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  1. Thomas Renault was born in Oregon, and was the eldest of three siblings. His father was a police officer for the Eugene Police Department and his mother stayed home to take care of the kids. Thomas was a very bright student, having mostly A's all throughout school. When he was fourteen his father was shot in a routine traffic stop that would leave one other officer wounded and the two perpetrators killed. Internal bleeding would cause his fathers death seven days after the incident. Thomas took his fathers death very badly having been so close to him. His grades began to slip and he would find himself sick and missing school much more than usual. In Thomas' senior year he began to pick his grades back up and finished high school with a 3.1 GPA. After high school Thomas heavily considered joining the Air Force or pursuing a degree in Engineering. After much personal debate and a lot of disagreement from his mother, Thomas set his mind on becoming a police officer like his father. Thomas struggled a bit with police academy due to him not having the most prowess with a weapon. However, he still managed to pass in the middle of his class. He spent a few years working as a patrol officer and he didn't see any action since he was assigned to a more 'affluent' area in the city. Thomas's younger brother Kyle had joined a humanitarian group at the age of 19. He was sent to the South Zagoria region in Chernarus, a country that had recently been through a bloody civil war. Only five months into his trip he was stabbed in a mugging in the town of Novy Sobor, killing him. Thomas would find himself on a plane to Chernarus two days later. Little did he know it would be a one-way flight.
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