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  1. Born the only daughter of a multi millionaire, alex has lost a great deal due to the outbreak. Unlike some who would perhaps call the crumbling of society an upgrade , alex had grown spiteful and cold with the knoledge that her dream life of luxuary had been cut short. With no real training of survival skills and nobody left to wait on her every need alex uses the only tool she has left to make her way in this new world. Alex is a cruel and manipulative woman with a severe lack of empathy for the feelings or health of others.
  2. Love Nectar

    2016 Media of the Year nominations

    Nominee: @Riggsee Reason: The man is THE dayzRP streamer to watch, he has become a pillar of the community in such a short period of time and is not only a great roleplayer but a entertaining streamer who does his best to help this community however he can. Evidence: Twitch.tv/riggsee
  3. Love Nectar

    Staff Feedback

    I shall DM these people, if they do not respond within the week i shall remove them from the team. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
  4. Love Nectar

    Staff Feedback

    Its difficult to tell who is not streaming as i have no way to see when somone was last live if they have past broadcasts turned off, if you wish to PM me or Jim with a streamer you do not think belongs in the team feel free and i will confront them. -Wolf (Owner of the team)
  5. Love Nectar

    Post Election Discussion

    My opinion is that what's done is done and we should accept the fact that we cannot change what has happened , american or not nobody can change the vote And now to lighten the mood:
  6. Love Nectar

    Summers conscience

    Thank you
  7. Love Nectar

    Summers conscience

    Updated Entry 3
  8. Love Nectar

    Summers conscience

    Thanks everyone due to the positive response i will likely do more! - Updated -
  9. Love Nectar

    Summers conscience

    Entry 1 Summer wakes up glancing to her side at cade as he sleeps. The time is 4am and she can hear the creaking of the cabin in the wind as a storm passes outside. [mp3]http://img.dayzrp.com/mp3/upload/581a08f1dc8f0.mp3[/mp3] She gets up slowly so as not to wake her companion and moves over to the window looking out at the fields beside the cabin , as she watches the grass being pushes by the wind she begins to see the outline of a man standing in the field with his head looking at the ground. The man is wearing a doctors coat and holding a machete in his right hand, he slowly raises his left to point towards summer as he shakes his head. Summer blinks and rubs her eyes to see the man is gone and the field is yet again empty. Summer , feeling disoriented and light headed shakes her head and turns around only to be looking right into the eyes of the shadow figure. In front of her stands dimitri with a wide grin on his face shaking slowly , he begins to speak. "It is your fault he is gone summer , you betrayed him... you betrayed me... you betrayed life" Dimitri presses summer against the wall and holds the machete to her throat tilting his head to the side and laughing. "Whats the matter sweetheart?...dejavu?" With a final shake of the head dimitri slices open her throat and steps backwards. Summer falls to her knees looking down at the pool of her own blood on the floor, a blue flower resting perfectly in the middle as her throat drips more blood splattering onto it. Gasping for breath summer looks up to see the man is now one of the rough riders holding a bat above his head and within a second he swings down onto the top of summers skull as she gasps out attempting to scream. Summer jolts upright in her bed screaming at the top of her lungs as cade flinches and falls out of the bed before grabbing hold of her attempting to calm her down. Just a dream...just... a dream.. Entry 2 Summer wakes up looking around the room for a moment, she pauses and grabs the pack laying beside her. She opens the pack and takes out her notepad ripping a page from it and begining to write... [mp3]http://img.dayzrp.com/mp3/upload/5818ea78e4a47.mp3[/mp3] Summer places the note next to cade on t picks up her rifle and slings it over her back, carefully opening the cabin door walking out into the cold dark night and closing it behind her. Entry 3 [mp3]http://img.dayzrp.com/mp3/upload/581a0454ac06d.mp3[/mp3] The buildings around seemed to close in... blocking all escape or retreat. He stumbled around choking and gargling , tripping from time to time but persistant none the less. Summer began to backstep slightly as the undead man moved around the building , with her knife in hand she clenched her fists and hesitated for a moment before shaking her head. "You know i have to do this eventually...i can't keep running from you" She sighs still moving backwards as the zombie stumbles closer. Summer swings her pack round off her back opening it and taking out her notebook, she opens it and glances at the front page the names "Dimitri, oliver, cowboy" written in black ink. Summer looks up snarling and bites her bottom lip. "Come on then you fuck..." She walks aggresively towards the zombie and just as it realises she is there and has time to react she plunges the knife into the back of its brain stem and up into the skull without hesitation she continued and stabbed it three more time almost shoving her fist into its skull. With her hand now covered in flesh she pulled it out and let the zombie drop to the floor. Looking down summer pauses breathing heavily. "Not so hard..." Summer wipes the knife with the front of her medical scrubs and flicks her wrist, the chunks of flesh flinging off her hand to the ground. She laughs to herself and turns away walking down the street not looking back, moving over to a nearby telephone poll she carves a MC into the wood with her knife before moving on down the road... She tilts down the front of her hat a half smile on her face.
  10. Love Nectar

    Why, hello there everyone

    Welcome to the community salmon! <3
  11. Love Nectar

    [GAME] Rate the Persons Profile Song Above You

    Prefer the original 6/10
  12. Love Nectar

    When the beanZ are just right!

    Those are some nice beanz you got there husk ;3 not important hu?... *Reaches for huskys beanz*
  13. Love Nectar

    Teamspeak Descriptions

    Simply by having an opinion it proves that you care about this, sorry but "not caring" and having a opinion do not co-incide. you can not care much, but you still have to have at least an ounce of care to make an opinion. I say this because i am not bothered by people saying "no" if you disagree with the idea you are entitled to that, just as the people who agree are entitled to make this post but i am honestly sick of this belittling attitude towards them simply looking down on people like they are beneath you with the "I do not care, its not even worth my time" when simply posting here proves otherwise.
  14. Love Nectar

    Teamspeak Descriptions

    Again this proves my point , the fact this has gone on for 7 pages shows that some people are concerned about this and dishes i do not feel you can comment on wether it matters or not when you youself already have many descriptions, as do i. So how can we possibly give a fair assumption of how it feels to be left out without a description? It seems to me the only argument for not implementing this is that it is "Tradition" now it is human nature to resent change but at the end of the day if somone donates $200 , which lets be honest is a LOT of money. they should at the very least be allowed to edit there own description is they want to? What i do not see is that you dishes along with other people continuely bring up the same argument of it being tradition and its not even that important. Well my point is if its "Not that important" and the tycoons want it...then let them have it for god sake? so either suck it up and admit that it is a important tradition to you or stop being so against the concept. - I love you dishes do not hate me , i just have strong opinions on things-
  15. Love Nectar

    BeanZ WAR

    Nope, both you two are still on the -1 BeanZ team. From the first post '' EDIT: As suggested by Pinky, the border to high BeanZ is set to 75. That means from now on everyone with less than 75 beanz has to count downwards. '' Damn! 83