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  1. 20 people play 1 server.... Cool so we can have 5 people on a server now. Buy hey, it might bring more people back.
  2. The Buddha

    Lore poll

    The main problem with jumping ahead into the far future is, how do you explain all the zombies? If it is an infection that kills the host and revives them, then decomposition would set in, bolstered by insects and heat, a human body would decay in a matter of months. At least to a point where no motor function could be performed as there is no muscle mass to provide movement. Mass extinction would also be a major issue with zombie numbers. Jumping 10 years into the future, you would be lucky to see a single zombie, not only due to the above reason, but any new zombie would be dealt with before it could become a problem. Zombies would be hunted to extinction as their numbers declined naturally due to decomposition. Your only areas where zombies could last would be in areas of severe cold. But they would be frozen in place, for the most part, thawing out only when temperatures rise. But even in those areas the body would slowly decay, as it is the nature of dead things to do so. Entropy simply cannot be halted. If a zombie infection did occur, you only have to wait about two years for zombies to become extinct completely. At the very most, and that's in places like Canada where it is cold and decay is slowed down. Most places in the world, a year at best, depending on new cases. If the disease is just turning people mad and feral, well eventually infections would set in, due to the neglect of sanitation and wound care. Basic survival instincts would be out the window, so animals and falls would easily create wounds that would get infected, wallowing in their own filth (I doubt they would nip off to the woods for a shit) would also be a major infection factor, creating sores and other nasties that easily become infected, killing the body rapidly. Also see mass extinction above. Also, depending on the nature of the disease, if it is passed on by bite/saliva/blood then those without a natural immunity would simply have to wear protection until the infected become extinct and the bodies can no longer pose a threat. If it is airborne then the rains would clean the air after a few good rainstorms and dilute it into the soil. Soil can then be sterilised and nutrients added for farming to be viable again. Water borne is your main concern. But with some treatment, and avoidance of heavily infected water sources it could be combated. In all, you would be hard pressed to find any infected after 5 years in, never mind 10-25 The only way to explain the zombies and the foreigners would be to have the lore close to the infection outbreak, and have charnarus be one of the last places to become infected, as a sort of safe haven.
  3. Setting a day and time won't work, everyone's commitments are different, work hours around the world are different, time zones are a factor, family life, and the fact a lot of people are simply not playing Dayz right now/any more. The weekends are the best bet to get most people on at once, and usually that is the case anyways Like Roland said, events are more likely to draw people in rather than just an arbitrary date and time hopefully people will be on for. The new rules might help bring people back, 0.63 might bring people back... we can only wait and hope.
  4. The Buddha

    New rules draft

    Sure, if someone is executed, in front of half the server, then the executed party should be reasonable with their return, cause as hard as it may be to roleplay out "just being grazed in the head" or " It didn't hit any vital organs" Cause ... they are still alive. How does anyone roleplay that with any realism at all? Medicine wouldn't be anywhere near as advanced as it is now, basically you are working with field medicine. Good to help sustain life until the injured party could get to surgery, should it be required to save their life. Even then someone has to be willing to take the person to their friends or to a medic in order to start emergency care. Surviving a gunshot is not as rare as it may sound. The human body is resilient, but it does require medical treatment, at least investigation as wherever the bullet may end up could cause problems or even sudden death days, weeks, months down the line. The wounds need to be cleaned before infection sets in, which would cause septicaemia, which usually ends up with a trip to ICU and a lot of drugs and constant care in order to overcome. Someone executed in public, it is doubtful they would be afforded any medical assistance and therefore should only be done to perma someone. So, a public execution should ONLY be done if the person is willing to perma. If not, then beat the ever loving shit out of them, to teach them a lesson. But to perform an execution on someone who you know will be running around 5 minutes later is just pointless and bad RP, imo. You can beat them "dead", (can be roleplayed as close to death) have them start from the coast as punishment for their bad activities that lead to the public beating. But if they are going to be back in the area after an hour, what is the point in shooting them in the head, destroying the base of the brain with a 357 magnum round (which is a mortal wound, like instantly mortal, it's where a sniper is trained to aim for to ensure "one shot one kill") in front of several witnesses, who will inevitably ask them about how they could possibly survive with half their fucking head gone. If they are not permitted to remember the event (not that they should be doing any remembering, or breathing for that matter) how can they answer or roleplay out the survival? The act of beating them, torturing them, cutting off insignificant body parts (which in the apocalypse, any open wound has a higher mortality rate due to infection) is a lesson to teach the offending person. If the lesson is forever to be forgotten, then what is the point in doing any form or retaliation?
  5. The Buddha

    Dayzrp on Xbox

    The majority of the people, I know, who have current gen consoles have playstations. Getting an X-box 1 would be a fruitless endeavour for me, as I only know 1 person with one, and all he talks about and plays is Destiny. As for getting an x-box 1 just to play dayz... No fucking chance. I have it on PC and am not about to pay for a more restricted version of a broken game on a console that hardly anyone I know uses. If it was to come out on playstation as well, then I may have thought about it. But nah.
  6. The Buddha

    New rules draft

    I am liking the less restrictive rules. Makes much more sense. As for the forgetting rule. I voted to remember, it pushes roleplay further if you can remember, but if you want to chose to forget, you can. If the rules are going to be more relaxed then why shouldn't we be able to initiate for no apparent reason. So long as there is, ultimately, a reason discovered in the roleplay that follows. You would more likely be robbed or whatever by a stranger than by someone you and all your friends know, anyways.
  7. The Buddha

    Why don't you get in game?

