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  1. So I was having a chat with someone the other day about radios in-game. It seems that no matter where you are in Chernarus you're able to get hold of eachother, which is great don't get me wrong, but it also got me thinking about the realism. I remember the old radios only had a limited range on them, making it possible to triangulate someone's position, or to gauge where they are roughly. Now I can be in Severograd and I can hear someone in Cherno as clear as day! Another point is the field transceivers. If the handheld radios are so good, then what's the point in the transceivers? I personally like the idea of limited range on the handheld radios, and tracking down a transceiver to set up a small radio room. I just feel it's one of those minute details that could possibly bring around some more RP situations. Talking of Transceivers, Someone pointed out to me that yes, you can wear it on your back, but to turn it on and off, and to change frequency you would have to take it to hand, and essentially you'd be taking into a huge box. I propose a military radio headset to use alongside the transceiver, doesn't particularly have to be operational, maybe just a small cosmetic item to look the part. I'm not sure how do-able this is but I just reckon it might look good!
  2. CHERNARUSSIAN DEFENCE FORCE (CDF) MILITARY DIARY NAME: ALEXEI ZAKHAROVICH RANK: PVT DAY 1 Fresh out of basic training, and awaiting further orders. That's been the story for the past few days. I'm getting tired of these barracks, I'm stuck with twelve other soldiers who are just as irritated at the boredom as I am. We're not allowed off-site and there's nothing to do here. We have no means of entertainment, I wouldn't be surprised if one of the guardsmen opened fire on the nearby field of cattle. At least some target practice would alleviate the boredom. As boring as it is I've made friends with some of the other men, although I can't tell whether we get on because we have to or not. I guess time will tell. I miss home. If I think hard enough I can still smell mother's cooking. I can still smell the freshly cut grass at the farmhouse. I wonder if my family thinks about how I'm doing now, it's been so long. DAY 5 So the day has come, I'm finally granted my 'new' uniform and have been given my orders. My boots are odd sizes, my beret is too small and my uniform is damaged. I suppose it's too much to ask for a replacement. But I do look good if I say so myself. I can't wait to see mother's face when I visit in my uniform, she'll be so proud. Luckily I've been given guard duty with some of my fellow bunkmates. We already get on quite well so I can't see where it could go wrong. There's apparently something top-secret going on near Severograd. Myself and my fellow soldiers are instructed with erecting and guarding a checkpoint to keep the public away. I'm hoping we don't have to build the whole thing, that's the engineers' jobs. DAY 7 So we're here. After a couple days organising the men and the kit, we boarded the APVs and made our way to Severograd. It's a nice town, plenty of food, alcohol, and women! We haven't been told about why we're guarding this facility, but I do know the Russians have something to do with it. I saw a Russian helicopter landing in the facility. I don't trust this one bit, but I have my orders. We're one of the first checkpoints approaching the facility so we're pretty far away, but I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. In other news, we had to build the checkpoint ourselves, the Engineers Battalion were too occupied with building within the facility and left it to us guardsmen to build our own defences. I would complain but the exercise did me good! DAY 8 (July 10th) I knew never to trust those Russians! The whole facility is destroyed, bombarded with Russian bombs. Luckily myself and Pvt. Maximovich were barely out of the blast radius. We abandoned our post, regrettably. There's nothing left to guard, no one could have survived that. We are setting up a makeshift guard-post on the approach to Severograd, I'm hoping we may encounter some CDF survivors from the facility but I'm not keeping my hopes up. -- WIP --
