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"How do mermaids poop?"

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  1. HappyPenguin

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  2. Worst Fears

    I use to be scared of Resident Evil 4. Shat me up when I saw the chainsaw guy and was a nervous wreck fro most of the game. But now it is my go to game when i feel to blast a few zomballs heads in. Now though i m not really frighted of much but heights.... Nah fuck heights in every shape and form. Terrified that something would go wrong in the fair ground or when on a plane and crashing into the ground. So you dont see me a theme parks that often because of that. Planes I can really handle because when ya up you don't feel it
  3. HappyPenguin

    Ba dum tiss

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  4. Create the WORST group idea

    A group of porn-stars and homeless people banding together to survive
  5. HappyPenguin

    Pretty much spot on

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  6. Someone [ Open frequency ]

    *Yusif listens to his music finding a old MP3 player with some 80's music on it, singing along* *He grabs his radio and trying to contact Javor* Oi! Fucker,........Javoooorrrrrrrrr, you there? Come on I wanna have some fun. Like the old times remember? *Yusif would sing along to his song on his MP3* Yeah yeah they, they they blew our minds And I was shaking at the knees! *After a cough he would continue to speak* Damn, thats a good fucking song anyway if you some howwww still alive in this beautiful world. Respond back and we can meet so will will have out fun
  7. HappyPenguin

    If dumb kids in my college could fly. The entire place would be a facking airport :|

  8. HappyPenguin

    The best thing in life is long walks. Like a long walk to get some ice cold Ben and Jerrys from the freezer in the middle of the night yum!

  9. Milovníci policie [Recruitment Open]

    Thanks dude.
  10. Milovníci policie [Recruitment Open]

    I will admit they do need work a little but SmartyyZ is not on right now and I'm not the group leader but thanks for the feed back
  11. Milovníci policie [Recruitment Open]

    What we are is young adults that had didn't mature, soooo like drinking doing drugs and fucking around and now its the end of world shit they have nothing to worry about so there gonna be pulling stupid shit. We ain't gonna go into a military camp and tell them all to put their hands up and destroy military factions not at all. Just gonna have fun with people but not like messed up shit like cutting people's fingers off orrrrr making them suffer in the long run no way. Hope that explains it
  12. Milovníci policie [Recruitment Open]

    New graphics look fucking sick!!! <3
  13. HappyPenguin

    Oh shit!

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  14. Milovníci policie [Recruitment Open]

    I have made my new character for this group to have the mind set just gotta get the bugs and tweaks out that is all