    For everyone saying to make a time for everyone to get on, it's just not completely feasible. People have life and other things to do, other commitments plus they need the motivation. Like this thread has shown, the motivation is just not there for a lot of people. The rules are a major point, probably more so than waiting for 0.63. The rules need to be fixed to motivate people to come in and have more diverse roleplay. As it stands, the server is people walking on eggshells because they could be reported as the rules are so vague, for the most part, where it counts. Hostilities, and hostile characters are nearly non-existent, because any time someone does anything hostile, you see a report. I myself made a hostile character, then the rules changed and before I could get involved in anything hostile, which essentially made me have to be nice before I could be hostile. Completely against what direction I wanted for my character. Since Roland seems to have been removed from his position of power, maybe the rules can finally be done right? Everyone want the rules to be changed, so why not listen to the community, you know the people that actually play the game.
  8. The Buddha

    Why don't you get in game?

    1. Any time I do think about going on, there is about 3-5 people on the server. All in the same group. 2. New rules seriously restricted my character's motivations. 3. I have had a few good times on Dayzrp, but those were getting fewer and fewer. 4. Most interactions I got were short, with the "I gotta go meet my friends" excuse a couple minutes into it. 5. Everyone ends up in one place on the map. You rarely meet anyone just wandering around. Ripe for the picking. 6. The game is dull, am not even sure .63 can save this game. Maybe modding can, at least in the roleplay terms. 7. There are many more better, more finished games out there that are much more fun, even as a single player. 8. Even the most mundane of real life tasks, seem to be more fun than running around dayz for the billionth time doing nothing, because you already have everything your character needs. 9. Glitches Lag and bugs.. Oh my! 10. From what I have seen said in the forums, people seem too ready to shoot first and roleplay later with their friends. Which seems, to me, to be counter productive to the whole roleplay theme the server is aiming for. 11. Too many people seem to think they are the star of the game, the main protagonist, and everyone else is just an NPC to either ignore, or gun down cause "they looked at me funny" This is just my humble opinion from what I have seen and experienced in game and in the forums, when certain topics are brought up. Oh and I am about to start a college course so won't have as much time to play about on Dayz, looking for someone or something to do, when I could be studying and getting good grades.
  9. Dayz devs are fucking over the core player base they actually have to release dayz on xbox. Do not get the game on xbox. They can't even finish what they started on PC, why should they get more of our money for another unfinished game on a different format?
  10. The Buddha

    Platform Switch Discussion

    The last time I was on the stress test servers, only a handful actually worked, by that I mean, after a few minutes of game play you would get kicked off the server. The ones that were "stable" were full constantly, the cues to get in were insane. This means the majority of my time on stress tests were as follows. "I'm in... Okay am in Berezino... Yeah by the gas station.... Where are you?... Never mind I been kicked." Imagine that, for 20-30 minutes before my buddy and I just gave up. Sometimes it would take longer to log into the server than we were on the damn things. I know I have defended the Devs of Dayz a lot over the years, but now even my resolve is breaking. Dayz is on a cliff edge and the edge is eroding rapidly. Unless the devs actually do something to give people a playable game with servers that don't quit after 30 seconds, then dayz is utterly fucked beyond all help. They keep adding more and more shit to the game, but it's just not playable for the majority due to server issues, issues the devs are just ignoring in favour of adding more content. Basically adding cargo to a sinking ship. Don't get me wrong, I hope the devs pull some kind of miracle out their arses, but unless they have Jesus Christ himself on the team, I think it is very unlikely they will. Dayz is actually dying, 0.63 is a great base game, but it is simply not living up to the hype. By the way it's going it will be 2019 before anything remotely playable comes out by then I think Dayz is going to lose so much of it's player base it will not be financially viable to continue work on the game. The term flogging a dead horse comes to mind.
  11. The Buddha

    Reset the In-Game timeline back to One Day After Breakout.

    If we got a new lore, maybe it would. But if we do the time jump thing, keeping current lore, not a single thing would change from how it is now. In my opinion, arbitrarily adding X years to the time line is just that, adding some numbers to the time line. The people will do the same things just "X years older". If you even get everyone ageing their character at all. At best, you get people being 10 years older doing exactly what they do now. At worst you get a bunch of Peter Pan's lost boys running around, doing what they do now. If 0.63 really is going to bring loads of players to the game, and to these servers, a new lore is the only way to be fair to everyone. Also, like I said in my post above, too much is going to change (game wise) on 0.63's release, simply carrying on from where we are now is going to be more of a challenge than is necessary
  12. The Buddha

    Reset the In-Game timeline back to One Day After Breakout.

