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  1. Hey guys, For my story I need a house in the middle of the woods somewhere. Does anyone have a nice idea where this might be? Im looking for as much isolation as possible
  2. If only there were still mentors around haha, would be really helpfull
  3. Ive had some experience role playing on this server a while back so I'm not completely new and I've role played some basic civilian characters. Ive been wanting to role play a character who is more evil. I know this is a bit of a taboo thing but I wanted to try realistic cannibal RP, but I've had trouble coming up with a story that's unique around it. I don't wanna be one of those cringy cannibals where they go around telling people they wanna eat humans and have the crazy voice you know? If anyone here has ever seen Mr Moon? That's were I wanna get my inspiration from. I have a hard time giving a unique twist to it tho. And then there is the problem to role play such a character in game. I've never really role played the crazy bad guy. So any tips on that are welcome aswell ?
  4. Hello people Ive always had troubles writing characters and to role play them in game. Ive been writing for the past couple of days but I don't seem to be able to make something nice that I can use in game. I was wondering if people had tips for writing characters that seem realistic but unique. And maybe someone could sit down with me in discord someday and help me out with writing a character. Thanks in advanced ^.^
  5. Awww yea ofcourse, I remember. Thats been a while. Lots happend in DayzRP while I was away haha. Too bad the character I was writing didn't go anywhere, but here we are to try again ^.^
  6. @Lady In Blue Any specific Radio Chatter posts I should check out? I see that there's alot of them and Im not sure which ones are relevant
  7. Thanks guys for the helpfull commments Currently Lyca is helping me out with making a good character and I will check out the radio chatter If I have any more questions I'll let you all know and hopefully see you in game soon o/ ^.^
  8. Hello people, Ive been playing on this server for a while now but I stopped playing a little bit before the lore wipe. Ive been trying to get back into DayzRP but I'm not very caught up with current events. Also my first read of the new Lore left me a bit confused. So my question is if there is someone who can help me get back into DayzRP, as well as help me out a little with creating a character again after being gone for a while. Thanks in advanced ^.^
  9. *Searches in panic for his radio* *Coughs alot* If someone is out there, I need help...... Urghhh, im not sure I can take any longer. Im feeling terrible, so if anyone hears this, im at Vybor near the gasstation! *falls down on the ground and drops the radio* *reaches for the radio and speaks his last words:" please help me" before the radio goes silent*
  10. Ahh hey there buddy. Im currently writing a backstory with @Fidz and we came up with some great stuff. Maybe ill run it along after were done to check on improvements ^.^
  11. I've messaged @Static when he first posted that thread. Sadly I didnt get a reply. I'll see if I can contact a LM. Thanks for the replies ˆ.ˆ
  12. Hello peeps! So I was wondering if there was someone out there that can help me write a backstory for a character I want to play as. Im not as much of a good writer myself and I could use some other input on my character and maybe even learn some stuff in the mean time. Hoping to make a really great character, just need a bit of help ˆ.ˆ PS, not sure if this in the write forum catogory, correct me if im at the wrong place
  13. What else would you call using someones IC name using pulse checking?
  14. Not blaming anyone that I died, because it was a valid kill on me as you had all the right to do so. Dont know about the OP. My point more is the Meta gaming that kinda annoyed me and apperently the OP noticed it aswell
  15. Good RP? Since when is Meta gaming and telling us to press X, A and D to get out of handcuffs good RP? We fired at incoming zombie agro we took. I had only heard around 2 or 3 voices so being outnumbered has nothing to do with the situation. Also we didnt say to let the hostages go because we didnt know these hostages or had any prior interactions with these 2 guys. We just wanted our stuff back and we stated so. Then like Talhoffer said, you opened the door and opened fire.
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