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  1. Paul Buchanan

    Its not hard to become a bad person when you grow up in the slums. Some say that racists are just that way because they hate certain people. Paul wasn't like that in the beginning, in the beginning he was liberal in his political views. When he hit his teenage years he started steering to the right, things clicked. Most things made sense, he understood that hate and love went hand in hand. He learned that to hate one thing is to love another. There were times where he looked to the left and saw what might have been, but it was too late by the time he earned his red laces. Paul grew up in a nice middle class family, but hanging around with certain kids in the neighborhood got him affiliated with the wrong kind of people. He went from a path to a normal life, to a complete 180. By the time he turned 18 he was an official member of the Hammerskins. When he turned 21 he was asked to kill a snitch, how could he say no? The guy had kids and a wife, but Paul gunned him down in the street like an animal. Life wasn't life anymore until he recently realized what he did was mercy in comparison to the present, or at least he believes as much. Avoiding police capture isn't like it is in the video games. Paul had to disappear, he'd leave for another country as soon as possible. Paul felt in his heart that he needed to leave, because he didn't feel safe around the people that raised him after his parents disowned him. Alone and afraid in a new country, Paul felt more free than he ever had before. Then struck the apocalypse, as soon as things were starting to look up. Now Paul is stuck in the middle, another fork in the road, redemption or resurrection.
  2. Just gonna drop this here. https://vocaroo.com/i/s01swSU498CM
  3. My Pov I'm the younger fella you can hear on the radio. I was across the map so my POV is what I heard from Skip. Someguy interrupts his cannibal rp, guy starts shooting unsuppressed (skips complains about it), and that Skip gets dropped outta nowhere.
  4. Billidia Lee

    Born in the swamps of Reelfoot Lake, Billidia grew up hunting the infamous turtles of the ReelFoots. From a young age it was very apparent that he was clinically insane, and yet this was the norm of people from the swamp. When he came of age he decided to join the Navy, to kill larger turtles. But he was instead arrested for attempting to murder the recruiter, after being told you can't jump off the ships to hunt turtles. Billidia found himself incarcerated for ten years for that act of insanity. After being released he went to the one place where he knew he'd be at home, Louisiana. For the next thirty years he lived, breathed, and made love in that swamp. For a long time he wanted to leave for greener pasters, then he heard about the infamous Chernarussian Turtles. Out of spite he decided to go to Chernarussia and kill said turtles, but when he arrived in Chernarus he realized there were no turtles,he had been tricked. When he found this out he ran into the woods to live his life in solitude, over the years he became even more insane. Until one day he ran into a group of like minded individuals. For Billidia the apocalypse was just another reason to stay away from people. Now, Billidia has a purpose, to fight the Sporegorn. A race of Turtle People, and while no one other than he has seen and done battle with them, he swears they are real.
  5. I wasn't following you. I was checking to see if anyone was on overwatch in one of the houses and I was also trying to get a good overview. I tried walking past you, didn't work, so I turned and ran.
  6. My friends are @angry_skipper @Novaroxxus and I do not know the full name of Daniel even though he pulse checked me dozens of times I never got to pulse checking him.
  7. My Pov An half hour or so before the events of this report took place me and my compatriots reentered Svet in the hopes of capturing, torturing, and eating the body parts of one man named Daniel. We entered the town and as soon as I realized there were too many for us to take on as a whole I immediately decided to attempt to distract people so that we could seclude, initiate, and move Daniel for processing. This, of course, didn't work. My friend was shot in the legs by accident and I was forced to give him saline, epipen, and morphine. After this point we decided to pull out. I was midway turning and leaving when the guy named Daniel decided to metagame and say he recognized our faces and voices. For my friends I can not say but I know for a fact he never saw my face up to this point and I was speaking in a completely different tone. We were simply angry about this so we decided we'd try separating them again. My friend tried talking @Lady In Blue into letting him take someone she disliked, while I stayed in the center trying to keep everyone away from them so he could attempt to persuade her, didn't work. At this time @Loscham enters the equation. More people = we will most likely be killed, we decide to dip, I stay behind so my friends can get out with out being followed by anyone. Both of my friends get out but I'm stuck here feeling like I'm about to get initiated on, I can't say anything to my friends because this guy is right in front me so I decide to try and back out of it while maintaining the creepy RP I was attempting spark. Something finally works, when I'm out of earshot I tell my friends I'm on the way out, before I know it I run into a guy on the rode that tells me people are leaving but Daniel is still present. I lazily return to the town and keep an eye out while my friends start coming back to attempt to capture Daniel. When my friends are five or so minutes out Daniel and his brother say they're going to sleep. Around this time we are tired of the wild goose chase so me and a friend decide to do our actual cannibal cult RP. A couple minutes into the RP I get a message about this report and decide to hop off.
  8. Davey Jackson

