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  1. Double micing to who? I do not know his name but it should be in the logs Also you guys want me to post the video, its a super long video and will take forever to upload. is it really needed?
  2. Not told it was their HQ... dude just said were taking you to a building. And i assumed the commies would be attacking you guys so i knew i had the advantage. had no idea that they wouldnt be attacking so the shitfest insued How about we all talk this out in Teamspeak so we avoid a blowup of comments on here? Ill be in room 18
  3. to answer this quote... i went back to the apartments to get whatever yall left on the ground, and one of my other friends that was afk was there. i told him what happened. then i got geared from my barrell and made my way back. i never saw 20+ people, i literally saw 4 ppl in a field, so i took the chance.
  4. i did not realize he wasnt apart of your group.. me and joffrey talked about this already
  5. My POV is that, i had kos rights on them because they held me and my friends up and killed all 3 of my friends. They kidnapped me and brought me to that red barn building near where you were. They made me fight some old man and cut MS-13 in my arm. Then they start freaking out because the commies were coming, so they tell me to run. Little did they know, i had a stash nearby with a ghillie suit, and a supressed M4. The character i am playing currently is known for cunning moves and holding grudges. So with them killing my friends, and forcing me to fight, and cutting MS-13 into my arm, i felt the urge to retaliate. I knew i had the advantage because they were already a mess to begin, and i had a ghillie suit. So i decided to make the choice to try to pick them off one by one. I had no idea you guys would be talking with them too. I had a scout overwatching me with binocs that confirmed the identities of the men that killed my buddies. So sat there, waited for the right time, and took a shot at the guys in red. Because that was what they were wearing. Shots start springing off and other shots from the barn start springing off. I was not sure who started shooting after i did, i took a few shots, and flanked over to the east, where another gunfight ensued. I waited around, got the identities of the men in the woods, and i proceeded to attack the men.
  6. i thought it was all pretty fun, being a hostage. we got cornered in the church and were forced to fight our way out, i died from trading with somebody. But overall it was fun
  7. until

    Hmm i recall being banned for using hostages as bargaining chips... hope all goes well!
  8. I was just angry, look we all get a little angry sometimes. But i do apologize for my actions.
  9. * Ty sits in a chair in some abandoned house, sipping on a glass of whiskey to take the pain away from his gunshot wound * * He has thought long and hard about what he is going to say * " Hello, i am reaching out to all my friends, far and wide. " " I am contacting you today about a proposal, a proposal that could set the course of our lives for good. " * He takes a sip of his whiskey * " Most of you know by now that there is a group out there called the PAU. They don't want nothing but pain from others. And they seem to get it quite often " " I myself have seen their works in the making, and have watched close friends die because of them. " " It's a never ending malace that must be stopped. I am asking of anyone to come foward, gather our arms and fight this power that wants nothing but to hurt us. " * He pauses for a moment. Thinking to himself " Will this even work? " * * He presses the button on his radio again, holding it down * " If you wish to fight the people that want to harm you, contact me privately " " But mark my word, this will not be an easy fight. It will takes weeks, maybe months to wipe out the PAU, but it is possible " * You can hear him slamming his glass of whisky on the table through the radio as he signs off *
  10. my bad lol i dont have any issues with the black fangs tbh, they are nice to me and im nice to them. Honestly i havent seen them holding anyone up other than the pau.
  11. lol im not saying its bad. Like it would suck if everyone was friendly. Hostile RPers are what makes this game so alive. But at the same time, its just too much sometimes lol. thats why i try to stay away from those large groups, so i dont get caught up and killed. The RP could be better though forreal
  12. * Ty presses on the button on his radio, grinning in pain * " Is anybody out there?" * He grabs the DIY bandage on his arm that's wrapped around his gunshot wound * " I've been shot. I sewed up the wound with some sewing kit i found. But i believe it will get infected soon. I was never trained to fix a gunshot wound. If anyone could contact me through this, please help. I fear i have not much time left"
  13. * He couldn't fully understand what just happened, thinking that Alex was just murdered, he is filled with rage * " Listen, i dont know who you guys are, but i will find you, and i will kill you all " * He then grabs his M4 Carbine, loads a magazine, throws the radio onto the ground and runs out the door *
  14. I've talked to people about that exact problem. Too many hostile RPers out there robbing people and not giving them good RP. Like the PAU, they initiate for no reason, claim they thought you were someone else, and if they find out you are black fangs or someone they are looking for. They kill you. Which is understandable RP wise. But when im just driving my car trying to get some water, and i get initiated on by PAU while im trying to drive away. Brought into a building, questioned if im with anyone, and asked where are all my friends. I'm just like what the heck, im by myself and its quite obvious. Then when they decide to let me go, my game crashed and they killed me because they thought i was running away. I wonder if i would have been killed if they never initiated on me? I mean you could just talk to someone, especially since they have the numbers, so most people wont initiate on large groups. But if you just talked to people, instead of putting a gun in their face and telling them to put their hands up, a lot less people would die probably.
  15. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qx2cQNVuBeU Why the verdict is not fair: Because he thought i called him the N word and i didn’t. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: We got into an argument over some silly ingame stuff, which never should have happened. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To not be perma banned from Teamspeak because i still play the server and i respect all rules. He just caught me slipping at the wrong time. What could you have done better?: Not use offensive words against someone i am arguing with.
  16. the next morning i went back. Nothing was there. Look im not really worried about it, and i reinstalled Dayz to fix the problem of my computer crashing so i hope that doesnt happen again.
  17. I'm just wondering why you guys took all my stuff too. I mean i had a car loaded with stuff and a barrell. I went there earlier, and nothing was there
  18. My game crashed so im sure you understand why im upset i was killed. Edit: Also i've come to realize that being in your shoes, i probably would have done the same thing.
  19. Yes, a text initiation was used against me, after being initiated on through Voip.
  20. Server and location: Dayzrp EU 1 - Bashnia Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 11/21/2017 - Night time Your in game name: Ty Maxwell Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Unknown ( possiblly PAU ) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Friendly vehicle Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No video evidence Detailed description of the events: Okay so i had found a vehicle in Zelenegorsk, and made my way up north to a stash i made. I decide im gonna move it way down south so i put my stuff inside of a barrell and started to make my way down south. Well it turned out that i got super thirsty really fast, and NWAF well was the closest one. As i am driving up the NWAF dirtroad coming from Novaya, i see a man on the dirt path. At first i think nothing of it, then as i turn on the road to Bash, i see another man running. Then i realize i need to really hurry up and get out of there. I thought i would have time to run to the well to get a quick drink, but a large group of people shortly arrive and as i get into my car they initiate on me. I heard them out of the car but they almost shot me until they said it through text chat. So i get out the car, they make me put my hands up, and they all start asking me questions, circling me, and moving around very fast. They kept assuming that i had a friend with me too. A lady kept asking “ where are your friends? “ Anyways so they put me inside the jail and start asking questions. Like why i had a barrell and why there was so much loot in my car. They continue to ask me my name and what group im apart of. I tell them no. They also decide wether or not they are going to take any of my stuff. I got lucky and they didnt take my things. So they have me start walking outside, as i am told to walk around the jail building, my computer crashed and i couldnt do anything but force shut down my PC, thus crashing my game in the process. I logged back in and i was a fresh spawn. I’m assuming they took all my things, my car, barrell, svd mags, SVD, gillie suit. All of it. And they killed me because my game crashed.
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