  3. Randolph 'Randy' Stevens was never a smart man. He was always home-schooled, never had any official degrees or certifications, and very rarely left the trailer park where he called home. He was however extremely talented in tracking and hunting game. He learned how to shoot before he could do basic math, he learned how to drive before learning to read. He even learned how to intricately skin a fresh kill before he learned how to socialize. Randy had always been very close with his father, together they went hunting, and fishing. In bad weather they would sit on the porch drinking beer and having a laugh. His father taught him everything he knew, from tracking and hunting to carving intricate details into home decorations to sell to the neighbours. At the age of 21, Randy's father passed away due to a long battle with cancer. This hit Randy hard, but didn't stop him from carrying on. He still went hunting, alone. He still went fishing, but had no one to crack a beer open with. He still crafted home-made decorations, but they didn't have the character they once did. Randy, struggling to end the grieving process turned to drink. Neighbours soon learned to stay away from the property as he would often fire warning shots at anyone stepping foot in the yard to check on Randy's wellbeing. One day Randy, unwashed, unshaved and intoxicated, spotted a brand new Ford Ranger pull up in his drive. Being the stereotypical 'redneck' he was, he had rarely seen such a nice truck, and now one's on his drive? He lowered his rifle as a well-dressed man stepped out, and sauntered over to Randy. He made his way to Randy's father's old wicker chair before it was swiftly blocked off-limits with the rifle. The man smirked and pulled up an empty beer keg and sat down as he took off his sunglasses. "Randy, right?" asked the man. "Who's askin'?" Randy replied, as he pulled out a carton of cigarettes. "My name's Clayton Gray. I was a friend of your father's" Randy grunted in response, as he lit up his cigarette. "And what're you doin' here? He's dead." Clayton hesitated slightly before asking "I'm not here about him, Randy. I'm here to offer you an opportunity." "An opportunity?" replied Randy, adjusting his cap slightly. "Like a job?" "Yes, Randy. A job. It's low-profile, out of the way. Just a small security detail, your father always said you were a good marksman, now's your time to put that to use." Randy scoffed. "Really? Just like that you're goin' to pull up on my property and offer me a job? I don't know you and you don't know me. You're lucky I didn't shoot you the second you pulled up here." Clayton, taken aback by this sudden change in attitude, moved his hand to his waist to reveal a concealed handgun. "If I came here for any other reason, I would have done the same. This is a once in a lifetime job offer, Randy. Overseas, all expenses paid, and a tidy paypacket on your return." Randy suddenly became inquisitive. "Overseas? Where? And what am I guardin' exactly?" "A small Slavic shit hole called Chernarus. The entire country is your typical trailer-trash so you'd fit in pretty well." The man laughed but was met with an irritated scowl from Randy, he continued. "As for what you'll be guarding? You don't need to know. It's best you don't, it won't be your job to know." Randy, peaking his interest at this point, nudged his cap up with his rifle barrel. "How much?" "Twenty-two thousand dollars." This was met with raised eyebrows from Randy, this man who he had never met, suddenly turns up on his porch, and offers him twenty-two grand for a week's work? This seemed absurd, but it was good enough of an opportunity to gamble on. "Cash?" asked Randy. "Cash." Replied Clayton. "You have a deal, Clay." Chirped Randy as the two men stood up to shake hands. ---WIP---
  4. I would love to see this, would be a lot more immersive when trading instead of just standing there emoting *rummages in backpack*
  5. I think it's a good idea! Personally I start to lose immersion when I come across a military-esque group and all they're doing is sitting around or something, would really add RP-wise to a base and personally it would appeal to me coming across a military group and they're doing something like target practice as well as other activities around the base to give off a more active aesthetic. Maybe I'm reading too much into this but I personally see a lot of good things to come with simple objects like this.
  6. So with the recent poll in regards to DayZRP seasons, it got me thinking about how much actual seasons (Summer, winter, fall, spring) would enhance gameplay and RP, or maybe even just implement a winter mod. I've done minimal research into the matter so I have no idea if a winter mod's been made or if it's even able to be done. Just an idea!
  7. Are you playing the game via the launcher? Have you installed the DayZRP mod?
  8. InnKinn

