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  1. I think I remember seeing this in domination servers in Arma 2... Good times. The base looks cool and if NATO were implemented as an original lore faction I'd be all over it, however they're not so trying to come up with a valid reason as to why NATO would suddenly turn up and build this is a bit farfetched. -1
  2. The Willys Jeep I can kind of understand. It'd be plausible to have a very small handful of servicable jeeps as quite a lot were sent over to Russia during WWII and collectors like to keep them running. There are also a small amount of armed forces that still use the Willys/Hotchkiss jeep although none of these include slavic countries as far as I know. They went more for the UAZ and other Russian-made alternatives. As for the M1161 Growler, as attractive as the idea is I don't believe it has any place in Chernarus lore-wise as it's only really used by US forces as far as I know. The proposed ideas seem nice, and yes I would like to see more vehicles available across Chernarus, as we are only a month into the outbreak and there's no real reason as to why cars shouldn't be more available (except the inevitable crashing of course) but armoured military vehicles aren't doing it for me personally.
  3. Big -1. I'm scared enough of small civilian vehicles flying at mach speed across the map, don't want these heavily armoured death machines bouncing themselves into orbit. I say keep the vehicles as they are. Maybe more variety of civilian vehicles sometime but as Chernarus is an underdeveloped Soviet satellite country you can't expect much more than a handful of Ladas and Olgas.
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  6. [Early Life] (1996 - 2009) Kolya was born into a large yet poor family on the outskirts of Zelenogorsk in 1996. Having both his parents relying heavily on alcohol, Kolya soon learned to fend for himself from a very young age. Unable to go to school Kolya grew up uneducated, relying on petty crime to fund his lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. Kolya soon found his clique, and grew a tight bond with his friends. They would often just sit around the town centre, drinking and smoking into the early hours of the morning. Growing to resent his parent's lack of support in his younger years, Kolya would often prefer to sleep in a nearby barn or under a bridge than sleep at his family home. [Teenage and Adult Life] (2009 - 2020) Not long after Kolya's 13th birthday, the Liberation war started. Though only lasting until January 2010 Kolya had witnessed things that no 13 year old boy should ever have to see. The Russians, who had ruled over Chernarus relatively peacefully in the past, now came down with an iron fist. Although the Russian forces came out as the victors, Kolya couldn't help but admire the resistance and the fire that kept them fighting a losing war. Kolya, although an uneducated, alcohol-fuelled teenager at the time, vowed to join his like-minded friends in doing all they can to show the Russian forces that this land was still Chernarus. At the age of 17, Kolya bought an old Makarov from one of his friend's cousins. Although initially intimidated by the first firearm he ever held, he couldn't help but feel a sense of power while having it on him. They would spend most of their days driving in his friend's banged up Lada, carrying out minor acts of vandalism and subterfuge against the Russian soldiers such as tearing down propaganda posters, spraying pro-NAPA graffiti and slashing the tyres belonging to Russian soldiers. At this point Kolya found he had found his calling, this ragtag group of drunken idiots causing mayhem around Chernarus was now his family, and at this point he had lost all consideration about his parents, even going so far as to describe them as dead to him. [Outbreak] (2020 -) By 2020, Kolya was well into his adulthood, his ragtag group of wannabe revolutionaries had thinned their ranks over the years, but he was still grateful for the few that remained. Several of them along with Kolya were driving in the same banged up Lada they had been carrying out their mischief with until they were stopped by an old man in the road. Noticing that the man was clearly in distress, Kolya volunteered to talk to the man and offer to help. The panicking man explained to Kolya that his wife had suddenly turned ill on their way home from the market in Bor and had collapsed. Kolya slowly edged closer to the woman, who was convulsing on the floor, before he could pull out his phone to call the ambulance, the woman suddenly sprang up and lunged at the man, sinking her teeth into his face and taking a large chunk out of his cheek. Upon this happening, Kolya's friends jumped out of the car and ripped the man from the woman's grasp, dragging him to the car. Kolya, taken aback by the sudden turn of events just froze. He could see that the woman was now readying to lunge at him. As quick as a flash, Kolya reached behind him and pulled his pistol from the waistband of his tracksuit pants, raised it and fired. The bullet found it's mark in the woman's forehead and she fell, motionless. He stood for a while, gun still raised as he began to process that the first round he had ever fired had killed someone. He looked behind him to his friends who were struggling to pile the old man into the car. "We'll come back, Kolya!" His friends shouted. "Hide the body! We'll drop him off at the hospital and we'll come back!" With this, Kolya slowly nodded before the Lada sped off. Once it was out of sight, Kolya turned to the body, tucking his pistol back into his waistband, he grabbed her by the ankles and dragged the body into the nearby woodland, covering it as best he could with leaves and branches, hoping that by the time someone finds the body, it would be too badly decomposed to be recognizable. As Kolya returned to the road where his friends said they'd return, he sat down in the grass. Minutes passed. Hours passed, Kolya knew something was wrong. Either his friends had abandoned him as a joke, or something was much more sinister. Kolya began his walk to the hospital, not knowing the horrors that await once he got there. [RECENT EVENTS] -Kolya had found his friend's Lada, crashed and abandoned outside of Zelenogorsk. The engine was still running but no one was in the car. Blood soaked the front two seats.
