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  1. Ben Dawson had always been a budding writer. Even in primary school at the age of 10 he was chosen for the national 'Gifted and Talented' programme. Throughout secondary school he excelled especially in English Language and English literature. He flew through his GCSE's with flying colours and landed himself a spot at the local grammar school's Sixth Form. Here he chose to study Sociology, Politics and Specialised Journalism. These qualifications followed through to University where he studied the same again. Whils at university, Ben had volunteered for the campus' OTC programme for potential military officers. After graduating university he applied at RMAS Sandhurst the British Army Officer Training course. Unfortunately Ben didn't make the cut as an officer but was instead offered to start basic training as a 'squaddie'. Ben signed up for the Royal Logistic Corps as he found he had extensive knowledge in administration, combined with his interest in the army, this was a perfect opportunity. Ben's battallion was deployed into Takistan, he was there to ensure every man was accounted for on the return flights home. However en-route to their camp, his convoy was hit by an IED. Rolling his transport. He emerged seemingly unscathed from the burning wreckage but soon dropped to the floor. A piece of shrapnel had broken from the vehicle and had impaled his upper thigh. He returned home, only having served 3 days on deployment. Unfortunately for Ben, his injuries were found to be too severe for redeployment. He lived out the rest of his military career folding papers and pushing pens in the barracks at home. He was itching to get back out there, by any means necessary. He abruptly left the armed forces to pursue a career in combat-journalism, an overall thankless job but it pays well, and it was his one chance to get back out there. By the time he started this new job, the civil war in Chernarus had erupted, this was his chance to get back into an active warzone and to feel like he was doing his part to help. He decided to stay in Chernarus long after the war had ended, covering the rebuilding process. Unfortunately, whilst he was there, the infection broke out, grounding all flights in-bound and out-bound. He was stuck in a foreign land, completely cut off from the outside world. Armed only with a camera, and the will to inform the world.
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    basically my attempts at banditry.

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  3. Soofa

    Make military items less common

    Realistically, we're far enough into the apocalypse that military items would be only accessed by means of robbing other people. I think military items should be a lot rarer than they are, even in a country with as many military bases, camps and checkpoints as Chernarus, by now all the good stuff would be gone. Plus you don't NEED to be decked out in the best military gear in order to RP. Just seems a bit excessive imo
  4. Soofa

    Bring back proper Day / Night cycles

    I think making street lights operable would be a good idea, if the devs are able to make it work I mean.
  5. Soofa

    2019 Premium overhaul suggestion

    Apparently I'm listed as owning Diamond but it still says I'm Sapphire? Wat?
  6. Soofa

    2019 Premium overhaul suggestion

    I'm just a little confused as to how people think anything around the 200euros mark is in any way an appropriate price for some flashy text on a forum. At least throw something else in there like access to everything on the item store to at least make it feel like the money's worth it.
  7. Soofa

    2019 Premium overhaul suggestion

    Honestly, not a huge fan of the idea, I don't see any issues in how things were before. What's supposed to make 'Diamond' worth 200 euros anyway?
  8. Soofa

    Community driven mentor program

    Great idea, I'd be up for volunteering. +1
  9. Soofa

    Vox Populi

    Did someone say... CURSED IMAGES!?
  10. Soofa

    Turn off Sickness until fixed

    I say keep the sickness, although I have to agree with @Major with the tweaking. I haven't been sick in-game so I wouldn't know how it affects the actual gameplay, but DayZ's made to be a realistic game. I think it should be a lot harder to come by, and things like masks should be able to prevent you from contracting it, and it should be more easily treatable. I do however agree with OP in the sense that it's affecting people's willingness to engage in RP.
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    Can you change your name back? Wtf is a Soofa? Sofa? o_O

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      Why have you done this?

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      Must be Afoos. Obviously. Some sort of code!! THE MAN NEEDS OUR HELP!

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      I demand that as admin you must change his name back by force.

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      O lawd

  12. Soofa


    Welcome! Make sure to supply some top-quality RP and get some in return! Happy RPing!
  13. Soofa

    Staff Feedback: Descendants

    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback:Helped me join the server to crack on with my top quality roleplay. Suggestions for improvement: N/A
  14. Soofa

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    I've had run-ins both IC and OOC with in my opinion, overly-hostile groups and thought I should pipe up. I understand that PVP is fun, I understand it's an adrenaline rush but I also understand it makes you feel empowered. As @Brayces said, they typically like to prey on more passive RPers. Whether this is because they're easy prey or just because there's more of them, I don't know. I believe the PVPers in this community are very 'clique-y'. I remember a shitstorm on the community discussion board recently that erupted because I was trying to make sense of the RP that was given. I tried reaching out to those involved for a more civilised discussion and got no response. That really spoke volumes to me about the types of some of the people who are a part of this community. From my experience PVP orientated groups don't much like starting with other PVP oriented groups, and this all comes down to one thing. Gear. I understand that being known as a PVPer feels good, but it does mean putting a bit more work into the RP to actually pull it off properly. I found myself in a scenario last night with people dressed in blue that could have gone very wrong. They had obvious kill rights on one of us and decided not to take it which I admire from a seemingly hostile group. I understand why people enjoy hostileRP. But it's only fair to take other people's preferences in RP into consideration. Running up, initiating, robbing and leaving is not good RP in my opinion. Just my two-cents.
  15. Soofa

    Realistic Radios and Transceivers!

    That sounds like it was awesome, wish I could have been around for that!