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  1. *Someone press the PTT* Here is Italo Verdi speaking. I joined Merk a few days ago in his business and I immediately realized his good intentions. I don’t understand how some people may decide to ruin something as beautiful as a place to find refuge and a bit of quiet in a devastated world like ours. Those who care about people will always find support from others. Those who move away from people will find only solitude and, in this world, probably death. Stay alert. Italo, end of communications. *Italo release the PTT*
  2. My name is Italo Verdi. I’m from Italy. I am a photojournalist who decided to come to south Zagoria to show to the world the violence that occurred in these places before the outbreak. Few years before becoming a photographer I spent 20 years in the Italian army, in rangers corps of the Alpines. I participated in 4 missions in different states. After that I decided to leave the army to show to the world violence through photos. I have been traveling around the world for 15 years looking for stories with my camera. I arrived in Chernaruss with the NATO volounteers. When the outbreak broke out I ran away with some civilians who had hosted me. they took me south to the coast, where we found refuge in one of small villages, but one night one of the windows remained open or was opened by someone, I don't know, and disaster broke out. I ran north. when I stopped, I discovered I was near one of the military bases, I believe Zelenogorsk, and I found some military equipment. equip myself i left in search of photographic shots and stories to tell.
  3. My name is Pool. I was born near Grishino, small town near the airport. My house was small and was near the woods of the Devil’s Castle. My parents were humble people. My mother cultivated the land and my father was a lumjack. As an adult I learned my father's job. I also worked as a tourist excursion guide and was part of a team of volunteer firefighters. When the outbreak burst, I escaped to the north with some friends but only I managed to survive. Since then I survive in the woods with my axe and with my new friend
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