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  1. *Searches in panic for his radio* *Coughs alot* If someone is out there, I need help...... Urghhh, im not sure I can take any longer. Im feeling terrible, so if anyone hears this, im at Vybor near the gasstation! *falls down on the ground and drops the radio* *reaches for the radio and speaks his last words:" please help me" before the radio goes silent*
  2. Need help writing character backstory

    Ahh hey there buddy. Im currently writing a backstory with @Fidz and we came up with some great stuff. Maybe ill run it along after were done to check on improvements ^.^
  3. Need help writing character backstory

    I've messaged @Static when he first posted that thread. Sadly I didnt get a reply. I'll see if I can contact a LM. Thanks for the replies ˆ.ˆ
  4. Hello peeps! So I was wondering if there was someone out there that can help me write a backstory for a character I want to play as. Im not as much of a good writer myself and I could use some other input on my character and maybe even learn some stuff in the mean time. Hoping to make a really great character, just need a bit of help ˆ.ˆ PS, not sure if this in the write forum catogory, correct me if im at the wrong place
  5. Tyler Goner

    W.I.P Childhood: Growing up in a rich family isn’t always the perfect life. At a young age Tyler was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. His parents tried to help the only way they knew how to: throw money at it. Therapy wasn’t the best way because it only made little Tyler feel like an outcast and so he started acting as one. You could call him an introvert with extrovert tendencies, which couldn’t come out. Aggression became a problem for Tyler. The smallest things could set him off. He stopped talking to people and completely drew himself back. It was like his natural instincts told him to either hide or fight. This caused the other kids in school to give him a hard time. He was the weirdo, the kid who didn’t talk, the shortfuse. He needed to keep himself alive in the social world he lived in. So he got very good at hiding his emotions and pretending to be someone he’s not. Although everything went wrong, he still was an excellent student. Getting high grades in school and eventually studying at university. Young Adulthood: Now his study was done. Done with school and finally a free man to do as he pleases. He always loved the woods. It had something calm to it. His problems weren’t there. Everything was peaceful. He decided to use the money ,his parents are still providing him with, to make a world journey to go hiking around the world. Germany, Norway, Ukraine, Russia and eventually Chernarus. He came in from the north and started hiking. During a quick stop for food in a small town called Sinistok he met this girl. The cashier of the local supermarket. She looked beautiful. They had chemistry. She wasn’t like the other girls, who rejected him because he was weird. A few months pass and he decides to leave his useless life at home behind and stay here. Few years later and they decided it was time to move in together. They both loved the outdoors and decided to buy an old, rundown place in the middle of nowhere. No landline, no signal, no other world. It was perfect. First moments of the Outbreak: It’s been a rough time for the couple, fixing up the house from a wreck. But they’ve done it. For about a year they enjoy a simple life. Hunting for food and hiking almost every day. Life was good. Then one rainy morning everything changed. Tyler went out to hunt and gather some firewood for that evening. He grabbed his hunting rifle and his backpack and he kissed Ann on her forehead. He went out for a couple of hours, but sadly came back with nothing. When he was almost at the house, he got alerted by a horrible scream. It was Ann. Tyler sprinted back to the house in a sheer panic. Sweating and holding tightly to his rifle he stormed back into the house. There he saw something to change his life. His wife, on the ground, being eaten alive by something out of a horror movie. Screaming and dredged in blood, she shouted for help. Tyler didn’t need to think for a second and fired a bullet straight into the body of this monster. But it seemed to ignore it. A second shot to the head finally killed the horrible monstrosity. It was too late. She was dead. His beloved wife. The only one who understood him. Gone… He couldn’t stand the place anymore. So after he buried his wife, he left. The old farmer: Tyler was devastated. In a blink of an eye, he lost everything he so dearly loved. Now there is no one left who understands him. He finds himself lost on what to do. So he does as he always does. He walks. Before he leaves he grabs his rifle, backpack, some food and a picture of Ann and him. He wanders around the woods for days, maybe even weeks. The feeling of loneliness starts to affect him more and more. He can’t sleep at night, the nightmares of the horrible moment keep haunting him at night. He starts to become numb. The feelings are replaced with emptiness. That’s all that remains: emptiness and the screams of his dying wife. He tries to fight this emptiness. He wants to feel anything. He tries anything, even as far as cutting himself across the arm a few times. But nothing seems to work. It drives him crazy. One day, when he was taking a rest at a small lake, he heard a scream from the distance. For some reason he decides to check it out. As he comes closer and the screams gets louders, he notices a small wooden cabin. It’s an old farmer inside, getting attacked by these soulless corpses. But instead of helping the man like most people would. He stayed on a distance and stared. He sat down and watched as the old farmer got ripped to pieces. Piece by piece the monsters eat away at the man. The blood, the screams, the horror. It was... nice? He felt something. He felt… good. His blood is rushing, his adrenaline racing through his body. Why did this feel so good? Why did he enjoy watching some poor old man’s life taken like this? He scared himself and a sense of disgust came over him. He felt guilt for not helping the man. He can’t accept this version of himself. Accept yourself: Depression starts to become a real problem for Tyler the next few days and he decides he’s not strong enough for this world anymore. He can’t live with what he is becoming. It is enough he says in his head. He took the picture of his wife in his hands, pressed it against his heart and laid it in front of him. He put the rifle to his head, crying and weeping heavily. And right as he wants to pull the trigger…… he hears a voice: “I wouldn’t do that if I were you”
