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  1. Getting the team back together (Private Frequency)

    *Carl wakes up from some weird noise coming from his pocket, he picks up his radio and listens keenly, he presses down the button on the radio and replays* "Sounds like a great plan. You can count on me" *Carl let´s go of the button and falls asleep against a tree to the sound of the waves*
  2. Carl muller

    Carl muller grew up on a little farm on Gotland, a little island outside Sweden. Carl had a German dad and a Swedish mum also a big brother. Carl and his brother did every thing together from fishing to playing board games. When Carl was about 12 years old and his brother was 14 years old the worst thing that could ever happen, happened. After their Parents had a big argument they decided to separate and Carl brother moved with his dad to Germany with his father and Carl stayed with his mother. Unforcedly they had to sell their farm and move into an apartment because of lack of money. After that Carls life moved on and he started to study cooking when he was 16 years old. This later lead to Carl starting to work on a restaurant close to where they lived.