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  1. Tommy Wilkes

    Tommy was brought up in the quiet suburbs in Lewisham, London. From a young age Tommy had always been a gambler, he would occasionally actually organise fights within the playground at school and ask his schoolmates to place bets, resulting in him taking a tidy profit. Tommy got his ways with money from his father, who was also a gambler, but then he was also an abusive alcoholic with severe depression. Because of this, the money that Tommy made would go towards the upkeep of the house, and trying to help his father regardless of the abuse he received. When Tommy left school at the age of 16, he befriended a group of Irish travellers, Gypsies. At this time Tommy learned he was never much of a fighter, after being invited to numerous sparring sessions with the Gypsy bare-knuckle boxers. Although he wasn't good with his hands, he saw this as a major business opportunity and started organising unlicensed boxing matches. By the time he was 20 he attracted the attention of many large names in the London criminal underworld. Fast-forward 3 years. After a total of 7 years spending every penny he had on helping his alcoholic father, Tommy's old man tragically took his own life jumping off the London Bridge. It was later that Tommy discovered that a lot of money he had made for his father wasn't spent on alcohol, drugs, or prostitutes. It was to pay off a loan shark that he borrowed money from to put Tommy through school. Tommy decided to track down the elusive loan shark, and when he did, interrogated him on how he could live with himself after driving his father to suicide. It was at this point that the shark explained that Tommy's father didn't kill himself. He was in-fact killed by the shark's goons. £200 away from clearing his debt. At this point Tommy erupted into rage and flipped the office table over before pinning the shark against a wall. He already realised the mistake he made as two of the sharks goons quickly pulled him off the man and threw him across the room. At this point, before the goons could pummel Tommy, the shark waved them off, and explained that he'd heard of Tommy and understood why he erupted, and respected him as a businessman and entrepreneur. He Told him he had two options. Stay in the UK and forever be on the run from the shark and his contacts. Or run. Tommy chose the latter, and was swiftly thrown £1000 in cash. Tommy packed it all in his bag and scarpered out the door. He hailed a cab and took it to London Airport. And paid, in cash, a one-way ticket to Chernarus.
  2. InnKinn

    Been away and now I'm back and probably already way behind in the new lore.

    1. Jonal


      You've been away so long that the end of the world happened and now the dead roam the earth..
      Good job!

  3. Asking out of need {Open Frequency}

    *Henry, crossing an open field, cracks his first smile in a long time as he overhears the conversation on the radio. He breaks into hysterics and is heard laughing as he presses the PTT* "Isaac is it? You soppy prick! Man the fuck up get your own food!" *He pauses as he tries to compose himself* "People like you.. I mean seriously how are you still alive!?" *His voice is heard turning suddenly serious as he addresses the other male voice* "As for you, I need to see you soon. Certain matters need discussing." *He releases the PTT as he continues his journey*
  4. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN [Open Freq/Cavaliers]

    *Henry sits down in an abandoned general store, and opens his rucksack to admire his collection from a hard day's work gathering food and supplies. He strikes a match to light his gas stove which he places a can of beans over. He jolts as he hears the voices on his radio and pauses before holding the PTT button* "So he's dead, huh? Shit. Was it those fucking Ukrainians? They've been fucking with these guys for too long. And now they take out Ashford?" *Henry can be heard raising his voice as his anguish turns to anger* "They've unleashed a fucking shit-storm! I've warned them in the past and now they do this!?" *He pauses, as he returns with a much calmer voice.* "Ashford was a great man. An honest man. A selfless man. He probably always knew me as 'That guy who won't stop calling himself a one-man-army.'" *He is heard chuckling to himself as he composes himself.* "Time to live up to my name." *He releases the PTT button and sits, continuing to stare into the subtle blue flames of the stove as he lifts the beans off. He places the beans next to him as he suddenly decides he's not hungry and rolls over to sleep.*
  5. Overlooked Characters

    Alright so this has happened to me a few times. A number of times when I've encountered hostile RP I've found that although the aggressors generally do roleplay very well and I try and give my best RP back, does anyone else feel like all the effort put into your character is kind of overlooked? I know that might not have made sense so say for instance I get taken hostage, here I know RP is limited but I still do what I can (try and negotiate, bargain, sometimes beg idk) and you're replied with (generally) "shut up or you die" Now here I know that this isn't exactly the time to dish out your life story, but something that I discovered is that in a majority of hostile RP, little effort is made to actually 'get to know' the character. It doesn't matter if you're a man, woman, child/whatever you'll still be told to shut up either way. Now what are people's thoughts? Do you prefer it this way? Or do you wish you had more of a chance to use your character's characteristics more? Asking only because I'm planning on making my first "bad guy" character and want to make sure everyone I come across enjoys the RP.

