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  1. @Macbrine @CorbSlayer @Pinkerton @Cowboy @Randle @Raptor @Saintz @neckrorazul First time back in dayz and had a blast with you all, good times ahead <3 -Have to admit the person in the shop that waved their arms and disappeared was me, I had such a laugh listening to the confusion.
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    Schnitzler's list: Everything you'd ever want regarding character pages

    Love the memes <3 good job
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    Schnitzler's list: Everything you'd ever want regarding character pages

    omg hahaha +1 brilliant
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    Schnitzler's list: Everything you'd ever want regarding character pages

    https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-314/ Curious.
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    The Riptide Collective - Post-LW W.I.P

    Is lit.
  6. Holding the new born child Isabel smiles sweetly. A beautiful baby boy, with Dragoslav's eyes and Isabel's perfect cupid's bow lips. She had never felt so proud. They made it, they survived together, the three of them. The sounds of Dragoslav packing for their journey to their new life in Russia can be heard. Holding Viktor Novak to her chest tightly a tear rolls down her cheek. Grabbing the radio she presses the PTT, ready to say her final goodbyes to any of her friends that may still be alive. "Dear friends... I don't even know if you will hear this message or if you are alive and well... but I truly hope that you are. Dragoslav and I have been gone quite some time now, keeping to ourselves and surviving on the outskirts of Chernarus. We are well... all three of us. Yes. We are announcing the birth of our son. Viktor Novak, a beautiful baby boy named in honor of our dear friend Victor Cruz..." The voice breaks a little as she speaks the emotion filtering through. You can hear a rustle of movement and a murmur of a male voice. "We are leaving Chernarus for Russia, we have stayed here long enough and it's time we start a new beginning together. I love all of you so very much. Stay safe. We will never forget the life we had here..." Isabel releases the PTT. Turning to Dragoslav and kissing him softly. You should say your goodbyes now too. We leave in the morning...
  7. Decided to challenge myself and open up for requests. If you are interested in anything then I'd love to hear about it. * [Dedicated to good old times, memories with the dragon.] * Other examples will be uploaded soontm.
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    Summer Challenges 2017

    Summer sky promise. Wicked smile behind a mask. Bloodied rags trap her.
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    What did I do wrong?
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    The Lore Wipe

    Amazing that this finally going ahead, when its all we wanted! The new lore masters are magic Can't wait to see what happens, +1 for idea one.
  11. *The American disheartened by the negativity by a few who spoke, finishes his glass of Baileys and his cigar, in quiet contemplation. A beautiful song can be heard playing in the background. Taking a breath he presses once more on the PTT.* All who are asking about the when and where I am still preparing with my men. We have a where but are unsure of the when. I have a private frequency 135.77 Hz that I encourage you all to keep tuned into. I will announce the meeting there, any and all who want to attend are welcome. Be aware that we are offering protection to those who attend and will do everything within our power to keep to our promises of it being a safe place. My men are good at their job, this is why we have been able to keep hidden for so long. Please spread the word amongst friends and family. Let them know their will be a celebration amongst many, trades for all and good food and drink to keep us happy. Medical care will be available for those who need it, we have an abundant supply to donate to the sick or wounded. *Pausing momentarily, he hums a little; distracted by the soulful piano melody.* Any further questions, I will be listening on this frequency for the rest of the evening. I do hope that when you all lay your heads to rest tonight you consider how wonderful Chernarus could be if we all united. *He claps twice, the piano quietens and the transmission ends to static.*
  12. *Abigail presses eagerly on the PTT.* Oh! This is wonderful news! Maybe some people that meet with us can help with starting this up? I’d volunteer myself in a heartbeat, I could teach maths? Possibly, science… to an extent. I do hope the pregnancy is going okay, how far along now is she? It must be almost time to meet little Nemec! *She releases the PTT, eagerly awaiting his response.*
  13. *A small feminine voice can be heard again as she takes in all the voices before pushing the PTT on her radio.* I have to say American, you talk the good talk and you have persuaded the wonderful doctor to attend with his wife. At this… I have to say I will travel to this meeting with my daughter Sofie. We are in need of antibiotics for her bad chest, possibly an inhaler… *A little girl can be heard, coughing and wheezing and she turns away from the radio speaking softly to her, trying to settle her disquiet.* The man who called us all fools. You are sadly mistaken, I am upset that you feel this way. Death is inevitable, but this does not mean that we have to accept it! Turn over on our bellies and give up! Doctor Nemec is a wonderful man, he has saved so many lives. Many people are in debt to his professional care! People exist like this in Chernarus still. My daughter was caught in a firefight, a bullet straight to her stomach. I remember holding her in my arms and screaming out to God to not take her away from me as she bled out. My heart was torn and I felt like my soul was on fire with the hatred I had for everything and everyone that had caused me and her so much pain… *Her voice raises higher as she speaks, the words hurried and passionate.* I owe this Doctor my life, I owe him my sanity and I owe him more than I could ever repay him. I will not lie down and let death take me willingly. I will fight to my last breath for our lives. This is what living is all about sir! *A moment passes and you hear her whisper to her child.* -It’s okay Sofie, mummy is just talking with some men. We will be visiting with Doctor Nemec soon my dear... *You hear a rustle and a murmur of the little girl, before she falls silent.* Doctor Nemec you said your wife will be joining you? I remember she wanted to run a daycare or a school of some sorts is this still a passion she holds dear to her heart? She was so inspiring to me. My daughter just loved her, she is so good with children. *The transmission cuts off abruptly.*