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  1. matthew moors

    He lost his money after a terrible disaster and was now alone and forgotten. With a childhood friend he had to survive in a villainous world. But with his eagerness and talents, he managed to overpower anybody who's a hinderance and find a new home. This has turned him into the man he is today. Having finally found some peace of mind, he now works on meeting new, kind people. By doing so, he hopes to start life over on a good note and finally find purpose to life he has never had. Blonde, shoulder-length hair neatly coiffured to reveal a round, warm face. Glistening hazel eyes, set charmingly within their sockets, watch thoughtfully over the mines they've cared for for so long. A sword left a mark stretching from the left side of the forehead , first running towards thin lips and ending on his left nostril leaves a pleasant memory of fortunate adventures. This is the face of Matthew Moors , a true champion among dark elves. He stands small among others, despite his tough frame. There's something extraordinary about him, perhaps it's his odd friends or perhaps it's simply a feeling of delight. But nonetheless, people tend to thank him for his service, while trying to subtly look more like him. Living up North, all by himself as a survivalist when all of a sudden I heard about a great Disaster about a outbreak, which was spreading real fast, so my thoughts were damn! I gotta move now where to go though maybe somewhere there is a safehaven I could settle down I don't really trust people but i'm classed as Neutral, so if the situation gets heated I'm going to do what's best for me.
  2. to the boys [Private Frequency]

    *joey Picks up his radio and speaks* "ok Boss" *joey puts the radio back on the table*