    Davey was in bootcamp, National Guard, when shit hit the fan. On a whim he escaped the fort and made his way to the nearest IFL depot to find out what was going down. What he thought was the mobilization of IFL forces against the U.S. was actually a freak virus. While shit was hitting the fan all over he was in boot, not knowing what was going down. Davey was one of the few soldiers in the IFL not currently involved in any operations. Over the course of two months he was transported to Chernarus, where a distress call came from the small Chernarussian IFL cell. They were dealing with communists and needed reinforcements. Davey was the only soldier to be spared. His training in the National Guard wasn't finished but he was better off than most of the Chernarussians. Now he is here gathering information under the guise of a thirteen year old.
  9. "Tell ye what, I can get u wun uh dem hie qualitay dooble kevleer rip, tachyin enhanced, laser grid protacted, plasma deflactors for about.... 1 duct tape. That's bessst i ken du." If only we did it after lorewipe...
  10. Mr. Welch POv After finding a car I decide to head south where a friend, in game, told me he was opening a store. The server is laggy and the car can't go fast in any way, shape, or form so I spend thirty minutes getting it from Novy Sabor to Cherno. Halfway through Cherno I see OP behind me about a hundred feet chasing the car, because I'm not a dick I decide to stop and see what he wants. He asks about the car and what I'm doing then he goes on to be ridiculous and ask for my license and registration. Eventually I drive away because I can smell a robbery. I take a wrong turn and attempt to turn around, he's there. He talks to me some more and he goes on to ask me to stop the car so he can "check the tires", I know he's just baiting me to get out so he can get a clean initiation so I drive off after vaguely threatening him about me not being alone, a big fat lie. I get fifty feet away before he initiates on me. I step out and do as he says. He takes me into a shed and has me drop my M4, I can hear someone outside drive off in my car. He has me drop my backpack and my pistols before he starts interrogating me about the car and what I'm doing. I explain to him that I came to take part in a gun shop. He repeatedly asks if I could make an AR15 to which I explain I don't know, I'm just the salesman. We walk around the shed and when he goes to look in my bag, he never tied me up, I pick my FNX and blast him. I then proceed to pick up MY stuff and haul ass out of there. Him saying "as im trying to set up business" as if we just got their is total hog wash considering between the time he initiated and the time he got killed was a period of ten minutes. I would also like to note that I came back to Cherno to take my car back by force, but as I could hear the car's engine my internet crashed. I initially thought it was a server restart but I soon realized my internet was out and it has been until a few hours ago. That was an unintentional combat log.
  11. *Mr. Welch had been half asleep when he heard his radio pick something up. Turning to it he listened and eventually developed a grimace.* Ok so... Let me think about this for a second. *His voice seeming as high pitched as always.* You're telling me that you are here for Mehdia, so essentially you are a follower of Mehdia. Ok so... here's my issue. You are all supposed to be dead. Now it may seem strange coming from a guy like me but... I could have swore I already shot a bunch of babbling heretics talking about Mehdia. There is only enough room in the hearts of men for Lord Venatar, I'm sorry about your luck. *Mr. Welch would release the PTT and sigh before laying his head back on the pillow.*
  12. Justice [Open. Freq.]

    *Mr. Welch pokes at his work with a scalpel when overhears the conversation on the radio in his patient's bag. Mr. Welch gently raises his knee off the patient's neck and reaches for the radio in the bag. Once he is able to reset his knee on the patient he presses the PTT* You say these things as if you are able to instill fear in the populace, let alone bring justice to the few thieves you come across. I am a very nice man, I might even say I'm the sweetest person left in this world, but there comes a point where I grow annoyed by the constant lollygagging of little men with big guns. Since I already know where you live I might bring some marshmallows over some time, for that little camp fire you keep around back. Word for the wise buddy, you may be a big fish in this pond but something bigger lurks at the bottom. I know my place, do you know yours? *Mr. Welch releases the PTT with a satisfied sigh before looking down at his patient, undead.*
  13. Be unique and realistic, in some aspect. Most people fall into certain archtypes and that IS NOT a bad thing! Some people play the archetypes in a great manner, a friend of mine plays as a bland U.S. soldier and he is a great role player so he owns it with ease. It all comes down on how you play the character, you can take all day making a character and find out it's hard to play. Play a character that comes naturally to you.
  14. Mr. Welch POV: I'm walking around infront of the closed Kovar's when a few people I had recently met gave chase to a man that had stolen their tent. I thought it'd be funny because the guy ran around with no shoes on acting sketchy. I followed the people chasing him and watched as they initiated. Due to lag I only heard "Get on the ground right now!" in a robotic voice, I was thinking it might be a mass initiation so I take out my CR 527 and aim it at the ghillie guy who had just initiated, in case he wanted to try and initiate on me. Once I realize they have only initiated on the tent thief I put my gun on my back and approached. After about a minute shots start going off without warning. The guy in front of me, who did not have his gun out, got dropped instantly. I turn around and as I'm pressing f2 I get shot by a shotgun with out being ordered to surrender. I go unconscious for about two minutes before I die.