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  1. "'Ello there my good sir/madam, do you have the time to talk to a fellow traveller like myself?" Depends on the circumstances really, I don't even know why I made such a charismatic character...
  2. Agreed, I've seen so many heated arguments in reports (I'm a bit of a reports creep so I've seen it all) These arguments could be easily avoided if the OP has some time to play a bit more, re-gear and RP a bit more (if they don't decide to call it a day/night) so hopefully they'll be in a better state of mind for civilised discussion.
  3. I couldn't agree with this more, the whole point we have an age restriction on DayZRP is so that we can ensure a sensible and mature community. I think a big problem is that people do get angry at the game easily and it is frustrating when you die, regardless of the circumstances (as made clear from a recent video evidence I posted when I went a lil ragey when I died) About 2 weeks ago I was misidentified and killed-on-sight, i was getting ready to post my first report until Lyca poked me on TS and brought me into an OOC chat with the party that killed me. The other player couldn't have been more courteous and apologized for the situation to which I accepted the apology and we left it on a high note. The fact that people overreact and cry to admins is a problem because it also stirs up OOC hate which isn't healthy for the community at all. On a last note there are only so many admins, and I'm sure they have much better things to do than sort out childish arguments over things that can easily be sorted out on TS.
  4. Alright so recently I've come across several cases of 'camp griefing' where someone's come across an empty camp with several tents, help themselves to loot, move the tents around and claim the camp as their own, now I know there's nothing in the rules that prevents this, but it has brought up a discussion as to whether or not it's some sort of unwritten rule not to rearrange and claim inhabited camps. One interesting point was that if the inhabitants are offline then there's a chance that characters are 'sleeping' in said tents so would it be BadRP to move the tents? What are people's thoughts?
  5. The thing is it's not going to be aimed at you personally, I mean my character has a lot to do with the Cavaliers and as they're predominantly British a lot of people poke fun at the Cavs for it, but as a British person I don't get offended At the end of the day, 9 times out of 10 it's the character that is mean to your character, Not the player being mean to you personally. What I would do is if you think the RP is going too far in terms of racism then just say in OOC something like "this is too much can you tone down the racism" But then on the other hand it might effect the RP experience. Hope my input helps
  6. Okay this is me getting personal. I love the community that comes with DayZRP. Ever since I was a young-un I've always had quite a bad case of social anxiety, this led to me hardly ever leaving the house unless it was to go to school then college now work. All I've ever done really was staying at home playing video games, but endless hours of CounterStrike and other games never really gave me a sense of community and communication. So I started playing the DayZ mod, never really interacted much with other players aside from a couple people who I occasionally played with, unfortunately this was when I was around 17-18 and they were the same age so they had more time socialising and forgot about DayZ. I gave DayZ a rest for a while to concentrate on my studies, then one day I saw DayZ was getting it's own standalone! I had so many hours playing Standalone, though I was playing normal servers I again, never really had any player interaction. Then I was on Youtube one day and saw someone playing a DayZ RP server (I don't think it was actually DayZRP) and I loved the idea! I straight away googled "DayZ Roleplay servers" and found DayZRP!! I instantly applied for a whitelist and when that went through I had so much fun playing. Initially I found it hard to RP, as any RP that wasn't textRP was completely new to me! Basically long story short, I love playing DayZRP because it takes me away from reality (depressing, I know.) It lets me live basically another life where someone's actually confident and they have friends etc. I also love the friends I've made along the way: @Jonal @Aristocrat @sandvich and many more. DayZRP has also given me confidence in real life, I'm going out a lot more, making new friends, I even got a girlfriend! (Depressing as I'm 21 but hey) But yeah, there's my reason for playing DayZRP.
  7. *Henry, sharpening his machete, smirks as he hears the voice over the radio, he puts the machete down and picks up the radio, pressing the PTT* "You've made a big mistake, my son. Not only setting up your happy little dreamhouse in the fucking triangle but telling the whole world?" *He is heard laughing to himself over the radio as he pauses* "You might expect a few little.... Visits, from time to time, I love to get to know the locals..." *He is heard chuckling as he releases the PTT, Henry puts his radio away and pulls a map out of his bag, he starts drawing the quickest route to Rogovo.*
  8. Yeah I understand that now, but when I first started around a year ago it did take me quite a while to grasp the concept. But I can easily understand why people find it so easy to take IC situations and see it as OOC beef.
