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  1. I used a cellphone last time to play some instrumental jazz but the music sounds bad and muffled, like when I talk through a gas mask, I tried virtual mix but I can't talk in-game through my microphone, so most of the time I type out so I can talk to people. Any alternatives that can keep the music quality while I can still talk in-game?

  2. *Inside an abandoned pub the man takes a radio that was given to him by his supplier and changes the frequency to try and contact him, as this is his first time using the radio, he unknowingly sets it to a public frequency*

    *he sits down in a chair and presses the PTT button, he then starts to talk in English with an Italian accent* "Hey Gato it's me, thanks for the supply of gin a few days back, I'll keep it at the stash" *smirks* "oh, by the way, that stash you gave me ehh...doesn't look so good though, it was filled with holes, like as if somebody stabbed it with a spear a couple of times" *he pauses for a minute* "eeeh... what was the thing I was supposed to say to you again?" *he pauses again for a few seconds* "Ah! I remember now."

    *his tone starts to sound excited* "Did you know that this year, 2017, is said to be the 211th year anniversary since cocktails were born?" *the man pulls out a worn out looking martini glass from the cabinet next to where he was sitting down and places it in a table* "I need to thank you, you showed me a nice method to make my drinks cold again" *he then to pulls out a whiskey bottle from his bag, also placing it on the table* "so why don't I give you a little cocktail recipe I learned a few years back"

    *he pauses for a minute to grab a can of spite from his bag* "Now, go get yourself any unbroken glassware that you can find" *he pauses for a second* "Eh...most preferably a rocks glass, then go get that whiskey bottle I gave to you, after that go find some way to get a sweet tasting lime drink, probably a can of soda is enough" *he pauses for a second* "unfortunately for the both of us, you'll also be needing this swiss liquor called absinthe and some bitters" *he scratches his head then starts to talk again* "I don't know how you'll get those in this country so might as well improv during these harsh times eh?" *quietly you hear him chuckle sarcastically in his own disappointment for the lack of ingredients* 

    *he starts to talk again* "Now, pour an ounce of whiskey on a bottle container, and another quarter ounce to get a good taste of that spirit" *at the same time you can hear the sound of liquid pouring down in a container* "then grab that lime soda and pour two ounces on your container" *you can hear the sound of another type of liquid pouring down, this time the sound reminds you of when your pouring cola on a glass* "Eh...Now if your lucky enough, you might find some lime or orange on your way, now go peel the skin off and take the skin with you, put the skin of orange on a clean flat ground and start chopping it into tiny bits" *he pauses for a minute to grab some ice from the ice box and place it on his martini glass* "now put all bits inside the container, this would subtly imitate the "bitters" I was talking to you about earlier" 

    "Now go and start shaking that water container, shake it vigorously" *he pauses for a second* "Pour the contents on your glass. Now assuming you still got some ice in your camp, do put it on your glass, it would make your drink taste better" *you can hear the sound of the liquid from the container being poured into a glass* "now mix it again with a spoon or a branch" *he pauses again to take a sip from his mix*

    "And this, is an improvised version of one of the oldest cocktail mixes...The 1850 Sazerac. A famous cocktail in New Orleans and the first "Branded" cocktail in world." *he takes a sip from his martini glass* "to think just by mixing these would make your plain whiskey into something bitter-sweet with a subtle spark of lime as an aftertaste. Probably during the late 1800's this thing was REVOLUTIONARY!" *he pauses again for a second* "That, is one of the reasons why I like this job, yes, drinks can't save lives, but it can revitalize you, making you feel good and prepared for tomorrows challenges" *he pauses to take another sip of his drink again* "I hope you enjoyed this small conversation I had with you... Please, enjoy your drink this afternoon" *he releases the PTT button with a warm smile on his face*


  3.  I had to cut this to 4 minutes because the other 6 minutes would be me sitting on the rock before this happened...which I think is a waste of time. I will upload the RAW version later, sorry I have to attend to my bartending classes today. I hope this clears the misunderstanding about sneaking in the settlement

  4. Permission to upload a 10 minute video(with translation) just to show we were there just see that boxing match without any ill intent. Me and @Spade were waiting on queue for a bout an hour just to log in and see this boxing match, unfortunately we never made it(I did but I kept on getting disconnected so I had to wait on queue again) When I met Spade outside of Stary Yar, we heard gunfire and a survivor heading towards us yelling that we should run away. We ran to the outskirts of the town and circled around on the eastern part. After the shots were gone, I told @Spade that the firefight might be over so I told him to keep moving to stay yar without any guns so we wouldn't be seen as a threat then show him  where the boxing match happened. The events that happened after is on the video. We never thought about sneaking in and was unaware of the firefight still going on.


    Regarding @iBstoneyDave's assumption about the "let's not take the risk" part, we were talking about stealing the bags that was left at the boxing ring, I told @Spade not risk it because it would be stupid to lose 101's neutral relationship with us as merchants if we get caught. 

  5. Server and location:  S1 EU, North side of Stary Yar

    Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  (roughly) 11:00PM - 30/4/2017

    Your in game name: Anavel Gato

    Names of allies involved: Fred Spade

    Name of suspect/s: iBstoneyDave (I asked the name from an admin after I died)

    Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None

    Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 


    Detailed description of the events :  Me and Spade were going to a boxing match, when suddenly, without warning Spade was shot and I was also shot afterwards by an unknown assailant. We never saw the shooter, but luckily I recorded the incident.

