody, I had this problem for over a week now. When I try to launch the game from the launcher I can never make it to the servers menu. It just gets stuck on the loading screen. I'm attaching a picture of the screen I get stuck in
  7. casavillam

    DayZRP mod February content update

    Great job!!!!!!!!! I hope I will be able to return more active soon!!!
  8. Merry Christmas for everyone!!!!!! 

  9. Thank you very much @XieAngel
  10. Hi everybody! it's only me that cannot find the Dayzrp server? even in this website it says there are 22 players online and it dosen't appear on the server list
  11. Yesterday night I had a wonderful time with (sorry I don't know the user names of some of you, please identify if you wish) @cocomii, and character names Andy, Jack, Patty, Fionna and the "Mexicans". I really enjoyed the RP in Stary Sobor!!!! Thanks everybody guys!
  12. Hi Guys!!! problem solved finally!!!! thank you very much everyone for your help @XieAngel you can close the thread Thanks again
  13. Thank you very much, during this weekend that I'll be at home I'll get into Discord server to see if someone hopefully can help me
  14. Thanks guys, I think I have another kind of problem, I'll keep trying
  15. Hi everybody, I hope someone can help me with an issue I have and that I don't know what else to do. I was playing dayz normally using the steam dayz launcher (opening the game through the desktop icon will result in bad version message trying to get into dayzrp server). No problems at all until yesterday when i tried to log in and I started experiencing all sorts of strange things. First, after selecting dayzrp server and trying to log in I got the typical black screen with the "dayz" legend in the middle thinking there for a long time and then returned to the main menu screen as if I just opened the game. I retried and I got the message "spawning in 15...14....13....12....11" then suddenly closed and the steam launcher screen appeared and no news about anything else. Another time I tried I reach to the point of reading the same " "spawning in 15...14" and it froze the screen at that point. I have uninstalled and reinstalled dayz and nothing happens, this morning I tried before coming to my job and I was able to get ingame, I logged of to see if the problem was solved and I started experiencing the same problems again. can somebody please help me? I've also changed to 0.62 version and back to no betas and checked the mod box in the launcher and everything is as it should be Thanks Regards Mike
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