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  1. I feel like the nights are not frequent enough and also don't seem to last very long. There are plenty of light sources and NVG too and it would create more occasions to use them.
  2. The rates feel too slow in my opinion. I don't have to eat a lot and I don't feel that it is hard to find a lot of food. I don't have to worry about food and one of the most important aspect of survival is rationing when the food is rare. Needing to eat more would give a chance to hunt, farm, loot for food and trade more often too. Same for the thirst even though it's not so bad.
  3. Yeah the event was fun I didn't expect that much action!
  4. I was able to hear my friend on the radio but he wasn't able to hear me back. Is this a common issue and is there a fix?
  5. I like how dark it gets because it really changes the ambiance and forces us to use a flashlight or another light source and I don't remember it being necessary in previous dayz versions. Maybe we could spawn with a flashlight or flare because it is pretty hard to find a light source when you are already in the dark.
  6. Damien was born in Montreal in a French speaking family. He learnt most of what he knows of English during his childhood. He studied philosophy at the university before winning 5 million dollars at the lottery. He decided to stop his studies for a while after he won. He always loved hunting when he was younger and so he decided to pay himself the trip of his life: hunting in Chernarus. However, he was still in Chernarus during the Outbreak... After almost getting killed by some infected, he fled in the forests and camped there. His hunting abilities offered him the possibility to survive in the wilderness of Chernarus.
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