    I have read the first page and a half of this, but it was getting too samey, so I skipped to writing this, so if any of these points have been made, so be it. The options we have are: New lore (I like) Time Jump (meh) So, if we do a new lore, we are going to lose the character development of existing characters, but, it will give you a chance to maybe change things up a bit, with that character. Take advantage of the forced restart and and ability to more fine tune your character's aperance. Doesn't have to be anything drastic like "I was once good, now I am evil." or "I was a man, now I am a transgender penguin." Cause face it, doing the same shit day in day out gets samey and boring. Let's drizzle some piri piri sauce on this bitch and spice shit up! Also, with strict limitations of the current state of .63 with regards to items and working mechanics, we couldn't just jump right back to how it was in .62. Also with a new lore, it will be easier to transition in the "huge influx of new players" we keep hoping for when .63 finally hits stable. If we are around a year into the disaster, then suddenly 1,000 new people just pop up it's going to be a little bizarre for our characters. Going from a desolate wasteland with maybe ten or twenty people around, to suddenly being super populated with brand new faces. It will help make their back stories easier to do, as some of their back story, may inadvertently, clash with something that is "cannon" but not in the base lore. We have had a whole year to add to the lore, that is a lot to go through for returning or new players to go through so their stuff doesn't clash with what has happened in that year. Rise and fall of groups, organizations, places that people claim as "their home for years" that were claimed long ago, but are not in the lore. Ya'know, shit like that. With a new lore we can also take the new game mechanics into consideration, there is a fair bit of new stuff on the map, many changes to areas too. A new lore would help transition these into the game, and not have a character who has been in the world a year suddenly rock up to NWAF and it is twice as big and completely different in every way, for example. The main problem with a fresh lore, is the work that has to be done to get it rollin' and the loss of character development. With the time jump, it's not really going to change anything. New people will come in, in this hopeful influx, and have much more back story to have to write. Realistically there would be hardly any "bandit" style people around after 5-10 years of an apocalyptic event, having either died off or come to the conclusion that humanity can ONLY survive if we band together and help each other. But this is a game filled with immortals, so I guess that wouldn't matter to anyone, really. Everyone's characters would be entirely different if they managed to survive 10 years into the apocalypse. Who can honestly say they are the same person as they were 10 years ago, and that's with normal day to day life. Throw in a massive curve like the end of the world, people's views will undoubtedly change as time goes on, it's essentially missing out on a lot of potential development from the current time line to the jumped one. If people want to include stuff that involves other people during that 5-10 years, as groups would, they would have to contact each other and request the addition. Example: Person A who has had plenty of interaction with Group B, in current lore timeline. They wish to have had conflicts with group B during the 10 years difference, so has to contact group B and request this happens, which in turn would have to involve all the members of group B if it is a major event. Possibly altering things they had in their own timeline. It is a lot of work for everyone to grow their character, and you know not a lot of people will, you will end up with everyone doing exactly what they did before the time jump, thus negating the whole process entirely. I guess the positives are some people might do anything with the time jump, but a lot of people will just go back to doing same old, and the stagnation shall creep back in. I, myself, think it should be a lore wipe, so everyone is coming into the world with fresh eyes. 0.63 is basically an entirely new game, (think of it like grand theft auto 3 then going to GTA IV) so why shouldn't we take to this with a fresh new start. But I would suggest whomever does the lore is less secretive about it than the last lore wipe, get some input from the community and maybe be able to establish some existing groups into the lore, at least the ones people want to remake anyways. I can see 0.63 taking a while to come to stable (I wouldn't recommend changing till then.) So we have the time to get someone to make the lore and for staff to do the few changes that need to be made. Or at least get everything ready. That way when we get confirmation of the stable update, people can think about winding up story arcs and stuff in preparation for the new beginning.
  13. Play in the dark like a real man. Then you will have no problems with gamma.
  14. I don't play on .62 and if you look at your graph, you're talking about a less than 2 hour window where you have more than 20 people. Even at that as soon as it hits a peak of about 35 it immediately starts to decline. Then you are talking about 10 or less players until another two hour window where it jumps to around almost 20 whole players. Thus proving my statement, you are lucky to have a server of more than 20 people. I'm sorry but a few minutes at 35 players, with an immediate drop from that high spot does not really prove your point.
  15. Going back to the OP's question.. There is hardly enough people on the server to call any place a "hotspot" A vast majority of the time a hotspot is where more than one player is at any one time, since that is generally 1/2 to 1/3 of the server on (I rarely see server numbers in double digits) DayZ Server S1 EU ONLINE Players online: 3/60 This is a Sunday too. There just isn't a huge player base right now. You will be lucky to see 20 people on the server these days. Have fun trying to find 3 people in the map, unless you know where they base themselves.