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  1. Yeah, found it out myself just after I posted this! Thanks anyways guys!
  2. Seems like I can only play as a girl on this game now. Do I have to change anything to avoid this?
  3. Hello everybody! I wanted to start RPing again after the new patch came out, but I'm CONSTANTLY spawning as a girl? On every server I've tried I've spawned as a girl. Nothing against girls obviously, I love girls, but I want to RP as a guy.. Am I just a total n00b or is there a secret trick to not spawn as a chick? Sorry if this is not the right place for this kind of question.
  4. Some really ridiculous posts in this thread.. Of course there's a chance of you getting seriously injured or dying if you don't behave as a hostage. Don't we want to play realistic here? It's just stupid to avoid death at all cost. It comes for every man in the apocolypse..
  5. This sounds like sooo much fun for both the good and the bad guys. It also would create incredible moments, memories and potentially great and exciting RP for everyone involved.
  6. Am I crazy thinking that it shouldn't be so difficult for the bad guys to kill someone? I haven't played a whole lot and maybe I'm inexperienced and don't know what I'm talking about, but it seems like you could live forever if you absolutely wanted. No one will come and just kill you. Rob you, yes, and I would of course RP that I was scared, but it would be so much more exciting if you could stumble upon a crazy gang that would just end you. I would lose my character and my memories, yes, but the risk of that is exciting.. The bad guys would be so much more scarier. You really would have to fight to live. The zombies sure as hell won't kill you.. There's no danger.
  7. That was some superb RP'ing in the last episode. Pretty intense. Hope I'll be half as good one day.
  8. Im ready to exchange numbers <3 Sofie is straight to the point. No fooling around. Well maybe. Who knows. *SageNod* Don't know you. But I will say this. "Damn Son!" Fhankz!
  9. Should just have two 'filters' of some kind. 'See current markers' and 'See all markers' or something like that.
  10. -Joseph listens to the message with great interest- ¨Max, if that was your name, it was difficult to make it out - I will try to find you although I'm unfamiliar with the town you spoke of. My name is Joseph Wilder. I'm close to a place called Kabanino. I'm just trying to survive this sh*t. I also have a gun and a rifle.. Which is always helpful. I just had a scary incident myself and friendly company would be nice¨ -Joseph puts the radio in his bag, takes his water bottle and heads out the cabin-
  11. -Joseph listens carefully to the radio. He smiles as the voices crackle out of the radio, before he picks it up to speak himself- ¨It gives me great hope to hear your voices out there. It warms a lost soul. -Joseph clears his throat- ¨And to the man wanting to meet, if your still listening - They scoffed at me first when I asked if they were cannibals, but their intentions became pretty clear.. There were no doubt that these men wanted my flesh, but I'm not dying today. Also, I have no interest in meeting you as of now. If you want further information, we can take it over radio - it's safer. -Joseph puts down his radio, swallows hard and wipes his brow, but before he turns off the radio another messages comes in wanting information on these men- ¨Seems like I've been lucky to escape considering the interest my initial radio message received. Well, the man in charge of the duo called himself Mike and the other guy had a slurred speach, but I think he went by Weasley. They were both dressed in green, were armed to the teeth and of course - wore a clown mask¨ -Joseph take a sip from his water- ¨The Weasley guy seemed unfocus, maybe a bit off. He chased after another guy and that's when my opportunity to pull a gun on the Mike guy showed itself. He told me he ran this town and it would not be wise to do anything with him. I told him to f-off, and sent him away before running away myself. That's about it.¨ -Joseph sighs and puts down his radio again-
  12. -Having just been running, Joseph composes himself and grabs his radio- ¨To anyone listening, I just met a couple of scary men in Kabanino. They were wearing clown masks and did not seem friendly at all¨ -Joseph takes the binoculars out of his backpack and scans the roads through the window, looking for the clowns- ¨One of them introduced himself as Mike. I had to pull a gun on him to escape. And to the guy who came upon us as they were speaking to me, if you're listening, they looked like they were coming after you when they couldn't get me. Good luck, my man¨ -Joseph grabs a chair and sinks down into it, puts down his radio and takes a sip from his water bottle, happy he survived another day-
  13. http://bildr.no/image/SzBHMmtY.jpeg[/img] Hope you enjoy me as much as I enjoy myself.
  14. Vicious

    MS Paint stuff.

    Wow! You're a pretty talented MS Painter!
  15. Det er mange av oss (: Trenger du hjelp med noe kan du godt ta det på norsk med meg via en privat melding (ingen forskjellsbehandling...) Damn Norwegians, they're growing stronger! Welcome <3 Oh yes! We will definitely rule the post apocalyptic world!
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