  6. *Bishop was spraying disinfectant on his plants when he heard a voice on the radio regarding a lost "sedan", he stopped his cultivation activities and went inside his house, he pulled out his map and spreaded it on his kitchen table*  *clicks the PTT*

    "033 031, me and my buddy noticed a car parked in the middle of the forest around this area, the car didn't had any doors whatsoever, and it was filled with large bullet holes all over it, it had 3 extra car batteries on the trunk and a spare spark plug. If it's yours then dont bother, we tried turning the engine on to see if it was working but to no avail. You can go there yourself to check it out, hope this helps"

    *Bishop releases the PTT and went back outside to resume his farming activities*

  7. *Gato presses the PTT upon hearing a nostalic noise that only happens around this year*       " A store, a double barrel shotgun, couple of buckshots, and a big bottle of scotch whiskey...that'll keep me warm." *releases the PTT*

  8. *Bishop overhears the conversation by chance on the radio while he was selling some guns on the streets of Svetlojarsk, he left his stall since there was nobody around and opens up his PTT and started the chuckle before talking*

    Can't argue with that.

    *He turned off the PTT and came back to his spot, when he returned he noticed some of his automatic rifles got stolen*

    "Ah you serious?"

  9. *Bishop hears a familiar song on the radio, the sounds of the past made him press the button on his PPT*

    Ahlan!, I used to hear this back at my country. Ah...it's been years now really. Philippines is not an Islam country though, but I used to have friends with some of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, they taught me this delicious spicy chicken soup dish, it would seem that I have no information on how you say it in Arabic unfortunately. Well, good luck on your journeys here, may your Allah guide you. Laylah sa'īdah.

    *Bishop releases the PTT, he then sat down next to a tree and took a cigarette from his pocket,he closed his eyes and lit the cigarette with a lighter while reminiscing on the good ol'days*

  10. *Bishop opens up a page in the Bible from a broken down church and sat on one of it's burnt chairs, he then pressed the button on his PTT*

    "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." - Matthew 10:34. Father, *he pauses a second* I find that you are broadcasting this on a public channel without a problem. I hope you know if someone malicious hears this, your Church will be like the one I'm staying at right now. *Bishop stares at the burnt corpses piled up right next to where he was sitting* If you fancy trading some food, I'll come to your church and provide you with guns and ammunition. If you happen to have another channel, we can talk about this topic there.

    *Bishop closed the book and tossed it on the pile of bodies, he releases the button then took a smoke*

  11. *Bishop woke up from the Radio upon hearing about somebody claiming they're UN, he then clicks on his PTT*

    Oh, and there I thought the guys at Elektro were all dead. Hey, Pal, do be careful out there, you talking on a public frequency, you better start and move east if I were you, I've seen alot of neutral factions there so they don't bite. If you stay there in Elektro, you might end up as fish food at the docks.

    *Bishop then releases the PTT, he stood up and did some stretching before walking away from his camp*

  12. *Bishop, while walking in the woods hears a man talking about cigarettes on the radio, he then pressed the button on his PTT*

    Cigarettes you say? I picked a pack of some Russian cigarettes on the way to Kamenka, only has a few sticks left but. I'll take a two of these babies and drop the rest at the police station in Komarovo, I actually have some of my own which are mint that came from the Philippines, but a few red Russian cigs wouldn't hurt.

    *Bishop releases the button, he then inserted his radio in his pocket and continued walking through the woods*

  13. *Bishop sat down in a chair inside the police station and pulled out the PTT from his pocket and clicked on the button*

    Sheriff, I see that you're not here as of the moment but if you can hear me, I left a blue bag with some guns and ammunition on the second floor. I hope you like it. Oh, and about tagging along, well...I'm not planning on leaving the southern area yet so I'll refuse your offer for now, but if I feel like it, I'll just give you a call.

    *Bishop stands up and releases the PTT. He left the police station then starts to walk west on the main road*

  14. *Bishop just finished preparing some equipment and left it in Balota, he then clicks on the PTT to talk to the new leader*

    Mr.Fish, my name is Bishop and I just moved in about a few clicks north of Cherno. If you go outside your house right now, I left a bag with guns and ammunition in the broken bus just at the main road. I hope you or your community get the stuff right away since I am talking to you on a public frequency. If you ask why am I doing this, well, I would like to set up my shop in Balota and make it one of my trading areas. I look forward to your reply.

    *Bishop released the button on the PTT with a warm smile on his face*

  15. *Artemus laughing picks up the radio and pushes down the PTT*

    If you think you can police Chernogorsk then you must be stuck in Nam, This land belongs to The motherfucking Don and his crew, ruler of the South, torture of... 

    *He pauses before finishing*

    Lemme think, everyone. Now I suggest you do not try to police the South as you may catch yourself hanging from a tree in the future. with your pants on the ground. You have a wonderful day officer.

    *He lets go of the PTT and goes back to counting his bullets*

    *As he heard the voice of another person talking to the sheriff about some Don he doesn't know, he stood up and took a cigarette then clicked on the PTT* 

    Mind if I know which faction owns the South? I've mostly been staying in the North West and got tired of the situation down there so I moved near Cherno. By the way, if you don't mind I'll keep on dropping food around the Police station, consider it as an offering to your Don. Unless you want it dropped somewhere specifically, do let me know.

    *Bishop releases the PTT, hoping to get on good terms with the unknown man while puffing another fume*

  16. *Bishop hears the conversation on his radio while laying down next to his campfire, he then clicks on the PTT and started to talk*

    Hey, Sheriff. Did you happen to see any people there in Cherno? I actually left a couple of lit torches and canned food around the Police station to make the place a bit..."lively".

    *Bishop pauses to chuckle a bit before talking again*

    Oh sorry, my vocabulary is not as good as everybody else, but I do like to do a little charity from time to time. I hope you came during the evening so you can see and enjoy the bright lights from afar if you were walking in the main road. Oh, and by the way. I've heard of a small trading community in Kamenka that just got raided by group a few days ago, do be careful out there.

    *Bishop releases the PTT hoping the sheriff could get the message*

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