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  1. InnKinn

    ..... I think I'm starting to enjoy PVP.

    1. WesternRP
    2. Chewy


      *hands some glasses*

    3. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      because its the best part of dayz

    4. OskuRP


      I enjoy winning the firefights and not having to wake up at the coast ;)

    5. InnKinn


      @OskuRP Me too but hey there's always next time ;)

    6. OskuRP


      How many did you guys lose?

    7. InnKinn


      We lost all but one, I'm just happy I managed to land myself a couple really nice sniper kills so I'm not too disappointed :)

    8. OskuRP


      were you the one on the house next to the pub switching between floor 2 and 3?

    9. InnKinn


      Nah I was to the east on a ridge near the river

    10. OskuRP


      I was the orange raincoat who taunted you before the battle started by walking from the school to the river and back over and over again :P

    11. Jonal


      Wait wait wait, The Fuck did i miss ?

    12. Chewy


      A friendly scrim it seems ;)

    13. InnKinn


      You missed the battle for Severograd @Jonal xD

      Wait @OskuRP you knew I was there from the start?

    14. OskuRP
    15. InnKinn


      Ffs xD

  2. InnKinn

    Keeping the Cavalier's spirit alive... No matter how subtly.


  3. Titus Addington II

    Titus 'Adders' Addington II was born in 1996 to a wealthy upper-class family in Cambridge, UK. He had always had the best upbringing, be it a little distant from his Father, Titus Addington the first. From the age of five, he had been sent to The King's School in Canterbury, from the age of five all the way to 16, graduating top of the class in English literature and History. From there he enrolled at Eton Academy, further studying Literature and History. [WIP]
  4. *A very weary John, slowly slumps into the corner of an old Severograd house. He places his rifle by his side and begins disassembling his sidearm for cleaning. He is disgusted to see the working parts starting to rust and tosses the half disassembled pistol to the side, resulting in the slide coming off and the two pieces scattering across the floor. He looks at them and sighs to himself as he pulls his radio from his vest and presses the PTT* "This is a message to any Aegis personnel still out there. My name is Staff Sergeant John Baker, Alpha command for Aegis Countemeasure Service. I've been seperated from my unit for a long while now. Everyone has either been killed or went MIA. If any Aegis personnel hear this message. Please respond. Alpha Command out." *John releases the PTT and slowly clips the radio back to his vest. He returns his weary gaze to the scattered handgun parts on the floor. He lazily gets up and kicks them into a corner for cleaning later before he lowers himself back into his corner to sleep.*
  5. Our Home of Severograd [Open Freq.]

    *John, stumbles frantically into an abandoned warehouse. He hurriedly slides the monstrous metal door shut, the rusty guides letting out a deafening screech that echoes through the nearby mountain range. He raises his weapon as he briefly searches the building for an exit to no avail. Suddenly an almighty crash can be heard against the door, followed by a monotonous droan of collective moans and snarls from the undead mob that he had recently outrun. Smirking to himself as he realises how lucky he is to still be around after all this time, picks up his military VHF radio and speaks into it. A strong South African voice can be heard* "Quinn.... It's nice to hear from you again. Moreover it's nice to hear that Severograd's up and running again. You may or may not remember me. It's John Baker, Alpha Command for the-... or what's left or the Aegis Countermeasure Service. As far as I know I'm the only one left but it seems I just have to live with that. Aegis radio systems have been down for some time. And the extractions have been discontinued. I'm the last one." *He pauses as he holds the handset to his forehead, scrunching his eyes up as he remembers the last time he saw his Commander Briscoe and the rest of his unit* "I'll be making my way to Severograd in the coming days. I look forward to seeing you again, Quinn.. And I also look forward to seeing how the town has changed. I'll see you and your people soon." *The transmission continues for a brief moment, in which all that could be heard is the continued muffled moans coming from the other side of the door. Followed by a second, louder crash, and louder, clearer bangs and snarls. A very panicked and tired "Shit." can be heard as the transmission ends."
  6. Is anybody alive out there? [Public frequency]

