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  1. *Searches in panic for his radio* *Coughs alot* If someone is out there, I need help...... Urghhh, im not sure I can take any longer. Im feeling terrible, so if anyone hears this, im at Vybor near the gasstation! *falls down on the ground and drops the radio* *reaches for the radio and speaks his last words:" please help me" before the radio goes silent*
  2. Need help writing character backstory

    Ahh hey there buddy. Im currently writing a backstory with @Fidz and we came up with some great stuff. Maybe ill run it along after were done to check on improvements ^.^
  3. Need help writing character backstory

    I've messaged @Static when he first posted that thread. Sadly I didnt get a reply. I'll see if I can contact a LM. Thanks for the replies ˆ.ˆ
  4. Hello peeps! So I was wondering if there was someone out there that can help me write a backstory for a character I want to play as. Im not as much of a good writer myself and I could use some other input on my character and maybe even learn some stuff in the mean time. Hoping to make a really great character, just need a bit of help ˆ.ˆ PS, not sure if this in the write forum catogory, correct me if im at the wrong place
  5. Tyler Goner

    Tyler did not have a happy childhood. Born to a poor family in Sheffield, Yorkshire, he spent most of his childhood living in the projects. His mother was an alcoholic housewife; his father was a semi-successful guitarist who had to give up his dream because of his arthritis, his fingers too painful to play the instrument he loved anymore. Because of his socioeconomic class- a thing which he had no choice in- he was bullied by other kids, made fun of every little thing; the fact that his shoes were from Oxfam, his clothes from bargain bins, his haircut done by his mother instead of from a barber. Poor Tyler didn’t even have any solace at home; his mother and father argued over the smallest things, from dinner being cold to the lawn being unmowed. It was an unhappy time..and it would only get worse. His parents divorced when he was twelve; and forced to pick a side, he went with his father. It would be a small but happy period of his life; as his father would gift him a guitar, wanting his son to develop a love for music. However, good things must come to an end; his father was a chainsmoker, and his years of smoking caught up to him. Tyler was left without a father at the age of 14; left with a mother who couldn’t care less about him. With no familial support, Tyler found himself hanging out on the streets more and more often; and as children often did, he started hanging around with the wrong people. It was a gang of older kids, that called themselves the Sheffield Shooters; fancied themselves to be gangsters, and tried their best to emulate just that. It was this gang that got Tyler into drugs. It started small; a hit of a joint there, a rip from a bong there- but soon enough, little Tyler was addicted to pills at the ripe age of 14. Xanax, Molly, Percocet- whatever you named, he had probably tried it. His mother was either unaware of this or simply didn’t care- and continued to not care up until he stole money from her to fuel his obsession, at which point, he was kicked out without another word. Alone and on the streets, he thought he was done for..until a friend called him with a risky prospect. It was simple; the Sheffield Shooters were actually being noticed by some other, bigger gangs, and one of these gangs figured the kids were just what they needed; young, willing, and easily replaceable. So it was Tyler who was chosen to expand the drug trade of the bigger gang to Chernarus; in exchange, the Sheffield Shooters would be backed by them. Tyler thought that this was a perfect time to prove his worth; to cement his place in his new family, and accepted. Little did he know just how much he would regret this..
  6. Your IG Name and what are you interested in learning about (Hero RP, Survivor RP, Hostile RP, Hostage RP, Group RP, General Knowledge)?: [Dean Snowfield,General Knowledg/Hero RP or Hostile RP (not so sure yet)/Group RP] What Timezone are you from and what time's do you usually play? [CEST in the evenings and sometimes during the days] How were you directed to the Mentors thread (Word to- mouth, friends, report verdict, forums)? [Forums] If you had to judge yourself and your Roleplay. What do you say you do best and what would you like to learn about or improve on? [I judge my roleplay is rather weak, ive been here for a while now but ive always kinda been a silent guy in rp situations and wanted to learn to improve myself. Also I am not sure what kind of RP I enjoy the most, Ive done some hostile rp and some hero rp but not really sure what I would be good at. Also I think my best is trying to imerse myself as much as possible into a character]
  7. *sits alone at the shore....* *presses button and cleares throat* "Harry are you still alive? I need to find you. I lost you when we ran into the Golden Tree gang or group at the most northern airfield above Vybor, trying to find meds for my sicknes." *thinks back about the horrible moment...* "Remember how we met? With the crazy guy in the doctor's clothing that was trying to shoot us. We had to do what we had to do..." *Looks down in shame...* "Im still very sick and I continue to look for my meds, but wherever you are, I need to find you. Remember my name: Kai Salm. Hope to see you again my friend." *releases button and closes his eyes to fall asleep*
  8. How did you name your character?

    I just took my own name, kinda wanna immerse myself into the game. roleplay as myself but then in the game