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  1. I don't play on .62 and if you look at your graph, you're talking about a less than 2 hour window where you have more than 20 people. Even at that as soon as it hits a peak of about 35 it immediately starts to decline. Then you are talking about 10 or less players until another two hour window where it jumps to around almost 20 whole players. Thus proving my statement, you are lucky to have a server of more than 20 people. I'm sorry but a few minutes at 35 players, with an immediate drop from that high spot does not really prove your point.
  2. Going back to the OP's question.. There is hardly enough people on the server to call any place a "hotspot" A vast majority of the time a hotspot is where more than one player is at any one time, since that is generally 1/2 to 1/3 of the server on (I rarely see server numbers in double digits) DayZ Server S1 EU ONLINE Players online: 3/60 This is a Sunday too. There just isn't a huge player base right now. You will be lucky to see 20 people on the server these days. Have fun trying to find 3 people in the map, unless you know where they base themselves.
  3. Spears can already be made long stick and bones. But more make shift weapons would be nice, like a slingshot, axe, club, whip.. Maybe even a spear thrower for the spear. The ability to dye all clothing would also be nice, and a few more colours for dyes and spray cans with more item customisation for colours. But the main demographic of this game is a combat player. Not roleplay, sadly. So the main focus of the devs will be on making things to either kill others or protect against damage. Not on trinkets to help us pretend. So, in truth, the only way you will get the vast majority of what you want, things like hoods up/down, tops zipped/unzipped, or roleplay items such as cigarettes and musical instruments will be through modders.
  4. The Buddha

    How many DayZ hours do YOU have?

    1,450 hours, 60 ish full days, or 3 months worth of my life, and I am getting to the point where I don't give a fuck about this game any more.
  5. The Buddha

    NLR Rule change vote/poll

    So I take you hostage, kill your character then hide out for two hours then you can touch me after that how does that make any sense?
  6. The Buddha

    NLR Rule change vote/poll

    Aren't we supposed to be somewhat realistic with our roleplay? Are we not roleplaying humans in a "real world" event? Magically healing is fine in dungeons and dragons, but we do not have wizards and mages able to utter a few words and seal bullet wounds and heal broken bones. You say you have the choice as to your injury, yes you certainly do. What I am saying is if your character dies from an injury, and you start on the coast, and are unable to return to the initial area of the interaction for an hour, that is beyond your control. If that situation occurs, and you start back from the coast, then the wound should be considered serious enough to take you out of the action, doesn't have to be life threatening or anything. Then an imposition of 24 hours to begin your revenge is more realistic than having to do medical RP and get revenge in 2 hours. You can still get revenge, you can still go after them, but hell, regroup with your buddies and formulate a plan ... do some roleplay, then go after them. As it stands you only have 2 hours of kill rights, I am proposing you get kill rights on them until they are dead, for the low low price of waiting a day to begin.
  7. The Buddha

    NLR Rule change vote/poll

    Where are you seeing me saying the attacker dictates where the injury is? That seems to be the crux of your argument, but I have never said that. Are we even talking about the same thing?
  8. The Buddha

    NLR Rule change vote/poll

    If you were shot in the shoulder you would be unable to control a fire arm, you would be as much a danger to your own team as you would be to the enemy. You would, if you were to fire a gun, be in tremendous pain the entire gunfight and be unable to fight for more than a few minutes. Increasing you chances of being killed. In the heat of the battle, you could carry on through adrenaline, (your character would have to survive and still be fighting for this to occur) but once that is gone... You will feel it. If you fire a gun (you might get away with a .22 pistol) the recoil of the gun would tighten the muscles throughout your upper torso and cause you incredible pain. If you are on morphine, well, that's just stupid, being heavily medicated and in charge of a firearm. I never said anything about the shooter deciding where the injury is, but if the character dies from the injury, then it should be considered a serious wound. Requiring some medical roleplay before jumping into hostilities. Since there is a rule that says we must do medical RP.
  9. The Buddha

    NLR Rule change vote/poll

    Would it not be better if we change it slightly to be... "If your character dies you cannot engage in hostilities for 24 hours." Since, realistically, you couldn't get shot, and be fighting fit 30 minutes later. This would give the dead player 24 hours to do injury/non-hostile RP to simulate some recovery time. If you think about it, if your character survives the encounter, but is hit, you could make that wound as superficial as you like. But if the character takes enough damage to kill them... C'mon guys, that is obviously gonna be a pretty serious wound. You would also have to remove or heavily extend the 2 hour time limit on kill rights. This may actually be more of a benefit, as instead of people rushing to get revenge, you could have more drawn out revenge roleplay involving the tracking, capture and possible execution of the individual. As it is now, you have two hours to do medical RP and get revenge.... Fine if there is a group involved, with kill rights, but for individuals or small groups starting from the coast... C'mon. you know medical RP is going to be thrown away in favour of revenge. Thus the rule itself is a detriment to furthering roleplay. Only focusing on speedy revenge.
  10. The only thing we can really do is wait for 0.63 to become available to everyone, and see what happens. I do hope more people come back, as a community is nothing without the people within it. But There is a possibility that with the way the rules are, and with so many of the big names here gone, for whatever reason, a large chunk of what Dayzrp was is gone. You can't really judge the current state of the server, as it seems the bad two weeks we have been having coincides with the longer 0.63 stress tests and the release of experimental. I wonder why that may be.... Answers on a postcard.
  11. The Buddha

    Stupid Rule???