    *Henry is sat in a hunting platform drinking from his hipflask. He looks down at the half-finished 'surgical procedure' on his thigh, dreading that he'll eventually have to dig the bullet fragments out. He sighs as he hears the conversation on the radio, and presses the PTT.* "Mr. Ashford. Nice to hear your voice once again... Was wondering what happened to everyone." *Henry is heard coughing and spluttering over the radio as he grunts in pain from his leg* "Don't worry, I know where you boys are, don't you worry.... You still there Daley? Haven't heard from you in a while, we need to catch up my friend." *Henry releases his PTT, throwing his radio across the platform and looks down at his leg. He places his bandanna in his mouth and grits his teeth while he draws his machete. And begins cutting the bullet fragments out.*
  7. *Henry walks through the tattered remains of his camp, becoming increasingly angry as he rifles through the collapsed tents looking for his belongings. He finds an old rucksack, riddled with bullet holes and practically useless, he rummages inside it regardless and finds a battered yet still operable radio, he flings the rucksack aside and holds the PTT button* "Right... you little fucks. You know who you are and so do I.... The camp at the dam? You might not know me but believe me when I say I'm not someone you want to fuck with." *He pauses as he finds his trusty machete still in it's sheathe. he clips it to his belt as he continues* "You guys probably think that you're doing the right thing here, maybe you're just looking out for your group and see us as a threat and I understand that, but believe me when I say this..." *He pauses again as he tries to refrain from shouting, tapping the side of his slung shotgun* "You're wrong if you think this group is a threat. I know I'm no saint but I know good people when I meet them... Me on the other hand... You may think you've seen the worst, lived through hell but honestly..." *He pulls on his white balaclava and continues* "You haven't seen anything yet. You think you've seen evil? You couldn't be more wrong. I'm coming for you." "He releases the PTT, clipping the radio to his belt as he carries on searching through the wreckage."
  8. Best Line when approaching players

    "'Ello there my good sir/madam, do you have the time to talk to a fellow traveller like myself?" Depends on the circumstances really, I don't even know why I made such a charismatic character...
  9. Current Issues

    Agreed, I've seen so many heated arguments in reports (I'm a bit of a reports creep so I've seen it all) These arguments could be easily avoided if the OP has some time to play a bit more, re-gear and RP a bit more (if they don't decide to call it a day/night) so hopefully they'll be in a better state of mind for civilised discussion.
  10. Current Issues

    I couldn't agree with this more, the whole point we have an age restriction on DayZRP is so that we can ensure a sensible and mature community. I think a big problem is that people do get angry at the game easily and it is frustrating when you die, regardless of the circumstances (as made clear from a recent video evidence I posted when I went a lil ragey when I died) About 2 weeks ago I was misidentified and killed-on-sight, i was getting ready to post my first report until Lyca poked me on TS and brought me into an OOC chat with the party that killed me. The other player couldn't have been more courteous and apologized for the situation to which I accepted the apology and we left it on a high note. The fact that people overreact and cry to admins is a problem because it also stirs up OOC hate which isn't healthy for the community at all. On a last note there are only so many admins, and I'm sure they have much better things to do than sort out childish arguments over things that can easily be sorted out on TS.
  11. Unwritten camp rules

    Alright so recently I've come across several cases of 'camp griefing' where someone's come across an empty camp with several tents, help themselves to loot, move the tents around and claim the camp as their own, now I know there's nothing in the rules that prevents this, but it has brought up a discussion as to whether or not it's some sort of unwritten rule not to rearrange and claim inhabited camps. One interesting point was that if the inhabitants are offline then there's a chance that characters are 'sleeping' in said tents so would it be BadRP to move the tents? What are people's thoughts?
  12. Racism

    The thing is it's not going to be aimed at you personally, I mean my character has a lot to do with the Cavaliers and as they're predominantly British a lot of people poke fun at the Cavs for it, but as a British person I don't get offended At the end of the day, 9 times out of 10 it's the character that is mean to your character, Not the player being mean to you personally. What I would do is if you think the RP is going too far in terms of racism then just say in OOC something like "this is too much can you tone down the racism" But then on the other hand it might effect the RP experience. Hope my input helps
  13. What's your reason for playing DayZRP?

    Okay this is me getting personal. I love the community that comes with DayZRP. Ever since I was a young-un I've always had quite a bad case of social anxiety, this led to me hardly ever leaving the house unless it was to go to school then college now work. All I've ever done really was staying at home playing video games, but endless hours of CounterStrike and other games never really gave me a sense of community and communication. So I started playing the DayZ mod, never really interacted much with other players aside from a couple people who I occasionally played with, unfortunately this was when I was around 17-18 and they were the same age so they had more time socialising and forgot about DayZ. I gave DayZ a rest for a while to concentrate on my studies, then one day I saw DayZ was getting it's own standalone! I had so many hours playing Standalone, though I was playing normal servers I again, never really had any player interaction. Then I was on Youtube one day and saw someone playing a DayZ RP server (I don't think it was actually DayZRP) and I loved the idea! I straight away googled "DayZ Roleplay servers" and found DayZRP!! I instantly applied for a whitelist and when that went through I had so much fun playing. Initially I found it hard to RP, as any RP that wasn't textRP was completely new to me! Basically long story short, I love playing DayZRP because it takes me away from reality (depressing, I know.) It lets me live basically another life where someone's actually confident and they have friends etc. I also love the friends I've made along the way: @Jonal @Aristocrat @sandvich and many more. DayZRP has also given me confidence in real life, I'm going out a lot more, making new friends, I even got a girlfriend! (Depressing as I'm 21 but hey) But yeah, there's my reason for playing DayZRP.
  14. Rogovo [Open frequency]

    *Henry, sharpening his machete, smirks as he hears the voice over the radio, he puts the machete down and picks up the radio, pressing the PTT* "You've made a big mistake, my son. Not only setting up your happy little dreamhouse in the fucking triangle but telling the whole world?" *He is heard laughing to himself over the radio as he pauses* "You might expect a few little.... Visits, from time to time, I love to get to know the locals..." *He is heard chuckling as he releases the PTT, Henry puts his radio away and pulls a map out of his bag, he starts drawing the quickest route to Rogovo.*
  15. Conflict within DayZRP

    Yeah I understand that now, but when I first started around a year ago it did take me quite a while to grasp the concept. But I can easily understand why people find it so easy to take IC situations and see it as OOC beef.