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    Urgent for everyone.

    Like a gentle creek, Paul presses the PTT on his radio and his voice shimmers into existence off a barren, silent, bank. "And as much as we know monsters are real in this day and age, as much as it has become clear to us that they are no longer under our beds, you want to try your hand at killing the monster? Monsters are now at ever turn and corner. They are in every single nook and cranny. The scary part is that these monsters have guns and they can talk, to one another even worse. I advocate for the killing of monsters from time time, but this is a monsters' world, and you just told them all you are after, possibly, one of them. Really intelligent bud." Releasing the PTT, Paul looks around before tossing the radio on the pavement and stomping on it.
  2. Thats what it did say, before I changed it. Just now.
  3. Hey sorry, I thought the time frame was based off the day counter from the home page. I'll go ahead and fix that.
  4. Well considering I had edited, deleted, and added goals within an hour of your post last time I thought that was all you would want done, seeing that you didn't advise me of otherwise after I quickly reshaped all of the goals into an easier comprehension. But with the hopes of getting this group started, so I don't have to spend another two weeks waiting for a reply, I have done as you said, again, and remade, added, and sectioned the goals. If anything else needs to be changed or edited, please let me know.
  5. GrimTheGreat

    Anarchy Announcement.

    After looking through an assault bag and listening in on the broadcast, Buchanan decided to communicate before moving on into the forests. "We will be sending a delegate." Releasing the PTT button he'd toss it before picking the backpack up and walking into the brush of the pine trees.
  6. @Drahken_ Welcome to the Vanguard.
  7. Hiding his past was very easy for the man who took up the mantel of Caesar. Where there had once existed a simple office worker now only stands the leader of the Fasces, self pronounced bringers of order and peace. Caesar himself has forgotten his past but what is clear to him is that his future is not bright. His willpower and the steady hand granted to him by his parents are going to be needed to save this world. The farthest back Caesar can remember was when he was just preparing to begin his campaign to build a following. He didn't target the wealthy, the politicians, or the military. He targeted the common man, the ones stressed about bills, the parents of hungry children, the irresponsible teens who littered the streets, and those who lived within the confines of a flawed world, the innocent. While setbacks were not uncommon, Caesar found that the majority of people feared for their lives as the outbreak became a clear threat to Humanity, using this fear he tightened his grip on their hearts. While his followers were devoted, so few of them were willing to give their lives for him. So an elaborate lie was put into place. The outbreak had brought most soldiers home, for obvious reasons no person would fight for a country over their family. Using this predictable human action, he announced that his foremost goal was to eliminate war between almost all nations. As predicted, over time, war became weak and countries grew apart. War and murder was at a low, the lie he had manufactured gathered a new following, a militant following. In the beginning he knew to avoid the governments of the old world, they would snuff out his light if they believed he was a threat to their stolen power. When his might grew enough to rival the power of the old world he made it very clear to them that he would be the one to rise from the ashes. Survivors globally would march on their capitals and show the superiority the Fasces held over their crumbling governments. In most situations there was such little order that dead roamed in the capitals, servants of the Fasces were hailed as heroes as they picked helpless men, women, and children from the wreckage of the fallen empires. In the few situations where there was order, the Fasces was met with the failing strength of the stagnating "super powers". While a single shot was not fired it was clear to both Caesar and the leaders of the old world governments that this was going to be a war for superiority. Every night Caesar awakes from this dream, and everyday he feels the world edge closer to the resurrection he will head. Forged from man, a god of the purifying flame. As the fire of purification was stoked by Caesar he turned his eyes to the beginning of the outbreak. The small state of Chernarus was nothing to be afraid of, it had been the epicenter of the plague but it had not received the worst of it. Yet when he searched for foreign hands, he had found