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  1. My name is Massimo Verdi. I was born in Italy. after school I joined the army in the Alpine corps. During the years of service I obtained the qualification of mountain guide. I participated in several missions overseas, one of which with NATO forces in the south Zagoria region during the period of the civil war. During this time I have assisted many unspeakable crimes. Back home, I decided to leave the army and devote myself to front line journalism to relate the stories of the people and soldiers engaged in war theaters or in areas of health crisis. With the spread of the new epidemic I decided to return to the South Zagoria region to relate the stories of doctors who are dedicated to helping people despite the few dacility available to them. The situation was really desperate but I was not afraid for my safety, at least until things have degenerated.
  2. *Someone press the PTT* Here is Italo Verdi speaking. I joined Merk a few days ago in his business and I immediately realized his good intentions. I don’t understand how some people may decide to ruin something as beautiful as a place to find refuge and a bit of quiet in a devastated world like ours. Those who care about people will always find support from others. Those who move away from people will find only solitude and, in this world, probably death. Stay alert. Italo, end of communications. *Italo release the PTT*
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