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  11. I, Serf hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 4 in its current form.
  12. James Taylor was born and raised into a pretty average family in Perth, Australia. Although coming from a respectful, conservative family he always had a rebellious streak in him. He was always acting as the class clown at school and when out of school he would often get in trouble with the law. A keen skateboarder, he would always be seen out with his friends, smoking, drinking and generally causing trouble. He had been arrested numerous times for minor vandalism and generally being a public nuisanse. A few years (and a few school transfers) later, James finally came of age where he could choose his own path in life. As the numerous bouts with the law were now on his permanent record, he struggled to find a respectful job, but this didn't deter him from living his life how he wanted; smoking, drinking and skating. Soon enough, his parents became sick of his antics, worrying that James' reputation would reflect on the family, they sent him abroad to Chernarus to live with his distant Uncle Derek, in the hopes that living in an isolated, rural country would benefit him and 'turn him into a man'.
  13. Maybe a short quiz about the current lore so to ensure everyone understands it before they can create a character and play? When I started I know we did something like that for the rules, maybe do the same for the lore too? People were just joking around calling him a 'zombie' when it was pretty clear he was off his face on drugs. Loads of drugs and diseases are being described as calling users/victims 'zombie-like' but everyone knows they're still people. Same goes for the current lore.
  14. From what I've heard there's a good few Irishmen wandering around Chernarus! I'm sure you'll bump into them eventually! As already mentioned make sure to pay attention to the radio, there have been a lot of broadcasts about stuff going on in certain places, even advertising social hotspots You're always going to find people who don't particularly want to RP with strangers or even say "Hello". But be sure to keep in mind it's still very early on in the apocolypse and people haven't grown used to relying on strangers for help, give it time, and don't try too hard to find RP straight away or it might not go on your favour!
  15. *A tired and weary Vasily slumps into the corner of a run-down barn as he listens to the pack of angry wolves outside. Realising he won't be moving any time soon he unclips his radio and holds the PTT* "Hello..." *He pauses for a moment, seemingly unsure of what to say next* "It is odd, isn't it? Many of us thought the world would never get any worse and yet here we are. The country is more divided than ever, I used to know where I stood but now? I'm not sure I can recall the very ground I've been walking on my whole life. Where did humanity go so wrong? To be so suspicious of each-other, to yearn to rip eachother's throats out. And for what? Violence has never helped anything. For a man who has devoted his life to trying to fix the world, to try and piece it back together one part at a time... To watch it tear itself apart all over again is... Heartbreaking. I have given so much for my people. I have paid in blood to at least try and fix this mess. And I get, captured, interrogated, accused, attacked and humiliated in return. Where is a man's loyalty supposed to lie? How is a man supposed to have faith in those who have no faith in him? It is a sad world we live in today my friends. There is only one way to get through this. And that is to work together as one. Put the past behind us. Have faith in each-other. Love each-other. The endless violence will get us nowhere." *There is a brief pause as if there were more to say, but there is a click and static returns to the frequency.*
  16. I personally love it. The past couple of lores have been pretty tiresome to say the least. It was a constant 'Chernarussians vs everyone else' kind of scenario with all the western supersoldiers coming in. Although the nationalism side has stayed around (Which I agree with, it's realistic) the lack of western involvement has really opened up more of an internal struggle in Chernarus. I honestly love the feeling of absolute isolation from the rest of the world, the west doesn't care, which only fuels these rivalries even more. Although I can clearly see a lot of American mercenary groups or private military groups somehow arising as the lore goes on, I'm personally going to take my time to enjoy the lore as it's written before it inevatibly gets buried underneath supersoldiers finding loopholes as to why they've suddenly turned up when community groups are up.
  17. In what scenario would you need a 100 round magazine for an assault rifle? For a LMG or HMG I can fully understand the need for box/drum magazines but really? Even with all the military bases, finding a 100-round magazine for a 101 would be extremely unlikely. What's wrong with the 30-round magazines?