none in full force. Why hadn't any of his enemies gone looking into this state? Where were the curious scientists who'd do anything to get their hands on an original subject? There must have been a reason the old-worlders trembled at the mere thought of this unremarkable place. His soul hungered for an answer and as a dozens of his troops marched lockstep over the border unhindered he was not met with an answer, or atleast he never got one back from those he sent. The first three groups he sent into Chernarus were subsequently slaughtered, one by one killed by unknown forces or unheard of means. This is not to say that his troops did not fire back, shot for shot his men proved to be more advanced, but his unknown enemies did not fight as a force, they fought as individuals. The fourth group sent over the border were met almost immediately by an American by the name of Paul Buchanan. While he was hostile, he didn't shoot at the servants of the Fasces. He was captured, questioned, and eventually succumbed to the power of the Fasces. The truth that Caesar sought had been found. Paul disclosed that Chernarus had never stopped warring with itself, and so it never became stable enough for any formal faction to be formed and attacked. Like the Human race itself, the populace of Chernarus would fight among itself until a foreigner entered the playing field, causing a frenzy. A land to outlast the last super powers had been found, and Caesar wanted it all.
  8. Thank you for the feedback, we will consider it.
  9. We aren't fascists, we're a cult. Thank you for the input.
  10. I see that misinterpretation was very certain, as that you do not know about our plans and could not comprehend what our goals really meant. I did however see that some of our goals were in fact repeated, even though a metaphorical part was implied for them. I'll explain in less edgy and RP terms what our goals really are. 1. Get the majority of the roleplaying population to like us in game so when it comes time they will not hinder us. 2. We are literally trying to create Kwik-e-Mart 2.0. 3. Recruit quality roleplayers for the reformation. 4. The greatest threat to a group like ours, a cult, is the government so the government has got to go. 5. Take over Chernarus and recreate a roleplay based environment. Hard but possible. 6. This is an in game event for our group where I will be playing as Caesar. I'll give a speech, do some diplomacy, and bring about our group's reformation. As for your inquiry about us being inactive for a time I'd like to make it clear that we are all long time players on this server. Some of us have been dealing with school and work but as summer rolls around I can speak for most of us in saying we will have more time to play than ever. Also if recently means about a month of steadily coming back one by one, then time must not be that valuable to someone like you. I don't have to point it out but I will, if your only "valid" issue with our group is possible inactivity, not plausible if we actually get to have fun.
  11. A body rolls slowly over the radio within it's stiff pocket, only to to begin a broadcast, its audible beep not being heard as the surrounding men continued working. The conversation and noises barely heard over the heavy static coming from a nearly broken CB Radio. "Get that....we have to contact our....as fast as possible....orders from command...." The barely heard voice is drowned out by the heavy static caused by a touching of wires. After the static lowers in volume shuffling and the scraping of metal chairs can be heard. "You two start....outside." Another moment of verbal silence holds supremacy over the broadcast. Evidently from the small details, more shuffling is heard and a body is lifted off the radio, lightening the muffle. "Its on, stop moving those... and get over here to listen." As the voice quiets once more a limb is dropped over the radio, a person stopped moving bodies mid-pickup, recreating the heavy muffle of the broadcast. Because of the CB Radio's damage a heavy static also drowns out many of the words. "Current Code 5 is....Chernarus....deployed....spread to the west....infamous among....Vybor also.... mission success....location....more men.... soon....for peace...are marching....eradicate.... cull the infected.... for our... As the broadcast slips into random sounds the human voice apparently in charge gives an inaudible order. After a few minutes the radio once more becomes unburdened and the broadcast becomes much more clear. "The time is near for the beginning of the first stages of the plan but that is all for now, keep your ears open Herald. We depend on you for what comes next." The broadcast turns to purely static without the voice responding to the radio, for a few seconds it seems as if there is only static being broadcasted until