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  1. InnKinn

    Back to good ol' scriptwriting. Hoping for web miniseries ^_^

  2. Cannibal time

    I have a character, ready to be played who's a cannibal anyway, criminally insane. I don't believe it's viable for people to resort to cannibalism at this current time, I think the most desperate people would get would be robbing people for their food, not eating the dudes. But then again, if you wish to play a cannibal, go ahead, but I'm playing it safe and making him a crazed cannibal murderer anyway.
    • InnKinn
    • Jonal

    Thought you'd appreciate it ;)

    1. Jonal


      Made a parody of it with HMMF :) 
      But its blocked in some English countries, just change your Youtube at the bottom from " English " to "American " and it should work


      PS : This was before you joined the regiment thats why you are not here

  3. Anime Noob Reccomendations

    But nah My favourite animes are Thomas the Tank Engine and Seinfeld.
  4. Anime Noob Reccomendations

    Don't get me started on A N I M E
  5. Hassan's Graphics [Avatars/Sigs]

    Hi Hassan! Was wondering if you could possibly give us a hand with my signature, I've tried with Gimp but eh it's so-so. Was wondering if you could do something similar but kind of spice it up? Possibly putting the union flag in the text Thanks in advance!
  6. InnKinn


    1. Uplink



    2. Brayces


      What!! Oh no!! Are you gonna be okay, InnKinn?

    3. InnKinn


      Yeah it was crap anyway, short on money but it'll all work out :D

    4. Brayces


      Okay. :(( Be careful, wouldn't want you starving on the streets!

    5. Uplink


      It's ok, InnKinn can live in my cellar

    6. Brayces


      That's very kind of you, Uplink. Father would be proud of you.

    7. Uplink


      I don't think Father would approve of a 21 year old man living under his house for free

    8. InnKinn


      R E N T F R E E

    9. Brayces


      Haha, shhhh. What father doesn't know won't hurt him. Word has it, he's out and about anyways so don't expect him home anytime soon. 

    10. InnKinn


      Everyone needs an InnKinn in their cellar

    11. Jonal


      InnKinn is gonna die of starvation, in the cold, alone and internetless 


    12. InnKinn


      my life already except I have my internets ;)

    13. Jonal


      If you need a place to stay, with amazing food, France welcomes you back :) 

    14. Uplink
    15. InnKinn


      Escargot? When I'm finished it'll me Escar-GONE!


    16. Brayces


      Jonal, aren't you Welsh?

    17. Jonal


      @BraycesComplicated :
      I'm Half Welsh, Half English
      But born and raised in France my whole life, so i'm more French in that regard
      And still live in France

    18. Brayces


      Oooohh. Well, hell. If InnKinn doesn't wanna go to France I'll come! *Packs bags and heads for Jonal's house.*

    19. InnKinn


      Better than Uplink's cellar ;)

    20. Jonal


      You'll be treated here with the best wine, best food that the world can offer.

    21. Brayces


      Oh Jesus, Jonal you're making this VERY tempting... 

    22. InnKinn


      Brayces this is my invite!

    23. Brayces


      TOO late! You didn't wanna go!! 

    24. Jonal


      Was gonna say i have space for both of ya, but she does bring up a good point InnKinn 

    25. InnKinn


      But I love France :(

    26. Brayces


      Jonal, you're hosting a house party now. 'Cept I have to stay a few days because it's hard to fly back and forth so often.

    27. InnKinn


      I'll get the kegs.

    28. Uplink


      Dunno if his mum would be too happy about that

    29. Brayces


      I'm excited for this event! Wine! Cheese! Bread! French food! Kegs! 

      @Uplink it's father we have to worry about, not mother.

    30. Jonal


      I should be getting my own place Next week or the week after that, we will do that then boiiis ! :D

    31. Uplink


      God, father would never approve!

    32. Brayces


      Haha, yeah Jonal just let us all fly over and party at your place. ;P I'm due for a visit to the EU, yeah? 
      And yes, Father would scowl most definitely ... All the more reason to do it! 

    33. Jonal


      Wine, Cheese, Saucisson and Quiche, he better 

    34. Brayces


      MmMMm, I'm in heaven already just dreaming of it! <3

    35. InnKinn


      I hope we're not talking about Shiro ;)