  6. What else would you call using someones IC name using pulse checking?
  7. Not blaming anyone that I died, because it was a valid kill on me as you had all the right to do so. Dont know about the OP. My point more is the Meta gaming that kinda annoyed me and apperently the OP noticed it aswell
  8. Good RP? Since when is Meta gaming and telling us to press X, A and D to get out of handcuffs good RP? We fired at incoming zombie agro we took. I had only heard around 2 or 3 voices so being outnumbered has nothing to do with the situation. Also we didnt say to let the hostages go because we didnt know these hostages or had any prior interactions with these 2 guys. We just wanted our stuff back and we stated so. Then like Talhoffer said, you opened the door and opened fire.
  9. I (Dean Snowfield) was just running around Stary when I met a man named Viktor. We talk for a bit and we decided to move towards Kab together and then we ran into a 15 year old boy called Maksim I think it was. We talked with the 3 of us on the road towards Kab just outside of Stary (near the lake) untill we see a group of around 5 people in all black with black armbands and black skullmasks. They talk for a bit and then they raised there guns at us and told us to get on the ground. They check our bags and steal some stuff. We asked them who they were and they said the were part of a maffia with the name: Black Armband Bandits. So they order us to move into a treeline and while we move they suddenly start calling us by our names. "Come on dean snowfield, pick up the paste" "Move up Victor" to name a few examples. Ofcourse we were shook because we never told them our names. (they probably pulse checked our names because theres no other way to find out as we had no prior interaction with this group) Also when Viktor couldnt be realised from his handcuffs because the hostage takers didnt have the key, they told him to keep pressing A and D and to repeatedly press X to release himself. (This was IG and not in OOC text //) Then they released us and they tell us to run back towards Stary. So we do and after were safe in town and out of their sight, we decided we could take them on and we ran to Kab to try and kill them. (as we had the KoS rights to do so) We move up and we come to the Green House. We hear voices and we recognize one guy from the group that just robbed us. So we stand outside with our guns pulled ready to start a gunfight. I heard the OP talking about laying on the ground handcuffed and not being a part of the group we were trying to kill. A few words gets talked back and forth and eventually 1 guy opens the door and shoots at me and Viktor. We open fire back and Viktor dies right away and I run back, take a few more shots at someone I think is from the group and then I get killed by a guy with an SKS. I just saw in the logs that I shot Viktor by accident a few times wish I didnt mean to do ofcourse. Thats about what I can recall from my POV from the situation. Hope this helps.
  10. Your IG Name and what are you interested in learning about (Hero RP, Survivor RP, Hostile RP, Hostage RP, Group RP, General Knowledge)?: [Dean Snowfield,General Knowledg/Hero RP or Hostile RP (not so sure yet)/Group RP] What Timezone are you from and what time's do you usually play? [CEST in the evenings and sometimes during the days] How were you directed to the Mentors thread (Word to- mouth, friends, report verdict, forums)? [Forums] If you had to judge yourself and your Roleplay. What do you say you do best and what would you like to learn about or improve on? [I judge my roleplay is rather weak, ive been here for a while now but ive always kinda been a silent guy in rp situations and wanted to learn to improve myself. Also I am not sure what kind of RP I enjoy the most, Ive done some hostile rp and some hero rp but not really sure what I would be good at. Also I think my best is trying to imerse myself as much as possible into a character]
  11. Server and location: S1 EU server, Northwest Airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 24-05-2017, 23:25 Your in game name: Dean Snowfield Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Fil Vandren Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I just got online and spawned at the NWAF and after walking around for a bit I saw alot of zombie agro towards the hangers near the firestation and I decided to check it out. There were a group of guys fighting off the zombies so I decided to help. After we got rid of the zombies I walked up and we just greeted eachother and they asked if I wanted to see some entertainmant. So I walked inside and the other guys talked to each other a bit. Some other guy I havent spoken to walked up to me and asked me where I found the ALICE backpack on my back. I replied that I found it in some military barrack which I did a bit earlier, but that there was some stuff in it but nobody around so I just took the stuff out and took it as my own. He said it was a backpack of one of his friends and the next thing I know he started punching me and knocked me out. And then I died seconds after being knocked out.
  12. Enceladus [Active] [Recruiting]

    o7 Was fun while it lasted RIP
  13. *sits alone at the shore....* *presses button and cleares throat* "Harry are you still alive? I need to find you. I lost you when we ran into the Golden Tree gang or group at the most northern airfield above Vybor, trying to find meds for my sicknes." *thinks back about the horrible moment...* "Remember how we met? With the crazy guy in the doctor's clothing that was trying to shoot us. We had to do what we had to do..." *Looks down in shame...* "Im still very sick and I continue to look for my meds, but wherever you are, I need to find you. Remember my name: Kai Salm. Hope to see you again my friend." *releases button and closes his eyes to fall asleep*
  14. How did you name your character?

    I just took my own name, kinda wanna immerse myself into the game. roleplay as myself but then in the game