  18. *The static would cease once again, and the same voice would be heard* "To anybody listening to this frequency, apologies. I was not clear the last time. The girl I mentioned, she is American, and I am led to believe she was kidnapped by the CLF in the supposed safety of the RAC compound. Surely, what does this say about our 'saviours'? Are they truly worthy of helping us if they allow a young girl to be kidnapped on their watch? Any information will be appreciated, I do not have much in terms of payment, but I do not let good help go un-noticed." *There is a brief pause, followed by an exhausted sigh before static returns*
  19. *Static would be cut short by a tired yet friendly sounding Chernarussian accent* "Is this thing working okay? I have not had to use this for a while." *Fumbling can be heard as he plays with the radio* "I'm sure it is fine... There was a girl, I met her in the RAC camp in Vybor. She was very scared and was looking for her father as this father is Chernarussian I offered to help. I am looking for any information that may lead to finding this girl. I am only trying to do right by my Chernarussian brothers." *More fumbling can be heard as the radio turns back to static*
  20. Damn I really wish I knew about these strong as fuck armoured infected before I took one on with an axe...


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      Some of the infected in military areas spawn with gorka helmets and like a bomb disposal suit, I got really excited thinking he had some big boi loot but I took two hits and died 😅

  21. It was great! I'll try to stick around for a bit longer next time
  22. Vasily Maximovich was born into a small family in Novoselky in 1983. Although relatively poor, his family always tried their best to bring Vasily up to be a respectful and valued member of society. Vasily had always wanted to help people from a very young age. Even at school he would offer to help other students with any difficulties, and would even put himself in danger to try and break up fights that would erupt with his classmates. Vasily, at this young age had already noticed a large influx of Russian power and populace, the amount of Russian children at his school had increased dramatically, often forming cliques where they would outcast the native Chernarussian children. Vasily, being a young and impressionable child at the time, would often favour the needs of his Chernarussian classmates over the Russian children, and this is where his story began. Although Vasily was facing difficulties in the education system well into his teen-hood, this never deterred him from his ultimate goal in life - to be a doctor at Chernogorsk Hospital. As he came from a relatively poor family and they had no means of transportation, he had to settle with Chernogorsk as it was the nearest major city with a hospital. Vasily studied hard in biology and medicine, often stealing books from the school library to take home and read. The way he excelled in these subjects at school made him recognised by the teachers, which then referred him to an internship at the hospital when he turned 18. By this time, the civil unrest in Chernarus had been in full swing, and his application and the applications of many others for internships were fast-tracked in anticipation due to the ongoing unrest in the country at the time. Vasily had carried on working at the hospital until 2009, when the civil war became all-out and there was an overwhelming amount of traffic coming through the hospital. Unable to sit back whilst the other Chernarussians went off and fought for independance, he swiftly quit his job and sought to become a combat medic with the Chernarussian revolutionary forces. He was swiftly accepted into the ranks and was thrust onto the frontlines. The war was short, but bloody, during this time Vasily had witnessed things that no man would ever want to see. But he always held his head high, safe in the knowledge that he had tried his best, and was a valuable asset to the Chernarussian people, and was continuing his vow to rid Chernarus of the Russian invaders.
  23. *A very tired and weary Mr. Nichols falls into the corner of a desolate barn, clutching his stomach and grimacing in pain as he slides to the floor. He moves his hand to assess the damage, letting out a defeated sigh as blood continues to pour out of the open wound. He hurriedly fumbles with his radio, strugging to unclip it from his belt before taking a second to compose himself. He presses the PTT* "People of Chernarus... Well, it's certainly been an experience, I'll tell you that much... This is Mr. Jordan Nichols, communications engineer for Her Majesty's esteemed order of the Cavaliers, or at least what's left of it anyway.I'm not sure how much time I have so I'll try and keep this as brief as possible. We never wanted to be caught up in this mess, we started out as a bunch of like-minded chaps who just wanted to bring a bit of old blighty with us. Unfortunately this didn't last, since Albion was overrun, and the Cavaliers ceased to be. We had a lot of encounters through our time being here, we made a lot of friends, some more trustworthy than others, and we brought relative peace to our little peninsula. As this would most likely be my final transmission, I would like to thank our friends, without whom the Cavaliers would have never even made it to Albion. The friends who stayed with us, and helped us build the glorious town it was. And as the day comes to an end, so too does the Order of the Cavaliers. I for one can only hope that our legacy will be remembered in the years to come. God save the Queen. *There is a brief pause before static returns to the frequency.*
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