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  1. You will be seeing Michael soon not to worry my friend
  2. Growing up in Vancouver B.C. Michael was used to being out in the coastal wilderness for long periods of time, developing a knack for hunting at the young age of 16 he became a world class hunter, capable of tracking prey and analyzing nature around him down to the small details of grass being disturbed or twigs being freshly broken. By age of 18 he was beginning to realize that other than hunting he really had no direction in his life. Fast forwarding three months later Michael joined the Canadian military, he excelled through basic training for the infantry division and was recommended by his officer to receive training to be a sniper operative; need less to say other than learning to adjust for extremely long range shots Michael completely his training quickly. He was sent on multiple missions completing each in a timely manner and he soon began working alongside the JTF2 task force, once more he was recommended to receive special training to actually become an active member of the JTF2. He served honorably alongside them for about 3 years however on a mission in Afghanistan that he was simply assigned to provide overwatch for his team however when they weren't responding to radio contact he was sure something had gone wrong. Due to the area being mostly desert with a few buildings he managed to eliminate the hostiles and move in cautiously discovering his team hadn't gotten there yet due to vehicle complications, he had compromised the mission and was served with dishonorable discharge. Having been brought back to his hometown he decided to take a trip, a hunting trip that he had missed out on when he was younger due to his deployment. He saw the brochures for Chernarus and upon doing more research flew into the country in search for the elusive Chernarus bear. Having no contact on his hunting trips with civilization of any sorts when he finally emerged from his hunt unsuccessfully and he was trapped, his world as he knew it was over and starting a new. This infection or whatever it was that he observed from the far woods of a town as he saw family and friends turn on each other.. he had to find out what exactly it was and keep his head low while doing it in order to survive.
  3. *Liam's Voice Breaks the silence once more* "It seems not many are interested in just the ak 101.. well I recently obtained a BMW as well as a large surplus of guns and ammo, all high military grade." *he would pause for a moment thinking briefly* "Perhaps the Kings ridge or the two men I met in Zelenogorsk, Alex and Patrick would be interested?" *His radio would once again cut out leaving nothing but silence*
  4. The Savior

    You Did OK Boys

    Seems Anarchy is losing their touch, I'm gonna catch you slipping up one of these days ;)
  5. Of course my friend, always take precautions when meeting new people
  6. *Liam's voice would spring to life over the dead radio frequencies, broadcasting a short message across each one using a long range transceiver* "To those of you still left in this forsaken place I'm simply asking for a favor, a glimmer of humanity in these ever darkening times.." *The crackling of a fire could be heard in the background as the faint sound of a car in the distance tried to turn over but achieved nothing more than a sputter then died* "I'm in the market for car batteries, radiators, spark plugs or even a full working vehicle" *A large amount of cursing following the clang of a thrown tool could be heard, letting out a sigh and rubbing his forehead from being tired and exhausted Liam continued* "I currently have an AK101 with more than enough ammo for you to take down your own horde, depending on what you can give me the more you will receive in return; ammo, attachments and such. If there is something specific I can give in return don't hesitate to ask, good luck out there everyone." *The broadcast would die out, the empty static filling the frequencies once more*
  7. Perhaps post the google doc without editor permissions so people can get a more conclusive idea on the group.
  8. From my perspective you stated that your character had no tongue ooc and that you had a recorder on your waist. Ok yes we were given that information but how was I to know what to do with the recorder off of no prior knowledge. I simply thought that meant you were recording the conversation (which would be fine) or I stated in game "is there something on the recorder that we need to listen too?" I got no head nod so I had no idea what to do with the recorder. I wasn't concerned with the paper or pens as I had no use for them so I didn't bother reading notes. We noticed the 503 armband and the radio, we had no idea if you called for help right after leaving the house so we wanted to get out asap as soon as we saw that to avoid hostilities in the chance of you being executed due to no compliance from negations with your group as I stated before we did not want for you to die during the rp as that was not our goal.