a very strange sound becomes audible, an anthem of sorts. After the strange anthem finishes there is a mumbling heard through the radio, strange and undecipherable. One of the men took a step backwards, putting his heel on the radio. Realizing he had stepped on something he lifted up immediately. The loud beep of the radio rang out and everyone froze. Looking down the man realized there had been a radio still intact on one of the bodies. Squatting down he slipped it out of the sticky and stiff pocket. Looking it over for only a few seconds before it was snatched out of his hand. "You better hope that was off." Making sure the radio was not broadcasting or rigged the man dropped it to the hard concrete and stomped it firmly.
  12. Vanguard of the Fasces About Group The Vanguard of the Fasces is a small group of specially selected men and women who reside in Chernarus in the hopes of establishing a foothold within the well rooted land of chaos, which brought about unworldly change to all of future history. Theme Lore The Vanguard of the Fasces came into existence when a young man named Paul Buchanan was approached by an unnamed, unknown, and unnumbered group of men. They revealed to Paul that Chernarus was the next piece of the world to join under the banner of The Fasces. It didn't take much for Paul to bow to them, and when he bowed he was given a gift of knowledge. They revealed to Paul that a singular entity had arisen to hold the world together since the zombie plague had been released. That entity was not the Fasces itself, but the godly man known as Augustus Caesar that rose to shake the dust from the ancient empire once thought to be lost to the prison of time. Little is known about the history of Caesar, but what has been revealed has only tightly gripped the loyalty given to him by his followers. What the men told him was that Caesar had become a god reborn in the form of a man. With the power to unite all peoples under a single banner, Caesar rose and shook off the chains of slavery imposed upon all of Humanity. Since his rise, also known as the beginning of the zombie plague, most soldiers had refused to fight and looked only to protect their families. In a singular act Caesar had abolished human disease known as war without the need of any man's, country's, or god's permission. By the time the unknown men had found and recruited Paul, they professed Caesar's power had already spread to every continent and almost every country. The established nations of earth at that very moment were trying to find a way to extinguish Caesar's holy fire, but with so much support against them, their attempts were stunted if not completely halted. The U.S., Russia, China, and Europe all quivering in fear as Caesar's growing influence slipped past their borders. The empires of the old world were scared, and Caesar had yet even to strike a blow. This was the knowledge they gifted to Paul, unquestioningly he fell to his knees and praised not only the Fasces, but his god known as Augustus Caesar. The unnamed, unknown, and unnumbered men left without leaving a trace and Paul was left only with a mission. His mission was to further the Fasces, establish a foothold for the army yet to come, and slowly tighten a grip around the populace of Chernarus. Motivated by the pious need to please his god he went forth with such enthusiasm that even the god Hermes would marvel at his works. He searched for the first stone needed to set the foundation for his Vanguard, for his god. On a daily basis Paul received messages from those who guided his hand in Chernarus. The first to join in Paul's mission was John. John was not as intelligent and well rounded in the philosophical verses as Paul but his willpower and strength proved a necessity in the wary days ahead of the growing Vanguard. Without John the Vanguard would have not only failed, it would have become nothing more than a snuffed cat fire. With John, Paul grew in strength and willpower. While Power and Intelligence will get you far, nothing great was accomplished by a single brute and single scholar. The next to come were Liam, Samuel, and Mathias. Each a grand hunter in their own right, becoming known to Paul as the huntsmen. When they met, they clashed with Paul and John, but when united, Power and Intelligence outweigh a numerical advantage. After rigorous reeducation the three huntsman awoke to find the greatest prey to ever be hunted, Chernarus herself. Now the three huntsman serve under the Fasces as ruthless warriors. In the final stage of the Vanguard's birthing came three more, all needed in the service of the Fasces. The Warrior, The Valkyrie, and The Corrupted. Each a greater asset than the last. They did not join like the huntsmen, through capitulation, but through divine trust. They bowed to the Fasces and allowed it to fill them