    10 hours?

    Agree with all of the above. I'll be honest if you enjoy playing DayZ as a game then I don't see 10 hours as a particularly bad thing, it's literally 2 or 3 sessions and boom, 10 hours. Roleplay in this community moves real slow, so 10 hours you won't be missing much.
  9. "Do you know why you're here, Bray?" The response was met with a sharp, icy stare, as a tiresome Bray Dorian released his gaze from his shackled wrists tightly secured to the table before him. The only other occupant of the small, dimly lit room was a well presented man, forcing a kind smile from his wrinkled face, worn down by years of stress. "You should know, I'm here to help you." The man continued softly, seemingly unnerved by Bray's silent yet deafening stare. "Can you remove your mask please Mr. Dorian? I'd like to see who I'm talking to more clearly." This was met with a sudden rise of intensity from Bray, his breathing becoming heavier, seemingly infuriated by the man's request. Stuttering slightly, the man continued. "Well, Mr. Dorian, I would just like to go over some facts today, may I continue?" Bray hesitated slightly, finally breaking eye contact with the man as his fisted hands released, his white knuckles now returning colour. He turned his gaze to the suitcase which was now presented to the table, a look of melancholy washed over what was visible of his face. "I'll take that as a yes." The man said abruptly as he flipped open his suitcase, out of which was produced a small collection of Polaroid photographs. "Who's this?" came the next words from his mouth, authoritative and accusing, clearly caught Bray off-guard as he snapped his attention to the photograph being thrust in his direction. This action was met with a cold stare. "That's your mother, isn't it?" Said the man, moving his head to try and gain eye contact from the shackled man before him. "Can you remember what happened to her, Mr. Dorian?" Bray's breathing grew heavier again, his eyes darting from place to place, clearly in severe discomfort. "She's dead, Bray." The man snapped impatiently, slamming the photograph down, in front of Bray, who was at this point struggling to keep himself from screaming. The resulting sounds emitting from behind the makeshift surgical mask being loud grunts and snarls. The man, seemingly unfazed and this point produced yet another photograph, this one of a man and his son, smiling whilst at the beach. The sounds coming from Bray bordering on the inhuman only increased as it now became of a mixture of grief and pure rage. The man straightened out his suit jacket as he leaned back in his chair, observing the madman before him before calmly asking "You killed them, didn't you, Mr. Dorian?" Bray's attention snapped to the man, his piercing blue eyes evidently unnerving the previously calm and collected man opposite him. "You don't remember, do you?" He continued as he produced a small wooden box from his suitcase. "Perhaps this might help?" The man elegantly flipped open the gold coloured latch on the box and slowly opened it before turning it to face Bray. Bray's eyes widened, a look of shock, of longing came over what was visible of his face. Inside the box was a small hand drill and a surgical pipette, both immaculate and spotless. "This is how you did it, Mr. Dorian." The man said calmly. "Do you remember why?" Bray, seemingly hesitant, muttered quietly, muffled further by his mask. "Unclean." "Excuse me?" chirped the man, visibly shocked at the sudden turn of events. "Can you tell me why you would drug your own parents, drill into their skulls by hand and administer your own cocktail of cleaning chemicals into their heads?" Bray's gaze once again shot back to the man, unblinkingly he whispered "Unclean thoughts." "They were trying to help, Mr. Dorian. They wanted to send you somewhere where you can get the help you desperately need." "No help, only clean." The man, now losing his patience produced a singular sheet of formal looking paper from his suitcase before continuing. "Well, unfortunately this sudden ability to speak, Mr. Dorian is far too little, far too late." He sighed as he slipped a sleek fountain pen from his inside pocket. "You're a lost cause here Mr. Dorian. We're transferring you abroad." Bray, seemingly unfazed by this news returned his gaze to the gleaming contents of the wooden box before him. "We're sending you to Skalisty Island Correctional Facility in Chernarus, Mr. Dorian." The man said mockingly as he signed elegantly at the bottom of the paper before holding it up to show Bray. "This paper, this is your life. And I've just signed it away. Good luck in Chernarus, Mr. Dorian."
  10. InnKinn

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    I do have to agree with you there. Some might see the 'stale RP' we have now as a bad thing. I however see 'campfireRP' as a opportune moment to really develop your character on a more emotional level. And to be honest, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it.'
  11. InnKinn

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    I think it's an interesting concept and I'm up for seeing how this goes. I do however have my doubts. Firstly I understand that this is to weed out the staleRP that comes with how long our current lore is but I see that as a good thing in a way. There are some characters in the current lore that have been here since day 1, and I love being able to develop a character over a long period of time. Now I'm not saying a year is a particularly short time to develop a character/group/story but having a deadline for an end I can see as a frustrating experience in the sense of rushing my character's story. It also takes away from the surprise of a passing character. In the long-lore like we have now, characters can easily come and go, and to have a character die/whatever suddenly and obviously you have that surprise element, I feel however in this new concept that it'll make the roleplay more predictable. I mean this because when we have a deadline, it's easy to predict "Oh probably 75% of characters are going to die heroically or whatever at the end of this season". I also feel this is going to stir up a lot of unnecessary OOC competition between players. From what I have noticed from previous lores there's always been a small group of dominant characters that everyone's aware of and I feel that there's just going to be a lot of competition to see who can get the limelight. I just feel that shorter seasons will eventually produce rushed RP, rushed characters and /maybe/ OOC beef. (But what would DayZRP be without OOC drama amirite?) I have however voted 'yes' as I feel this is an interesting idea and I'd like to see how it works, and if it doesn't work out as planned then I see no reason as to not revert back to the old system.
  12. Welcome! If you're looking for groups there's a groups tab on the forums which will show you all the official groups and factions in DayZRP. If you're truly looking for the right group for your character, I'd personally wait for the right character to come to you IC, makes for better RP!
  13. Welcome Toasty! I think we have quite a few TX members in the community!
  14. Welcome! Enjoy the ride!
  15. Could always be worth verifying integrity in Steam?
  16. InnKinn