  9. From my perspective James, Ainsley and myself were all sitting in a house discussing various things having a good time with some general banter. The next thing we know a woman opens the door behind me, we all turn and look at said woman who simply says "Uhh, Ok. Bye". We all simply thought this was kind of odd so we chased after her. Once outside of the house we stopped her before initiating, i had already had my gun drawn and aimed at her well before James started to say "Hands up" but as he was quite literally doing so she drew her weapon (as my gun was already drawn well before as stated). As myself and Ainsley were on either side of her, James began hitting her from behind. Both myself and Ainsley told him to stop as we didn't want her to die that was not our goal for the rp, we immediately bandaged her and took her into the house to avoid infected causing her any further damage and to avoid the possibility of her death. After our interaction in the house where she couldn't talk (because her character has no tongue) but also refused to text rp or attempt to use gestures other than stating there was a tape recorder on her waist; we left leaving her with a weapon to defend herself food and a canteen.
  10. By definition a raid is “a sudden attack on an enemy by troops, aircraft, or other armed forces” (attack on your base’s resources). the fact of taking the nails as supplies as we needed in the rp as a goal for both of our characters to build the home that we were trying to accomplish. When it says “with ill intent or without IC reasoning” we had IC reasoning and there was no ill intent as I stated before
  11. So from my side of things myself and @Lt Stanley arrived at the soup kitchen where as he stated we met someone named "Paladin" which I'm assuming now is a fake name. Elaborating on Stanley's post we got to talking and stated that we needed nails. This individual continued on about how he helped out there and that they would be moving and we could take walls down to get nails but just to leave the planks for transport. I myself thought this was odd but didn't question it as there were no other members around we needed the supplies. This individual left sometime before Phoenix got there and so we began the deconstruction of the walls. Later on after helping out Phoenix with the radio she returned and a hostage situation occurred which myself and Stanley complied and went along with. I myself personally don't see this as griefing as we were mislead but also there were no official members of this "soup kitchen" to clarify this (IC of course.) I myself owning a base some patches ago know it is frustrating when a base or compound gets raided however if you are not there to protect what you keep that is not on the attacker to take responsibility for that; from a rp perspective if a survivor is going out into the land to scavenge supplies and sees something that could benefit himself he will most likely take it in order to increase his chance of survival. I have no ill feelings towards the wolfpack or the "soup kitchen" OOC or IC. This was not done out of spite which I told members of the wolfpack when they were questioning us. More or less this was a lie told to both myself and Stanley which resulted in an attempted deconstruction/raid that was then prevented and the base was rebuilt. There was great hostage rp I had fun with it I know someone in the wolfpack was laughing along with me and having a good time during the rp as well. This is simply my perspective on the whole situation, ultimately its up to staff to determine what happens however I feel the need for this report is unnecessary as all this was explained directly to them, the base was reconstructed to the best of our abilities (as being instructed too form the hostage takers), there was good rp all around.
  12. I am currently also having this issue, tried verifying my game cache, restarting my pc and the program, reinstalling the mods but nothing seems to work.
  13. *Micheal sits in an abandoned warehouse, a small fire crackling beside him with the smoke escaping through the holes roof. He would turn on his radio and push down the PTT, the signal being slightly faint as his radios battery wasn't exactly the best* Well.. it seems yet again everything I work so hard to achieve has come crumbling to the ground. I've seen my fair share of situations that have both gone favorably.. and ones where I have been less fortunate.. *He would move his hand off of the right side of his ribcage, blood soaked through his clothes and gloves. A small sigh escapes his lips before he continues applying pressure.* Not only is everything I had for trade gone, taken by a heard of masked men.. but in the chaos my brother has vanished. Victor if you're out there hope you're doing better than I am; defending what we once had has left me in rather bad shape.. *A few infected could be heard, starting to ram themselves against the doors like savage animals before the chambering of a gun along with pained groans is broadcasted amongst the frequency* Victor if I make it out of this..I want you to know I wont be the same person you knew before. There is far too much darkness in this world for those with kind hearts.. those who have given up on preserving human kind to take what they want seem to thrive.. Now perhaps if you want success you have to stop looking for it, and instead take what you want. Pillage the land and what remains of the fair people and in exchange further your accursed life while plunging forever more into the darkness where you thought you'd never go. Victor.. if you're out there.. don't come looking for me unless you can live with what I'm about to become.. *He would release the PTT before dispatching the infected and trying to treat his wounds with what little supplies he had*
  14. *Micheal turns on his radio, pushing down the PTT* Just a quick update we now have 2 fully functioning cars for trade Contact me further over this frequency if you're interested, could sure make it easier for some of you larger groups to gather building supplies. *he would put the radio back down on the table before leaning back in his chair looking at the campfire*
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