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  1. Peep this update video for .63

    Honestly, I would rather a more playable version of the game and a later stress test than a horrible buggy mess that will take the same amount of time (probably longer due to the length of the stress test) to fix the bugs they are fixing now. In all honesty, would you rather prefer a slightly later stress test, or the stable release taking much longer to get out? Personally, I am not looking forward to helicopters being added. Those are fine for a mil-sim, but in a roleplaying type of game, those are usually "Get the hell out of there end game" situations. You know, like at the end of a "story mode". Realistically, if there was a helicopter in an apocalyptic situation, the first people to get it running and able to operate it would use it to get some place safe away from the zombies/mutants/sharks/insane madmen/towering kaiju... I doubt they would hang around all like "Look at my helicopter, isn't it cool! I am so awesome.... Wait, why are you robbing me? No that's my helicop..."*BANG* Even military groups would see the zombie situation, call it FUBAR gather their personnel and get away, possibly try to make it to home country. To me there is just too little roleplay value (besides getting it stolen from you and let's face it, it will be done when you are offline) to be had from having a helicopter. I suppose if you intentionally crash the helicopter some where remote and have to get back to civilisation. But then all you are doing is potentially kill yourself for a chance to roleplay what you could do with a car breaking down in the middle of nowhere. I dunno, it just seems more like a vehicle you would get away from all the shit rather than staying, thus making further game play and roleplay kinda obsolete. Like I say, in a mil-sim it makes sense. The whole objective is to do all that military stuff. That's the problem with a survival game coming from a mil-sim, people keep thinking of it as a mil-sim (I want combat and guns and helicopters and guns and tanks and guns and military clothing AND MORE MOTHER FUCKING GUNS!!!!!!!) More survival stuff needs to be implemented, break away from the whole mil-sim bubble. Cause honestly, take away the zombies and you are just playing a crappy version of ARMA. Having some zombies running around does not make it a survival game, that's just a mil-sim with some annoying AI zombies. Not only that, but honestly the game needs so much more ground work done to it before they start looking to the sky.
  2. Greifing of tents

    The sad thing is, tents can be found easily if people could be bothered going to get their own. But is seems some people see a tent and think "Hey, I need a tent for whatever reason, I'll have that one." Empty it out and take the tent so they can store their 6 M4's that they also need for some reason. Either that or just run with it for a while, realise they don't actually need the tent and set it up some place that they will inevitably forget, or someone else finds it and takes it. Maybe even you. Like people have said, you see a tent and manage to sneak in and take SOME items, then hey, it's not stealing, its redistribution of valuable materials for the good of the remaining human race. But if you empty out the tents just to steal an item you can find in literally any big city or military area.... You are just a dick. Just a limp floppy dick.
  3. Firstly, there should be more house and shop variants. Big cities should have a mall type store rather than one little supermarket. We could do with more than the same few house models repeated through a city or town. Also the interiors need a make over. Blood on the walls, tables and chairs ransacked, and to be honest, the houses are tiny, barely two rooms per house. None of them look like anyone has ever lived in them. Sewers in the cities and cave systems in the wilderness. Joining towns and cities by sewer system would be cool, but it would get very dull treadging along a dark pipe between cities (Berezino to Elektro anyone?) But in the major cities, I could see the tunnel network being big enough to have twists and turns and junctions and be interesting enough. I would like to see mines in the outskirts of towns too. They don't have to be very deep, or have a rollercoaster-like mining cart ride inside, but something. If there was some form of mining, I would suggest just coal. Something for fires to consume, and a use for the pick axe. Also, with the weight/stamina thing coming, then carrying a ton of coal will be impractical, so it would not be something that would consume peoples time doing all the time. Might save towns being covered in fallen trees too. More points of interest on the map besides "castle ruins" Bring back the ski lift, give us a zoo (I may make a mod for a zoo once the modding stuff is released) a museum, library, cathedral, sports stadium, fun fair, college/university, golf course or ice rink (imagine getting a golf cart or zamboni out on the streets!)... many many towns have some or all of these in real life, yet the entire map has none. Seasonal changes, not just the "Hyperthermia" or "hypothermia" types of changes. Get some snow in winter (in place of the rain showers) Icy patches would be fun seeing someone running down a road and falling on ass. But would have to be dynamic. I dunno, the map as it is just seems to be hastily assembled from a few assets. Fine for a 9 year old mil-sim, but for a survival game/mil-sim now... It's very bland and unimaginative.
  4. Would be good to have our very own version of the game built to be a Dayzrp focused build.
  5. For everyone complaining about the current version of the game, remember this. With the new engine it is going to be like going to be an entirely different mechanics system (Since that is basically what your engine powers, things like movement physics and the like) So complaining about the current version, while we are supposed to be looking forward, is like complaining about the sandwich you had last week as you are about to sit down to a buffet. All we can do is wait and see what 0.63 brings us, and how fast the devs can bring us updates. Like Traveller said, when modding is out we can mould Dayz to our liking. Hell, I might be able to be persuaded to work on some mods for the game. I have looked into the coding language the new engine uses and it is very C# looking. Once I get a chance to play with the actual engine, it should hopefully be an easy transition.
  6. Stuck under a house and or rock? FRET NO MORE!