    Bad RP | Invalid Kill | East Severograd | 1:20

    Jordan Nichols POV: So a small band of Cavaliers were scavenging around Severograd for supplies. I left Ashford to go AFK and upon returning I was hailed over the radio to meet by the eastern bridge and to bring a sewing kit for our new associate. I reply with "I don't have a sewing kit but I believe Claudette does." So I rendezvous with Claudette and we make our way to Ashford. We give him the sewing kit and he offers a weapons cleaning kit in return. We ask about his 'Messiah' and Ashford requests we meet with the man. Edan contacts his 'messiah' through the radio and we overhear something like "I'll shoot that motherfucker". We all agree that maybe this isn't the best time to make first contact with the shoeless fellows, we exchange goodbyes and make our way towards the school where we spot Edan once again. As we walk over to him my game crashed. After I rejoined I made my way towards the town centre when I realised I saw a dead body. I returned to the body to discover it is that of my Lord Ashford who was gallantly slain in the name of shoes..? As I know certain clothing items are hard to find, I attempt to rescue his white capris pants, unknowing that this was an active PVP zone as I was in the queue as the shooting was taking place. As soon as I get to the body I am instantly killed from afar. I believe this was an invalid kill as I was not even in the game at the time of the - and I use this term extremely lightly; 'initiation'. I have video evidence if requested.
  17. Jordan Nichols has always been a man to work with his hands, born and raised in rural Dorset, he was well known locally as a man who could get things done. He started his life path before he even started primary school. He lived with his father and two older brothers on a farm, and would often help out with chores around the farm. As he got older he would be entrusted with the role of repairing and maintaining various forms of farmyard machinery, from replacing a wheel on the wheelbarrow to stripping and reassembling the family tractor. As soon as Jordan was seventeen he booked his driving test, and passed with flying colours. He bought an old second-hand Ford Capri and spend several months rebuilding it piece by piece until it was an automotive masterpiece, from here he knew he was born to be an engineer. When Jordan left college with his engineering A-levels, he applied for the Royal Navy as a weapons engineer and enjoyed it immensely. His ship was sent to Chernarus as part of NATO during the second week of the infection to deliver medicine, food and deliver humanitarian aid, with little knowledge that this would be his final tour.
  18. haaaaha I'm back

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      Cavs. 2.0 when?

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      Cavs 2.0 TODAY

  19. Okay so I've been around here on-and-off for quite a while now. So I doubt many of the current DayZRP community knows me that well. As those close to me may know, I've been in the recruitment process for the Royal Navy, and now I'm nearing the point where I get given a start date for basic training. Although I haven't exactly been active on the forums, or in-game recently, I believe I owe everyone a huge thank you for the amazing times I've had as a part of the DayZRP community. I've made some really good friends along the way, and I've had so many great times that I think I'll always remember. I'll be thinking about you all while I'm out fighting for your freedom ;) Much love, InnKinn
  20. Little is known about the elusive Don Sinclaire, aside from the face that he is a career criminal, a hitman, a force of nature. Those who have faced Mr. Sinclaire and lived to tell the tale, have described the man as an "Unstoppable killing machine who leaves behind nothing but destruction." Those brave enough to attempt to learn more about Sinclaire have either come up with no answers, or dead before their findings got very far. After a bank robbery gone wrong in Central London, Sinclaire is said to have gone into hiding, with no one coming up with any leads as to where exactly he has gone. Some rumoured he has retired from his life of crime and has used his shares of the earnings to move abroad. It's a very little-known fact, Don Sinclaire has indeed moved abroad, to Chernarus of all places. But his life of crime? Still going strong.
  21. I ain't dead yet.

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  22. So when's the irl lore wipe?

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      Princess Aurora

      *would look around*

      *Would slide the man a 9mm and nod at him*

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      Bildresultat för thinking emoji

  23. "People still play DayZ? My nan used to be in the dev team during the war."

  24. ..... I think I'm starting to enjoy PVP.

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      because its the best part of dayz

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      I enjoy winning the firefights and not having to wake up at the coast ;)

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      @OskuRP Me too but hey there's always next time ;)

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      How many did you guys lose?

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      We lost all but one, I'm just happy I managed to land myself a couple really nice sniper kills so I'm not too disappointed :)

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      were you the one on the house next to the pub switching between floor 2 and 3?

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      Nah I was to the east on a ridge near the river

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      I was the orange raincoat who taunted you before the battle started by walking from the school to the river and back over and over again :P

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      You missed the battle for Severograd @Jonal xD

      Wait @OskuRP you knew I was there from the start?

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  25. Keeping the Cavalier's spirit alive... No matter how subtly.


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