  9. Right, so I was having this chat with someone the other night and it got me thinking about when I first started out playing DayZRP. I guess the point of this post is just to start a general discussion on the topic and for any new RP-ers reading to learn a thing or two. I was new to serious RP-ing, I did a bit in (don't laugh) Garry's Mod but that was very loose RP, ie. no character creation, no personas, no in-game politics or lasting drama etc. When I first started with DayZRP, within a day or two I found myself in my first hostile situation. The other character was saying some really mean shit obviously since I was getting robbed. At this point I was finding it hard to differentiate between a character not liking my character, and a player not liking well, me. It did take me a while playing DayZRP to grasp the concept that any arguments that happen in-character are purely in-character. Very rarely we get OOC beef but that gets stamped out pretty quickly. I guess what I'm asking is, did anyone else have this issue when they started RP-ing? I musn't be the only one.
  10. *Henry presses the antenna of the radio to his forehead, pondering the situation, he laughs slightly before pressing the PTT button.* "Very kind of you sir to offer me a choice in the matter, I do indeed have a lot of experience in the field, many years in fact. I'm more than willing to meet up and discuss this in person." *He puts on his hat and slings on his backpack as he prepares to leave the house.* "I'm very much looking forward to it in fact. If you give me a time and a place I'll be there, you have my word, you seem like a fellow respectable businessman." *He laughs to himself* "I look forward to seeing where this little... Business opportunity takes us, my friend." *Transmission ends*
  11. "Rooting, tooting, buckarooing tough southern men" Getting ready to head down to the Longhorn strip club this weekend!
  12. *Henry would finish packing away his stove and stares out the window and hears the reply over the radio, he smiles, believing he's finally found a potential companion and holds the PTT button* "Well met, Daley. I'm not shook at all I'm perfectly fine, nothing I can't handle." *He peeks out the window to the front of the house to see the group of infected had given up and dispersed* "Oh right my 'business' yeah. Well back before all of this shit started I did some work that the law didn't look too kindly on, I was hired by a group of arms dealers in Central London, I was tasked with making sure everyone gave my boys what they were owed, this included let's say... House visits. If you catch my drift." *Transmission ends*
  13. *Henry smirks as he hears a male voice reply on the radio* *Transmission starts* "And hello to you, sir. Thanks for getting back to me. Who do I have the pleasure of speaking to?" *Transmission ends*
  14. *Henry Wilkinson hurriedly barges into an empty house and slams the door shut, he pushes against the door with all his weight to stop a group of around 12 infected from entering. He swiftly looks around and moves an old sofa to blockade the door. Henry rummages in his backpack for a gas stove and a can of beans to cook, while it's cooking he produces a small battered radio from his jacket pocket and switches it on.* "Uh, hello? Is this bloody thing even working?" *All he hears is static, and Henry slaps it a few times to get it to work* "Right, well I guess if this is working then nice one, if not well it's nice to talk once in a while, even if it is to a broken piece of shit. Okay then, if anyone's listening, or alive for that matter. My name's Henry Wilkinson, but most people used to call me Henno. The last human contact I've had was 6 months ago and it's taking its toll. The lack of conversation is killing me. I used to be a bloody businessman for Christ's sake, alright yeah my 'business' was somewhat dodgy but still! I'm shacked up in some town just south of some fuck-off airfield, I can see people have been here recently - some farming colony or something but Christ knows where they are now. *Henry carefully picks up the can of beans from the stove, setting it down to cool off* "I guess what I'm saying here is, well, help. I'm getting by on my own fine, I have food, water, enough weaponry to take down a small army, although that might be exaggerating slightly. I'm even offering my services, not something I'm willing to discuss over some open frequency but it's a kind of help that you need if you want to make a name for yourself in this day and age." "That's it, I guess. Hope someone heard that shit." *Radio clicks off*
  15. Nice one @Jonal you draw good have some beans for bae <3