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  1. Yes I'm still fanboying over Don Broco.

  2. Lmao Coronavirus took my job

    1. Eddie


      Damn that Coronavirus is a sneaky bastard

       job GIF

      Best of luck though!

    2. Aristocrat


      Damn pathogens, coming over here and stealing our jobs.

  3. I think they're a little too hard to kill but at the same time it kind of adds to the survival experience. It became quite stale fairly quickly when I can just train a load of them and mow them down with half a magazine, and now the added health makes being sneaky a more viable solution. However, with the insane aggro radius, I can be as sneaky as anything but it won't make any difference. I just say leave them how they are, if anything needs changing it's the aggro radius.
  4. Thanks for having me! looking forward to it!
  5. Henry Galbraith, son of a well-known tailor and businessman, he never knew the struggles of growing up without the silver spoon. At the time of his birth in 1995, he was already among the richest in Britain, growing up never having to lift a finger at home. When he became of age he was swiftly whisked off to an esteemed private boarding school where he learned about business and economics. As he had grown up in the finest suits and dinner jackets, he took a fondness to tailoring, and as a result founded his first tailoring business at the age of 18. As time went on, he was looking to expand his business overseas. After seeing a documentary of the country of Livonia, he took pity on the inhabitants in their seemingly ragged clothes and the ageing aesthetic of the country. He decided to open a store in Livonia, unknown to him the fate that would await the nation.
  6. Sneak peak of new group banners. An artist's rendition of Mr. Nichol's valiant return to the Cavaliers.
  7. Hank Abernathy was born into a large wealthy family in Yazoo County, Mississippi in 1965. His family had always had their roots planted firmly in history. The Abernathy family had always lived in the same house for generations. Given the house was built by Hank's great-grandpa, Jesse Abernathy. The house, or more like a mansion, stood on it's lonesome on what used to be an old cotton plantation. As Hank's family had always been very traditional and stuck in their ways, he did become victim of a very racist and xenophobic upbringing, with him and his siblings being subject to home-schooling to keep them from interacting with those of different colour. As Hank grew older he learned to experience the world beyond the old plantation gates, and after interacting with the general public, he learned in his own mind that everyone is born equal... Except the poor. Although his father's racism didn't rub off on Hank, the family's wealth surely did. He grew up spoiled and rotten, having never worked a day in his life he would often pay other people to do his errands for him. This came with great praise from his father. As Hank grew more, his family started to whittle away. His father had a heart attack and died in the rocking chair on the porch, his siblings all left home and his mother, having lost so much, hanged herself from the old oak tree in the field. This left Hank all alone, yet finally the man of the house. As time passed, Hank yearned for more than the same house on the same plantation. He wanted to travel the world, see every country the world had to offer. He paid groundskeepers and cleaners to look after the property, boarded his family's private jet and set off around the world. After making his way through Europe, he carried on Eastern European countries, exploring the old Soviet sattelite countries, until he hit Chernarus.
  8. Joseph Steiner was born and raised to a small wealthy family in a rural village called Ruddington. His father of Austrian descent was a surgeon and his mother a vetinarian nurse. From a young age Joseph had always been one for British tradition despite his Austrian blood. He would often accompany his also traditional father on shooting trips and fox hunts in the countryside. Although growing up somewhat cuccooned in the rural countryside, Joseph had always yearned for adventure. His story began at age 13 when he was enrolled by his parents to the esteemed Eton boarding college. In his time there he particularly excelled in sports and fitness, taking a particular liking to rugby and polo. After he finished at Eton at age 18, he decided to quench his thirst for adventure, and despite his mother's protests, enrolled at RMAS Sandhurst to begin his training as an army officer. After passing out of Sandhurst, he took up his role as 2nd Lieutenant. Although initially finding it hard to gain the respect of his men as a young officer, he carried on with his work and eventually gained the rank of Major at age 32. König and his men were dispatched to Chernarus as part of the UN peacekeeping operation. --WIP--
  9. Streaming or something idk

  10. had really good RP earlier on with @Elmo and crew in Cherno/Elektro, Thanks for helping me get my hat back and hope to RP with you again!
  11. I appreciate it but I'm only commenting further when asked by an admin.
  12. Jordan Nichols POV: So I get back into DayZRP after 3 months away, I spawn back in the server ready to RP. I proceed to Chernogorsk all the way from Novaya Petrovka, and once I get there i'm greeted into my new home of Albion, now reunited with my fellow Cavaliers we trade stories through the night, we had a trader within the premises but he was about to leave and we had more pressing matters to deal with rather than trade, so our plan was to let the last one out and close our gates to the public. Suddenly I hear a lot of voices coming from the front gate, it seems there have been people waiting outside for us to open the gate so they can force their way inside. I hear Ashford telling them repeatedly to leave because we're closed and they still force their way in before he could lock the gate. So he opens the gate again to ask them to leave but they draw weapons and make their way upstairs. I confront them upstairs and Ashford drops the initiation. Myself and another chap die straight away and Ashford dies shortly after. I'll be honest I think the whole statement about 'not being given enough time' is stupid seeing as the intruders clearly had enough time to raise weapons and open fire, which given the DayZ game mechanics isn't exactly an instantaneous reaction.
  13. *A very exhausted and bloodsoaked Jordan Nichols slumps in the corner of his office. He drops his weapon by his side heavily and buries his face in his hands. Now the shock of recent events has set in, he believes, given the circumstances that he deserves a break. But the blood-spattered walls weren't going to clean themselves. He slowly and shakily reaches for his radio, fumbles around with the frequencies before reaching the desired one, he clears his throat and composes himself, before pressing the PTT* *A well-spoken English accent can beheard* "This is a message for Mr. Wong of the group known as the Savages and/or The Green Dragons. This is Mr. Jordan Nichols, Chief of communications and diplomatic relations for Her Majesty's Distinguished Order of the Cavaliers. This is a message following our recent negotiations held in our home of Albion." *He pauses as he prepares his hastily-written notes* "I, Mr. Nichols, on the behalf of Her Majesty's Order of the Cavaliers, relinquish all diplomatic relations with the group known as 'Alpha Company'. Hereby cancelling our defence pact treaty." "I've upheld my end of the bargain, Mr. Wong, I sincerely hope that you do the same." @Wong
  14. basically my attempts at banditry.

    1. Watchman



  15. Realistically, we're far enough into the apocalypse that military items would be only accessed by means of robbing other people. I think military items should be a lot rarer than they are, even in a country with as many military bases, camps and checkpoints as Chernarus, by now all the good stuff would be gone. Plus you don't NEED to be decked out in the best military gear in order to RP. Just seems a bit excessive imo
  16. I think making street lights operable would be a good idea, if the devs are able to make it work I mean.
  17. Apparently I'm listed as owning Diamond but it still says I'm Sapphire? Wat?
  18. I'm just a little confused as to how people think anything around the 200euros mark is in any way an appropriate price for some flashy text on a forum. At least throw something else in there like access to everything on the item store to at least make it feel like the money's worth it.
  19. Honestly, not a huge fan of the idea, I don't see any issues in how things were before. What's supposed to make 'Diamond' worth 200 euros anyway?
  20. Great idea, I'd be up for volunteering. +1
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