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  1. Group thread gets a +1 from me! I look forward to the RP.
  2. Although I haven't explored the entire map, what I've seen so far is pretty detailed. However, I feel the object count in the city could be reduced a tad bit. Some shrubbery and debris makes the streetscapes feel too cluttered. As @Craigsaid, maybe this could be RP'd out by clearing out sections of the city over time. Another thing I'd like to see on the map would be more wilderness "nooks & crannies" (cabins in the middle of nowhere, hiking trails, etc). Also, more trees on that bare taiga. I'd like to see more objects on main roads, such as barricades, rest stops, car crashes, and other scenes that tell a story. Finally, I'd like to see a reduction in military buildings. Most major locations have some sort of military container, barracks, or the like.
  3. French toast because you got your eggs, bread, maybe diary, and whatever the heck fruit/powder on top all combined into one!
  4. My very first interaction with anyone on DayZRP went a little something like this: Sometime in 2013 I spawned in on the coast, ignited a flare, and then proceeded to run towards the nearest town. A sedan with two guys role up and offer me a ride. I told them my character, John Smith's, backstory and how he was in the Navy. They then started to make "sea men" jokes for the next 5 minutes until they dropped me off in Berenzino. 10/10 would roleplay again!
  5. Doc

    KOS Event


  6. I like it! Keep up the good work.
  7. I'll continue playing the GAME as per usual. As the great Bobby McFerrin sung, "Don't Worry Be Happy"!
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