    *An extremely drunk Harry stops his drink half way when he hears the broadcast. He places it down, spilling it slightly and slurs drunkenly into the handset* "Come to Severograd matey it's one big ol' party!" *He cheers very loudly, raising both hands high above his head before whispering very drunkenly* "Watch out for the Happy Police though... Wear anything they don't like and they'll make you get naked for them... pervs." *Transmission ends*
  7. *Harry drunkenly stumbles into a house near Severograd pub, he slumps in the corner and smiles as he could still hear laughter coming from the pub across the road. He takes a gulp from his pint of bitter and picks up the radio." *A very drunken Cockney voice can be heard* "Oi oi I'm hoping the Happy police have finished taking everyone's clothes and shit." *There is a pause as a very loud burp can be heard over the radio* "S'cuse me squires... better out than in. Anyways, I was out and about in Severograd this fine day when a certain group of mongs decided to fucking take our clothes off our very backs because it was a colour they didn't like" *He can be heard giggling to himself as he remembers the recent events then suddenly shouts* "We had one of them crawling around in a fucking sewer!!" *He lets out a huge laugh followed by an "Oh Fuck!" as he knocks his beer over.* "If you guys are listening to me then I'm glad you tuned in to Radio Harry.... Carry on getting people to strip naked for you and someone's going to fight back... Just sayin'" *A lot of shuffling can be heard as Harry forgot to let go of the PTT, a very muffled "Fuck sake now I have to get another one.." can be heard as he staggers to his feet* *Transmission ends*
  8. Names Donovan

    *Hearing the continued conversation, Harry chimes in.* "Donovan, right? Where even is this little gym of yours?" *He clicks off the PTT, awaiting a response*
  9. *Harry hears the commotion on the radio, he smirks and shakes his head as he picks it up* "Is this fucker serious? Mate you're just one of those mugs that robs defenceless unfortunates and then mugs them off on the radio? I know I'm no saint but if you got beef with someone you say it to their face... "Bob." *He laughs as he ends transmission*
  10. Names Donovan

    *Harry, halfway through sorting out his loot for the day stops as he hears his radio, he shakes his head as he picks it up and speaks lazily into the radio* "Boy you're going to get fucked if you carry on like that. Who cares about your little 'gym'? Most people are more interested in, y'know, surviving rather than getting gains." *He pauses as he sighs* "You need a serious reality check my friend, carry on talking like that and I'll give you a week before you wind up dead." *He clicks off the PTT as he tosses it back into his rucksack*
  11. Harrison Baglow

    Harrison Baglow was born in 1996 to a small family in Lewisham, Kent. From a young age he was always a troublemaker, he had attended every school in his local area as a result of being expelled for starting fights and being a general playground bully. Although never having a criminal record, Harry has always had a violent streak, not long after finishing secondary school he was notorious in his local area as a maverick and a troublemaker. Harry got his first job at 17 as a groundworker. This was a job he particularly enjoyed as he would happily smash tiles and bricks all day long. When he wasn't working he'd be down his local pub (Which he would be barred from if it weren't for the landlord being too scared to do anything about him) At the age of 19 Harrison decided to join the British Army on a whim as a Grenadier Guardsman. (Although being a rough troublemaker he always liked to look smart and crisp.) He passed the medical and physical with flying colours. [WIP]
  12. Rhodesia Character accent tips

    My time to shine! Thanks @Zero! InnKinn's Guide to surviving the Rhodesian Apocalypse (But mainly sounding the part). So you think you're Rhodesian, huh? Want to join the elite band of brown-jobs and blue-jobs who never die? Well look no further as I will now guide you, step by step to becoming a true Rhodesian soldier. Step One: The African Part Right so we all know that Rhodesia is now known as Zimbabwe, which is also obviously a part of Africa. Being a country within Africa there are a lot of Africans so it is ideal that you learn how to master that 'generic' African accent, a good way to learn this is by watching the movie: Beasts Of No Nation. A Netflix movie about a child soldier in an African civil war. Step Two: The British Part So you've mastered the African accent? Great news! You're one step closer to becoming a fledged member of the RLI! Now (If you're not British) You will need to master the British accent. Now you will hear a lot of different accents from Britain but the accent you're looking for is "The Queen's English" which is the most commonly used. Just try and emphasise the 'posh' British accent without going over the top. Step Three: Combine The Two! Now this is the difficult part. Combining the two accents together to create a rich, pure, Rhodesian voice. (The voice of gods among men) Now this is mainly down to practice. Watch a few Rhodesian interviews or listen to old radio stations on YouTube. Find where the African 'tinge' comes in and apply it! Step Four: Slang! Now you wouldn't be able to do a genuine sounding Rhodesian accent without throwing a few slang words in there! A good site to check out is: http://www.rhodesia.com/docs/other/slang.htm What I would recommend is pick out a few words that you would find yourself using more often, such as: kia: House Mushi: Very nice Or if you'd like to refer to Severograd: Shuttine: A place north of where you are that you'll likely never visit. So there you have it! InnKinn's complete guide to mastering the Rhodesian accent and securing everlasting immortality! Now go forth and Make Rhodesia Great Again!
  13. Operation Kopec - Lore Event [RP-PvP]

    Get me in for BPR! Character - Zakrevsky Maximovich
  14. Failed Robberies Thread

    gassed!!! Nice one @Dusty
  15. InnKinn

    Well merry christmas everyone, hope y'all get some good shit