    The rules have changed so much over time. There have been rule implementations and amendments that have, basically ensured that kill rights can only be achieved certain ways and that hostage takers cannot make stupid demands on their hostages, just to be able to kill them for non-compliance. So the whole "I will just kill them so they don't remember this" mentality is utterly unreasonable and will net you points in a report. Darra is correct about the pettiness of the "non-compliance" situation. The hostage taker's goal should never be to kill the hostage, but to provide roleplay. The hostage's goal should not be to be a snarky cunt to the hostage taker, but to provide roleplay. But remember rule #1 of hostile actions... 9.1 You must do everything in your power to keep your hostages alive and in a relatively good health. That includes protecting them from external threats like zombies and leaving them with a realistic chance of survival. The hostage taker has to do everything they can to keep the person alive. The hostage has a choice. They either comply, get some roleplay out of it or they seek out one of the following. 9.4 Hostages may only be killed in the following scenarios: 9.4.1 Hostages do not comply with your demands after repeated requests or try to escape. 9.4.2 Hostages pose a direct threat to you or your group, by for example picking up a weapon when not allowed to. 9.4.3 Hostages do not value their life, for example they continuously talk back or insult you despite being told to stop. Getting killed then just gives them instant kill rights with as little roleplay as they can get away with. But if you recall this rule ... 8.2 A player gains kill rights when a hostile action is taken against him or when his characters life is put directly at risk. These rights last for 2 hours after last contact with the aggressors and can only be used if their use does not conflict with any other rules like NLR or NVFL. Just getting robbed will net you those kill rights, so you wait it out and you have two hours to get revenge. At this point you are at a bigger advantage for the revenge as you don't have to waste a good chunk of that 2 hours getting from the coast and gearing up before you find your attacker. If you get robbed and or tortured in Vybor, well you are at an optimal situation, there is gear close by, and you have a better understanding of where the hostage takers are moving. You start at the coast, unless you have people watching them, you will have to bump into them on your journey for revenge. There is only a two hour window... If they stay around the area you died in... they can effectively cut your revenge time in half. 10.1 You are not allowed to return to the general area where you died for 1 hour after death. I think it was deemed no closer than 500M radius of the area, but I may be wrong, and that rule needs some definition of distance. It is just too vague, like too many of the rules. With that 500M distance, between attacker and victim, you better not lose them, cause you only have 1 hour left to enact revenge. In all honesty dying to get kill rights is a moronic action which will more than likely end up voiding the kill rights due to the 2 hour time limit. It's also, in my humble opinion, avoiding roleplay. There should be a hefty punishment for actively seeking out your death in a hostage situation. Namely the loss of kill rights. One other thing I have about the OP's interaction. At least the initial interaction. 8.1 Killing another player must always be justified with role play. See also rule 5.3. In the initial robbery gone wrong, where was the roleplay that ended up in the death? I understand OP's life was in danger, but the people that shoot as soon as they hear "hands up" are attempting to kill without roleplay, thus breaking the rules. There are so many rules in place to keep the hostage alive, all you are doing is refusing to roleplay.
  12. 10.3 When your character dies you must continue your role play as if you were wounded in the situation that lead to your death. There kinda is, although it never seems to be reported, or enforced. Granted it doesn't mean extreme medical RP but running around as if nothing happened, after a "death" is against the rules.
  13. The main problem I see with this is greens initiating on oranges and reds "cause they are orange/red" Though, unless I am mistaken, that would still be against the rules as it only effects two sub rules. 6.1 All hostile situations must be have a valid reasoning and be justified with role play that happened in character, in game or in radio chat forum. See also rule 5.3. 6.2 You may not use character or group story as a universal reason to initiate hostilities with other players. For example, role playing a bandit, murderer or crazy person does not grant you explicit rights to attack other players by itself, there must be other circumstances, previous history between the players or role play that leads to a situation where being hostile is warranted. Even then it only effects a small part of both of those sub rules, namely the "justified by roleplay that happened in character" and "previous history between the players" No matter what colour you are, you still need a reason to do whatever you intend to do, cause that would just be bad RP. Greens would still be under the full restrictions of the rules for both initiating and being initiated on. So basically if you are green, none of this matters and you should just pretend this system does not exist and treat everyone as though they are green, needing a past roleplay experience that leads to the hostilities and all that. If we need history to do it to you, it's only right you need one for us. I do think groups need a bit of definition on this ruling, though. Though I would say groups should only either be green (peaceful groups who only engage in hostilities with roleplay to support it) or orange (can be attacked by other orange groups with less restrictive roleplay reasoning) Going hardcore for a group is a bit much to ask everyone in the group to perma if they die in battle. Will cause a lot of red groups to vanish overnight. If it's possible it would be best if, once a person joins an official group, the group's hostile setting should be the default for all the members in the group. Reverting back (if necessary) should they leave the group or get kicked out for whatever reason.
  14. Many people are playing 0.63. There was some bannnings of some top RPers a while back, some rule changes have been the cause of a few people leaving. But really, for right now the population is pretty low cause of the 0.63 stress/experimental open to public servers only. Once we get the second server up, there will probably be more people around.
  15. Roleplaying in game settings has been around far longer than video games. Video games just gave the world the roleplay is set in, a more visual representation, instead of a board and some set pieces and character models. It also removed the need for a few mechanics, like dice rolls and the need for a Games Master to tell you what you see in each room, essentially video games have streamlined roleplaying, but certainly not what produced roleplaying. I mean people were playing Dungeons and Dragons for about a year before Pong was even released. But anyhow, I think our major problem at the moment is 0.63 experimental. We will have a lot of people playing that version at the moment, just waiting for the private servers to be fixed and released before they roleplay again. So an already dwindling population (due to bannings, rule changes and people just not enjoying 0.62 for the most part) is going to go under a brief phase of even lower population, from the people currently playing on experimental, either to get used to the new mechanics, or just to play something different, but the same. Once we have the 0.63 server I can see the population increase again. But till then we are in a bit of an hiatus.