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"How does Elastic Girl give birth? The ****"

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  1. DarkPengu

    I think i'm dedo

    1. Samti


      you think your fingers?




    2. DarkPengu


      :trolle: No dedo inside lad *does a double dab*

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    • DarkPengu

    fix ur game k thx


  2. DarkPengu

    How long do they think they can delay this beta. BRUH 

  3. DarkPengu

    Merry Christmas everyone! :D

    1. Bubbles


      mery christer mate


  4. DarkPengu

    I feel this question needs to be answered ASAP

    Was Tarzan a virgin before he met Jane or did he beat gorilla chicks? :/ 

    1. SweetJoe


      Allow me to put it this way...

      Gorillas have a 1 inch penis, even if Tarzan was below average he would be above his competition in this regard.

      That was the joke answer.

      To discover the truth we must look at how old Tarzan was when he met Jane. I will not look this up.

      If we can assume that Tarzan would of been smaller than other Gorillas until he reached between 14-18 than the females might not of been interested In him until he bested the Alpha of the tribe (yes gorillas move in communities or tribes). Had Tarzan bested the Alpha, than the females *Might* find him desirable.  Had this happened he may of had sex with one or more of the females. Had this not happened than Tarzan literally would of seen jane and his mind and cock would of been blown. He would of been attracted to her so strongly and he wouldn't of understood the reason. 


      Should we read the novel, we could figure this out based upon certain evidences.  However I am not aware of a Gorilla and Human attempting to mate ever, It would be quite dangerous for the Human as a gorilla if it is not being gentile with you can literally rip your arm off and crush your chest into a paste.

    2. SweetJoe


      I would like to add that Gorillas are basically humans in a body that is not human.  

      Gorillas communicate mostly using sign language of their own making, Gorillas in captivity can learn a form of human signs which is essentially American Sign language but adapted for the gorillas form, as their hands and arms are different than ours.

      Gorillas are not capable of producing the sounds we can, so they can not be taught to speak.

      Silver backs are aggressive, beware of the males.

      Gorillas. Every time I see them at the zoo I feel like they are in prison. 


      The most Famous Gorilla lives in Hawaii with her friends at a sanctuary. She was friends with Robin Williams and cried for a week when he died. <3 Coco The Gorilla. 

    3. DarkPengu


      Right..........Coool. Ummmm my life has been a lie now. Oh look! It's a train :trolle:

    4. SweetJoe


      BTW Chimps are the next Prime ape to inherit the planet. According to many, they have now entered the Stone age, as communities of Chimps have independently developed tools separate from one another, and over a widespread area as well.


      Chimps are Dangerous.

      Bonobos are not dangerous and are a variant of chimp that are peaceful and settle all disputes with sex.

      well, you asked a question not expecting a serious answer, so like the saying goes, be careful what you wish for...or ask for in this case.

    5. Major


      Bottom line is fucking fixes all.

    6. SweetJoe


      what...oh yeah the Bonobos!

      I dunno, if we were bonobos major and we were fighting, next thing we would do is fuck.

      don't know how cool I am with that.

      better than ripping and clawing at each others faces, nipples, and genitals like regular Chimps though.

      Chimps don't aim to kill, they aim to make you an outcast and to reduce your breeding chance to 0.

    • DarkPengu
    • Bubbles

    Get rid if fidget spinner m8ty. Oh gawd Vietnam flashbacks 

    1. Bubbles


      asuh dude

    2. DarkPengu


      riporoni m8ty

      We be fucked now 

    3. Bubbles


      that's my new character concept btw

  5. DayZRP Community Memes

    Oi @Rolle You better make a better meme or there will be consequences m8ty
    • Taryn
    • DarkPengu

    Your name change history reminds me of Pokemon evolutions. 

    1. DarkPengu


      I am what the kids say insecure B|

  6. DarkPengu

    Flat Earthers are what make the earth go round...... oh wait :|

  7. DarkPengu

    Remember to always like yourself. Unless you hate yourself then don’t bother 

  8. [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    999999290147809740129740/10 Dark Pengu.exe has stopped working
  9. DarkPengu


    What would happen if you woke up as a chicken nugget? 

    I know my parents would be proud 

    1. LouieRP


      you get permabanned. 

    2. Oliv


      sounds like your parents have low standards expectations

    3. DarkPengu


      I was born ginger so *cough* 

  10. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    I'll tap dat