  7. John Baker's POV: Okay so this was a while ago now so I'm going by memory. So the Aegis ACF were hanging around doing some Aegis PR in Severograd, everyone was just milling around (from memory around 15-20 of us) with our weapons holstered doing some good ol' campfireRP. Suddenly I hear your generic "Put your fucking hands up" which is replied with a series of groans and everyone eventually complies. Turns out that a group of around 4 people had initiated on our approximate 20, but since only a couple had weapons out I don't see this as NVFL. We then got circled around the campfire (remeniscant of the Lopatino Massacre) and someone took us one-by-one to strip our weapons, vests and backpacks and move over to another area of the courtyard. (Forgetting to check for radios) There was a little bit of RP that led to Quinn being taken away by a female captor for a majority of the time, meanwhile the only RP that happened was the hostages having idle chit-chat between themselves. Granted the captors attempted to salvage this by forcing two hostages to have a boxing match, but ignored one's obvious hints that he was was low on health. They continued with the match and behold, one died. There were a few false alarms, with one captor shouting in text chat "GHILLIE ON THE HILL" then ALL of the captors ran off to see what was happening, leaving the hostages unattended several times. Eventually, Quinn returned and was given an ultimatum, either she PKs or everyone else dies. This to me was very unreasonable demands. When she was seconds away from committing suicide gunshots rang out, the female captor got domed by a sniper (beautiful shot) and the captors scarpered, and I presume died. A Russian (?) female ran to us and shouted "Get up and fucking run" so everyone just grabbed any bag they could and ran. I died minutes later due to lag (I think) -END POV-
  8. BeanZ WAR

  9. InnKinn

    Putting off work to play DayZ what is my life.

    1. Shane


      wrong choice friend

    2. Uplink


      what is your life

    3. Jonal


      Do you even have a life ?

  10. Real life picture Thread

  11. @Jonal making Rhodesia great again
  12. As much as I hate to question DayZRP as it's been my second home for just over a year, I couldn't help but notice the server's been rather.... quiet. I remember when I first started I would be waiting for about 20-30 minutes because of the queue, in fact it was the same story for both the servers! Now it just feels like there's a handful of loyal players left, I've seen the server maxed out only a handful of times in the past few months. Although I could be wrong, is the server maxed out once all the US players log in?
  13. InnKinn

    Forever searching for Jay-Z's 100th problem.

    1. Brayces


      I mean, you at least know that a bitch ain't one.

    2. InnKinn


      The plot thickens

    3. Brayces


      :ThinkingEmoji: What if a Jay-Z himself, is the 100th problem? 

    4. InnKinn


      It all makes sense! Jay-Z used the bitch as an elaborate ploy to deter us from the fact that he, himself is the 100th problem.
      That slippery bastard.

    5. Brayces


      DAMN! How COY! Of course, it was staring us right in the FACE! HE PLAYED US LIKE THE CHEAP KAZOO'S WE ARE!

  14. Donovan March

    "Donovan? Hi, how're you feeling?" "Hm?" Donovan March's head snapped up, he had been asleep for the past half hour. He glanced down briefly at his hands, clasped together with a par of handcuffs, anchored to the steel table in front of him. He then slowly lifted his head up and let out a polite smile. "I'm very well, sir. How're you this fine.." He quickly looked around the small box room for a clock. It was bare, with white tile floors and walls except for a large mirror on one of the walls, illuminated only by a flickering bulb centered over the two men. "Morning." the man replied, "And I'm well, thank you." The man's response was met with the same polite, yet somewhat intimidating smile. He cleared his throat nervously as he picked up his briefcase from down beside his chair. "Do you know why we're having this conversation, Donovan?" he asked as he placed the briefcase on the table and flipped the lid open. "Well, this is a prison, isn't it? I would assume I haven't been here for the past two years by helping old ladies cross the street." replied Donovan, as he glanced to the mirror beside him, noticing the "MAX SEC" written in block on his sleeve. "Providing I'm placed in maximum security too. I'd say I've been a bad boy." His now straight face let out a small laugh, yet still not letting up his wary gaze on the suited man. "You're right." said the man as he pulled out a large brown envelope out of his briefcase and placed it on the table. "But do you know what you did that got you here those two years ago?" Donovan let out another polite smile and chuckled. "Why don't you tell me? You have my files, right?" "You killed and dismembered a A Mr. Harold and Mrs. Jean Barlow" he replied before producing a small photograph of a smiling couple, presumably on holiday. "And such a pretty couple they were." Donovan smiled, "But that's not the full story, is it?" He then leaned forward in his seat expectantly. "You continued to preserve parts of their bodies for later consumption." Stammered the man as he undid the top button on his shirt and loosened his tie. Donovan, slowly leaning closer to the man, whispered "You're new to this, aren't you? You're breaking into a cold sweat." He suddenly sat back in his seat and let out a loud laugh. "I'm right! I knew it!" before leaning forward again suddenly his faced turned serious once again. "But we're not here about you, are we? We're here to discuss me. What's new, doc?" The man looked back at him inquisitively. "Oh, you are a doctor, right? The guards hardly ever communicate with me directly anymore." "Y-yes I am. We're here to discuss your relocation." the doctor replied, as he produced a few papers from his envelope. "Relocation? Oh a holiday!" Smiled Donovan, "Where are we going?" The doctor peered over his rounded spectacles, "you, Donovan, are going to be transferred to Skalisty Jail, a maximum security facility off the coast of Chernarus." Donovan looked at the doctor intently, "Chernarus?" "Correct." he replied sternly, "You leave first thing tomorrow. At zero-four-hundred" "Oh good. I can't wait to meet the locals, I hear rural flesh can be a bit tough for my liking." "That will be all Mr. March. Enjoy your stay." Said the doctor as he slammed the briefcase shut.