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  1. Hi again @PhoenyxxRP do you have the link for Rivalry? I'm not quite sure of finding it
  2. Thank you very much for your answer!!!!!!
  3. casavillam

    Gta V

    Hi guys! I've played GTA since 1 and now for the first time I'm trying to play on a RP server, I've installed Rage Multiplayer and I need if someone could possibly guide me in regrads of good servers to get in to, any community like this to belong to, etc Thanks Kind regards Mike
  4. Hi everybody!!!! Is there any guide on how to play on the Livonia server? Thanks and have and excellent 2020 beginning
  5. Plus, I know I don't play as much as other people do, but I always participated as much as I could, even when community was almost empty, I don't have a single warning point and as far as I beliveve not a single complaint in my ways and manners either OOC or IC and besides that I cannot be a part of this server ingame anymore
  6. Hi everybody, probably this thread is already out of the question but I just want to leave my opinion. I really like this community and the people that are part of it, but sadly for the last 3 weeks it has been almost impossible for me to play on the server since every single day the shortest queue to get on is at least 25 people long . In my case I work 8 to 10 hours a day and besides that I have a baby, so the time available I have to be a part of the community is not as much as I would like to. If a "server 2" was available at least I would be able to get to one town from another in another server and wait to have a space in server 1 and interact with the people I want. By the time I will be able to get on (that if I don't get disconnected for high letancy) by the time I'm number 5 in queue will give me around ten minutes of gametime before I have to go to bed because tomorrow I work
  7. Hi Guys!!!! I'm getting this message when I try to get ingame When I click right button on the dayz game in steam I don't get the run dayz launcher as before, can anybody send me a guide please? it's been some time without playing and I'm kind of lost Thanks
  8. yes I did, that picture was before. Thanks Mate!!!
  9. No, not working, if I right click over dayz in Steam and click on play I get to the game menu but in that case I will get the bad version message and if I right click and start the launcher it after I press play on the launcher I never get to the game menu, the little wheel on the top right turns for a while and then it gets frozen , probably I'll have to uninstall and install everything again
  10. Thanks for your help guys, saddly none of them worked, I'll paste a few images of my launcher screen so you can tell me if everything seems to be ok.
  11. Thank you very much!!!! I'll try it when I get home!
  12. No, what is that? I have no idea hahaha
  13. Hi everybody, I had this problem for over a week now. When I try to launch the game from the launcher I can never make it to the servers menu. It just gets stuck on the loading screen. I'm attaching a picture of the screen I get stuck in
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