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  1. *scrchhhchrhrhrh* elp me *scrchhhchrhrhrh* military camp nea.. *scrchhhchrhrhrh* up north, my firend and I *scrchhhchrhrhrh* couldn"t make it to the roof *scrchhhchrhrhrh* and wolves everywhe *scrchhhchrhrhrh* please I ne *scrchhhchrhrhrh*
  2. Vic was born in a wealthy family but he has always felt different, like he's from an other race. He never understood people, their actions and feelings. People thought he was very shy because he never tried to be part of any group, but he realy dispised playing a part like a smiling mask he was supposed to put on to be accepted. He was bored, he always had been, but recently something grew inside of him : hatred. He hated everyone for being so shallow, hypocrit and mean. Exept for Joanna. Joanna was ok. She was the most beautiful girl around and she never made fun of him nor of anyone. She was truly kind, with an heart the size of a basketball and when Vic looked in her eye he never saw pity, just pure kindness. At the age of 17 he went on a big fight with his mother who was fed of his strange behavior and was cast away as he almost broke her neck. With no home and nowhere to go he roamed the streets of Paris for weeks, sleeping in parks, eating what he could find. And then some day he saw her. Joana ! She was walking down a shady street alone at night. She was right in front of him and comming his way, he wanted to run, he wouldn't let her see him like this, looking like shit and smelling death so he quickly turned and began to... "-Vic ? Is that you, she said. Vic come back !" He slowly looked her way expecting horror on her face but all he saw was this everlasting kindness of hers. He explained why he was in this situation and she immediatly offered him shelter. A few months later they were engaged as she managed to tame the burining rage below his soul. Before the weding, Joanna insisted that they go visit her grandfather in Russia. Vic was so exited as he never visited eastern europe ! They took of from Paris, spent some time in Poland and went on an other flight to southern Russia. Unfortunatley the plane was shot down whene it was flying near the Chernarus border. He woke up next to Joanna, exept she was sawed in half and instead of her torso was the front passenger's sit.
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