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  1. casavillam

    DayZRP mod February content update

    Great job!!!!!!!!! I hope I will be able to return more active soon!!!
  2. Merry Christmas for everyone!!!!!! 

  3. Thank you very much @XieAngel
  4. Hi everybody! it's only me that cannot find the Dayzrp server? even in this website it says there are 22 players online and it dosen't appear on the server list
  5. Yesterday night I had a wonderful time with (sorry I don't know the user names of some of you, please identify if you wish) @cocomii, and character names Andy, Jack, Patty, Fionna and the "Mexicans". I really enjoyed the RP in Stary Sobor!!!! Thanks everybody guys!
  6. Hi Guys!!! problem solved finally!!!! thank you very much everyone for your help @XieAngel you can close the thread Thanks again
  7. Thank you very much, during this weekend that I'll be at home I'll get into Discord server to see if someone hopefully can help me
  8. Thanks guys, I think I have another kind of problem, I'll keep trying
  9. Hi everybody, I hope someone can help me with an issue I have and that I don't know what else to do. I was playing dayz normally using the steam dayz launcher (opening the game through the desktop icon will result in bad version message trying to get into dayzrp server). No problems at all until yesterday when i tried to log in and I started experiencing all sorts of strange things. First, after selecting dayzrp server and trying to log in I got the typical black screen with the "dayz" legend in the middle thinking there for a long time and then returned to the main menu screen as if I just opened the game. I retried and I got the message "spawning in 15...14....13....12....11" then suddenly closed and the steam launcher screen appeared and no news about anything else. Another time I tried I reach to the point of reading the same " "spawning in 15...14" and it froze the screen at that point. I have uninstalled and reinstalled dayz and nothing happens, this morning I tried before coming to my job and I was able to get ingame, I logged of to see if the problem was solved and I started experiencing the same problems again. can somebody please help me? I've also changed to 0.62 version and back to no betas and checked the mod box in the launcher and everything is as it should be Thanks Regards Mike
  10. IGN: Dimitri Velof Country: Argentina English skills: Fluent DayZ Mod Experience: Just joined back after few month of not playing DayZ Standalone Experience: 1491 hrs Roleplaying Experience: 1491 hrs What kind of In Game role best describes you: I can adapt to any role required by the group Have you been in any clan/group previously: yes, Haven, Fireflies, Blue Armband Brothers, 101 Additional notes: I am a mature person who wants to roleplay as a group member in a serious and respectful way. I'm not into gathering info ooc to use it later in anyway or doing anything that would go against community interests. For those who remember my main character was John Guzman and you can ask anyone who have interacted with me my excellent predisposition to give the most of me to enjoy and help others enjoy the game I prefer groups that have as one of the IC goals to establish a base/settlement or that already have one rather than nomad kind of groups. I prefer the fighter/defender or scavenging role but as I said I can adapt to anyone. My intention is to be able to be part of a group, cooperate and help the best I can to reach IC and OOC goals. You won't regret having me in your group, I will only add something positive to it Best way to contact you: PM Backstory: Dimitri was born in Siberia, he belongs to a family of hard workers with a really strong moral and a very strict and tough education. When he was a child, around 12, his father left his home for good because que cheated on his mother and fell in love with another women from Moscow. Because of that his mother started having more troubles than she alreay had with alcohol consumption and all the order and strict education he was used to fell apart finding himself as the head of the family, now made of 3, his mother, his little brother and him. Maybe because of this strict education he had as a kid and the lack of it further on he became part of the russian army and he liked to spend there most of his time when some of his colleagues hated that life for Dimitri it was everything. That's why some years into the army he tried to commit suicide when he was wrongly found guilty of the death of another soldier during some training excercises in the middle east. The military court considered he was not going to jail because he had no intention in the act but decided to immediately cease him from the force and his whole world fell apart once more when he returned home to Siberia with his mom and brother who seemed to be frozen during those years. He obtained a salary as former military soldier but was good for nothing so he decided to take his mother and brother with him to Chernamus where he heard that the truck transportation was becoming a good businness. He sold everything they had and bought a truck from a friend of him . He started sharing his frustation with the road every single hour he could going up and down Chernamus and other countries making money and giving it all to his family. Inside his truck and in the road he found a new kind of life that he started to get used to until one day everything changed again and he has been searching for his mom and brother since then, becoming more of a soldier again instead of a truck driver
  11. Thank you very much @Falk!!! I'll do tonight
  12. Hi guys, I've been reading regarding this issue and yesterday night I tried switching to 0.62 and then back to no betas but nothing happened, still getting the message. My question (probably very stupid) is: since when this part of the "how to join" section is needed? it was not this way in experimental, right? In order to play on DayZRP you will need our mod files that change some aspects of gameplay and add new features. The easiest and quickest way to do that is by subscribing to our mod on the Steam workshop and letting the DayZ Launcher update it. Head over to our Steam Workshop page and subscribe to the mod, then run the DayZ Launcher and it will download the mod for you. Before launching the game you need to make sure that the DayZRP Mod is enabled, you can do so by going to "Mods" and checking if the DayZRP Mod is under "Loaded mods" and the box is checked. You will also have to set your character name by going to "Parameters", checking the "Profile Name" box and entering your character name. This has to be the EXACT same name as your active character's name on the character page. After you've done all that you simply hit the "Play" button at the bottom left of the launcher, this should start up DayZ with the mods loaded. From here you'll have to go to the server browser, go the "Community servers" tab and search for "DayZRP.com".
  13. Wow!!!! that's a lot!!!!! I'll try to get back ingame soon!!!!! Is it possible to make the bases safe or if you leave it unattended anybody will get in and loot it? Thanks @Cid
  14. Hi everybody, after some time where I couldn't get ingame I'll try to return and I'm kind of lost with the latest developements. The last time I've played 0.63 tents where not there and now I heard they are back plus base building is available?
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