with the answers they so terribly begged for. How to quench the blood thirst of the Warrior, how to create a resurgence of the Valkyrie's wings, how to reshape what once had been Corrupted. Santiago, Johan, and Emmelie, all in the service of the Fasces their souls have become reforged. Many brothers and sisters have come and gone in the skirmishes against those would see the Vanguard fall before it could stand. The veil has been shed and the Vanguard of the Fasces come forth with a hateful vengeance. Those who still stood after they finished the battle for their right to exist began the work to prepare for the arrival of the Fasces. Until the time is near for the Fasces to arrive the Vanguard shall stay in strict unison, not revealing their benefactors. Now, together, they delve into the raging state of decline. From the ashes of the Father's World shall be forged a crown for the Son. Roster @GrimTheGreat Paul Buchanan @twig John Kaboose @i am Bambi Liam Reddington @Scottie Santiago Pavia @Sxcomba Samuel Noom @Drahken_ Johnny McEvans IC Goals Short Term Establish a foothold for The Fasces. (Day 330) Create a trading outpost to control commerce. (Day 345) Prevent any foreign countries from interfering with the Chernarus political environment. (Ongoing) Long Term Spread the power of the Fasces to all the corners of Chernarus through individual indoctrination. (Ongoing) Crush the governments of the old world or bring them into the fold, in servitude of the Fasces. (Day 400) Bring peace to Chernarus, through destroying or assimilating non-peaceful groups. (Day 450) Undetermined Prepare for the arrival for the Emperor of the Sun, Augustus Caesar. (Ongoing) OOC Goals Build a hub for trade and roleplay. Create a non-black and white moral environment for all players. Be a long lasting group. Provide a new and untapped roleplay for the occult. Recruitment
  13. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: It is implied that I did not further the role play but I made it clear, or at least I thought I did, that I followed, traded insults with, and was threatened by this man all in the twenty minute period between his initiation and his death. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I did not leave the town, I did not even leave this man's near proximity, as to keep my eye on him. Its not like I was initiated on, left, and came back an hour an a half later to kill him. I put myself in the situation of my character, he threatens me and puts a gun in my face for "sprinting around a corner", made it very clear he was planning on killing me, and tried having me kicked out of town. I follow this man and the only "friend" I know he has until I can catch them alone because the town is FULL with possible hostiles. I had no idea of knowing at the time but in the report one of the OP's friends admitted to being in the town with what I assume to be a group of buddies only a "100 meters away". If I had tried hostile rping with this man I'd end up being surrounded by his friends before I could drop an unneeded initiation. If I did initiate on this man not only would I be outnumbered more than I had already presumed, 2 to 1, fighting back would definitely end in my death and a NVFL. I am a heavy roleplayer, I try never to get into firefights unless I am forced to or am in situation to protect my friends, this is the most logical thing i could have possibly done and I personally believe the report was thrown up because OP didn't get to bully and initiate on people and get away with it. (This paragraph was initially with the top part but I believe it belongs down here more.) What would you like to achieve with this appeal: An unban and points removed. What could you have done better?: I stand with my actions.
  14. GrimTheGreat

    S1 - Ruleplay KOS - 04/28/18 - 00:05

    Oh so you're telling me while I was running as fast as I could away you had the ability to get out of voip range tell your buddies what I looked and sounded like, get back in voip range and initiate on me before I could even get out of town. I don't blame you for metagaming and telling your friends I killed your buddy. I might have done the same but I wouldn't make a report then go on to lie about it because your friend doesn't like consequences of picking on people. Btw to prove my point there's not even a minute difference between your friend's and your death, your actions of reentering voip range is impossible.
  15. GrimTheGreat

    S1 - Ruleplay KOS - 04/28/18 - 00:05

    Alright good to know he meta gamed seeing that he was always within VOIP range and did not say ANYTHING in VOIP. Also I never ran SOUTH so I know you're lying. I ran east to Kabanino and no ONE chased me. I stopped and stayed in first house I found. You weren't called into the report but thanks for giving this information to the mods.