    Ah, very true. Great, now I have to fear all the red and green houses. Thanks!
  7. Stuck under a house and or rock? FRET NO MORE!

    I stopped sleeping in houses off the ground because I had this very thing happen to me. But if I fall into some rocks, I will give it a try.
  8. If you didn't play on DayZRP, would you still play DayZ?

    I have had some amazing experiences on public. But I have had more on Dayzrp. I doubt I would have racked up quite as many hours without roleplay servers, this one most of all. So, would I still play Dayz without Dayzrp? Yeah, probably would hop on now and then, if my buddy ever got on. But his son plays PUBG and he never gets a chance to play these days. So I may jump on public now and then, Bambiland ones are fun. I once spent over 3 weeks on the same character just exploring the map. I went west, rather than go up the coast. Still managed to get fully geared, though. First player I bumped into shot and killed me. I even roleplayed on Bambiland. Not easy.
  9. Move to .63 experimental ASAP

    Each hive is directly connected to the owner of the server's version of the game. So when that version is updated the server version is also updated. Found this out when hosting a server, no one could play until I updated my version of Dayz.
  10. I have to agree with the majority here. Beta is going to be starting from the ground up again. (basically take everything Dayz is and scrap it) When it hits, it is going to be seriously lacking in a good roleplay foundation. But, once it does hit, things should move faster. (except our characters with the stamina system) I think a new lore should be considered when modding becomes achievable. When there is a stable foundation for it in the new engine, otherwise modding will be detrimental. Not to mention only a very few have even played on this new engine, let alone know its limitations and strengths. On the plus side, though, EnScript (The scripting language used by the Enfusion Engine) does look very similar to C#, at least what I have seen of it. But like I said, we need a usable foundation to mod. That won't be ready for a while. But when we do get modding, we can mold Chernarus to suit DayzRP needs, not just the PVP orientated public servers needs. Thus, a perfect time to make a new lore, while working with modders to make it not just written on the forums, but enriched inside the game itself. Maybe in a couple years, if we are all still here.
  11. Can you link me to that carebearRP? I have a carebear cousin massacre that needs to be carried out. In all seriousness, you are right. It's not hostile rp that is the problem. It's how people treat it, that's the major issue. Hell, I may even do a hostile character. Next death I am changing characters and gonna do dis
  12. VOTE NOW - Screenshot of The Month Contest - Home

    A tough choice but @Pontiff's really spoke to me.
  13. Whats your Career , or are you studying? :)

    I am a qualified Crematorial Technician, Scrub nurse, got an open university degree in forensic science and a degree in horticulture. Currently unemployed but working on games development courses (I love making assets the most) I have an appeal to maybe get my old job back, but I will still be looking for a new job after the way they have treated me.
  14. The Free Wolves (Recruitment open)

    Good luck this time. Ya know what they say, third time lucky... Or fourth, fifth.... Am sure the luck adds up, doesn't it?
  15. See ya bud. Just be wary of snorting gear off toilets. A lot of places put some oil on the porcelain which will soak up all that stuff. Also, that stuff is a waste of money. Never did shit for me. Except make alcohol have no effect, thus wasting even more money. But if that's what you are into, go at it bud, just be careful with it.