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  1. Born the only daughter of a multi millionaire, alex has lost a great deal due to the outbreak. Unlike some who would perhaps call the crumbling of society an upgrade , alex had grown spiteful and cold with the knoledge that her dream life of luxuary had been cut short. With no real training of survival skills and nobody left to wait on her every need alex uses the only tool she has left to make her way in this new world. Alex is a cruel and manipulative woman with a severe lack of empathy for the feelings or health of others.
  2. As soon as expermintal stuff is moved to stable i will be back :)

    1. Mexi


      Look forward to it :)

  3. Hello!

    1. Love Nectar

      Love Nectar

      Hello jimbo ^-^/ guess who might be coming back to RP

    2. JimRP


      Let me know when you hop on! 

  4. Gz on GM mexi maboi! long time no see

    1. Mexi


      Thank you very much, nice to see you about again! 

    2. Love Nectar

      Love Nectar

      Well dayZ got that spicy new patch, might give RP another go.

    3. Mexi


      Certainly gave it a nice little update on the graphics side of things, welcome back either way.

  5. #ReleaseTheBovine

  6. It is so cold i woke up and could not feel my feet ._.

    1. Love Nectar

      Love Nectar

      In bed?!?! unheard of.

  7. In reply to the "Why is wolfie leading the team when she does not stream dayZ often"

    I am a partnerd streamer with a community and subscribers to worry about, i gave my one and only twitch team to dayZRP as a way to help other content creators in this community. I appreciate it may not be the perfect solution but as of right now it is the best we have it is this or no team at all.

    Recently there has been a lot of concern with how the team is being run and with people not being invitied, i have not been sent any applications untill 3 days ago , i will now be working with @Riggsee to get new streamers into the team. Please put forward any complaints about streamers to me otherwise i cannot solve the, i am not a phycic.

    Finally i have made a deal with @Riggseethat when/if he gets partnerd with twitch i will hand over leadership of the dayZRP team to him, untill then im afraid you are stuck with me but at the end of the day all i am is hosting this team if any of the dayZRP staff wish to request/suggest any changes/additions they should not hesitate to PM me.


    Thank you.

    1. SweetJoe


      Hello Wolfie. It's been a while.  I can understand why you may be upset. Please understand, its not you.  You were not in charge of applications, someone else was. It is not your fault that the person in charge did a terrible job. 

      I personally don't watch streams, nor do I care about what happens on them or who makes them. That being said, It is my understanding now that the stream team is a piggy back on your success. I can only assume that the staff said they would handle the working aspect of it and all you would have to do is be yourself?  If indeed you had nothing to do with the handling of the stream team members and activity, than any shade that flew around wasn't intended for you, but how the establishment was handling the Stream Team.

      Sorry if the kiddies upset you, and thank you for what you attempted to do by giving dayzrp your...stream team thingie.

    2. Love Nectar

      Love Nectar

      The initial idea was that applications would be sent to jim then sent on to me for me to add them to the team, though this was perhaps a bad idea off the start as im sure it would be some weight off of jims shoulders and less work for him if the applications instead went to somone who will reguarly review them eg: @Riggsee that being said i would understand if due to this team being a extention of the community itself staff want to moderate who joins it. I think it would be better if instead of bottling up complaints against streamers in the team the streamer is reported to a staff member who can then contact me and have them removed. If you catch my drift?

    3. SweetJoe


      In other words, you cannot trust Jim to do it.


      Riggsee is dependable. He should work out well.



      Are you going to play dayz? The survival aspect of this patch is alright, although it might not be what your users are looking for.

      oh,  @Riggse  Good luck.  <3


      shit @Riggsee

      O forums...how you hate me. 


      Sorry Wolf.

      ...on my end it reposted...im just gonna go...


      thank you...and again sorry.

    4. Love Nectar

      Love Nectar

      All good xD yeah i plan to check out 6.1 just dunno when im going to slot it in. Might just reroll though since it has been a while.

  8. Put out PM's to all innactive dayZRP stream team members to see why they are innactive.

  9. Nominee: @Riggsee Reason: The man is THE dayzRP streamer to watch, he has become a pillar of the community in such a short period of time and is not only a great roleplayer but a entertaining streamer who does his best to help this community however he can. Evidence: Twitch.tv/riggsee
  10. I shall DM these people, if they do not respond within the week i shall remove them from the team. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
  11. Its difficult to tell who is not streaming as i have no way to see when somone was last live if they have past broadcasts turned off, if you wish to PM me or Jim with a streamer you do not think belongs in the team feel free and i will confront them. -Wolf (Owner of the team)
  12. My opinion is that what's done is done and we should accept the fact that we cannot change what has happened , american or not nobody can change the vote And now to lighten the mood:
  13. Thanks everyone due to the positive response i will likely do more! - Updated -
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